National Assembly Member Tweets When Drunk

South Korean National Assembly Member Kang Yong-suk South Korean National Assembly member Kang Yong-suk has come under much fire from netizens after updating his Twitter account whilst drunk. In the tweets, he vents frustration that fellow politicians such as Hong Jun-pyo will not be able to achieve his potential due to a lack of family connections. He also mentions Park Geun-hye, one of the most influential politicians in Korea (who also happens to be  the current favourite to become the next president and is also the daughter of former president Park Chung-hee who seized power in a military coup in 1962) joking that both she and Kim Jong-un have used their family connections to gain power.

From Daum:

MP Kang Yong-sok admitted that the profanity-laden tweets were indeed written by him while under the influence of alcohol.

During the press conference in the National Assembly, Mr. Kang admitted “the profanity-laden tweets posted early morning today were by me”, adding that “it was written after a night of drinking with neighbourhood acquaintances”.

A screenshot of the offending drunk tweets from Kang's twitter account

@강용석: I feel so fucking sorry for Hong Jun-pyo… he had worse parents than I did and lived utmost to his capacity, but for what? He won’t get party nomination under Park Geu-nhye leadership… 씨바… 4 times MP and the former party leader but because he runs in Seoul he has to fucking look over his shoulder…

@강용석: @coffeemania123, more than you… more than me…

@강용석: Fuck this world… I am past my 40s but I have realised that the most important thing is your parental background… Worked fucking butt-off in politics but can’t compete against Park Geun-hye… keke… the top in North Korea is Kim Jong-un…王侯將相 寧有種乎 [a quote from the Daze Village Uprising meaning anyone should be able to be successful, regardless of their background].

“I thought it was best deleted regardless of its intent” and “it served its purpose by making my thoughts known while it was up”, Mr. Kang explained after the removal of the controversial Twitter messages.

Mr. Kang accepted that “the expressions could have been more careful” and promised that he ‘will not use any profanity and will not tweet under the influence of alcohol or between midnight and 6 in the morning”.

“I had a few drinks after the frustrating day of publicising the issue concerning the drafting-dodging allegations of Mr. Park [Seoul mayor] and Mr. Kwok’s [Seoul education superintendent] sons at the National Assembly lobby hall but it failed to generate any media interests”, Mr. Kang explained.

Comments from Daum: Honka:

Mapo residents, have a good look. You guys picked this psycho as your assembly representative…


May have been drunk but not a single word wrong here. Kim Jong-un in North Korea and Park Geun-hye in South Korea, they’re all the same!!!!!!


Noise marketing… Anyone with even faintest interest in politics will know your name by now. But who knows what will happen to you in the future?


He spoke the truth… truth spoken under the influence… if you speak the truth, who will hate you???


Can you comment on the corruptions regarding the president or Sang-duk [the president’s brother and National Assembly member]? Inebriated performance is not funny and you are only lumping other issues. Why not comment on the current powers that be? Your performance lacks sincerity. What is this, you mighty national representative, tweeting while drunk kekeke


Go check out his blog and see if he had said anything wrong there. His sexual harassment comments are sexual harassment comments and his truth-speaking is indeed truthful. You cannot reject everything he said based on his previous sexual harassment comments. What is the difference between not giving him a second chance and branding an ex-convict?


Dear Yong-seok, why no love for MB’s closest associates? I know you are an in-law with MB but he has no reason to look after you. Just ask him for a position at KTX after privatisation or at DAS.


Yong-seok is an in-law with that rat MB, so he only picks on the opposition and Geun-hye. He never shits on the rat nor the man with seven hundred-million won in his closet, Sang-duk. He took so much in bribes for 4 years and he complains that no one watches his back? Not struck off [from the National Assembly] thanks to the MB in-law status?


Yong-seok, you are a lot better when you are drunk than when you are sober. Soon you will be back to being a normal citizen so feel free to tweet as much as you want.


That is the established media for you, the one that used to be on your side…


I am laughing because a former GNP member and an MB associate is talking about corruption?? Everyone around you should be thrown to jail. There are too many to list…

너 남자친구다:

Park Geun-hye did well thanks to her parents and Yong-seok is fucked because of his parents… But what sort of wrongdoing did your children have to commit to have you as their parent?

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