President Describes North Korea as Brat on Children’s Day

President Lee describes North Korea as a brat

Yesterday was May 5th aka Children’s Day in South Korea. President Lee Myung-bak marked the occasion by speaking a group of children from disadvantaged homes, all of whom were invited to lunch with Lee and his first lady, Kim Yoon-ok. Between motivational speeches and encouraging wisdom from both, President Lee took the opportunity to remind the children present that North Korea had behaved like a little brat by launching its rocket despite fierce criticism from the international community.

A selection of comments from Daum and Nate, two of the largest internet portals in Korea, show an interesting division of opinion.

From Daum:

President Lee Myung-bak: ‘North Korea is a Brat That Doesn’t Listen’

President Lee Myung-Bak (MB) and First Lady Kim Ok-Yun invited children from marginalized and meritorious backgrounds to play games at Blue House on the 5th of May.

When asked by an attendee about the missile launch in North Korea, MB said ‘North Korea spends a lot of money to launch the missile and as a result children in North Korea are shorter in height (due to malnutrition). Many countries advised them not to spend money on missile launch, telling them ‘Don’t do it,’ ‘spend it on your children, seniors and those in need of help instead,’ and ‘it is not a good deed. just don’t do it.’

‘But North Korea does not listen. Aren’t they like a brat who doesn’t listen (to others)?’

MB added ‘If all the countries in the world tell not to do it, soon North Korea will listen’ and be praised for the good question.

When a child from Yon-pyung island expressed his desire to see the ‘Library of Miracles’ MB said he will do what he can do make it come true.

Aside from usual questions, in answering how to become a president, MB said ‘caring for others and paying attention to other people’s business is important in becoming president,’ adding ‘being a president means not only looking after yourself or your family but everyone, and that is why we need be mindful of others in order to become president.’

When the First Lady was asked if she knew MB was going to be a president someday, she said ‘I did not think [he] will become president one day, it just happened.’

This event was attended by over five hundred children from various regional care facilities, multicultural, children of disabled and meritorious background, children of fathers who had died in line of duty, and of remote areas.

Comments from Daum:


Fuck, on Children’s Day he is doing his politics, ke ke ke ke ke ke, is that what you should be saying to children? ke ke ke. since his 6-year old grandchild is worth $600,000 in shares, he should have taught them in wealth management instead.


Even if MB says something right, he still gets pooped on…


North Korea is MUCH better than MB


Citizen, ‘MB, a bad rat does not listen to citizen’s opinion’


This shows the level of our president………. That is why there is no inter-Korean dialogue…. I am not mad at you though, I am just a poor sod in a country run by you.


ㅜㅜㅜ, so disgusted ~@@@, and you gave your grandchildren $900,000 worth of shares,,, how could this be~!!!


You think children listen to someone with 14 criminal convictions? ke ke ke


You fucking twat… North Korea is just trash so you don’t need to worry about it,,, don’t you have quite a few criminal charges to worry about… why don’t you go to North Korea…


Oh boy, both of you look like dicks.


Still alive? Why don’t you have American beef-tasting in front of kids…


You are the worst of all……

Comments from Nate:


In terms of North Korean policy, he is the best. The one who was most opposed to his election was not the opposition, but Kim Jong-il ke ke ke


If it was Kim Dae-Jung or Roh Moo-Hyun, North Korea would be ‘one same ethnic group’ and ‘a good child’.


Has there been any president who said without caring about what North Korea thinks? This is very satisfying. Feels like I just pooped out a decade-old one. I hope the next and next next president will continue on with this North Korean policy. MB will be remembered in history. No other president with such a clear vision of security and North Korean policy will ever emerge. We talk shit about it but he will be re-evaluated in more positive light.


‘North Korea, disobedient bad swine’


Our president is so amazing, more important than the economy is our security. If we lose our country to North Korea, the economy means jack. Good lesson for children. Children nowadays really need lessons on security since there are so many of them who do not know about the Korean War.


This is why the next president ought to be from the Saenuri.


The top president I want to re-elect, MB


ke ke ke ke who among our presidents could have said that, they have been too busy licking off North Korean asshole.. Good.. Fucking commies.. ke ke ke


I was shocked to see MB being called The Rat in North Korea. On the [Korean] web people always call him a rat. Fucking spies, they must be agit-propping here as well for sure!


Little kid: “If North Korea is a brat, Kim Dae-jung must have been a snack shuttle”. MB: “uh huh”


Long Live Dear President Lee Myung-Bak!!!

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