Korean Girls Use Breasts to Protest Imprisonment of Podcaster

Following the recent arrest and sentencing of Jung Bong-ju, a prominent Korean podcaster and member of the Democratic United Party, dozens of girls have responded to requests to write political slogans on their breasts calling for his immediate release. Jung’s podcast, ‘나꼼수’ (Nanggomsu – I’m a Dirty Trickster) is the world’s most popular political podcast on iTunes with over 2 million downloads a week.

This particular girl in the photos above has particularly grabbed the attention of netizens:

From DKBnews:

Extraordinary female demonstrators urging for release of Jung Bong-ju, former member of the Democratic United Party are receiving belated attention. 

Pictures of catchy protests for his discharge have been recently uploaded onto the page called ‘prove your one-man protest’ on the homepage of the ‘Come on out Jung Bong-ju’ National Movement Headquarters.

Among these photos, one photo of a woman in bikini is grabbing netizens’ attention. On her breasts she has written ‘I want Jung Bong-ju! out so much that my breasts are exploding.

The owner of the breasts, nicknamed ‘blue ears’, uploaded this picture with a note saying that ‘I ask to be excused of the potential obscenity of the photo due to certain constitutional characteristics of my body.’

Next she added, ‘It’s probably colder than zero degrees Celcius, but I couldn’t help the surging rage and so took off my top in this weather. I wanted to get the message across in an exciting, wild and cheerful manner.’

The responses of the netizens included ‘Cool! How did she think of doing such a thing? I would like to give her a round of applause for her courage’ and ‘it is rather provocative but nevertheless a good idea.’

Comments from DKBnews:


What a weird act…… Why [stop there]? Go naked.


I’d say she is trying desperately to become a celebrity.

Comments from NoCutNews:


ke ke ke it looks cheap but it’s pretty original and clever.


She probably knows it’s embarrassing, so didn’t reveal her face.


Is this a hearty shout-out? ke ke ke [N.B. this is a pun – “hearty” can also mean “busty”].

Comments from dcnews.com:


These people are exhibitionists and attention seekers. Such is the standard of the kids that listen Naggomsu.


I listen to Naggomsu regularly but I was hoping not to see such empty-headed kids…… *sigh*.


That’s enough!


Honestly, aren’t those that listen to Naggomsu worshipping them as a trend whilst not knowing anything?

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