Dismay as Twitter Politician Auditions for Korean Pop Idol

South Korean National Assembly Member Kang Yong-suk

Everyone’s favorite non-partisan mentalist, South Korean politician Kang Yong-suk, has taken noise marketing to a whole new level: he’s announced that he is to participate in this year’s Superstar K, the popular Mnet singing contest which is Korea’s answer to American Idol. While some netizens are shocked at his unconventional political tactics, some are, well, singing his praises.

Superstar K4 Logo

Despite previously falling victim to his very own alcohol-induced Tweetgate in the past, on March 15 Kang took to his Twitter account yet again to announce that he would be auditioning for the fourth series of Superstar K. He followed this with an entry on his blog, stating:

I have finally applied to Superstar K4, one of the biggest events in the area. I wonder if this dream I’ve had since I was young will come true? Even if it doesn’t, I still mean to take my election as a celebration…

The article, which was one of the most discussed articles on Korean internet portal Nate this week also noted that Kang posted a UCC (user-created content) video on a Superstar K4 noticeboard featuring his unique vocal stylings in a performance of a song from the musical “Jekyll and Hyde,” which was recently broadcast online. This is a Karaoke-bar recording of his performance of the song, entitled, “This is the Moment,”:

His performance will probably not be his last if he succeeds in Superstar K4. When the article heralding his participation was reposted on Nate, it quickly attracted over a thousand comments as netizens tried to make sense of Kang’s attempt to reach for the stars. Many were particularly amused at the prospect of Kang suing if he wasn’t chosen (he has a track record of suing everyone).

And for anyone thinking of entering themselves:

Recruitment Poster for Superstar K4

Comments from Nate:


I love you, Kang Yong Seok ♡. You are a true patriot.


I’d sue after 60 seconds of that.


This guy doesn’t do any work in the national assembly, what’s he doing to get ten million won a month? Total attention seeker. Say you get on SSK, do extraordinarily well, get into the top eleven and then if you lose on the first live round, you gonna sue the producers?


Never in my life… have I seen such a dirty bastard.


No, what the hell…what the hell is this guy?


I work in Kang Yong-suk’s district…Kang Yong-suk, I beg of you to run .. I just want to see your face once…Of course, I’m too shy, and couldn’t swear at you to your face…ke


Kang and Huh Kyung-young [politician who once released his own pop single], the pair of them, if they get into battle I’ll really complain…How about going further and not standing in this election and just going straight for the presidential election? Anyway, isn’t it obvious that you’re not going to win the general election…but at least in the presidential election it’ll be funny if you’re against Huh Kyung Young… ke ke I’m curious who’d get the most votes.. ke ke


This guy. He’s a man I just can’t understand. ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Sometimes he seems to be a realist and is right about things, but other times he’s an emotionalist ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Is he an emotionalist? huh huh huh huh huh huh


Don’t concern yourself with that stuff and just try worrying a bit about Korean citizens…you’re a smart guy, what you gonna do? Looking at it, you’re just a second-rate Huh Kyung Young.


Just looking at this guy’s face makes me puke…,if you gotta have a picture, can’t you like, mosaic out his face, Mr. Journalist, sir?


ke ke ke ke ke It’s like he’s walking along the same path as that ugly asshole who can cure your illnesses and make you happy if you just look at him ke ke


He’s the terminator of attention-seekers!


Honestly….he’s an imbecile.


He’s gonna sue if he doesn’t get chosen…


Why is this guy being like this?…What the hell happened to you?


What is this…I’m speechless..those participating in the selection, and those draft-dodgers’ll all get investigated one by one ke ke ke


Looks like you’re even dumber than Huh Kyung Young ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Get out there and do a duet with Huh Kyung Young!


Honestly, doesn’t he even feel sorry for the other people who are going to be in the show? -_- It’s like he doesn’t even think.


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