Students Graffiti Korean National Assembly “For Homework”

university students graffiti national assembly seoul

Photo and article from Yonhap News:

University Students Graffiti Nat’l Assembly, Say It Was For Homework

Seoul Yeongdeungpo Police have charged but not detained Moon (25) and Kim (22) for illegally entering the National Assembly and marking the building with graffiti. [The official charge is] trespassing in a public building and damage to a public object.

According to the police, at 5:55 p.m., Moon [and Kim] used black paint to graffiti “I hate you” on a column near the rear entrance of the main National Assembly building in Yeouido.

The two slipped in through the southern entrance at 5:20 p.m., and encountered no resistance. After the crime was committed, they were caught at the scene by a situation room employee and a riot police officer patrolling the area.

Moon and Kim are current students at a university in Seoul . In the police report, they stated that, “We had an assignment to make a video advertisement expressing freedom that was out-of-the-ordinary. So we wrote that and were going to take a video of it. We didn’t know it was a crime.

Comments from Naver:


Well, you said the right thing.


That’s evidence so it can’t be erased, right?


The students didn’t do this for any .. righteous reason… but they did a good job. Delightful.


Even though serious, it’s a breath of fresh air.


Awesome ~ cute ~


The lowest grade they could get is an A+


If it were me, I’d give them an A+. Good riddance!


Those students really sucked it up and didn’t cuss.


It’s freedom of expression~


Sigh… It’s the truth so they get hauled off kekeke


kekeke What even is that kekeke Professor, you must give my friends an A+. It’s only humane.


It’s fortunate there wasn’t any cursing. Those fucking congresspeople kekeke


They really deserve a prize.


They speak for the people.


They didn’t even curse.


If these kids had any common sense, they probably wouldn’t have done it. But I think they did a good job considering the way those fucking congresspeople talk.


It’d be nice if their professor gave them an A+


40 million Koreans demand their charges be revoked.


I wanna write that on those congresspeople’s faces. Go fuck yourselves.

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  • Chucky3176

    The writing doesn’t say “I hate you”. It says “I don’t like you guys”. Pretty accurate statement that speaks up for majority of Koreans.

    • seno

      korean males specifically, the only korean female whonwould spray that is jenny chu

      • Small twon

        Huh ?

  • namepen

    The great thing about the National Assembly is that you can enter the grounds with little to no effort.

    I used to see people just waltzing around and then relaxing up near the decked garden.

    I hope the actions by those idiots doesn’t mean that they will now go hardcore and start locking down the place.

  • Guest

    The last paragraph’s translation is incorrect: “Moon and Kim are current students at a university in Sojae, Seoul”. ‘Sojae’ is not an area name; its direct translation is ‘whereabouts’ but in this sentence it would mean ‘located in Seoul’.

    • commander

      The translator of this post is not a native South Korean, so she must have taken it for a place name.

      The offenders, who are students of a college in Seoul is reported to have testified during a police interrogation, “We’ve got an school assignment about expressing freedom that is out of the ordinary in a video clip, so we made the graffiti and tried to put it on our camera. We are not aware that it runs afoul of law.”

      Thanks for your sharp comment.

    • Anna Joy

      Oh dear it seems you are very correct about this. Luckily, this is easily fixed. Thanks for pointing it out~

  • Smith_90125
    • Xman2014

      What’s the point of dragging out a 1986 article?

  • commander

    It would have been good if their defiant spirit had been turned into voting in elections where they could vote under-performing lawmakers out of office.

    • Xman2014

      That would mean nobody would be elected. And they’re too busy fighting for their political pies, to be able to form any coherent national policies. Most of those old politicians were born prior to 1960. Old people with old minds still in the 1970’s and 80’s. I figure another generation, or when the current 20-30 something’s start getting into politics in about 20 years, Korea will be truly a liberal and pleasant place to live.

  • Sophia Dalke

    Immediately reminded me of this:

    • 금정산

      Me too.

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