Australian Police Apologise to Korean Assaulted in Melbourne


Recent attacks on Koreans studying abroad in Australia have been trending of late, with a particular focus on the brutal case of a man, known only as Mr. Jang, who suffered a nasty injury at the hands of a group of racist attackers in Australia (who, according to The Sydney Morning Herald, reportedly mistook him for being Chinese).

This article in particular focuses on the ‘unsatisfactory’ investigation by Victoria Police in Melbourne, and the reaction to this from the Korean Consulate, as well as their pledge to carry out a full reinvestigation, after the original led to just one arrest.

Netizens have reacted mostly with anger, with some even claiming that such mishandling would never have occurred were the victim to be Chinese. Some Netizens blamed Australia’s atmosphere as a whole, whilst others claimed that this was a worldwide problem. Others argued that the Korean Government should do more to defend its citizens.

From Yonhap News

Australian Police Apologise to Korean Victim, Reinvestigation Begins

Australian Police in Melbourne, where mob attacks on Korean students have occurred, have apologised to the victim for the poor and improper handling of the initial investigation.

Last September, Korean student Mr. Jang (33) was racially attacked in Box Hill Park, Melbourne by about ten caucasian teenagers. Mr. Jang was severely injured, having had a finger severed. Victoria Police sparked controversy by ending the investigation after charging only one person.

According to statements made on the 18th by the Korean consulate and the victim, Mr. Jang, the Victoria Police Department is replacing the policeman in charge of this case, who caused the recent controversy, with a policeman, well-versed in multicultural relations, who will join the new investigation team reinvestigating Mr. Jang’s case.

The police informed Mr. Jang about the reinvestigation and apologized for the poor and unsatisfactory handling of the case and investigation.

Mr. Jang said: “Victoria Police have replaced the officer who caused the controversy with two female investigators who are responsible for multicultural affairs, and they have met with me to convey their apologies.”

Mr. Jang has said that the new investigation team has apologized for the officer in charge who seemed to dump the responsibility on the victim by saying “you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

He added: “The Australian police have accepted our government’s official complaint and showed their volition for reinvestigation. I will give my testimony about the incident to the new investigation team around the middle of next week.”

He also stressed that, judging from the circumstances, this incident was not a simple assault or mugging, but is relevant to general Asian-targeted racist crimes, so he hopes to find the truth through this investigation.

The Melbourne Korean Embassy announced that, in connection with this incident, Mr. Jang was given a 6 month extension on his visa’s expiration date last July.

Comments from Naver


Australia’s image has nosedived.


What happened to the incident in Greece? A Korean tourist got attacked by policemen there.


Older Australians are very nice but young people have a great sense of racial supremacy. Their arrogant attitude toward Asians is so predictable.


If there’s personal danger for Korean citizens, the government has to respond immediately and deal with it like this.


The consulate is a laughing stock. They turned blind eye to the incident until the Korean press reported it and now they are making a fuss. I live in Australia. Compared to what happened with the Chinese foreign students’ incidents in Australia, our government is pathetic.


Cut off their fingers. Painfully.


As the unemployment rate in Australia goes up, I heard racism is getting worse there….. It’d be a bum country without its natural resources.


This reminds me of Lee Dong-gun’s little brother who got stabbed to death by a jang-gae student in Australia


The thought alone of spending painful time after the incident abroad makes me very angry. Justice is always on your side. Cheer up.


Female ESL students should be especially careful in Australia… Criminals can target you…. Cookies given as gifts can contain narcotics… There is no country as safe as Korea when it comes to drugs… If you get addicted to those cookies, you will want to go buy some more.


A month ago, a friend of mine in Ultimo got assaulted by a group of white teens with a golf club. They dented his skull, broke both of his arms and two ribs. The police said they couldn’t catch the criminals and there has been no heads-up. Is this a normal country where a stranger walking downtown is beaten to a pulp with a golf club and the police turn blind eye to it? When walking the streets of Australia you should be prepared to wear a helmet. If you don’t want your head cracked open.


I read the previous article. It made no sense and made me upset. Racism is a problem. Yeah, that’s a problem. What I have felt is that our government is very passive in dealing with incidents like this. While they always try to walk on the diplomatic eggshell, our citizens suffer more abroad. Our government has to protect our citizens wherever they are. It was too late this time again.


They cut off his finger????


Here in Canada..racism is much less of a problem than Australia. Very occasionally, you would encounter arrogant people but ignoring them is the best idea. However, it would be terrifying to get attacked for no reason like he did. It seems racism is really severe in Australia and New Zealand.


Australia was originally a place of exile for criminals and their descendants founded the country after gaining independence from the UK. Their economy isn’t big and their technology isn’t strong. Except that they have white people and good natural environment, it seems to fall short to be called an advanced nation.


Our country is that much comfortable ke ke ke It feels very relaxing if you come back from abroad.


Everyone who went to Australia says they have been victimized.


I’d rather go to America than Australia! You may not know this but if you check the exchange rates, there is no big difference between the two and sometimes you would find the prices in Australia are even higher. If you exclude a few shitty conservative states, it’s hard to experience serious racism in the US. Only one guy was charged although the victim got his finger cut off ㅡㅡ Do they think Korea is a fucking punchbag? Damn Australians.


This is a problem of teens everywhere.


I visit Australia frequently due to work. Korea gets a bad reputation because of Korean girls. They come to work at farms in Australia on a working holiday visa. Every night they drink together and sleep around. In downtown, you can see normal-looking Korean female students negotiating the price for sex with white guys. I was shocked to see white, black and even rich Chinese guys holding Korean girls in night clubs. One guy I know said Australians look down on Korean girls and call them ‘free holes’. Because of these Korean prostitutes, Australian society doesn’t have a good perception of Koreans.

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  • dk2020

    Not all good in the land down under .. At least they apologized, hopefully they catch the punk kids who did it ,, 10 on 1 is whack, should have gave him a fair one ..

  • oneforall

    Final comment sums it all up. Korean Netizen “was shocked to see white, black and even rich Chinese guys holding Korean girls in night clubs”.

    We waygooks are sorry oh mighty Korean male. We fail to understand that Korean women are YOUR property and YOUR property only! We promise not to look at them anymore.

    • dk2020

      you want some cheese with that whine? you would pick the only comment that even mentions korean women .. lame af douchey.

      • oneforall

        I just find it humorously ironic…..netizen complaining about racism against Koreans…..only goes on to be a bigot himself. Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just stating what I saw! XD

        • dk2020

          what did you see? lmao how do you really witness shit online? .. get yours dickwad but dont blame anybody but yourself if you don’t get it!

        • chucky3176

          I’m not sure what you expect how netizens react? I think their reactions are pretty mild with varying opinions. A lot of them didn’t even blame Australia.

    • Temper Mental

      I’m an Aussie. From reading Korean Netizen’s I would say it is Korean who are racist. Let me correct a bunch of stupid comments from Korean’s earlier;

      1) Australia has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the developed world. The unemployment rate has been reducing not increasing.

      2) Australia is one of the most multicultural diverse countries in the world over 54% of the population was born overseas.

      3) Australia is big, damn big. Labelling the whole coutrny as racist is an admission that the poster is in fact racist.

      4) It is easy to play to race card whenever there is crime and there is crime in every country, city and suburb in the world. When an asian throws acid in the face of another another in a science lab it is not called a racist attack but if a white kid and lets say white make up 46+ % of the population attack someone then it is a racist……. use your brain it is sensationalism to sell papers.

      5) There are areas of Sydney where I live where Koreans congrate (Eastwood, Strathfield). Not trying to assimilate but bunch together. English writing is removed from signs, staff don’t speak English or well. Whites or non Koreans like my wife who is Filipina are made to feel not welcome by being ignored or have prices doubled or being the last to be served. Yes some Koreans in Australia are racist to other cultural and social groups. But hey we have Korean friends and we have Korean restraunts we eat at…….. do I call ALL Koreans racist ?

      6) Face it as a multicultural country races will mix under the umbrella of being Australian. Some Koreans won’t… but do I call all Koreans racist? Yes whites have sex with Koreans and Koreans with other minoroties. That is their right.

      7) Don’t mix up the activities of stupid hormone driven teens with everyone else.

      8) The final point and a big one. Melbourne is the most culturally diverse city in Australia. it also has a tremendous amount of race issues and not all involving whites. Serbs had Lebs, Vietnamese hate Chinese, Chinese hate Korean, Croats hate Serbs. It goes on. You don’t see that at primary school where kids just play and get along. Something happens from High School. Every mutlicultural society in the world has these underlying tensions. Koreans may not notice it because South Korea does not have the diverse mix we have here.

      • dk2020

        What’s your point? This isn’t a racist hate crime? So this Korean guy didn’t get jumped and his finger cut off? It’s the Koreans fault for being racist too? Da fuq you smoking mate? Hindi ko alam gago .. I don’t blame all Aussies just the dumbass kids who did the crime!

        • chucky3176

          A Korean is a victim of crime here, and he lambasts Koreans as racists. Yet not a peep about his fellow Australians who did the crime.
          It’s all Korean’s fault, they’re the bad people, they’re the most evil people. They all deserve this.

          It’s so typical.

          • I believe that most people are responding to the translated comments. Of course the crime itself is reprehensible and I’m quite sure that on the whole, the community here condemns it.

          • chucky3176

            I’m sure they do, you’re just too busy condemning Koreans and Korean netizens instead.

          • Excuse me? Again, I don’t know what you’re referring to. If you have an objection to something I’ve said, I would be happy to clarify.
            If you don’t recognize my implicit condemnation of their act in the post you replied to, then be advised that I condemn it too.

          • Temper Mental

            Thank you, yes I am. The idiots who commited this crime will end up in gaol.

          • mr.wiener

            Good thing I’m an older Australian, apparently I’m very nice :)

          • I guess that makes a youngin’ Aussie like me a raging racist. Well it is true, as an australian, in particular a young australian every day i strive to make racist remarks and racially motivated violent attacks on minorities. this is what every single australian does.

          • Temper Mental

            You are being childish now.

          • Guest

            You just look for a reason to hate on white people most of the time, from what I observed on this site.

        • Temper Mental

          Thank you because that is more enlightened thatn some of the responses coming from Korean Netizens. Lets be frank here, have a brilliant education system, freedom of the press and exist in a democracy but don’t seemed to have been benefited on the technoloogy end.

      • “Koreans may not notice it because South Korea does not have the diverse mix we have here”

        That brings up a good point, and one that’s not made often enough.
        How many societies can you think of are multicultural? Most societies in the world today are still homogeneous, and so it happens that when people migrate from a homogeneous society to a multicultural one, they will feel like they are being singled out. Meanwhile, everyone in a multicultural society faces a high degree of racial tension. Relatively speaking, it is a rare occurrence that someone migrates from a multicultural society to a racially homogeneous one in which they are not of the same race. That is the experience of foreigners in Korea, but not Koreans in Australia.
        Of course, anyone from a multicultural society is right to point out that there is no safe haven to return to, so for immigrants to complain that their new found land is not to their liking, demanding even further concessions, can easily be taken as an assault on the already greatly diminished status of the multicultural citizen in their own land. The same person would be deported as a public nuisance for rioting over this in just about any of the world’s homogeneous societies today.
        That is not to advocate xenophobia and a closed border policy, but I am saying this to point out a glaring double standard that often goes unnoticed.

        • True. Like you said. Most people in a homogenous society don’t understand what multicultural countries are like and the inherent and constant tensions. i.e. A Korean can have a bad time in Australia, but return to Korea and be surrounded by his own. But, let’s talk about British in Australia. If they return from AU back to their homeland, like London for example, London and England are probably more diverse and have more tensions than Australia. So, when people like Koreans or other from homogenous societies complain yet have a peaceful home to return to, and then start “advocacy groups” and start riots (almost always aimed at whites btw) this just builds up the pressure and makes things worse for the whole country.

      • chucky3176

        And yet, you can’t walk a block without getting mobbed by a gang and getting your skull cracked opened. I’ve known about five people who lived in NZ and Australia studying English, all of them said they were either attacked at least once, thrown garbage from passing cars, yelled at from passing cars. Yet all the people who studied in US and Canada had absolutely no problems. Now that could just be coincidence, but the odds go up when both Indian and Chinese students in Australia had major problems recently being attacked -which all made big news headlines.

        • Lovely

          Look at how the australians treat the aborigine people. Wh are you surprised? Australia has never been a politically correct country.

          • Observer

            Although a disagree with Chucky’s original comment of “you can’t walk a block without getting mobbed by a gang” as a gross exaggeration, I do agree with your point about the aborigine people (although not all Australians discriminate against them).

          • mr.wiener

            In which country have aboriginal people been treated nicely by their conquerers? Does it have an imaginary name too? I want to go there.

          • Ruaraidh

            The Maori were treated pretty well considering. It was other Maori who mistreated them for the most part.

          • mr.wiener

            Heh, yes, “the eaters of the dead” during the musket wars, facinating stuff, only the pathans, sikhes, zulus and maoris ever gave the brits a run for their money.

          • Paul M

            Don’t forget the Gurkhas.

          • mr.wiener

            I wouldn’t dare.

          • Temper Mental

            The treaty is still not fair to them but hey the Australian Aboriginals got very little if anything until Mabo.

          • Ruaraidh

            Better than being conquered by blood and fire. They were well respected by the British, no matter what certain politicians like to pretend.

          • Temper Mental

            You mean the Maori’s ?

          • Ruaraidh

            No, I don’t pretend to have met all the Maori. But in my experience it’s maybe a small and vocal minority including some Maori Party and ex Maori Party politicians, and probably a roughly equal number of white people who are behind it.

          • Temper Mental

            How the hell did we get onto the Australian Aboriginals. Yes they have been treated, very badly and all Australian, even the migrants are burdend and acknowledge that national shame. Nice comment by mr.weiner.

          • Aborigines were treated terribly at the early stages of this country, and for some time after. But the inequality today has much deeper lies, Australians and our government do not like this inequality and a lot of money and work is put to end this inequality.

        • Kate

          Yeah and when I lived in Korea I had an attempted rape by a korean guy, groped numerously by Korean men when I went out to a club, had a bus driver refuse to let me on the bus because I was foreign, had little kids shout “waygook!!!!” At me and point like I was an animal in a zoo, koreans talking about me and my friend while we sat beside them like we were idiots who didn’t notice the word waygook being thrown around or their glances, and blah. Shitty racist things happen in every country, Korea included. Koreans are no more victims then anyone else.

          Oh and it does happen in the usa too. You just don’t live here and see the news.

        • Temper Mental

          Pigs arse. Listen do me a favour check out what the crime rate figures and death rates are for each of the countries you mentioned, then come back and we will talk……. and do open your mind to the possibility that some of this could be media hype to sell papers.

        • holdingrabbits

          I think the problem is that a few people on here are presenting this as though racially motivated crimes exist against Koreans in other places but that it doesn’t happen here. In fact, it happens often enough that if you simply google “violence against foreigners korea” then you will find numerous results that seem very similar to the case in Australia. You won’t find many protests from foreigners because it’s illegal for us to protest, technically…and you won’t find many convictions of Koreans in relation to the crimes. At least the Australian police apologized, would the Korean police do the same? So when Koreans are saying blatantly racist and nationalistic things, it sort of makes people want to take them down a peg. Not all Koreans are violent thugs in the same way that not all Australians are. The point of even acknowledging Koreans have their own problems is essentially to say “Get off your high horse, you’re no better.” In this case, Korea has a long documented history of violence against foreigners, going so far as to shut down parts of the city to them. Even the US embassy has sent warnings telling foreigners to stay out of certain areas because of recent random crimes against foreigners. So I think a lot of people don’t want to hear about how offended Koreans get by hate crimes when there are plenty that occur in Korea that they don’t care about. Of course, it’s upsetting that this happened, but sweeping generalizations do your cause no good.

        • Huw

          5 people isn’t necessarily a representative sample…

        • Hokit

          Not saying that racism doesn’t exist or that attacks don’t happen, but
          when you claim that people “can’t walk a block without getting mobbed by
          a gang and getting your skull cracked opened”, you make it sound as if the country is lawless and rife with violence.

          You clearly don’t live in Australia and, most likely, haven’t been in the country long enough to know its people and culture. Yet you make bullshit generalisations based on flimsy second-hand accounts from JUST FIVE people while attempting to pass them off as concrete facts.

      • jon776

        Serbs hate lebs? Lebs.. let’s just call them what they really are. Arab muslims. And… who doesn’t dislike them?

        Serbs and croats are white btw.

      • James

        White population in Australia is actually 91% accordingly to Gov statistics, by far still vast majority. and yes, Australians are the most racist people on earth. Ask anyone outside Australia, the first thing they think about when they hear the word Australian is “Racist”. That’s the truth.

        • fabulous

          James, you are a character.
          Maybe you are new to this, but if you want to start people up about something you need to make it sound like you are serious.
          I understand where you are coming from, and trolling can be a lot of fun, but you may notice that jon776 has done it much more cleverly. He said “Serbs and croats are white btw.”, which is a fun bit of racism in that he has made out that he doesn’t recognize the differences between people who he feels look the same. Its a lot more subtle than the obvious “Chinese and Koreans are the same btw” and therefore people will feel morally obliged to correct someone who is, in their minds, obviously a racist.

          So, in summary.
          next time make your comment a touch less farcical and people will be more likely to take the bait.

      • Alice S

        Chinese don’t hate Korean. Everyone knows that.

    • TMK

      And it’s stuff like this that makes Foreign men like you appear as the arrogant ones. I swear (foreign) men on Koreabang find any reason to bash on Korean men. Get over yourself.

      • Anonymous

        No, it’s actually stuff like your comment that reinforces the universal stereotype of the Korean victimisation complex.

        • dk2020

          lol who’s the victim in the article again?

      • Nobody likes to be criticized. As the topic of this website is Korea, it is inevitable that some criticism will be levied against Korean men. Sometimes it takes the form of a gratuitous swipe, and other times it is a legitimate complaint about the culture and traditions of Korean men. If you feel that something is a gratuitous swipe, by all means, speak up. However, insofar as they are legitimate complaints, it would be a weakness of character to reject them just because of the race or nationality of the person making them. With that said, I am not defending what oneforall wrote, but I am replying to your sweeping accusation.

        • chucky3176

          Yes. But the topic is about Koreans getting attacked in Australia. Why are you bring up the topic of Korean racism in Korea? So what you are saying is then, since you are a white man who is being victimized in Korea as an underclass people with no rights, it’s alright for Aussies to beat on Koreans in Australia?

          • Chucky, that’s not what I’m saying and I have no idea how you drew that conclusion.

          • holdingrabbits

            I think the topic of Korea racism was brought up by a racist netizen comment in the article above.

          • Temper Mental

            For god sake. You really are a racist bastard aren’t you. What did some Australian bully you at school and now you believe that all Australians hate Koreans. If you actually lived in Australia you would not talk such nonesense. Then clowns like you could see true multiculturalism. Here have a look at the primary school where my kids go to Take special note of the Korean day. Take special note of how many asians there are in the school compared to white people and then do a favour either apologise or shut up.

          • oneforall

            Temper, you have to take Chucky with a pinch of salt. He/She’s well known (legendary infact) around the expat blogosphere for his/her STRONGLY nationalistic views. No point trying to reason with him/her.

            However, on occasion, one might be of luck in the sense that you can actually have an open, reasoned debate with him/her (happens rarely though).

          • Temper Mental

            Thanks oneforall

          • mr.wiener

            A bucket of salt.

      • One for all

        Are you a ‘foreigner’ living in Korea?

        Have you been told by a Korean bank that they can’t offer you the same service as Korean customers because you’re not Korean? Even though you pay the same taxes and have savings just like any other person on the street.

        Have you been told that your wife/gf should not be with you because she is tainting her family’s name/Korean bloodline by being with a foreigner?

        Have you been to a bar/club/institution where they refuse you entry because it’s for ‘Koreans only’?

        These are just some of the many things non-Koreans face when living here. I’m grateful my passport is from a so-called first world country as I’ve seen first-hand how South/South-East Asians are treated here.

        Next time you want to bash ‘arrogant foreign males’, please make sure you can relate to the above points.

        • dk2020

          White men have been marrying Korean women since the 50’s, there are no anti-miscegenation laws, there are no discrimination laws either for businesses .. if the owner of the bar doesn’t allow foreigners go to one that does it’s not that hard, your civil rights wasn’t violated .. if there’s problems with your relationship thats on you don’t blame society .. How come i got a feeling the white guys that complain the most don’t even got a girlfriend and has never had a Korean gf either .. SMH .. victims, aren’t we all?

          • “if the owner of the bar doesn’t allow foreigners go to one that does it’s not that hard, your civil rights wasn’t violated ”

            What do you think was the idea behind Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
            Exclusion from a bar on the basis of race is an insult, and anyone with any self-worth is right to be offended by it. If a bar in LA excluded all Asians, would you just saunter from bar to bar until one let you in? As you can imagine, it would offend you too. It may even add insult to injury if some random white guy on the internet said what you’re saying. You are, in fact, endorsing racism by blaming the victim.

          • dk2020

            LOL, but thats the US! And what did blacks have to go through to get those rights, it wasn’t handed to them either. I’ve been turned away from clubs a couple times because of what I wore or they just didn’t let guys in only girls .. no big deal .. I didn’t cry in the shower saying everybody hates me ..

            No discrimination laws for businesses it’s up to the owner’s discretion that’s not hard to understand? We reserve the right to refuse service .. but you think thats racism .. how many bars that exclude foreigners exactly? 4 out of 200 clubs in Itaewon ..

          • One for all

            Again, you make wrong assumptions about me.

            *Said establishments are nowhere near Itaewon

            *Reasons for refusal of entry on ALL occasions were ‘No foreigners’ and ‘Koreans Only’. Nothing about guys:girls ratio, dress attire or anything else.

            *Your focus seems to be on clubs/bars/relaxation joints. I also mentioned banks and similar institutions in my original post. What do you think of their ‘foreigner’ policies?

          • chucky3176

            His point is there’s no law regarding anti-discrimination law in Korea. Every establishment has the right to discriminate their customers. And that means it’s not just based on race, it’s also based on age, facial/body looks, sex, and even discrimination against Koreans themselves. It’s not just foreigners vs Koreans. This is particularly true and much more rampant in night clubs. Koreans do not whine about it though, because if they’re not allowed in because they look too old or they’re not attractive enough, they just move on and find another establishment that will cater to them. And there are plenty of alternatives. That’s the way it works in Korea, it’s nothing personal against foreigners.

          • dk2020

            I can’t answer or be responsible for what’s going on in Korea .. I don’t live there or have any control over that ..

          • It’s puzzling that even 4 clubs can survive in Itaewon with such a policy. If a club discriminates based on race, you would be hard pressed to find a better example of racism anywhere. And those who patronize such a club would be implicitly endorsing its racist policy, as you are by defending it.
            However, if you mean that the free market should take care of this problem, I would be with you all the way, but I have yet to see even one instance where you acknowledge that it is in fact reprehensible, and so I take your defense as a defense of the policy, and not the virtues of the market.

            The rest of what you wrote refers to the dress code that some clubs have, or gender discrimination. While that is an interesting topic, it is not applicable to this discussion.

          • dk2020

            Go protest and do you what you want if it offends you so much .. It doesn’t matter what I think because there’s still going to be clubs where foreigners are prohibited I’m just trying to explain it to you dummy but you still dont get it .. How the hell am I responsible for what clubs owners do and their clubs …

          • holdingrabbits

            We’re not allowed to protest or we’ll be deported. No one’s saying you have to be responsible, but at least try to understand that if you were in the same situation you would be rightly pissed off.

          • dk2020

            I understand the problem .. but what can you do about it? boycott is the only thing you can do ..

          • moriaty

            Hear you:”No discrimination laws for businesses it’s up to the owner’s discretion is it really that hard to understand? We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.. but you think thats racism ..”
            If you still think like this then I don’t think your mind has evolved to the point where you can accept equality in the real sense of the word…Sounds like someone saying because he has black friends it implies he doesn’t have any prejudices towards black people.

          • One for all

            You assume I’m white…sorry to disappoint you man.

            There are no problems in my relationship. In fact, my KOREAN wife openly laughs at and mocks anyone that tries to bring that ‘pure, superior bloodline’ rubbish near her. I love that woman more than life itself!

            If a business owner refuses you service because of your race/ethnicity, you’re saying that’s perfectly ok? No civil rights violated? I just want you to clarify that one more time.

          • dk2020

            You’re black? My bad, I can’t tell by your avatar. Alright then I actually have sympathy for you being a minority and a man of color ,, I don’t like how like the racism is towards darker skin because my wife is brown skinned, Fuck bb cream and all that lightening soap .. I don’t believe in that minjok shit either, Are you still in Korea?

          • “I don’t like how like the racism is towards darker skin”

            You don’t like racism when it’s against blacks, but you openly endorse racism against whites. In the real world, you will not get very far with that attitude.

          • dk2020

            LOL, I’ve lived my life without any white influence it’s pretty easy if you live in the innercity .. are you surprised I’m not a twinkle uncle chong? LMAO.

            I hate racism of any kind but like I said before I can’t relate to or grew up with white folks. And I wasn’t talking about all white guys I was talking about you specifically .. I grew up with blacks, Mexicans, and other Asians in LA so that’s who I can relate to. My hyung (older brother) is half black, I’ve dated blasian girls and have cousins thats half black, they act more Korean than I do. I see the black Korean athletes like Hines Ward and Benson Henderson as role models .. the thing is I have mutual respect with them and that’s why they are gajok.

          • Temper Mental

            Again the colour thing.

          • moriaty

            Oh now,coz u feel he’s black suddenly u have “sympathy” for him. U seem to demonstrate the general trait I’ve discovered with most Koreans…always trying to justice the actions of fellow Koreans. Korean law always favors the Korean. You are guilty until proven innocent!!!

          • dk2020

            How many foreigners are rotting in Korean prisons for crimes they haven’t committed? Compared to the US where it incarcerates more of its citizens then any other country in the world ..

          • oneforall

            I’m black ans still in Korea. It’s not always great here (the positives outweigh the negatives) but my experiences or racism in my home country has prepared me well for what Korea has to throw at me.

          • Temper Mental

            Who care’s what his skin colour is. So much for land of the free LOL

          • holdingrabbits

            There are no laws against being denied entry into a business so I guess he shouldn’t be bothered by it. You can marry a Korean, so it’s probably just a walk in the park after that and there’s surely no social stigma. You’ve missed the point entirely.

          • Temper Mental

            I wish Americans would stop using the terms “white”, “black”, “latino” and “coloured” to describe its own people. it is just bizarre and wrong.

          • dk2020

            watch this video about racism in japan from an aussie .. seems similar


          • Temper Mental

            Jesus now lets bring the Japanese into it :(

          • Well, American isn’t an ethnicity nor a race… I also think people shouldn’t be ‘color blind’ either….

          • dk2020

            Well, it seems like when most people think of America or OZ they automatically think of whites because they are the majority. I’ll always be seen as a foreigner because of the way I look even though I was born in Gardena ..

          • Which is why people need to stop being ignorant on the matter.. I have many issues when it comes to race/ethnicity & terms we use and whatever because in the end it all sounds like BS…

          • Temper Mental


          • …um…ok….? I dunno how to react to your comment… sorry…… (not being sarcastic)

        • Kate

          Just from the perspective of a white woman married to a korean man who lived in Korea, I honestly never had any of the issues you mentioned in Korea. My bank was very nice to me but my husband handled all the talking, foreign women aren’t denied entry to korean clubs a lot of my expat friends would go to them and they were always let in but they were really pretty foreign girls, korean guys always gave my husband a thumbs up or smiled. I had some negative experiences but 95% of the time I was treated fairly and nicely but like I said, I never went anywhere without my husband.

          • Temper Mental

            I’ve done a lot of travelling around China Kate. The same thing there is you are a local with a foreign wife pepole admire you :)

    • chucky3176

      Final comment sums it up? LOL… I doubt those Australian gang bangers could have cared less if the victim was Korean or not. In fact, didn’t they call the victims “Fucking Chinese”? LOL.

      • mr.wiener

        “Fucking Chinese”…now that had to hurt the Korean guy more than getting a finger chopped off I think :)

      • Chinese

        I heard they called the victim “gook?”

        • Huw

          According to the Sydney Morning Herald it was “fucking Chinese” in Mr. Jang’s Case.

    • RAgaRTz

      STFU alot of what he says may have been BS. But there are plenty of western men treating asian women as nothing as walking f*ck toys. Don’t play that BS all korean guys are sexist crap

  • Nothing says Korea like Indian students protesters.

    • Sillian

      This comment got several upvotes but I don’t even understand what this sentence means…. o_o

      • Raphael_kB


      • chucky3176

        The main picture of this story has Indian foreign students protesting in Australia couple of years back, due to violent racist attacks on them by white teenager gangs. I understand the things are so bad that Indian foreign students have stopped going to Australia in favor of North America.

        • Ruaraidh

          Didn’t it turn out to be Leb gangs that were targeting the Indian students?

          • mr.wiener

            Wouldn’t surprise me, all the new groups target the next new group in to show how much better they are.

        • Germanicus

          >white teenager gangs

          The gangs were Lebanese. Nice try Chuck.

        • Alice S

          So there are no racists in America & Canada?

    • and “Koreans studying abroad in Korea…”.


      • Huw

        3 proofreads and I still missed that, will let one of the editors know, thanks.

    • dk2020

      indians are asians too ..

  • baegin

    For all its faults, and there are many, at least Australia is one of the few countries alongside the USA, Canada etc where people do not treat nationality and cultural identity as being synonymous with ethnicity

    I know many first and second generation Australians with Asian parents (including Koreans) who of course consider themselves ‘Australian’ and most other Australians they meet day to day get this – the concept of an Australian only being a white person has faded

    Good luck trying to ‘integrate’ as a non Korean into Korean society – no matter how long you stay, how fluent you are or how willing you are to be ‘Korean’ you will always be a waygookin

    • dk2020

      the white man’s river of tears grows deeper ..

      • baegin

        I would only cry a river if I desperately wanted to be Korean – trust me this is not the case :)

        I can say though I have never firsthand experienced or seen racism in the times I have been to Korea but then again I wasn’t born black

        • chucky3176

          That’s funny, but all the black people in Korea seem to say they have no problems. It’s only the media who keeps insisting otherwise.

          • One for all

            Being a black person in Korea, I have to call you out on that Chucky, black people are treated like shit here (not as bad as South/South-East Asians are treated, but still pretty bad). I don’t even know where to start on my experiences. Perhaps you should check some youtube videos on being black in Korea (as a start).

            However, the Korean people I’ve met that are able to look beyond skin color are some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met.

            It’s a shame these people are the overwhelming minority of the population.

          • chucky3176

            Actually I type in “black in Korea” and it’s overwhelmingly positive experiences. Of course it’s not perfect and most of the complaints by blacks are about unwanted staring (probably mostly based on curiosity than hate), but I’ve not seen any horrible stories of blacks getting mobbed and lynched.










          • Shut the fuck up. Asia NEVER enslaved blacks; they don’t owe your ass shit! The world doesn’t revolve around blacks!

          • One for all
          • dk2020

            You gotta understand though blacks have the worst reputation, being the worst fathers and having a high crime rate etc its fucked up stereotypes but if thats all they see in the news then its hard to change the minds of old school Asian parents that are scared of black folks .. and the relations between the black and Korean communities in the US has been bad, the boiling point being the 92 riots, Koreans were scapegoated instead of rich whites .. there has been many Korean store owners that have been robbed and killed by blacks that doesn’t make the news .. I’ve been in a lot of fights with black kids who thought Asians were weak, thinking I’m rich and smart but I’m in the ghetto with them ..

          • One for all

            Repeat after me:


          • baegin

            I don’t trust the media either (like this article), but I can only go by what I have heard first hand…

        • dk2020

          LOL you want me to tell you about racism I’ve experienced in the US? Times are changing though moron .. too bad you’re too ignorant and stupid to see it ..

        • dk2020

          LOL so you’re condemning Korean society for racism you’ve never experienced? Really lame mate ..

    • Bitch, you will NEVER be Korean because your fucking eyes aren’t slanty enough. That’s the truth. Does it hurt?

      • baegin

        yes rivers of tears are flowing from my round blue eyes

  • dynamicallysparkling

    Yet netizens and the shockingly inept Korean media never seems to mention these facts:

    The assault rate for the whole population in Australia is roughly 64 per 100,000 people per month.
    At any time there are around 150,000-200,000 people of Korean ethnicity in Australia ( ) ; including immigrants, tourists, students & workers (who netizens refer to as ‘whores’).
    Therefore there should be at least 100 attacks a month.

    These few (5 odd) attacks are just a drop in the pond and the Korean media should be aware that this isn’t a problem at all. Even Koreans in Australia call the Korean media crazy for these reports

    • Huw

      Hmm, that blog is fairly interesting, I guess this artice could be seeing it from a cultural perspective, seeing racism where there’s only violence. I got the impression from some of the netizen comments that there was definitely an already held idea that Koreans, or their government, doesn’t recieve enough respect.

  • 3ayo

    10 vs. 1…..If they felt they were superior to this Korean man, or thought he was an easy target why not face him one on one without backup?

    • Observer

      Racists are usually cowards. The reason they feel superior is because they are the majority and so are able to pick on the minorities. If they went to an asian country, I’m sure they would shut the hell up pretty fast.

      • Temper Mental

        Well said and the Korean Netizen who made stupid comments about Australia………….. I hope they up studyinig here and seeing how wrong they are.

    • A lot of teenagers everywhere a pretty gross and fudged up, and we have our fair share of teen-aged dick heads who create trouble all the time and make petty comments.

  • Observer

    Typical netizen reactions. Condemn racism by making stereotypical and racist comments.

    • exink

      hehe, it’s the way the internet works! Without censoring the internet, there’s nothing much we can do about it

      • Observer

        Agreed. If only people (whether Korean, Australian, American…..) realized the irony of what they’re doing (calling people racist while making racist and offensive generalizing remarks themselves).
        But I like to see the good in people, and i hope that others realize that these negative people (from any country) are usually in the minority and don’t represent the country as a whole.
        The only reason we see these negative comments are because they are controversial and spark replies, debates and arguments, making them more visible

        • exink

          True. Peace!!!

    • Who gives a shit about stereotypical & racist comments! It’s just fucking words goddamnit! Chink, gook, nigger, spic, cracker… Did those words hurt your feelings? Lol. Get over it.

  • aoko

    korean netizen once again blaming korean women….

  • Lovely

    “Except that they have white people and good natural environment, it seems to fall short to be called an advanced nation.”

    Of course, because white people naturally have good societies right? Must be some sort of anomaly that these white australian gods have exhibited these type of behaviors. Maybe they were replaced by aliens from out of space. How can this be possible that a WHITE person could do a crime like this against asians? White people are absolutely perfect, beautiful, tall, rich, and the men impossibly handsome wth very large penises! We should all strive to look like these white gods and not spread vicious falsehoods against these wonderful heavenly beings on earth. This article is a lie!

    • mr.wiener

      I’m guessing here, but I think maybe you aren’t all that fond of white people?

  • Observer

    Racism exists everywhere and takes many forms. It may be true that Korea does have a low crime rate and attacks on foreigners are rare, but racism shows its face in different ways. Passive racism in Korea is the most common Remember that stereotyping is a form of racism (every white guy is looking for an Asian girlfriend it’s impossible for a foreigner to learn or want to learn Korean, all foreigners are Americans, all foreigners are English teachers, all foreigners drink a lot and hang out in foreign bars and places like Itaewon…). I;ve found these to all be wide spread generalisation that many people make, and not realize what they’re doing.

    racism is also visible in the way restaurants bars and saunas openly display a “no foreigners” sign outside. Some restrict this rule to American GIs, but many refer to all foreigners. This is discrimination, and in many countries would instantly be reported to the police as offensive and wrong.

    I’ve managed to minimize a lot of exposure to these stereotypes over the past years by learning Korean (conversational level, still studying) and having a tight-nit group of Korean friends and co-workers who are all good people.

    • There are restaurants in the United States named ‘Chink’s’ with ‘Speak English’ signs, and I have no problems with that. Grow a pair of fucking balls you big bitch.

      • Anonymal

        why dont you leave the state and return to whatever country you are from, since you dont believe in multiculturalism (saw all your comments). Funny how you think it is shit yet you live in a country thats not your own. Fucking hypocrite. If you really believe multiculturalism is shit, then go back to your original country. Retard.

  • I’m from India and I have first hand information on f&&cing Australian racism. People in there are pigs, especially white teenagers, who think the world owe them their a** just because they are born white.

    Please be very very careful while traveling to Australia, you may debate it online and watch postcard travel channels or tourism leaflet on how beautiful Australia is, while the reality is there is an underlying insecurity among the local population.

    As you would know Indians were the point of attack for over 10 years and few students from India were killed. If you go past 8 PM, you would be either raped if you are women or your head smashed with stick if you are men in some parts of Melbourne. Recently, an Asian women was raped, murdered and dumped in Victoria. It looks all good when all is good, a bad move and its all over, it gets violent pretty badly in Australia in a short period of time.

    Being neutral in this. Korea is much much safer for Indians, racism in Asia in general is limited to in mind, people do not even verbally attack you. In Australia, they verbally abuse you and then psychically attack you as well. Its pathetic behavior encouraged by the passive response from the government You have been warned.

    • chucky3176

      I’d like to hear more about your story. Everyone here seems to say Koreans don’t have any right to be concerned about Korean students getting attacked and injured in foreign country, because downtrodden white people in Korea can’t do any proper banking in Korea.

      • Comparing Korean Racism with Australian racism is like comparing Soju with Australian beer.

        Korean racism is nothing. Being from India, i would any day take the “look” of korean racism than being physically attacked in Australia.

        In Asia, there is racism but its never physical, people in Asia, just give “the look” that they don’t like you, but in Australia, they freaking kill you.

        • Temper Mental

          What a joke. Have a look at the latest Census figures from the ABS. Indians make up the 5th largest background for Australians not born in the here. I suppose Indians flock to Australia because they know they will get a good beating or be killed.

          • vincent

            @tempermental:disqus the reason they flock there is for a better quality of life, sometimes you gotta accept the bad with the good, so a census only covers numbers but don’t base an assumption on that, you have to ask yourself, why do they go to Australia and not how many go there.
            I have two Indian friends who went there complete their degrees and both were mugged at least twice, they have also been on the receiving end of beatings as well, but I guess luck also plays a factor as to whether or not you end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

            There’s a TV show that you can check out called Dumb Drunk and Racist covering this very subject, seems like an interesting watch, I haven’t gotten around to seeing it myself so I can’t review it just yet.

    • Temper Mental

      Yes it is in our constitution to single out Indians……… it is a military decree to rape all Indian women after 8pm didn’t you know that. Didn’t you read the travel brochure………….. let me ask you something you say especially white teenagers, so you mean some other groups target Indians in Australia. What groups and why ?

      • Its because of our smell and the way we behave, we are loud and disrespectful but we do that in Korea and Thailand and China too, but that doesn’t make us be Killed. :) :)

      • dk2020

        Why do you keep denying there is racism in OZ? Isn’t this article proof? And you keep trying to push your beliefs on other people doesn’t work that way mate even though you have good intentions ..

  • moriaty

    Has the Korean gov’t ever made a stance about the injustice, discrimination and humiliation people who are not “pure blood” suffer in Korea? Don’t try to fix someone’s house when yours is in shambles!!!

  • dk2020

    Really good article from last week in the New York Times about multiculturalism in SoKo .. There has been progress but some of you are too pessimistic to even see things are changing ..

    • cosmopolis443

      Mate, this is pure tokenism. Of course I approve… a jouney of a thousand miles starts with a single step and all that (though in this case, it’s more like a journey of several lightyears), but dont expect this to have any siginficant effect on Korea at all.

      • dk2020

        Do you actually live in Korea? How do you know?

  • Okay now i understand what it must be like for the yanks to read all the negative articles about America on here lol.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    A Korean dude was pushed into the subway tracks in NYC last week and killed, where’s the outrage and the write up here?

    • That doesn’t count because the murderer was BLACK!

  • ChuckRamone

    People love to compare apples and oranges. The situation in an Old World country like South Korea and a New World country like Australia is different. Australia, like America, started out as a colony, an imperialist enterprise, and was slowly populated by foreigners killing and displacing a native population. I’m not condoning racism in South Korea – I think eventually they have to accept the people who are migrating there – but comparing Korea and Australia directly is dishonest. And, of course I believe foreigners are often harassed and even attacked in South Korea, but I haven’t heard that many stories like the recent spate of attacks in Australia which are so physically violent, in which people are being maimed.

    • dk2020

      I agree with you .. racism is everywhere, its how you deal with it .. OZ has skinhead gangs and hate groups there’s no denying that, hopefully the exchange students can stick together and dont get caught slippin by themselves at night which is probably what happened .. Anyone see Romper Stomper, Russell Crowe’s first movie? He played a skinhead fighting viet refugee kids

  • MidniteOwl

    Rejects from the British empire. Like father like son. lol.

    • mr.wiener

      And pray where are you from good sire?

  • AustguyTang

    Wow this is amazing…just because someone visited Australia or they heard a story from a friend of a friend then suddenly they become experts….Its amazing how ignorant people are. Koreans, when they come to Australia will almost all the time, will stay within their own community, especially the men. When they see Korean woman walking around with a non-Korean they will immediately assume that they are hookers. People DON’T negotiate price for sex in night clubs because brothels are LEGAL…..they don’t need to be in a night club. Getting hooked on brownies (cookies)?? how about not getting hooked on soju first….unemployment rate increasing?? its held at around the 5% mark for the last 8 years. The reaction to the Chinese student attack was stronger because Chinese student out number Korean students 5 to 1 so its only right that there are more concern families back home.

  • Pingback: Korean Gender Reader, December 8-14 | The Grand Narrative()

  • himchansdick

    I’m an young Australian myself, and I will admit that a lot of my generation here are arrogant little shits, but I disagree with the comment one of the netizens made about younger Australians are the ones who are the racists ones, its actually the other way around, the older generations who are. You have a very high chance of being accepted by a younger Australian than an older one. I’m also very embarrassed that we are known as one of the most racist countries, and again, its due to the older generations who have their ways set and can’t accept that Australia is a multicultural country now. But foreigners aren’t always innocent when they come to Australia! A lot of them do in fact break the law, wrought the system and expect the laws, traditions & values of Australia to be changed to suit them. I’m sorry but it doesn’t work that way.

  • cosmopolis443

    I love the comment from the starcraft-addled git (Asso) who says Australia’s economy isnt big (with a GDP bigger than Korea despite having less than half Korea’s population) and Australia’s technology “isn’t strong”! We invented the Wi-Fi that this nosebleeding ignoramus was most likely using to decry us online. LOL We invented the ultrasound, despite which, his mother made the ill-advised choice not to abort him, and we created the vaccine which will protect his future wife and daughter from the ravages of cervical cancer. We even pioneered quantum entanglement teleportation techniques, not that that would help you. So, you’re welcome, mate.

    • chucky3176

      That’s because Australia’s dollar is way overvalued due to global raw material demand which Australia digs out from under the ground, while South Korea keeps its best to keep the Korean Won undervalued by as much as thirty to forty percent, to drive up exports of its manufactured high tech goods. If you look at the purchase power parity GDP numbers, South Korea’s GDP is $1.8 trillion versus Australia’s $800 to $900 billion, 2011 numbers. By trade volume in nominal GDP, South Korea is the 6th largest in the world, versus Australia’s 22nd. The number would be further skewed in favor of South Korea if the trade numbers were recalculated into PPP.

      • cosmopolis443

        I’ll let you keep that assumption, because you’ve never been to Australia. But if you know what purchasing power parity is, perhaps you are intelligent enough to draw some sort of conclusion from the fact that many hundreds of thousands of people from Asia (including Korea) and beyond live on a permanent basis in Australia and are happy enough to choose not to leave. 1/4 of our entire population is born overseas. To say that Australia is a good country for white people only is simply a bald-faced fallacy which one would only expect from a monocultural, homogenous society. Where racial differences are so significant. It is partly because of the racial inequity in your own country that you assume that similar inequity must be being meted out to your people overseas. This is baseless nonsense with an all too transparent agenda. The fact of the matter is (and this goes to why others have raised the issue of racial discrimination in Korea) that Australia is a MUCH nicer place for foreigners than Korea is. And YES, I’ve lived in Korea too. There are more opportunities, there are more freedoms, there is more sensitivity, and generally more tolerance for foreigners. The fact that a foreigner is attacked is only proof of the very large number of foreigners in our Country.

    • chucky3176

      Other then what I just said, it’s a good country… for white people only.

  • dim mak

    Take note Korea, multiculturalism leads to bullshit like this

  • dk2020

    dang .. i didn’t know the cost of living was high in oz ..

  • The bank’s shares could well continue to climb over the coming weeks, or even months. But to say that they will reach the heights of nearly $88 a share seems a little ambitious, not to mention misguiding for investors with a long-term focus.

    opening a bank account in Australia before you arrive



    • Might want to get yourself a map.

      “Asian” is a demonym. It refers to location, not genetics.

  • O2bnme

    Had Korean guys threaten me in Korea for being white or American or taking their girls from them or being lots of things. Racisism is everywhere. Not just in Australia! How about focusing on all the kind things that happen.
    I cut my exvest friend from my life for being racist. I have a lso had old Koreans stand up for me.
    People are people everywhere .
    We can only educate people.

  • Sam Lakw

    Racism is a problem in Melbourne. Just ask the number of people who have been beeped at and/or shown the bird for walking on the footpath, minding their own business.

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