North Korea Demands Apology For US ‘Terrorist Plot’

A statue of Kim Il-sung in Pyongyang.

A couple of weeks ago, North Korea announced that they had arrested a man named Jeon Yeong-chol (an alleged North Korean defector) for being the ringleader of a supposed South Korean plot to blow up Kim Il Sung statues. South Korea has denied the allegations, calling them the usual propaganda from North Korea and declining to respond further.

North Korea’s state-run media denounced the alleged plot, saying, “Destroying a statue is the most hideous insult to our supreme authority and our people and is an act of war no less serious than an armed invasion” and pledged a “thousandfold” revenge.

In their latest threat, North Korea singled out three particular targets they were planning to take revenge on. Earlier this year, in April, they had threatened to attack specific South Korean media outlets, accusing them of slandering North Korea.

From Nate:

North Korea: “If There Is No Apology For This Terror Plot, We Will Deal With Kim Young-hwanCho Myung-chul and Others”

An picture of Jeon Yong-chol at a press conference.

Jeon Yong-chol

Referring to the man accused of ‘attempting to destroy a North Korean statue’, North Korea demanded on the 31st, “As we are aimed at restoring the dignity of our people, we will pardon this massive crime of political terrorism and will demand a formal apology from the ringleaders, those specifically responsible.”

The statement, issued by the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, stated, “The recently arrested ringleader, who was apprehended while trying to cross back over into the South, revealed at a press conference that the US and their puppet government [South Korea] have attempted to lure our citizens into defecting, kidnap them and commit massive political crimes against us.

“If they [South Korea and the U.S.] do not realize that these criminals need to be punished for these acts, we will punish them correspondingly ourselves.” The Committee’s ‘subjects to be punished’ are the North Korean Human Rights Movement leader Kim Young-hwan, Saenuri Party lawmaker Cho Myung-chul (a former reunification education director), and Kim Sung-min, the Free North Korea Radio host.

The Committee continued, “How seriously the South Korean puppet government considers this [attempting to destroy a North Korean statue] can be confirmed from Kim Young-hwan’s crime, who was recently arrested in China and was forcibly deported.”

North Korea has accused South Korea and the U.S. of plotting to blow up a Kim Il Sung statue and arrested the man claiming to be a defector to South Korea, Jeon Yeong-chol, charging him with “insulting the dignity of our people” and strongly condemning South Korea and the U.S.

Comments from Nate:


This should mean war.


Those Northern bastards would not even last one second against us.


They still lack the will to attack us…put more effort into it.


Go ahead and do it you motherfuckers. Come on down and we’ll kill you all.


Please don’t let those North Korean bastards win any gold medals.


The Democratic United Party’s (DUP) would-be assassin


I looked up Ahn on the internet and think he has mental problems. [The rumor is that he went to room salons, but he said he did not know about that and he claims to live only on his earned monthly income from his job, yet he has some of the best stock shares.] He is projecting a naïve image to look like a learned man, but he is really a pathological liar.


Fuck…really? If there was a war we would kill the North Korean soldiers. They may be our brethren but we will kill the bastards if they come to try and kill our families. Who will kill him if I do not kill him? Kim Jong-un is a fucking son of a bitch.


That guy’s will is awesome.


Hey you assholes, you owe us money.


Korea is a superpower with the U.S.’ support. One division of the U.S. Army and one division of the U.S. Air Force is stationed here. And they even have stealth fighters in Japan ke ke.


North Korea, is it really that easy to kill people like that? Don’t you realize that we’re brothers…we’re the same race? You are commies though.


North Korea, is your hobby being provocative? Do you want ruthless punishment?


Should we send them T-ara?


Does Kim Jong Un like rice cakes? I will introduce him to a girl who will feed him rice cakes!

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  • somesojuslammer

    I wonder how many North Korean Olympians claim asylum and try to stay in London.

    • Ruaraidh

      None, because back in Pyongyang there’s bound to be someone just itching to go ape shit with a bolt cropper on the toes of any defecting olympians’ family members.

  • Random Person

    I would honestly like to see them try. Probably launch another “test” missile 30 feet away and call it a day

  • Eddie

    Man fuck this cold war standoff. I say we lob a few missiles over the border and get this party started. The only way the two Koreas will ever be reunited is through war. I’m sick and tired of North Koreans sitting over there threatening the South like a bunch of hooligans. The only way to stop a bully is to punch him in the face.

  • Matt

    Yes, send over T-ara. And maybe SNSD for backup. I’m not sure if it’ll help with the situation, but at least it’ll clean up the airwaves a little bit.

  • Snarl

    It will be interesting to see what happens if South Korea gets their hands on some Israeli missile defense technology. It’s at the point right now where it can knock out mortar shells mid-air. With a bubble over Seoul, the ROK might actually take the DPRK on.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    If there were a contest for a war of words, Pyonyang would be an unrivaled champion.

    • Snarl

      That is unless you believe that ‘silence is golden’

  • Paul M

    It’s a good job we all know that North Korea’s postulating and threats of military action are for the benefit of trying to keep their own people disillusioned right?

  • Anonton

    ‘Should we send them T-ara?’

    im surprised koreabang hasn’t written anything about the t ara scandal.

  • Stories of butts

    I would if the South could handle their own face to face with N.K.

    • Stories of butts


  • Lee

    typical yank behaviour

    • mr. wiener

      ……..?…….What was the typical yank behaviour.?

  • lonetrey

    They have a lot of bluster, but that seems to be all they do now. Good thing, I suppose. The world has long since learned to not take North Korea seriously.

  • 바나나

    inb4 nk nukes seoul and kills billions

    • carmouflagger

      Then China lets them get fucked in the ass!

  • Unknown

    If the USA was not an ally, any other country, just not the USA. it would be united one way or another, sooner or later.
    But there is no way China and a few other countries wants the USA, that close to their front or back door.
    Its a pipe dream for unification.

    • Digitalsoju

      If the US wasn’t an ally, South Korea would be part of the “Democratic Republic of Korea.” Fact.

      • dk2020

        Do you know about the Taft–Katsura Agreement in 1905 between Japan and the US?

        • Digitalsoju

          Let’s talk more recent history, you heard of the Korean War? If South Korea had been on their own, the North would have easily conquered the entire peninsula. In fact they got pretty damn close, conquering everything except for the area surrounding Busan. Check this image of Korean in September 1950:

          Yes he is right in the fact Korea would be united, but that would be as a united communist Korea. This isn’t even disputable.

          And sad how people can be so ungrateful for all lives lost on the allies side. It seems mostly only the older Koreans appreciated the help, while the younger generation mostly takes everything for granted.

          • dk2020

            LOL, okay skip all that about the Korean Independence Movement begging Americans for help in 1919 based on president Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points, the ideals of helping any country based on self determination for democracy. You should also know that North Korea is the only communist nation to become communist without a revolution, that Korea was split up by the Soviets and the US and never really had a chance for it’s own sovereignty after WW2. So the Korean war was inevitable. Have you ever heard of the cold war? That Korea is the last divided country on Earth.

            I appreciate all the allies that lost their lives in the Korean war, but that wasn’t you so don’t try to take credit for it, I’m American too .. and if you want to really talk about more recent history, you forget about all the troops the ROK sent to the Vietnam war to back up the US for 12 years when they shouldn’t even been involved ..

          • Digitalsoju

            Wait, so you agree with the original comment don’t you? So basically you are saying Korea would be United if it wasn’t for other nations interfering. Korea was occupied by Japan, so now aren’t you basically saying America should have saved their ass back in 1919? So which is it, you want foreign intervention or not?

            Fact is Korea wasn’t even close to independence up until the defeat of Japan in World War II.

            You can ‘vote down’ each of my comments all you want, but you still haven’t made a valid counter argument to my point: South Korea would be a united communist nation today had America and other allied countries not intervened during the Korean War.

            You can keep going on a tangent bringing up irrelevant things (like the Vietnam war) and create straw mans like me trying to take credit for the war, but you’re basically arguing like a child. Korea #1, we get it.

          • dk2020

            SMH, I’m just saying there’s a bigger complicated history which isn’t irrelevant at all and maybe you’ll see it from a Korean perspective, but whatevers you obviously don’t care.

  • Godori

    Yeah, why no T-ara post?

  • And a collective yawn is given in Beijing and Washington D.C.

  • Cleo

    The Summer Palace was burnt TWICE by foreigners.


    • mr. wiener

      I liked going to all the palaces in Korea and reading the history: Built 900 years ago, burnt in a fire 800 years ago-rebuilt, Knocked down in an earthquake 700 years ago-rebuilt, Japanese invaded and burnt it down 600 years ago-rebuilt, Earthquake followed by a fire 500 years ago-rebuilt, Japanese invade again…..etc.

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