North Korea Demands Apology For US ‘Terrorist Plot’

A statue of Kim Il-sung in Pyongyang.

A couple of weeks ago, North Korea announced that they had arrested a man named Jeon Yeong-chol (an alleged North Korean defector) for being the ringleader of a supposed South Korean plot to blow up Kim Il Sung statues. South Korea has denied the allegations, calling them the usual propaganda from North Korea and declining to respond further.

North Korea’s state-run media denounced the alleged plot, saying, “Destroying a statue is the most hideous insult to our supreme authority and our people and is an act of war no less serious than an armed invasion” and pledged a “thousandfold” revenge.

In their latest threat, North Korea singled out three particular targets they were planning to take revenge on. Earlier this year, in April, they had threatened to attack specific South Korean media outlets, accusing them of slandering North Korea.

From Nate:

North Korea: “If There Is No Apology For This Terror Plot, We Will Deal With Kim Young-hwanCho Myung-chul and Others”

An picture of Jeon Yong-chol at a press conference.

Jeon Yong-chol

Referring to the man accused of ‘attempting to destroy a North Korean statue’, North Korea demanded on the 31st, “As we are aimed at restoring the dignity of our people, we will pardon this massive crime of political terrorism and will demand a formal apology from the ringleaders, those specifically responsible.”

The statement, issued by the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, stated, “The recently arrested ringleader, who was apprehended while trying to cross back over into the South, revealed at a press conference that the US and their puppet government [South Korea] have attempted to lure our citizens into defecting, kidnap them and commit massive political crimes against us.

“If they [South Korea and the U.S.] do not realize that these criminals need to be punished for these acts, we will punish them correspondingly ourselves.” The Committee’s ‘subjects to be punished’ are the North Korean Human Rights Movement leader Kim Young-hwan, Saenuri Party lawmaker Cho Myung-chul (a former reunification education director), and Kim Sung-min, the Free North Korea Radio host.

The Committee continued, “How seriously the South Korean puppet government considers this [attempting to destroy a North Korean statue] can be confirmed from Kim Young-hwan’s crime, who was recently arrested in China and was forcibly deported.”

North Korea has accused South Korea and the U.S. of plotting to blow up a Kim Il Sung statue and arrested the man claiming to be a defector to South Korea, Jeon Yeong-chol, charging him with “insulting the dignity of our people” and strongly condemning South Korea and the U.S.

Comments from Nate:


This should mean war.


Those Northern bastards would not even last one second against us.


They still lack the will to attack us…put more effort into it.


Go ahead and do it you motherfuckers. Come on down and we’ll kill you all.


Please don’t let those North Korean bastards win any gold medals.


The Democratic United Party’s (DUP) would-be assassin


I looked up Ahn on the internet and think he has mental problems. [The rumor is that he went to room salons, but he said he did not know about that and he claims to live only on his earned monthly income from his job, yet he has some of the best stock shares.] He is projecting a naïve image to look like a learned man, but he is really a pathological liar.


Fuck…really? If there was a war we would kill the North Korean soldiers. They may be our brethren but we will kill the bastards if they come to try and kill our families. Who will kill him if I do not kill him? Kim Jong-un is a fucking son of a bitch.


That guy’s will is awesome.


Hey you assholes, you owe us money.


Korea is a superpower with the U.S.’ support. One division of the U.S. Army and one division of the U.S. Air Force is stationed here. And they even have stealth fighters in Japan ke ke.


North Korea, is it really that easy to kill people like that? Don’t you realize that we’re brothers…we’re the same race? You are commies though.


North Korea, is your hobby being provocative? Do you want ruthless punishment?


Should we send them T-ara?


Does Kim Jong Un like rice cakes? I will introduce him to a girl who will feed him rice cakes!

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