Friend of Rapist Becomes Police Officer, Netizens Disgusted

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Following the police failure in the handling of the Suwon Torso Murder Incident, another case has emerged in Miryang, a small town in Gyeongsang province, leading many netizens to suggest that the Korean police system needs to undergo serious reforms.

Since April 10th, the Miryang police station website has been overwhelmed by messages from enraged netizens after it was revealed that a high-school student involved with the “Miryang gang rape” case in 2004 has become a police officer there.

In the “Miryang gang rape” incident, which took place in Miryang city in 2004, two middle school students were gang raped repeatedly for about 12 months by a group of 44 (some unofficial estimates are as high as 80-90) high school students. Sadly, the police failed to protect the identity of the victims, used allegedly humiliating investigations techniques, and on several occasions were accused of insulting the victims and their families –– blaming them for the incident. Lastly, as many of the assailants were from rich influential local families, most of them got away with a warning and allegedly continue to live normal lives.

The public anger about the handling of the Miryang incident has resurfaced again, after it became clear that Hwang Seon-mi, a friend and a girlfriend of one of the Miryang gang members, had become a police officer at the local police station. The following image of a message sent by Hwang Seon-mi to her friend shortly after the incident has been making a splash on Korean internet.
Mini homepage of woman who became a police, despite saying 8 years prior that it was okay two girls were raped because they were ugly
[Translation of above]

Did it all get sorted out ok?

I’ve heard that apart from 3 people everyone came out fine…

Those girls were so ugly anyway…

Anyway, good work.

Responding to attacks from netizens, Hwang Seon-mi has posted an open apology saying that she regrets her past behavior. She also writes that it was just a mistake which she committed in her youth and asks for understanding. However, netizens do not believe the sincerity of this, especially since the emergence of the personal statement written by Hwang Seon-mi when applying for the post at the police station – has been made public:

I am a very honest and diligent person and I know myself well. I think about crime from the viewpoint of criminals too, and in case of sexual assault I am able to consider both – victim’s as well as criminal’s position and whether the victim did not walk around in a manner encouraging to be assaulted. So please choose me for this position. I can do some martial arts as well.

Comments from Todayhumour:


You say ‘whether the victim didn’t walk around in a manner encouraging assault?’ What woman would walk around trying to encourage a sexual assault? Does she have it written on her face “please could you rape me’? And how the hell can you even think about the crime from the position of the criminal? I can’t possible understand the mind of a sexual assailant, nor do I really want to;; As I had thought, as a rapist’s friend you really seem full of love for humanity ^^ And this is your application for the job at your police station. That means that it’s quite a recent statement. It doesn’t really seem possible that you would have done a 180degree change in such a short time. It seems that the things you say in your apology are really quite different from your real thoughts.


‘Whether she was not walking around in a way encouraging a sexual assaults’? The people who selected a woman who writes this kind of thing in her application personal statement are also quite unbelievable.

Comments from Nate:


The funniest thing is that this woman is now taking the first person who put this into circulation to court.


There is no need for such things as explanations. Unconditionally dismiss her. This woman has no right to be a police officer.


Well, I have to say this news have come out with perfect timing. Normally she would have just gotten away with it but at the time like this when police is getting so much criticism, the police might have to take some proper measures to freshen the atmosphere. So far the chief of national police and the chief of Kyongi province police have resigned. Let’s wait up for the resignation of this mental policewoman too.


Are you really saying that “If it is confirmed that the police officer is really the person mentioned, the police station where the police officer is working will issue a public explanation”?????? Just an explanation ?????????????????????????????? The police really is more and more 막장…. I feel like I’m gonna blow up by anger. When Lee Do-Kyeong insulted men on TV [saying that men under 180cm are losers], she got fired from a company that had no connection with her remark and encountered difficulties in many other parts of her life. But a woman who directly made remarks supporting violent crime is still a police officer?


They are not police, they are gangsters. And those sex offenders are her friends. ke ke ke ke  *scream*


This kind of person became a police officer?! That’s why cases like the Suwon torso incident happen..


They just need a high score in the test, and anyone becomes a police officer… You should appoint people who have at least minimal work ethic and sense of duty. Are you not doing mental tests? When this kind of people become policemen, you can’t be surprised when they answer 112 [emergency calls] in this way [see Suwon Murder Incident].


Wow. You should disclose the facts of the case and definitely dismiss her. This is scary. How can a woman say such things? And as a policewoman with this mind set, if she ever got in charge of a sex assault case, this is even more scary duh duh duh


You are finished. Within a day several hundreds of people wrote messages to police headquarters, and it is even in the media now. Do you think you will get out of this fine you slut?


I’m sure the woman is thinking : ‘Oh yeah, ignorant netizens, why are you meddling into other people’s business’ Person’s character doesn’t change. Dismiss her.


Dismiss her!


The policewoman might be thinking “It’s an old happening; you should consider the situation from my viewpoint and understand me”. But this all is your fault because you had never thought about the situation from the victim’s viewpoint. If you had even once imagined yourself encountering such crime, you would not have been able to make such remarks and would not have been able to think of those friends as friends anymore


The funny thing is when the chief of the police station said that the policewoman is finding her life very difficult because of the criticism from public. Oh so you find it hard? You have told a middle school student who suffered almost 2 years of sexual torture by 44 people that she is ugly, were mocking her and telling the assailants that they did a good job. What about your face, how do you look like? And that’s what you call police? It looks like police have sided with you. Unless you want to admit that you [police] are a criminal organization, dismiss her immediately.


Apology? She is still a facebook friend with those criminals; do you think she will repent her behavior?   ke ke ke


The truth about Milyang incident; There were 44 assailants officially, But the real estimate is more than about 80-90 criminals. Most of the assailants were children of local bigwigs. Therefore, even though there was a lot of fuss around the case while it was being followed by the media, as the media interest in the case died down, victim was turned into a wrongdoer, the criminals were turned into victims. The victim of the crime had repeatedly moved around and transferred school, but at the end gave up her studies. The assailants all graduated the school and are all living normal life. All 44 suspects sent to police headquarters were released as the interest of media in the case waned. In the end, among the 44 assailants no one received a criminal penalty. No one received a criminal penalty. No one received a criminal penalty. No one received a criminal penalty. No one received a criminal penalty. No one received a criminal penalty. No one received a criminal penalty. No one received a criminal penalty. No one received a criminal penalty. No one received a criminal penalty. No one received a criminal penalty. No one received a criminal penalty.


A police woman who is close friends with sexual assailants?  Cool.. ke ke ke ke She is still keeping in touch right? He he And if they rape someone again in the future, their police friend is going to defend them right ke ke ke ke Like this: That rape victim is ugly that’s why she was assaulted? ^^

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  • 소지섭

    Song of the article

    Ms. Officer – Lil Wayne ft. Bobby Valentino

  • Tiffany

    Korea has serious issues when it comes to sexual assault. There have been serious cases of rape that is treated in a light handed manner which is very scary. Women should take self defense classes and kill whenever necessary if an attack is imminent. Seems like they will not receive any justice.

    • ric

      so wrong, so sad…

  • The Enlightened One

    Wow Korea… girl gets gang raped for 2 damn years by like 90 people and you guys do NOTHING?!

    Instead, probably one of the gang (directly or indirectly) becomes a cop?

    Think about this situation NOW.

    Those kids that did the raping will probably become company heads, politicians (somehow) and officials. If they are kids of a bunch of bigwigs… you know it’s going to happen.

    They have just been taught that they can get away with almost anything now. that’s 80-90 kids that will turn into adults in possibly powerful positions that will move around Korea and bring poison to your country. They will try to rape or even murder as they please, because they were taught they can get away with it.

    This is extremely pathetic… Korea, do something about it!

    • lonetrey

      Damn right! I’m just as pissed off at this bullshit, and I’m glad there are others who agree with me.

      This need to be CORRECTED.

      Or is South Korea turning into North Korea? Those fucking people.

      • The Enlightened One

        You’re absolutely right!

        These sort of actions are unacceptable in a country that declares itself a democracy. These are NOT the actions of a civilized, developed country and the people of Korea should not allow these people to get away with it.

        I don’t care if you have to flesh search those gang-bangers, pull some vigilante justice on them or call up Batman. She is merely an small example of how the corruption spreads and will poison your entire system.

        I want you all to imagine getting raped continuously for over 2 years by over 90 people and then being told is you and your family’s fault! Are you kidding me?! What the fuck?! You let these little assholes run around for 8 years afterward?!!! I can only imagine what other shit they have done to ruin other people’s lives with that time. Totally unacceptable… as a human being I am appalled!!!

        • Kai

          This is indeed appalling.

          But I’m really irked by your comments about democracy. I think it unintentionally creates the fallacy that having a democracy somehow automatically equates to being civilized and developed when that’s not true. Democracy is just a form of government, and it doesn’t necessarily indicate how civilized or developed a society is, much less prevent certain individuals or minorities from doing bad to appalling things. I think conflating democracy with notions of how civilized people are is dangerous.

          Instead of appealing to democracy, let’s just appeal to human decency, law, and justice. It isn’t as if non-democratic nations and societies don’t find such injustice just as appalling.

          And human flesh searches and vigilante justice probably isn’t what we normally associate with “democratic, civilized, and developed” countries either. We want justice, but I think the whole idea of justice in democratic, civilized, and developed societies is that there are specific processes that must be followed.

        • jhing

          >>These sort of actions are unacceptable in a country that declares itself a democracy. These are NOT the actions of a civilized, developed country and the people of Korea should not allow these people to get away with it.

          Funny how often I say this too when reading about Korea.

  • Chelle

    I really agree with the first posted comment, by 금이흐르는강.

    Although the original article title says “friend of rapist” it sort of misdirects from the more worrying point that in her adult application to BE a police officer, Hwang Seon-mi writes, “I think about crime from the viewpoint of criminals too, and in case of sexual assault I am able to consider both – victim’s as well as criminal’s position and whether the victim did not walk around in a manner encouraging to be assaulted.” It is not only her youthful relationship with the gang rapists, and her youthful comments that the victims were “ugly anyway,” but her adult attitudes toward rape and criminal behavior show a persistent and dangerous attitude for someone who will wear a uniform.

  • FYIADragoon

    Wow, what the fuck?

  • Gimme a gun and 44 bullets, I’ll fix this shit-storm for you! I just don’t get it… How can a father/or mother not do anything?

    At the very least, take/find pictures of the offenders and post them on a popular website with ‘RAPISTS’ written at the bottom. That should impact some.

  • Jang

    Korean male cops are the reason Hwang Seon-mi said or answered in the manner she did. Hwang Seon-mi simply told the police interviewers what they wanted to hear. They loved her statements, which is why she got hired. Male cops don’t want a rogue female cop(by Korean male cop standards) to arrest young high-school Korean males(or any male for that matter) who rape younger middle-school females. All male Korean cops who were involved in the Miryang gang rape case should’ve been fired a long time ago. They should’ve cleaned house in 2004, instead a young female wanna be cop is being blamed – the only thing she has done wrong is accept the group think mentality – because how else can she earn a living?

    • Kai

      Very plausible.

  • Carol

    That is extremely disturbing. As a Canadian-born Korean, I had no idea that corruption occured to this extent… I agree with the others who say that the girl must be dismissed. She should have been thoroughly researched. Or would that be unnecessary if the police officers weren’t so corrupt and lacking? The police force need a huge reform and requires lots of dismissals of the officers involved. And all the rapists and enablers involved in the incident who were allowed to walk free as if they did nothing wrong and now can lead lives unscathed… that is seriously scary. Who are these people???

  • vos

    ¿Esto es real? es más importante el HONOR evitar el escándalo que mierda, porque tanta protección a esos 90 monstruos ¿que paso con la cadena perpetua o pena de muerte? son basuras de la sociedad, desde los padres que defienden a sus “niños”, los policías negligentes, los periodistas sin escrúpulos, jueces corruptos etc…peor aún los “amigos” de esos monstruos… APLAUSOS COREA lo están haciendo genial superaran muy pronto a JAPÓN y su pornografía infantil.

  • Gina Arauz

    I was just as appalled by all of this, but I don’t know how people could come on here and leave comments basically blaming the country as a whole for the actions of a police department.

  • beelgnn

    just watched the movie that was inspired by that case….just shocking
    we won’t ever be able to understand the feelings of the victims..through the – serious made (!) – movie maybe i got a little glimpse and that was just more than i could handle…
    Korea needs to change the way of handling the ‘justice’

    • elliebobcut

      Dunno if you know the drama Signal but this case inspired a few episodes in there as well. I was so depressed after watching =.=”

  • Sakura

    Some people are just so heartless. No matter how much we fight, we can’t escape reality. When the guilty roams aound living outside, some say normal life. I say it’s a prison.

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