Man Scolds 16-year-old for Spitting, Gets Beaten-up and Dies

Two Koreans fighting

The unfortunate fight resulted in the death of a father in his 30s [stock photo]

From Seoul Newspaper:

Teenage Boy Spits on Floor…Family Man in his 30s Dies a Horrible Death

A family man in his 30s was beaten to death in front of his 6-year-old son by teenagers while trying to discipline one of them. Outraged citizens have called for an environment to be created as soon as possible whereby spoiled teenagers are punished accordingly.

According to West Suwon Police Station in Gyeonggi Province, on the 1st of August, the police booked the 16-year-old high school student Kim and 20-year-old Shin on charges of killing Mr. Kim (39).

The incident happened on the 21st of last month at 12:10 am when Mr. Kim scolded one of the teenagers by telling him ‘not to spit on the floor.’

Younger Kim (16) became outraged right after he was scolded by Mr. Kim, and started to beat him up. As the fight went on for too long, Shin (20), who was passing by, intervened and tried to alleviated the tension between two Kims. However, Shin’s attempt now led the fight to move between Mr. Kim and himself.

Younger Kim who watched this happen in turn tried to reduce the tension between Shin and Mr. Kim, but Mr. Kim ended up punching younger Kim in the face. Younger Kim became outraged again and beat Mr. Kim by kicking him. Mr. Kim fell backwards and hit his head on the asphalt ground.

Police officers were dispatched to the site who then called 119 emergency services to rush Mr. Kim to the local university hospital, but he was later diagnosed with a cerebral haemorrhage. Though treated with 8 hours of surgery, Mr. Kim ended up dying after 6 days.

Younger Kim who ran away when Mr. Kim fell, turned himself in as the police set out to locate his whereabouts. He made a statement saying that ‘I spat on the floor and he suddenly came to me and started to discipline me. So I became all violent.’

This tragedy happened when Mr. Kim went into a convenience store while enjoying a walk with his wife and his 6-year-old son. His wife went to get her purse when the incident happened. A young son had to watch his father being beaten up to death while crying. Police requested a biopsy by the National Forensic Service to inquire into the cause of death.

It is said that Mr. Kim’s wife requested the police for favourable arrangements since younger Kim is still young and his actions were accidental.

Comments from Naver:


This is all because of vacations and computer games… The Ministry of Family Affairs and Education ought to reduce the vacation period to 10 days in order to eliminate the 5-day a week school rule and not let anyone under the age of 19 into PC Bangs. [A few years back the government decided to make vacations longer instead of allowing children to go to school for 6 (sometimes even 7) days a week]


I have no idea what teachers are doing anymore. The comments these kids leave on the Internet show they know no proper grammar or spelling… If they are behind on intellectual development, the least they could have is moral education and they fail on that front as well… I really fear what this country will look like in 10 to 20 years.[The Korean school curriculum includes ‘Moral Education,’ a class that all children must take]


Jong-un, this is the moment! Fire that Taepo-dong missile, just do it! Let’s first take a hit and then think about what humanity really means. We need to see some blood before we see any resolution.


What is this last line about.. is that really his wife? Those punks ought to be caught


Even the police avoid those young punks out of fear.. There is no answer, just let them be.


Capital punishment will set this country straight… We need to toughen up criminal code. Yoo Young-chul, Oh Won-chun, they need to go first. Then we can straighten up this country. We need to teach them that crime won’t get you far, and that punishment is severe even when they are young bastards.


When you look at high school students, they are just as bad as adults. Ignoring them is the only answer.


And no one here ever spat on the street?


Rest in peace. You are the father of your son. In front of your son there are students smoking on the street. Is it right to just ignore that? Of course you cannot hit them since that could result in criminal charges, what is this.. Should one just report it to the police? Or teach your child to ignore it and avoid the situation if possible? Is this the state of law and order in this country? Is this how you want to raise your child?

미투데이 pegasus754:

Nearby my place there is a PC Bang and junior-high and high school students smoke like chimney and spit like camels there and I curse them off everytime I see them. They avoid me probably just because I too am young… But when I get older they could beat me to death… We urgently need education for young people. Sending them off to university will not solve anything, make them into proper human beings first


An innocent man died doing what police should be doing. Police ought to be doing their jobs properly. This really pisses me off on top of the weather. [There is a heatwave in Korea right now]


This woman is really out of it. Your husband is beaten to death and you are already asking for clemency on their behalf, are you fucking nuts?


Woman, how much are you pocketing from this?? What is this clemency about? How are you going to manage to live from now on??? You are honestly thinking about favourable arrangements?? Those thugs will live behind bars for a while… And you are trying to settle it out of court?? Police anyone??


Favourable arrangements…? Regardless of his age, he is the one who destroyed a family… Isn’t asking for favourable arrangement just too much?


It makes me speechless. A teenager who kills a man who preached at him…and then you have the victim’s wife asking for favourable arrangements? Can’t understand the two of them.


Wrong deeds must be redressed. Letting him off the hook just because he is young won’t help him. I think a teenager like him will cause more serious crimes as he grows up


I can’t believe the victim’s 6-year-old son saw his father being beaten up to death… That is so sad. What’s wrong with the victim’s wife who wants favourable arrangements? Does she care about others just as she cares about her dead husband? Whose future should she care about? Will the 6-year-old boy be the one who will seek revenge?


This makes me speechless…


I think that the victim thought the kid would stop spitting as he warned him, but he kept on talking back, which made the man irritated and eventually led him punch that teenager. And now he’s dead. Nobody can predict what’s gonna happen tomorrow.


That teenager should be beaten up by another teenager in front of his son when he gets old enough and that’s when he’ll realize that he did something terribly wrong.


‘The country of courteous people in the East’ [i.e. Korea] has now become history. Someone who offers help will just get punished and beaten up by teenagers


OMG I think the world is coming to an end~~~ I think parents in this country should not only make their children “STUDY” but also teach them how to behave properly.


What the hell is wrong with Mrs. Kim? Isn’t her husband dead? So mysterious… ~~~

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  • Matt

    The veracity of stories like these is always impossible to ascertain, but from the given story, it sounds like both Kims are immature instigators. Incidentally, it’s a shame this can’t be blamed on foreigners.

    • somesojuslammer

      We clearly have influenced the time honored tradition of horking on the ground with our corrupt western ideals.

  • hardyandtiny

    There’s no reason for an adult to scold a teenager for spitting. One can simply ask them to please not spit.

    • lonetrey


      Still an outrageous outcome though.

  • lonetrey

    Death penalty.

    I don’t care that it was accidental. Manslaughter in front of his own son, a young child. A young child. Think about that.

    The 2 murderers should be made examples.

  • Anonymous

    What do you expect from a generation raised in the classroom, with little to no basic humanity outside of cramming for tests. Take a child and tell them to go to school 12 hours a day, then to hakwon, then to study and sleep, and then tell me if that child could possibly relate to another human being.

    • Anonymous

      I almost forgot. During this same child’s brief moments not occupied by the “pursuit of knowledge” their only hobby is for boys, violent video games, and for girls, staring dead-eyed into their I phones and perhaps talking about what plastic surgery they are going to get.

      As I teacher I see it everyday, there are problems in every country, but the system here seems bent on creating zombie-like humans. Don’t be surprised when they can’t empathize with others, that is something kids have to learn outside of school, when they are having fun and being kids and socializing. These things just don’t exist here…

      • Anonton

        Yeah when are they going to change the system.

  • bigwin80

    If Mr. Kim minded his own god damn business then none of this would have happened. Who cares if some punk kid spit on the street. You’re not the spit police you fascist moron. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

    And what kind of idiot attacks the person trying to break up the fight and save you. He bit off much more then he could chew. Not defending younger Kim or anything but as an adult, he should have known better. Now you’re dead and your 6 year old son is going to grow up without a father.

    • Josh

      Yeah, he deserved to die! I mean, I don’t tell people to not do things they shouldn’t do because I know if I do then death is the most likely and rational outcome.

      you’re a cunt.

  • k

    Sooooo let me get this straight, one guy sees a 16 yr old spitting, gets mad about it and starts telling him off (I wonder if he would of said anything to the tons of ajooshies that do that all that time). 16 yr old gets really mad about being told off, starts to hit on the old guy. The 20 yr old sees 16 yr old and old fighting, decides to be a hero, steps in, tries to break it up, gets hit himself, gets mad at old guy for hitting him, starts to hit on old guy. The 16 yr old is then watching the old guy and 20 yr old guy go at it, decides to break it up, but then gets hit and involved again. At this point both young guys are fighting with old guy, who then accidently falls backwards and hits head on the pavement and dies……almost sounds like really bad comedy.

    • mr. wiener

      It’s Korean tragic\comedy raised to a new level of art. One can imagine the scene, Kim the elder and son out walking, Kim the younger hocks a loogie:

      Kim the younger:” Hhwaaackkpt!”
      Kim the elder:” Hey, no spitting, what are you? Chinese?”
      Kim the younger:”Who are you calling Chinese old man? I oughta punch you!”
      Kim the elder: “What! how dare you call me old man! You kids have no respect for your elders You little son-of-a-bitch!!”
      Kim the younger proceeds to hit the elder Kim they fight. In the background Kim the elders son plantively wails:”Daddy!”
      Shin: “Hey what are you fighting about? Stop fighting, what are you Chinese or something?”
      Kim the Elder:” are you calling me Chinese? You young son of a whore! Take that!”
      Shin:”What you want to fight me? I was just trying to help! Take that!”
      Shin proceeds to hit the elder Kim they fight. In the back ground Kim the elders son plantively wails:”Daddy!”
      Kim the younger:” Hey I thought you were fighting me? That’s rude to just stop like that, stop fighting him!”
      Tries to pull the elder Kim away.
      Kim the elder:” What you again? I’ll fight you you little bastard!”
      They fight. In the back ground Kim the elders son plantively wails:”Daddy!”

      The elder Kim falls over and hits his head with a audible “crunch!”
      Shin and Kim the younger: “Oh Shit!!!”

      In most other situations all the combatents would retire cursing or sit in the gutter comparing wounds and sharing a bottle of soju. This one unfortunately had a tragic outcome. It still strikes me as a very Korean tragi-comedy [black comedy] given the stereotypical national character.
      I’m probably going to catch hell from Chucky for this.

      • Chucky3176

        No I thought it was pretty funny, especially the Chinese part. I’m not saying this to insult you because you’re Chinese, but I definitely see a Korean getting offended because someone called him a Chinese. Now you know why the Chinese internet rumors that Koreans are claiming famous Chinese people as Koreans, pretty ludicrous.

  • Patrick

    I have to agree with most of the comments below. I see old guys spitting on the street all of the time. In fact, I’ve had them spit at my feet as I’ve walked by. They’re the biggest offenders. So this young-old man decided he would show his son what it means to be a real father by insulting this high school student in public, and then engaging in a fight with him. He sounds like a 39 year old child who can’t control his own rage, and a poor example of a father. It doesn’t sound like a straightforward case to me. Manslaughter perhaps, and in the case of the second boy who came to break-up the fight, he might even plead self-defense.

  • TheNoob

    Sorry for the 6 year old who lost his father but I would wonder what type of abuse the 6 year old would suffer if his father can’t control himself from starting fights in the street and hitting people who are trying to help him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was also abusing his wife as well. The article is also very bias because its paints a picture of the teenager being in the wrong, where if you think about it, who won’t be annoyed if someone suddenly comes over and starts yelling at you.

  • raket

    So, who took the photo?

  • blackflagnation

    “The incident happened on the 21st of last month at 12:10 am when Mr. Kim scolded one of the teenagers by telling him ‘not to spit on the floor’.”

    so let me get this straight…the father found the teenager’s spitting not befitting behavior of an upstanding citizen and decided to scold him. meanwhile, he’s out past midnight with his 6-year old child. he may have had good reason for this, but it still seems hypocritical of him to be scolding others for behavior he finds wrong.

    nonetheless, he didn’t need to die for something rather petty.

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  • FYIADragoon

    >It is said that Mr. Kim’s wife requested the police for favourable arrangements since younger Kim is still young and his actions were accidental.

    What the fuck? Don’t give me that bullshit. Treating violent criminals differently based on their age isn’t how you prevent crime.

    • k

      I don’t think the teenager is a violent criminal….the older guy and him both got into a fight, like men and women sometimes do, and it escalated and the only reason Mr. Kim died was because he fell backwards and hit his head on the pavement…it’s not like the teen bashed his head in with his own fist. It seems like a stupid fight between some stupid guys and someone accidentally got killed. I really don’t think the guys were trying to kill each other.

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