Soldier Beaten to Death by Students for “Staring”

A soldier was murdered for the crime of "staring"

The following news story was among the top five most commented on Nate in the past week, about the tragic death of a soldier who was about to be discharged from the army. While some netizens offered their condolences, some were quick to stir up the regionalism debate as previously covered on koreaBANG.

From Nate:

Just before finishing his service, a conscript was beaten to death by some university students for ‘staring’ at them.

The two university students were arrested for beating the soldier on his final leave of absence before finishing his military service, to death for staring at them while walking.

The Jeollanam Mokpo police, arrested Mr. Jo and his accomplice who are currently enrolled at a university in the area. Police announced that the two had been charged with manslaughter and held for 10 days.

Mr. Jo and his accomplice, are accused of tackling, violently assaulting and killing active service member Mr. Kim (21) who was walking through the back alley of a pub in Sangdong, Mokpo at around 3:30am on April 7th, for ‘staring’ at them.

The police investigation found that the victim, Mr. Kim on his last break before finishing military service was killed.

The police said that after the autopsy the cause of death could be accurately determined.

Comments from Nate:


Because he was a soldier he wouldn’t have been allowed to fight back….Fuck……….


I wonder how the parents must feel after two years waiting for their son to be discharged…. I can’t believe we live in a world where you can get killed just for making eye contact with someone….. Please accept my most sincere condolences


Ahh… They are sons of bitches!! They should be shot!!


Were you one of the bullies in junior high and high school? I guess you still can’t stop being a bully. You can’t image what everyday life was like for that kid. You are just a petty bully, kekeke. Instead of doing those horrible things you should have just spend more time learning English words. Why not just get married, have some kids, do your job and lead a normal life? Get a hold of yourself. Anyway your future is pathetic.


Jeolla people just murder people whenever they get angry. Just like with 518 there is going to be massive protests because of this soldier’s death.


There are a lot of things happening for the stupidest reasons these days. If you bump someone on the shoulder it ends in rape and murder. If you look at someone you get beat to death. Things are so tense, someone might murder you for just looking at the ground!


They killed a soldier, they should be shot according to the military law.


That’s the problem with our citizens. If you just look at them a little, they become violent. If you stare at foreigners, they say hello. We really need to change this. But why would you feel bad if someone just looks at you? I definitely wouldn’t!


The best fortune of my life is that I was not born and don’t live in Jeolla province. So far I haven’t even stepped into Jeolla province, and in the future I will not go there even for travel, ke ke ke


From now on when you send soldiers on break, you should give them a gun to take with them…. They have to protect their own life, before protecting the country…


Because it’s Jeolla province, they will kill you if you just look at them.


Travel guide to the People’s Republic of Jeolla
1. You have to use the standard language of Jeolla province. If by chance you happen to be found out to use words or accent of Gyeongsang, you might be assaulted by so called “democratization”.

2. If by any chance you are coming by vehicle with Gyeongsang province licence plate, you must protect your car by bulletproof material before entering the People’s Republic of Jeolla province.

3. If you decide to pretend to be a foreigner because you don’t have a sufficient command of the language of the People’s Republic of Jeolla province, you may have to pay an exorbitant price for room rent. Therefore, you have to be careful at all times.

4. Citizens of the Republic of Korea who chose to enter into the People’s Republic of Jeolla area must at all times keep uttering loudly “Long live the great teacher Kim Dae-jung [Kim was from Jeolla province]”. If you happen to leave out the honorary title of “Great Teacher”, you might get a plate of jjajangmyeon noodles [Korean Chinese-style noodles] landing in your face. So we advise caution.

5. Even for short distances you must ride a bulletproof car. In no case should you take a boat anywhere. If you are unlucky, you might be thrown out into the sea at Heuksando island. If your luck is good, you might be forced to live as a slave for over 20 years and you might succeed in escaping at the end, but we still strongly recommend that you do not take a boat in the People’s Republic of Jeolla.

6. As the first thing after entering the People’s Republic of Jeolla you must visit the Kim Dae-jung Convention Centre. If while visiting the Kim Dae-jung Convention Centre you happen to skip the honorary title of the Great Teacher and thoughtlessly call him just by name or if you frown or express dissatisfaction, in that very instant you may fall a victim to the dagger. It is imperative that visitors pay particular care while visiting the Centre.


I don’t want to arouse regionalism, but there is so many various incidents in Jeolla that it’s scary. Their way of speaking is like that as well ㅠㅠ scary Jeollanam province ㅠㅠ


It’s the fault of the soldierㅡㅡHow could he have gone to Jeolla province without a weaponㅡㅡ


Jeolla people originally really hate soldiers and police. You would have to meet Jeolla people to understand, but really when they pass a person in a police uniform, even without any reason they silently curse them. Police or whatever, if you are so unhappy just go and talk to them straight or so… Because of you, even I have to get irritated like this.


The soldier was a son of my father’s friend. He was working as an instructor, and he was a third-generation only son. According to the autopsy his head was totally smashed, how much they must have hit his head. His parents are devastated. Please spread this news as much as possible so that the assailants get tough sentence.

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  • Brett Sanbon

    Easily able to compare regionalism with racism in the previous article. Hate foreigners for where they were born. Hate Koreans for where they were born.

  • Mark

    Oh the tragedy! Young lives ruin! My condolences to the family.

  • 소지섭

    If North Koreans can get away with killing South Korean soldiers, then these Korean university students can too!

  • Stories of butts

    Thats very sad, it must be hard for his family to learn that he died on his last day on service.

    • Brett Sanbon

      Yea I feel really bad for his family

    • Brett Sanbon

      The saddest thing is that the 2 dudes that killed him were already, or will soon be, soldiers themselves.

      I don’t think they beat him just because he was a soldier, or because he stared at them…. they were probably drunk and looking for trouble and would’ve taken their problems out on anyone. Unfortunately for this young man, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      • The Enlightened One

        Sounds like it to me. Let’s look at the scenario… three drunk idiots stumble out of a club late at night probably either looking for girls or trouble. This soldier dude decides to take a back and dark alley. First of all, I was in the military and walking down a dark alley at night alone is just plain stupid.

        Stick to the main roads, in clear light. You shouldn’t have to but this is the REAL world. These guys saw the opportunity to make some trouble and obviously took it WAY too far. They guy probably fought back and enraged the drunks further. Poor guy.

        He should of saw three guys moving around in a drunk manner in a dark alley and turned and walked the other way. There is a high chance for violence in this scenario and he should have know. Too bad.

  • Chucky3176

    The funny thing about this story is that it generates only 7 comments because there are no accusations of racism which would generate hundreds of comments. Since it was just a Korean guy, everything’s cool and chill.

    But get this people, the victim was a half Filipino Korean, now would that change anything?

    • Sunshinefiasco

      Sure, it’s messed up, but as foreigner’s we just aren’t as situated/informed/invested in what the deal is between Jeolla province and other provinces. I guarantee that tons of teachers have no idea that people talk about that province this way/that there are issues at all. It doesn’t make it less horrible what happened here, but you can’t pretend to be surprised: it’s less relevant to our direct circumstances and people are less engaged.

  • lonetrey

    I hope those assholes get what they deserve. Life in prison with a lifetime of buttraep would be nice. (joking about the buttrape, not about the life in prison.)

    • steven

      I made a prison/buttrape joke with some Korean friends, and they were like “Why would someone get butt raped in prison?” Apparently the idea of getting butt raped in prison isn’t really part of Korean culture.

      • Mich’insaeki

        Yeah, what they meant was… why get raped when they just give it up?

  • Brett Sanbon

    Saw on the news last night two h.s. students killed their friend. Any word as to whether or not we will hear about this at koreaBANG?

    • steven

      Pretty much the only thing we go by is popularity on the internet and comments.

      Individual translators can pick their own articles, but we also email the group if we find one we want to share but are to busy to translate personally.

      I won’t be translating until wednesday next week, so it depends on what the other translators feel like. : )

      • Brett Sanbon

        Yea I know how the site works… Just thought I would make a suggestion. Heres to hoping that netizens care enough to talk about it.

  • Mich’insaeki

    I’m actually surprised this doesn’t happen more often. I’ve seen so many fights in Korea I lost count. Dynamic is always the same. The fights only erupt in the first place if one-side has numerical superiority. Then one of the numerically superior “aggrieved” party demands his righteous Confucian Justice, which results in the mob beating of whoever had the nerve to insult the young judicious scholar. Mayhem ensues. Usually the trashings are so severe you’d expect the victim to be stomped to death. Sometime they get up and stagger away… sometimes they stay down and are ignored by hundreds of passerbys. Sometimes an empathetic person throws the guy in a taxi. And sometimes the taxi drivers refuse to take them. Hahaha. Ah Korea. Awesomeness.

  • Jeff

    Yeah, because a fight of the sort you’ve described NEVER happens anywhere else… only in Korea, eh? Idiot.

  • Moniisek

    ” Police announced that the two had been charged with manslaughter and held for 10 days.”
    At first I read 10 years. But then I finally got it right. Ugh. University students, huh? Ughhh.

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  • 언제나감사해

    한국은참….안제이러케됫는지…..속상하다..그두학생들정말한심하다. 그학생들기도많이하구정신똑바로차리길..Lord, please meet the family even today and the college students who attacked in anger.
    이제는한국은자랑할나라두아니다. 잘못된게많지만…좋은것두많아. Prayer and Revival is going to come to Korea, and I believe it!

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