North Korea Launches Rocket, South Korean Netizens React

North Korea successfully launches rocket

With less than a week to go before the South Korean presidential elections, the recent announcement that North Korea has successfully launched a rocket and delivered a payload into orbit will add an extra dynamic to an already tight race.

Democratic United Party candidate Moon Jae-in promises unconditional aid to the North and, while the conservative Saenuri Party‘s Park Geun-hye is likely to be more pragmatic than current president Lee Myung-bak, her party is nevertheless favours a harder stance.

Korean netizens were more vocal than the last launch, no doubt because of its success and the potential of affecting next week’s elections. Recent polls have shown Park winning over Moon by a small margin, but it is still too early to tell whether this will affect the voting – while it may be good news to the conservatives, the launch comes at the same time as allegations of a member of the National Intelligence Service (equivalent to the CIA) who was complicit in an illegal Internet slander campaign against Moon Jae-in.

Meanwhile, many were quick to congratulate minor candidate Lee Jung-hee, who became an Internet hit for her tongue lashing against Park Geun-hye during two television debates but also for hinting her pro-North Korean tendencies when calling the South Korean government “the Southern government” (term used by North Korea).

Comments from Nate:


Our main enemy, North Korean Workers’ Party Kim Jong-un regime.


Lee Jung-hee says: ‘It’s a party tonight.’


The rocket goes straight up and then straight down.


What would Criminal Moon [Jae-in sounds similar to Jwe-in which means criminal] and Ri Jung Hi [Lee Jung-hee, surname spelled in North Korean way] say?


Moon Jae-in says: ‘Nevertheless, it is inappropriate to call North Korea our main enemy.’


He should’ve saved the people freezing to death with the fuel used for the rocket. The Kims are brainless, generation after generation.


Congratulations, President Park Geun-hye.


North Korea: Missile launched!!!!!!
Moon Jae-in: The missile comes first!! [alludes to Moon’s presidential slogan is ‘The people come first’]
Lee Jung-hee: Our government [North Korea] launched a satellite toward the Southern government [South Korea]. ^^


Our aid money for North Korea is being wasted.


I hope it falls down to the heart of Pyongyang. Tsk.


I can hear the sound of Moon Jae-in’s dropping approval rate.


North Korea has enough money to launch a rocket. It seems they don’t need aid money?? We don’t have to give them any then.


Launched it again? Please use that money to take care of your starving people, you piggy saekki~~


North Korea is disrupting the Democratic United Party’s investigation on the National Intelligence Service, fuck ㅡㅡ


I will unconditionally vote for Park Geun-hye……. It would be good to vote for the Saenuri Party the North Korean regime is afraid of. I made up my mind after this.


North Korea is playing a shitty trick since it’s the election period.


Huh? I heard the rocket separation was successful?


That was freaking sudden.


It’s amazing how there’s still no riot even though their leaders commit douchebaggery like that.


Votes for the DUP have gone away with the missile.

Watching news of North Korea's successful rocket launch

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  • If you look up in the night sky, you can see the visage of the Young General smiling in heavenly pride.

    • Brett

      Just read what you posted on CNN’s report. Good response, exactly the points I wanted to reply to that guy with.

      • Raphael_kB

        please share ㅋ

        • Brett

          I cant find the original article, but if you look in Chris’s timeline it should show the post.

          Article name: “North Korea silences doubters…”

  • exink

    I can fully understand the Korean people’s frustration seeing the North squandering aid money one it’s military and weapons development. Unfortunately, regarding giving an opinion on how to respond to this, this observer sadly can’t think of any solutions. if the South becomes more proactive; people will suffer, if they don’t; people will suffer.

    • Brett

      The North isn’t squandering aid money. They are investing in their number 1 and 2 exports; fear and uncertainty. I wouldn’t be surprised if they also want to sway the Korean public away from Park Geunhye. 1 week is enough time for many Koreans to realize how important it is to improve relations with the North.

      • exink

        I’m quiet new to Korea so i can’t claim to know the Korean “psyche” very well, but the way i see it, this go either way. Some Koreans may feel the need to improve relations, while other may feel the need for tighter control and a stronger response

        • South Koreans have done their best to improve relations with the North. It was called the “Sunshine Policy.” A policy initiated by Kim Dae Jung in 1998. He won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2000 as a result (first Korean to win that prize). It’s a policy where the South gave the North plenty of money to help the country and its people. But after the North’s many illegal nuclear weapons tests and no improvement in the North’s behavior towards the South, the South Korean government called the Sunshine Policy a failure and abandoned the policy in 2010.

          I’m not a Korean citizen, I’m just an observer and I don’t agree with more aid for the North. You know that saying “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it”

  • Observer

    South Korean citizens – having their “relief donations” to North Korea stolen for use in developing weapons against them
    North Korean citizens – having their “food money” stolen by their own government, left in poverty to starve.
    The North Korean government are shamelessly cheating both the south and their own people, and their’s not much we can do about it

  • Ruaraidh

    I saw this on BBC news, there was also a video of North Korean reactions, one being that this proved North Korea was at the very cutting edge of technology. I laughed pretty hard at that, maybe they would be if they’d launched it some 40-50 years ago.

    The sad thing is this reminds me a little of 1984, where the citizens of Oceania believe that their government is cutting edge, and invented helicopters and even fixed wing aircraft. Whereas in actual fact Oceania is technologically stagnant, the people live in perpetual want and heavier than air aircraft actually pre-dated the government by decades.

    • Kate

      What a great comparison!

    • the other guy

      “The sad thing is this reminds me a little of 1984”

      If you don’t know this, you will shit your pants. I know I certainly did… I remember seeing a documentary about NK where they explained that all the homes in Pyongyang had a radio that would turn on to the daily government broadcast and this radio could not in any circumstance be switched off, only the volume could be regulated.

      When I learned this I immediately though of the similarities with “1984”

  • Funny, here in the USA, I’m a liberal Democrat. But if I was a Korean citizen, I’d be completely conservative and vote for Park Geun-hye

  • dk2020

    da fuq? north koreans successfully launch a satellite into space before south koreans do? ..

    • If you ask me, I think China played a major role in this. There’s no way North Korea could’ve done this alone since they’re isolated from the world. Also, North Korea is among the least transparent countries on Earth especially when it comes to its relationship with China, so I believe they secretly got help from them regarding the technology and what not.

      China sacrificed its own people to defend North Korea so deep inside, China has a special bond with North Korea

      • takasar1

        no, no it doesnt, china just doesnt want american troops on its borders. no ‘bond’ at all

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    So when the North Koreans say it successfully delivered its payload, does that just mean it exploded high enough in space to where the debris won’t be pulled back in?

  • ggoma

    Great now an excuse to vote for Park Geun Hye

  • Paul M

    So much for Japan shooting it down. N Korea notified everyone that they were going to launch a rocket well in advance of doing so. Is it my ignorance or did this not happen last time (N Korea not giving advanced warning)?

    • dk2020

      Whats happened to Regan’s Star Wars defense system? That would be cool if Japan came up with a giant Robotech/Macross unit to take out NK missiles lols ..

      • Paul M

        Yeah, what happened to Star Wars? From what I’ve seen and read it was like “Yeehaw, we’ve got space lasers! Suck on that communists” then the Soviet Union collapsed and the Russians were all “So, what about your Star Wars program?” and the Americans were like “Erm, yeah, haha! We didn’t actually have one sooo….”

      • takasar1

        it was all a ploy to force the ussr to spend money they didnt have. we still dont really have the technology for that

  • YourSupremeCommander


  • holdingrabbits

    What happened to a good old fashioned USA assassination? Our counter-intelligence is really look lame these days. We can drone the shit out of Pakistan for “terrorists” but we can’t spare a few?

  • Web_of_Lies

    This just shows that economic sanctions and strong arm tactics don’t work. It’s a failed policy that will only lead to increasing escalation in the future. NK can hold out forever and still develop missile technology. They need to bring NK back into the via real economic development.

  • mei jou

    i think Kim Jung Un is a pretty cool guy. eh shooting rocket over japan putting sattlite into orbit and doesn’t afraid of anything.

    • Yu Bum Suk

      Well then why don’t you visit the NK embassy in Beijing and request to defect to his paradise?

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  • Hey folks, North Korea was only launching a satellite into orbit. Why do we have to condemn them under suspicion of nuclear attacks? The US launches hundreds of rockets into space each YEAR and it’s for satellite and other technological purposes but nobody accuses them for planning nuclear missile attacks. The other thing you have to realize there are ONLY 3 COUNTRIES LEFT on the EARTH that DO NOT HAVE a centralized bank owned by the Rothschilds.

    Couple of years ago there were 7 countries:

    North Korea

    But we all know whats happened to Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya,….wars and invasions, and now they’re central banks are owned by Rothschilds.

    Today the only 3 countries left are:
    North Korea

    And we all know what is happening to Iran….they are under attack and soon will have a central bank owned by the Rothschild. Then next it’ll probably be North Korea. If you think about it, North Korea is probably seeing things more clearly than the rest of us who are all blindfolded and controlled by “special interest” powers and elitists that run the world. Have you ever thought that “we” might be the oppressors and dictatorship regime and those other countries are FREEDOM FIGHTERS?

    • Brett

      I’m going to repost Chris’ response to another guy here for you because he said it as good as anyone could.

      “The US hasnt threatened nuclear warfare in decades and is reducing its stockpile, whereas the North Korean government has specifically stated that it wants to develop nuclear weapons for offensive use. I know thats not the answer you want, but it is what it is.Im not saying the US is perfect or that North Korea shouldnt have the right to explore space, but the TPD/Unha rocket design is meant as an ICBM, hence why most professionals see the satellite thing as a cheap ploy.

      Another thing to consider is that North Korea desperately wanted to be part of the UN, yet it does not want to follow the rules. Both North and South Korea were limited by the UN in missile technology to prevent an arms race that could lead to regional conflict. North Korea ignored that ban, and because of that South Korea is being allowed to make more advanced missile technology. The ban was just as much a protection for the countries around it as it was protection for North Korea itself; the more they threaten others, the more leeway South Korea and Japan will be allowed in dealing with the North. This is why even Russia and China denounce this rocket program–its entirely unnecessary for North Korea’s self defense (they would be better of investing in new anti-aircraft technology if that was really their concern) and its only motivation is political, not technological necessity for the survival of the country.

      The last important piece of info is simply the foreign relations factor. Yes, you can say America illegally invaded Iraq, and I would probably agree with you, but the world population can generally trust that America wont drop missiles on them unless they give America a reason to. North Korea, on the other hand, has kidnapped dozens of Japanese citizens for no other reason than ransom, and they killed 50 South Koreans unprovoked in 2010– 46 when they sunk the Cheonan (and a defector proved it was nK last week if you read Korean news) and another 4 when they shelled Yeopyeong Island (because the South Koreans were doing military training there and North Korea wanted to make a political point). South Korea, Japan, the Phillipines, etc have justified fears that North Korea will continue attacks so long as they are unchecked. The last five decades have proven this to be true.”

      Signing off with: your Rothschild conspiracy theory is idiotic and ridiculous and good luck on the 21st when the world supposedly ends.

      • Paul M

        Brilliant, thanks for finding his post. I tried looking for it but it must have been buried under loads of comments. Something people conveniently overlook is that we can generally trust America not to start using nuclear weapons whereas N.Korea….

  • Also see this important video by Joe Rogan called: “American War Machine”.

    I would not surprised if the US are intentionally trying to sabotage South and North Korean unification because a war would be better for the US economy. Here’s proof:

    • Prof

      Any thoughts on Area 51 or the moon landing while you’re at it?

  • Amir Fahran

    FOOLS. We need to nuke China before getting to Korea. But obviously the Americans are cowards, as much as the Chinese are shallow thieves of foreign technology. Sigh…

    • takasar1

      well, the west stole chinese technology around a 1000 years ago, time to return the favour i guess

  • bultak23

    she looks like an ape.

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