North Korea Activist Claims Was Tortured by Chinese Authorities

Human rights activist Kim Young-hwan says he was tortured during dentention period in China

From Daum:

‘Tortured during interrogation to name underground organizations’

Kim Young-hwan (49), an activist for human rights in North Korea who was recently released after spending 114 days in China claimed he was tortured during detention period.

Kim held a press conference on the 25th claiming that he was subjected to various physical and other forms of abuse but declined to reveal the details.

Human rights activist tortured

According to sources, Mr. Kim told during a second talk with the [Korean] Consul [in China], Mr. Kim said he was subjected to electrocution by the Chinese security personnel while under detention. He repeated the same account to the National Intelligence Service after arriving back in Seoul.

Mr. Kim reported that he was subjected to ‘every possible torture method imagineable and with severity’. He was subjected to torture during the first 18 days after his arrest on March 28th in Dalian during which he exercised his right to remain silent. He was interrogated for his connection with refugee underground organizations within China.

His colleagues who were detained with him were able to hear the screams during the torture interrogation. But those close to Mr. Kim denied some of the exaggerated claims of torture on media as ‘unfounded and groundless’.

Comments from Daum:


In all honesty, I do not believe this guy. He met up with Kim Il Sung after writing that South Korean juche ideology crap and paraded as a First Secretary in South Korea, and had a change of heart once he was ousted from his camp, and now he is going on about human rights in North Korea. Now he wants to be worshipped like Kim Il Sung and Park Chung-hee. He may have changed what he criticizes but he himself has not changed at all.


Why are we so readily stooping to China… How could we work abroad knowing that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is so incompetent..


If we capture a Chinese fishing vessel, we should torture them too


Just be glad that you weren’t sent off to North Korea. What makes you think you deserve to hold a press conference? These Jesuslovers are a pain everywhere. Believe in me, not some fictional character.


Quite sensible. We should also electrocute all the Korean Chinese and chinks. We should maximize the pain so as to prevent future crimes.


We got you out with our tax money so shut the hell up. Going to a Communist country and ranting on about human rights is as stupid as going to an Islamic country and trying to preach about Jesus, don’t try to be so far out.


Hahah, you sucker!! Before you go on about human rights in North Korea, why don’t you go on about the onslaught against democracy by Japanese lapdogs you twat.


Regardless of whether Kim Young-hwan did right or wrong, this calls for war. If this happened to an American or Japanese, would they have suffered the same?


I am so saddened by this but you should have expected that much when you decided to go to a country with a different regime;; I hope you don’t cause an international dispute because of what you did. There are others who work beyond the reach of the helping hands of the Korean government. They suffer quietly and sacrifice their time and energy for their causes.


From now on, we should treat chinks as sub-human. Ignore human rights.


If you spied on another country, just be glad you did not get executed.


This guy totally deserves it.

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