Man Under Questioning is Fined for Insulting Police Officer

Man is fined for insulting the Korean police

From Daum:

Fine for calling police officer ‘jjap-se’

An unnamed man in his 30s was fined for contempt for calling a police officer ‘jjap-se,’ a derogatory term for police. It was reported today that Kim Sang-hyung, judge of the Incheon district court found the man (33 years old) guilty of insulting the police officer and fined him 330,000 KRW ($300 USD).

The man, who was being interviewed for fraud charges in a local police sub-station called the police officer ‘jjap-se’ 2-3 times in front of his colleagues and others present in the police sub-station. ‘Jjap-se’ is defined in the Korean dictionary as a derogatory term for police officer. In January, a Mongolian man was detained for calling a police officer on call a ‘jjap-se.’

Comments from Daum:


If it was Oh Won-choon, the cop would have run the opposite direction

so cool:

If you don’t want to hear it, do your job properly. Aren’t you ashamed of your job description….. Work like an upstanding official.


If the police were doing their jobs well, we would not call them jjap-se even if they asked us to.


This is why we are on CNN.

치사한 시골남자:

That was not even a serious profanity but just jjap-se…. This country is going down for sure….. So they just expect us to shut our mouthes?


This is when they are at their sharpest. I had no idea jjap-se was a profanity. Using slang will get you fined….


Fucking hell, I cannot believe this is happening in the year 2012. I cannot even say what I think anymore.


This is really going nuts………….A fine for that…. I really want to see the face of that judge…


Oh what an unfair world this is, where you cannot call a jjap-se a ‘jjap-se’


Jjap-se actually means ‘a bird that grabs, makes arrest,’ indicating the act of detainment. So the word itself has no negative meaning to it. And holding him for contempt for using it 2-3 times is definitely an abuse of power. Abusing public official power to intimate average citizens, rather than serving the public good and justice is really regrettable.


Whatever happened to that jjap-se who club that poor old man?


Jjap-se is an old expression. Call them ‘dogice’.


What fucking bastards


They are all just fools – What pathetic human beings


Crazy bastards

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  • It seems like your country is determined to follow in the footsteps of the US. Over here, we call them capitalist pigs. To think that I defended SK against charges of copycat nation.

    Put a stop to militaristic police. If you can’t nobody will.

    • Who’s country? Over where? This is international territory.

    • lonetrey

      Capitalist pigs? I just usually use the term “popo”. =/

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    I have a different idea. If police punish an ordinary person for calling them bad names, it is unacceptable abuse of power.

    But in this case, the man was charged with fraud and was under police investigation. How can such a man call a police officer with leigitimate power of investigation jjap-se. That there are some corrupt police officers is one thing and that a suspect insults a police investigator is another. The punishment of a suspected swindler for its insulting remarks to a policeman is, I think, justifiable.

  • Cleo

    What do Koreans get for attacking Hong Kong Police under guise of WTO protests? Is that Confucian to not only attack the constabulary but to be such a guest in another’s home?

    I don’t support rude Chinese behavior overseas.

  • hardyandtiny

    Korean police are the dumbest people in the world

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