Korean Girls Use Breasts to Protest Imprisonment of Podcaster

Following the recent arrest and sentencing of Jung Bong-ju, a prominent Korean podcaster and member of the Democratic United Party, dozens of girls have responded to requests to write political slogans on their breasts calling for his immediate release. Jung’s podcast, ‘나꼼수’ (Nanggomsu – I’m a Dirty Trickster) is the world’s most popular political podcast on iTunes with over 2 million downloads a week.

This particular girl in the photos above has particularly grabbed the attention of netizens:

From DKBnews:

Extraordinary female demonstrators urging for release of Jung Bong-ju, former member of the Democratic United Party are receiving belated attention. 

Pictures of catchy protests for his discharge have been recently uploaded onto the page called ‘prove your one-man protest’ on the homepage of the ‘Come on out Jung Bong-ju’ National Movement Headquarters.

Among these photos, one photo of a woman in bikini is grabbing netizens’ attention. On her breasts she has written ‘I want Jung Bong-ju! out so much that my breasts are exploding.

The owner of the breasts, nicknamed ‘blue ears’, uploaded this picture with a note saying that ‘I ask to be excused of the potential obscenity of the photo due to certain constitutional characteristics of my body.’

Next she added, ‘It’s probably colder than zero degrees Celcius, but I couldn’t help the surging rage and so took off my top in this weather. I wanted to get the message across in an exciting, wild and cheerful manner.’

The responses of the netizens included ‘Cool! How did she think of doing such a thing? I would like to give her a round of applause for her courage’ and ‘it is rather provocative but nevertheless a good idea.’

Comments from DKBnews:


What a weird act…… Why [stop there]? Go naked.


I’d say she is trying desperately to become a celebrity.

Comments from NoCutNews:


ke ke ke it looks cheap but it’s pretty original and clever.


She probably knows it’s embarrassing, so didn’t reveal her face.


Is this a hearty shout-out? ke ke ke [N.B. this is a pun – “hearty” can also mean “busty”].

Comments from dcnews.com:


These people are exhibitionists and attention seekers. Such is the standard of the kids that listen Naggomsu.


I listen to Naggomsu regularly but I was hoping not to see such empty-headed kids…… *sigh*.


That’s enough!


Honestly, aren’t those that listen to Naggomsu worshipping them as a trend whilst not knowing anything?

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  • MrT

    Wooden bench?

    • JAYJAY

      This sofa phenomenon has now spread over the boarder…

    • lonetrey

      Yep. You’ve got the wooden bench. That’s all Jung Bong-ju will be sitting on in jail, sigh. What’s up with South Korea doing this? I don’t understand much about Korea, being Chinese-American. Are they slightly fascists sometimes and democratic others?

      This comment isn’t meant to make fun of South Korea… It’s actually an honest question. Then again… I guess USA pulls the same type of stunts sometimes. Though, I feel like USA would be more subtle about it….

      • James

        South Korea basically suffers from a long and protracted form of McCarthyism as a result of its relationship (or lack of one rather) with the North. It’s therefore not uncommon to see the government censoring things it doesn’t like. For example, some guy once ironically re-tweeted a post from North Korea’s official twitter feed and found himself in prison as a result.

  • 山炮 ShanPao

    Didnt read, just looked at the breasts.

    Back to ChinaSMACK

    • donscarletti

      Breasts transcend culture. Could be a tag line somewhere.

      Also, the pixelation… I’m not sure if I’m irritated more or less by it than in Japanese pornography.

      • Bo Wang

        What’s the logic behind pixelating the vag/penis in Japanese porn again?

        • Wang that!

          Its illegal to show genitals in JP.

          • 山炮 ShanPao

            But not eels.

            Argghhh why am I back here again… must be the breasts.

            Back to ChinaSMACK

  • Bo Wang

    First thing that came to mind was “implants?”

    • Bo Wang

      Also, ChinaSMACK stories are saucier… let me know when KoreanBang posts a story about a Korean protester self mutilating his penis while eating a Chinese/Japanese flag.

      • Wang that!

        That because only Chinese are that retarded to shit like that…

        • Wang that!

          To do shit like that… ^__^

          Wang I am just poking fun because you are too. No hard feelings!

        • 山炮 ShanPao

          haha I laughed.

  • Chinggis was here

    Chinggis like. Are they real? What was the story about?

  • themig

    drool!!! how many minutes afterwards did the chinese farmers and negro GIs close in on her to fuk her????

    • Tiffany

      umm people stopped saying the word ‘negro’ in the 1900s. you might want to join us in the current century. umm k? thanks.

      • lol

        I think he meant nigger.

        • Tiffany

          he wasn’t talking about your mother

          • mr. wiener

            What would the currant usage be, “black” , or “person of color”?
            I’m sure the Koreans probably have a word for them, but it’s probably not very polite :)

          • Tiffany

            are you suggesting that the koreans are so low as to use offensive racial terms as a means of address to people of color? A highly americanized slur? sir, i believe you project too much.

          • mr. wiener

            I’m Australian, and I only project in the mornings before I have a pee.
            Whilst I’m sure there is a polite word in Korean for a person with a darker pigment, I’m equally sure most Koreans wouldn’t give a dead dingo’s donger for what you or I think of as political correctness.
            Having said that I’ll also say that I respect and like
            Koreans for their drinking ability and total lack of self censorship in saying exactly what they think. :O

          • Tiffany

            i disagree. australians are known for lacking political correctness. they seem to suffer from a case of verbal diarrhea. i have never heard such utterances from korean people. south koreans are in abundance in the United States, being a little brother country they are one of few countries whose citizens can travel to america without a Visa. chinese people are racist douchebags, but koreans not so much. most of their music and entertainment culture is a deriviative of black american music, it is wildly popular, especially hip hop and break dancing. they seem to embrace black american culture more so than any other asian group, so i tend to disagree. they are a bit nationalist and from that, have a perception of being superior , but this is the same as most cultures.

            i listen to a good deal of korean pop, too many of their celebrities openly admire black american celebrities and entertainers for me to believe you, that there is any emnity present. sorry.

            it seems like white people in general love to make out that every race is as racist to blacks as their own, especially on the internet.

          • mr. wiener

            Every race is racist hon, to a greater or lesser extent. The only difference is Whities are at the top of the pyramid [for now]. Never met any American Koreans, you describe them in glowing terms, they sound nice. Only talking about my too brief a stay in Korea [3 months] and the experiences of other expats there , including some black dudes I know [sorry anecdotal].
            What’s this about Australians lacking in social graces? We got class coming out of our arse ;)

          • Kai

            I’ve met politically incorrect people and anti-black racism from both Australia and Korea so maybe we should agree that anecdotal evidence isn’t the best argument. I also know plenty of Koreans who consume black music and culture but still have discriminatory attitudes toward black people. To be honest in fact, I’ve found all East Asians to be incredibly and often unapologetically racist against blacks and people of darker skin. I can’t really think of Koreans overall being better, at least not in my experience.

            Mr. wiener is right that every race is racist. It’s just not every individual. One thing I’ve observed is that overseas born or raised Koreans tend to underestimate just how racist and discriminatory those back home in Korea can be. The same is true for overseas Chinese, Japanese, and frankly everyone. Being an ethnic minority in other country seems to predispose one to being more tolerant and multicultural, likely out of necessity, whereas those back in more homogeneous environments don’t have to.

            There’s also the notion that Koreans take to black American music (rap, hip hop, etc.) because there’s a shared undercurrent of historical victimization and anger manifesting itself in displays of bravado, the same undercurrent and manifestations in rabid nationalism. Anyone think that notion is valid?

            I think the Korean language lends itself to rap more than Japanese or Chinese though.

          • Tiffany

            ha. I’ve only known australians to say rude things about race. including my dear friend who argues with me that there’s nothing wrong with the word ‘nigger’.

            perhaps race is not so taboo a subject to australians except when it comes to the aboriginals who experience much racism even to the day.

            I won’t say that any south korean in the u.s.a. is beyond reproach, i’m just saying that all of them that i know, never act even the slightest bit of racist. who knows what goes on behind closed doors, but you make them out to be rude and i do not believe that to be the case. it seems that white people in general, wishes everyone to be racist to blacks and assumes it as fact. chinese people racist without a doubt. but i don’t think i have heard an inkling of it from any south koreans yet, and until i do i will give them the benefit of doubt as being decent people.

            maybe it is an experience as different between male and female who are blacks and the degree of racism they experience. i actually, googled “racism in korea” and found some youtubes and there were a few by women who said they were not discriminated against at all, only that people asked curious questions.

            I did not see any reports at all from any black men. So who knows. Most “racism” in asian countries directed to black men seems to stem from fear that one of them will take an asian woman.

          • Tiffany

            Kai, you make some valid points and i do believe that people in homogenous environments do tend to be less diplomatic to people of other races in general. in areas in america where it is predominately black, they are rude to any outsider and ridicule people of any race.

            same with people in east asian countries that are 99% asian and therefore are lacking experience with people of other races. when they come to countries like america, they tend to have more interaction which inevitably softens their views.

          • mr. wiener

            Well , I’m one Australian who would never use the “N” word. Nasty , profanity that it is. We have plenty of black guys on my rugby team[including one South African black guy who insists on being called “colored”].If anyone used that word on them, there would be trouble, but no one every has. Sorry you think we are all racist dropkicks.
            Dunno what to do about the Aborigines in Oz, we messed them up pretty good. Best maybe to give them some of their land back and leave them the hell alone, at least they don’t seem to hold too many grudges.
            Just by the by are you Korean or have you every been to Korea?

          • Tiffany

            Mr Weiner, I promise you, my heritage is completely irrelevant. I would much rather enjoy koreabang as a mystery so as nothing can be inferred by my point of view.

          • mr. wiener

            Fair enough. I’ll leave you to enjoy KB as I am detecting a hint of sub-zero temperatures.

  • typingfromwork

    They look real. Still, not remotely impressed.


    I noticed in Korea is thumb up and in Japan is the “V” sign… LOL

  • ma

    I hate mosaic!⊙︿⊙

  • Should not the title of this thread be

    “Korean Girl Uses Breasts to Protest Imprisonment of Podcaster”

    either that or show more Korean girls and their protesting breasts.

    • Kai

      LoL, the post says there were dozens of girls but they only showed one. Kinda let down, eh?

    • James

      For the boob lovers: http://tinyurl.com/6w8akbr

      • 404 name not found

        I love you man.. No homo (obviously)

  • Christina

    wow tiffany

    you are the most racist person on this thread.

    • The Zahir

      HAHAHA, NO DOUBT! I was thinking it the entire time reading her comments! “Chinese people racist without a doubt.” Pot. Kettle. Black much?

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