Incompetent Police Fail to Prevent Horrific Murder of Woman

Korea has been gripped by the horrific and gruesome murder (April 1) of Ms. K, a 28 year old woman who was kidnapped, raped, and dismembered into 280 parts, despite having called the police giving accurate details as to her whereabouts. The police arrived at the crime scene 13 hours later, to find her dismembered body as well as the suspected murderer, a Chinese of Korean descent (Korean name Oh Won-chun).

As the transcript of the police conversation was made available over the weekend, to the disbelief of everyone, the police are seen asking utterly incompetent questions while debating the seriousness of the crime. The recording also disclosed a series of lies told by the police force to cover up their incompetence. As new evidence emerges by the hour, it would seem that CCTV was available, despite the police saying the contrary. On the 9th April, the head of the Korea’s police force Cho Hyun-oh stepped down assuming responsibility.

The murder case, dubbed as the ‘Suwon Torso Murder Case’, has taken many Koreans aback, in no less part due to the atrocious nature of the incident, but as well as complete dismay towards the utter incompetency of the police handling of the crime. Netizens were quick to accuse the police of murder, while others called for the suspect to receive the death penalty. Furthermore, the incident has re-ignited the debate on multiculturalism policy, growing presence of migrant workers, and xenophobia.

All portal sites have been inundated with comments from netizens nationwide, with tens of thousands of comments left by infuriated internet users. With only one day left before election day, this will also come as a potential blow to the Saenuri Party, who are even using a naturalised Korean as part of their campaign.

From Gyeong-Hyang:

“Who, who is doing that?” – Police’s frustrating response at a report of sexual violence

The 112 emergency report centre could not prevent the kidnap and murder of a female victim in her twenties.

Poor handling by the police to the emergency report at 112 is under criticism, regarding the kidnap and murder of a 28 year old female victim by a Chinese-Korean in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do on the 1st of April. Public’s criticizing eye claims that the murder could have been prevented if the police rapidly asked the victim of the site of crime and took an appropriate action.

According to the voice recording from the 112 emergency centre, disclosed on the 5th of April by the Gyeonggi Metropolitan Police Agency, the victim (initialled K, 28 years old) had been talking to the police on the mobile phone for more than a minute. She locked up the room she was kidnapped in and called the police (at 112) for help while the criminal (Chinese-Korean Wu, 42 years old) was negligent in guarding her.

She dialled 112 at the emergency report centre at 10.50 pm 58 seconds, on the day of the crime and talked to the policeman at work for about a minute and a half.

Scene inside the house of the murderer

She reported that she was sexually harassed by some man she didn’t know, and was taken to somewhere that she didn’t recognise, where she was dialling the police number with the door locked. She also quite accurately reported the situation and site of crime, describing that the house was between Ji-dong Primary school and Mot-gol playground.

Transcript of the emergency call made by the victim, minutes before she was murdered and dismembered

[Transcript of the recording]

>Police: This is the police at 112.

Victim: Hello, I am in a house before Mot-gol playground and getting sexually harassed.

P: Mot-gol playground?

V: Yes, it’s somewhere in the direction of the playground but I can’t tell which house.

P: In Ji-dong?

V: Yes, it’s past the Ji-dong primary school, on the way towards Mot-gol playground.

P: I will try location-tracking with your mobile phone.

V: Ok.

P: So, you are getting sexually harassed now? It’s sexual violence you are getting?

V: Yes, yes.

P: You don’t recognise the detailed location?

V: It’s somewhere before reaching the Mot-gol playground, starting from the Ji-dong primary school…

P: From Ji-dong primary school…

V: …before reaching the Mot-gol playground.

P: Who, who is doing this to you?

V: Some guy, it’s some random guy. Please be quick, please.

P: Who is this, do you know him in any way?

V: It’s someone I don’t know.

P: What did you do to the door of the room you are in?

V: I’ve locked it just now.

P: Have you locked the door?

V: I have, while the guy was away for a while.

P: Will you let me know once again when you enter? [I honestly do not understand what and why he is talking about!]

V: (sound of the door being forced open) I beg you, please, I’m sorry…

P: Hello, can you tell me the address once again?

However, the policeman at the centre did not question her on the characteristics of the building which would help them quickly find where she was locked in, such as the structure of the house or how many floors there were. The policemen instead spent the time repeating his questions to her or asking “who is harassing you?” even though identifying the suspect was not the first thing to clarify before rescuing her.

The victim’s phone call ended following a sound of the door forced open and her voice begging the criminal for pardon. The house that the murder happened was on the ground floor of a multiplex housing, some 80 meters away from the gate of Ji-dong Primary school in the direction of Mot-gol playground, as she reported. Police sources said that it was difficult to locate the site of crime because it was surrounded by residential buildings and the primary school and the playground was one kilometre apart. They also claimed that location-tracking of a mobile phone does not identify where exactly the owner of the phone is, but only identifies the base station for the phone.

The victim was kidnapped and murdered by the suspect Wu on her way back home, merely because she hit her shoulder onto his while walking on the street.

Comments From Nate:


How desperate would the victim have felt at that situation…Gosh, what’s the use of GPS, mister police? I try not to say ill things about the Police who are passionate and diligent to serve the country, but this is an exception. They are just sucking on our tax money for nothing. I hope that the policeman who received that call could reflect upon his terrible mistake throughout his life and please be careful not to make this kind of incident happen again.


Shit, don’t try to suck fine out of people with petty crimes, and instead you got to be better at dealing with this kind of things. Shit I’m at a loss with words but swear.


What the hell is that word ‘Chinese-Korean’ [the Korean version says something like ‘Korean expats in China”, but this is clearly not the case so I’ve translated it into Chinese-Korean] doing, in place of the word ‘Chosun-jok’?


Fire that policeman right away. He didn’t know which house she was in but was getting sexually harassed. You don’t recognise this as kidnapping? She’s screaming at the suspect and you are asking her for the address? What a crazy ass, are you ordering Jja-jang myun [Chinese-derived noodles popularly ordered for delivery]? Some dope has set his arse down “at work” – as if. I’m 100%, no 120%, sure that it is failure of duty, 100000000000 times. He must have been grinning on the phone. That’s nearly some comedy/variety show if you look at the recording of the call. I can’t imagine how much that girl would have hated the police until the moment she died… Had she better call a quick-witted friend instead… she would have had all sorts of thoughts. I don’t know if that policeman was a detective or a constable, but if you do get to keep your job without getting fired…Don’t you EVER forget this incident. But I pray that you get fired if possible. “what did you do to the door?” “I’ve locked it.” “You’ve locked it?” This is insane, really… Is this a joke or what. They’ve been saying 12 sentences in a minute. They must have been said really urgently. But look at each of the 12 sentences that bastard said. If I was the family of the victim, I would have caught that kid first off and finish him.

Suspect re-enacts crime with the police


Hello~? Yes~ so you are getting raped? What is the address? Who is the person trying to rape you? Is he going to stab you with a knife? Is he holding a sashimi knife or an ordinary kitchen knife? Hello~?


“I beg you, please, I’m sorry.” Her last words ring in my ears. I don’t know her at all, but I am so sorry. I feel really so sad. That innocent girl was begging, trembling and holding her phone because of that trash who didn’t see women as nothing else but a tool to fix his sexual desire. She must have seen his eyes and feared him. Every male readers of this article should know this. Women must be protected by men, and they are not tools to fix your desires.


That fucking bastard policeman who received the call should also go to prison. He was aiding and abetting the murder because he spent all that time babbling about trash like that in such an urgent situation. He should be regarded as an accomplice and be punished. Shit. Ah~ it really angers me. Shit. I want to strip the skin off and kill all the Chosun-jok and illegal immigrant bastards in Korea.


Everyone had better dial 119 instead of calling the police. Then you’ll be rescued straight away. Firemen are legally licensed to track your exact location right away……. Her last words don’t leave my mind……


Response to a similar report in a developed country: Victim: I’m under threat of sexual harassment. Please come here fast. 911: Don’t turn off your mobile phone. Hide it well out of sight. We’re coming right away. – end of situation……


Fried chicken deliveries are faster than the police.


You might as well say that the bastard at the 112 centre killed her… For example, try reporting to the Cyber Report Centre. It’s so freaking complicated to report that it makes you give up in the middle. I was hacked on Nate On [messenger service related to the Nate account] and was going to report it, but I gave up because I had to visit the police in person, write some stuff as well, etc. and it was all very complicated.

Crime retraced by police with the Korean-born Chinese suspect

As details emerged that the police were covering up their mistakes and it became apparent that CCTV footage of Ms. K being kidnapped was available, the head of the police force Cho Hyun-oh stepped down, adding fuel to an already raging fire.

Cho Hyun-oh, commissioner of the National Police Agency, resigns as he accepts responsibility for incompetence among the force

Comments From Nate:


If you don’t sentence him [the murderer] to death, then you should all go to hell


Now where are all those of you preach for multiculturalism?

One netizen, 박나솔, a family member of the victim, shared her thoughts on the discussion board too:

I am from the family of the murdered girl. The police clearly stated to us that there was nothing on CCTV. How on earth are we supposed to know what is true or not? The police are saying nothing but lies, and far from feeling sorry, they even called my sister to ask when the hell they dozed off [presumably because the sister accused the police of dozing off during the case] and are all upset because they feel they are the falsely accused. You’re right, you weren’t dozing off, you were SLEEPING…geez, wake the hell up! Both my family and sister are scared that the police might hurt us. Does this make sense?

While others added:


Cunts, she reported to the police by calling 112 [Korean equivalent to 911 – except for police services, where police can track you down without your consent, which is different to 119 which is the ambulance service, who can track you down without your consent], and the police listened to her [being abused] for over 7 minutes! Korea is the only country in the world where they couldn’t catch the criminal for 13 hours even though there was CCTV in the crime scene.. You guys are just lazy…. You are not interested whether or not people are dying.. You just hold it up and wait for the day to finish and get paid… Because of you bastards, YOU basically killed her…


Nate should expand this article on this Chinese guy. You should close all the celeb gossip and sports articles and dedicate all your resources to the ‘Suwon Murder Case’. All the people of this country, from elementary school down to high school, down to the disabled should know about this


As the day unfolded, the a new head of the police force was sworn in, amid a lavish ceremony. One netizen on Nate commented:


All that was left of the girl were bones, cut up into 280 pieces divided into 14 bags. She was butchered rather than murdered… But in front of the family of the deceased the police were doing a ceremony with flowers to celebrate the arrival of the new police chief. They are really out of their minds. Did they even give chrysanthemums to the deceased girl? Flowers… in front of the wailing families of the deceased?? ㅠㅠ This should be shown on the news of the main broadcasters. This is the reality of the police’s way of thinking. But while the 112 centre were listening to the call, they can be heard saying “Isn’t this another couple quarrel? Or isn’t it simply another sexual assault?” Even if it was a “quarreling couple” or a “simple sexual assault”, shouldn’t you guys be the one checking to see if it is a big deal or not? On the contrary aren’t you taking this more lightly than normal citizens? 135 people disappeared in Korea after Oh Won-chun [name of murderer] entered the country, so your job is to find all those 135 girls without exception. That is your duty. For the sake of the girl, rest in peace… ㅠㅠ If she knew that that was her last phone call while she was still alive, she would have wanted to talk to her mother, but she had trust in the police system, which in turn crushed her….


The after-effects of this murder case will be felt for many months to come, as the debate on multiculturalism policy re-emerges.

Comments From Nate:

서민응 :

I’m a Korean student studying in the UK. In the UK, all Chinese, even rich Chinese international students, have to pay a fee of several tens of thousands of won and register with a police station within the area where they live. And of course, they have to get a guarantee letter from their school, or from their company in case of workers. And if they move even just to the house next door, they have to pay the registration fee and re-register with the police station again. If they don’t, they get deported immediately. Of course in the case of Koreans in the UK, they don’t have to follow such procedures because Korea’s country international grading is much higher. But I think we also need to establish similar measures in Korea.

이승헌 :

In this situation should we still call them Chinese? We cannot help but call Chosun-jok a rotten apple. Don’t call them Chinese… call them dormant criminals For God’s sake, please tighten the immigration screenings…

김혜령 :

So even if they do this (crime), are you saying we should let foreigners live an easy life in Korea?

김재천 :

Chinese?? You must be kidding… They pretend to be Korean when it suits them…. But among themselves they call themselves Chinese… And when you go to China… Chosun-jok cheat Korean people more (than Chinese)… Above all… as they enter [Korea], crime keeps increasing… They don’t have any permanent hometown… they haven’t been fingerprinted… And if they cause trouble and then go to China, it becomes an unsolved case… We really need some proper solution.

장영철 :

Chosun-joks are dangerous. I’m not saying it as a prejudice, it’s a fact. Once before I taking over a place which used to be run by Chosun-joks, And in the last drawer there were like 2 knifes… -_- (in a workplace where there is no use for knifes) One of the knifes looked like a fruit knife, the other one was especially adapted. -_- Be careful ㅠㅠ


I live in a Kurodong, which is swarming with Choseonjok. And I think they really are worse than cockroaches. I’ve lived there since I got married, and now I got two kids as well. I’m really thinking about selling our house as soon as possible and moving to another neighborhood. It’s really dirty, noisy and smelly. After I move, I’m not even gonna look in this direction.


To re-iterated the point, articles on violent foreigners in Korea have surfaced, some giving graphs such as the one below.

Crimes by foreigners

Graph showing number of crimes committed by foreigners in Korea in the past 3 years, with (left to right) murder, theft, rape, violenceYellow: murder

Dark gray: robbery

Blue: rape

Light gray: Aggravated assault

Comments From Nate:


Korea is a really strange country, lenient to foreigners, strict to fellow citizens… What’s more, it’s a country that treats its citizens as pushovers and thinks that everything can be solved by mind-numbing drinking.


Free medical care for illegal immigrants. Scholarships for foreign students. Free ticket back home. Expenses paid for family members living abroad to visit Korea. Special admissions [to schools] for children from multicultural families. What have you ever done for Korea? We have tried to ladle out [favors] to foreign workers and all we are getting back is murdered Koreans. Are you kidding? .. You should instead give such favors to our nation’s armed forces that are risking their lives while serving abroad, or those from the Cheonan Ship or the  shelling of Yeonpyeong. This is quite outrageous. Families of the soldiers killed in Cheonan ship are hardly making the living. And what… fucking free scholarships for foreigners??? Free ticket back home??? What the fuck?


According to Yun Jong-yong, the vice-president of Samsung Electronics, we need to train 2 millions of workers from other cultures. Big conglomerates are encouraging multiculturalism. The politicians, conservative and progressive media are all just keeping silent about these dark sides of multiculturalism. And if you say you oppose multiculturalism, they brand you a racist and extreme rightist. Does multiculturalism mean that citizens must always worry about what foreigners think?


Deportation of illegal immigrants, unconditional inspections of foreigners on the streets, and deportation of those acting strange

The case of the ‘Suwon Torso Murder’ is far from over and koreaBANG will strive to keep you informed with the latest updates taking the Korean internet by storm in the days, if not weeks ahead. Stay tuned…

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  • Sunnishine

    Does any one know what the Hanja is for chosun-jok?

    • choi.j.youngchan

      朝鲜族 i think

  • lonetrey

    What the shit. If I saw police officers like these, I’d be pissed as hell too! Cases like these generally do not occur in where I live (NJ, PA in America), but I am quite justified in asking “What the hell was the police doing?!”

    • choi.j.youngchan

      everyone asking same question in korea at the mo….

      many heads already rolling…. but just utter and gross incompetency, they did not really even bother to investigate properly which could have saved her….

      • lonetrey

        -Sigh- I’d like to know who the imbecile who said “Must be a quarreling couple” is!

  • Brett Sanbon

    “Deportation of illegal immigrants, unconditional inspections of foreigners on the streets, and deportation of those acting strange”

    cause a Korean national never committed murder before….

    • acorn

      hehe, in a more twisted way i think you are exempt if you are white :P

      sorry, applies only to other asian / black / brown

      unfortunately these practices are written into regular police ordinances in the UK and i believe some states bordering Mexico in the US

      • Vince

        It isn’t written into regular police ordinances in the UK; I’m not sure where you got that from. The UK government is beholden to the stringent rules of the European Court of Human Rights as far as deportation goes.

        • acorn

          ah my bad, only “deportation of illegal immigrants” apply.

          ECHR has the power to review and conduct oversight investigations but its decisions are not biding and is essentially an advisory body and the UKBA and Home Min reserve the jurisdiction and competency to deport anyone for reasons that are specified in the relevant code, ordinance, and statutes.

          but I was making a bad rebuttal to Brett – thanks vince. do correct me if I make mistakes :p

      • flpsde76

        This is so true. You are exempt if you are white. Koreans love White People and have an inferiority complex. But if you are other Asian, black or brown, then they think they are superior even if you are born and raise from a white country like US, England, Australia..etc.

    • Animal

      Foreigners commit more crime, what’s so hard to understand about that shithead?

      If foreigners come to korea and commit more crimes than koreans, why should the natives allow them to stay?

      I’m sick of you western fucks and your condescension and your belief that you can lecture other countries.

      • Brett

        Well said, “shithead”.

      • dk2020

        damn I thought Asians were good at math .. you know if the total population is 98% korean and 2% foreigners .. it is virtually IMPROSSIBRU that foreigners commit more crimes than native Koreans .. smh, don’t let the media scare you ..

        • Trisha Tolkien

          Don’t try to twist his point. His point was that if out of that small group of only 2% foreigners the majority of them or even a significant number of them proportionally relative to Korean citizens are causing problems then obviously that should be looked into. For example let’s say there are 100 people total in Korea and 2 of those people are foreigners…one of those foreigners rapes someone. That means that 50% of foreigners in Korea are rapists. If there’s a 50/50 chance-or whatever percentage Korean voters decide is the tipping point- that a foreigner will be a rapist while visiting then common sense and self preservation says to stop allowing all foreigners in since they are a high risk/low reward group.

      • Trisha Tolkien

        Oh and you are not doing yourself any favors by insulting people and framing your point so poorly.

  • Brett Sanbon

    This is really sad. I have long believed Korean police are absolutely useless (aside from helping old people cross the street and helping drunk people find their way home).

    I think either the 112 operator was severely lacking training or thought the victim was over reacting. Regardless, cops are going to be under scrutiny for a long time after this mess.

    • Animal

      What are useless are western scum like yourself shitting up korea with your foul behavior and drunkeness.

      • Brett

        I have no idea what you are talking about. Did you have a bad day?

        • dk2020

          damn foreigners stink of kimchi and garlic .. oh wait ..

          look at all these disgusting foreigners drunk off their ass laid out in the streets in the middle of the day no less .. oh wait .. street pizza ..

          • Brett

            Haha, I used to visit that blog at work. Funny way to pass 15 minutes of free time.

          • Maybe Rabies

            When I was there I saw a number of passed out drunk people. I thought it would be rude to take their photo. Thank you for this link!

  • FYIADragoon

    “I’m a Korean student studying in the UK. In the UK, all Chinese, even rich Chinese international students, have to pay a fee of several tens of thousands of won and register with a police station within the area where they live. And of course, they have to get a guarantee letter from their school, or from their company in case of workers. And if they move even just to the house next door, they have to pay the registration fee and re-register with the police station again. If they don’t, they get deported immediately. Of course in the case of Koreans in the UK, they don’t have to follow such procedures because Korea’s country international grading is much higher. But I think we also need to establish similar measures in Korea.”

    It certainly doesn’t work like that in America, or if it does, the Chinese ignore it like most of our other rules….

    • Vince

      I am fairly sure this does not take place in the UK either.

      • acorn

        trust me it actually does happen and i am a Canadian national in the UK…. things could get pretty hairy even for the Cmonwealthers…. sigh…. they don’t actively deport you in general but the visa renewal gets more and more insane. they could relax the conditions a bit but the discretionary rules are fuzzy at best and open to interpretation which is a source of much grief… a friend of mine (Aussie) at oxford got his visa renewal rejected on some dubious technical ground and he ended up having to leave until he sorted that one out, which took about 6 months…. :(

        but it’s more of euro and schengen treaty business that made things difficult for the non-Euros

        oh well – _-)b

        • pop

          I saw 2 drunk men fighting on the street for long time,
          Every body was passing by and no one tried to stop them.
          To my surprise, I saw the korea police car coming
          ,The police came and passed the men fighting and naver stop to them.
          Infact there was blood and the guys fought for long time.
          I keep thinking of this every day since I came to Korea.

  • 소지섭

    “I’m a Korean student studying in the UK. In the UK, all Chinese, even rich Chinese international students, have to pay a fee of several tens of thousands of won and register with a police station within the area where they live. And of course, they have to get a guarantee letter from their school, or from their company in case of workers. And if they move even just to the house next door, they have to pay the registration fee and re-register with the police station again. If they don’t, they get deported immediately. Of course in the case of Koreans in the UK, they don’t have to follow such procedures because Korea’s country international grading is much higher. But I think we also need to establish similar measures in Korea.”

    This rule is RACIST if it’s true.
    Also, who studies in the UK LOL

    • roflstomp

      Same rules that the UK uses for Chinese students applies for foreigners in China, you fail. Racist China is racist.

      • 소지섭

        It’s not racist if it targets all foreigners. Targeting only Chinese people would be considered racist.

        • It’s not just China. Same probably applies for Indians. If these rules were lax, the country would be swamped. People from poorer countries want to move to rich ones when they have the money to do so. People from places like Korea aren’t as eager to move.

        • It’s not racist if it targets everyone except one ethnicity? Are you sure about that? Whether it’s inclusive or exclusive, basing a policy on race is, racist.

  • Stories of butts

    I heard the the police in Korea was unless but this…. I cant understand how they responded 13 fucking hours for this.

  • Hm… all the comments (Korean and English) and not one asking about CCW?

    • acorn

      what is CCW if i may ask?

    • The Enlightened One

      I believe he is talking about carrying a concealed weapon?

  • Tiffany

    that student is right about south koreans being welcome everywhere. in the U.S. South Koreans DO NOT need a visa to come here. They can travel to america freely without a visa and they are only one of 100 countries whose citizens can do this.

    interesting article/views and extremely sad the life of the girl taken in such a horrific manner.

    • jxs9

      You usually only need a passport to travel. If you don’t have a passport you can’t really enter any country.

      • cix123

        Yeah that’s why the OP said they don’t need a visa which implies only a passport is good enough.

  • ric

    i hope korea denys foriegners from entering….this is important to protect their well being!

    • The Enlightened One


      Are you mentally unstable?

      The worst thing a country can do is totally close itself off to understanding and allowed people of different cultures to take up residence or explore. Take a look at North Korea… China was the same before it opened the door in 1978. Now they are prospering.

      There are mentally unstable people EVERYWHERE. It is the police’s job to act and respond, quickly, intelligently and decisively to serve and protect the people in need. Obviously, the best way to protect the well being of the Korean people is to have a police force that AREN’T morons like you.

      Too bad it wasn’t you instead of that poor woman.

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  • blacksnowdrop

    ? scared me shitless!!!!! The incompetence of the police meant she died a horrific death!!? WTF!!! They should all be sacked and treated as murderers and liars!!!

  • flpsde76

    Korea has the dumbest incompetent police officers. The training must suck like hell. Four years living in Korea, and I have never seen a police officer give a car moving violation ticket even though Koreans break the laws in front of a police car all the time. Fire all stupid police officers…which means start from scratch because they should all be fired!!

  • Jason

    It is to my notice that every major crime that happens to take public notice in Korea are somewhat related with Chinese or Foreigners. Are foreigners bad? or is it just accusation comfort ? well – there are lots of illegals working around Samsung Suwon mostly in Indian Guest house, seems like a threat to me!

  • The Korean pigs were just as incompetent when serial killer Yoo Young Chul murdered more than 20 people. The pigs didn’t even know they had a mass murderer on their hands, they only learnt of it because he admitted to it while in custody for a driving offense, a minor crime unrelated to the murders.

    After his arrest, Yoo said the only reason he didn’t kill his wife was because he didn’t want his son growing up an orphan. It was like “Hulk Hogan” saying, “I get OJ [Simpson] now.”

  • Depressed from this article

    I am a Canadian-born person of Chinese descent. I have lived in Canada my whole life, and hoped to work in Korea.

    No wonder the Koreans who immigrate here are a little bit racist… I do not blame them now, after reading some of these articles on awful Chinese-Koreans. Another commenter noted that he lives in a district with many of these, and they are “like cockroaches.” I can definitely see that.

    If Koreans are so aware of these things, I think they should realize there is no benevolent god. If this is a “test,” as many Christians would say, then the god that exists is a disgusting pile of shit for allowing innocent people to be tortured and killed.

    I will count my blessings and try not to complain about my small problems from now on.

  • Harry_Hogfart

    Sounds like she must have correctly laughed at his tiny asian penis and being a childish dinky doodle boy he got angry she mentioned his shame

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