Man Tries to Take Advantage of Drunk Girl on Seoul Subway


Line 2 of the Seoul Metro is notorious for sexual harassment, particularly during commuting hours. According to police reports, there have apparently been 2,075 cases committed on the line since 2008, many of which involve drunken victims.

The following video was recorded by a passenger who happened to see one of those cases on a Line 2 train. Netizen comments mostly criticise both the molester, but also accuse the woman of not properly defending herself.

From Naver:

Transcript of video:

00:26AM, 27th Nov.2012
– A drunken man and a woman in her twenties got on the train at Hongdae station, Line 2. I started taping them because I was suspicious about the fact the man was so close to the woman, even though there were plenty of seats available.

– 5 minutes on, he started sexually harassing her.

– She rejects him

– He touches her again.

– He glances at her in case she’s noticing anything.

– There were plenty of seats he could choose.

– He glances at her again.

– He’s blatantly making an inappropriate physical contact toward her.

– Some might even assume them as a couple.

– Edited some due to the size limit

– I decide to intervene.

– “Do you know this guy?”

– “No!”

– “Come this way please.”

– They sit separately until we arrived to the destination of the train, Seongsu station (00:53AM)

From Ilbe:


He’s got a nice voice ke ke ‘Do you know this guy? Come this way.’


She’s just scared, pretending to sleep. The old bastard wanted to take advantage of her, but he wasn’t bold enough to go further than leaning on her, afraid of other people in the train.


The guy seems drunk or has some mental disabilities ke ke


She’s such a stupid bitch. She should’ve moved to a different carriage. Anyway, it’s nice of him to record this.


For me, only with regards to his appearance, the guy’s facial features somehow look like that of someone with a disability, or those of a homeless guy.


Look at him recording the whole incident ke ke We should do the same to defend ourselves in similar circumstance, in case Kimchi girls turn around and sue us.


Didn’t he upload this video just because he got angry that the old man interrupted his secret attempt to record the view up her skirt?


That old man seems to have some mental issues; he’s too obviously harassing her… The girl should’ve moved her seat earlier, why didn’t she move? There were some other guys to ask for help, and she could’ve done something about the situation.


Both of them deserve to die, that old bastard and that girl who doesn’t even know her own limit with alcohol.


That bitch seems to be enjoying it; why doesn’t that saekki mind his own business? ke ke She must’ve felt fucking embarrassed when he asked ‘Do you know this guy?’


Is that really sexual harassment? It looks more like he’s using her as a pillow.


What if the guy who uploaded this video was actually trying to voyeur-cam her?


What I don’t understand is why the fuck was she sitting there? There were so many empty seats! ㅅㅂ


The video makes my stomach turn. But fuck, I’m not gonna help those kinds of girls. What if the guy stabs me and her, then leaves me alone to bleed? I’m the only loser in such a case.


That molester saekki seems to be struggling so hard between his evil-self and good-self. He looks like talking to himself, ‘No, no I shouldn’t..’ But then his evil-self wins over…


That bitch is as pathetic as that drunken saekki feeling up a girl his daughter’s age. How much alcohol did she pour in to be that clueless when this guy was leaning on her? Is she just too poor to pay for a taxi? Or is this some sort of set-up to sue him when the comes? She should’ve either moved seats or defended herself once she woke up.


Is getting as wasted as her worth such a risk? Tsk tsk I’m sorry to say this, but that’s an open invitation for rape and sexual harassment.


Why did she just stay there, even though this guy’s trying to touch her? Ke ke ke


I wouldn’t have helped her. I wonder what would’ve happened if he had helped her from the start, but doing so without evidence could’ve put him in trouble.. He should’ve helped her earlier, though.


Hey, how can that constitute sexual harassment? He’s just trying to sleep, why are you guys going overboard?

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  • Ruaraidh

    Taking advantage of her… as a pillow. As for the people commenting on the woman, have they never nodded off on a train? What if a woman has a few drinks before falling asleep on an aircraft, does this mean that it’s her fault if she’s molested by some mogo sitting next to her? Double standards.

    • Brett

      Lol he wanted more than a pillow, though you made me laugh out loud with that one. The Ilbe is a conservative forum so it would be hard to imagine anything more than netizens putting the blame on the girl herself.

  • Kate

    I dunno, it seems more like he himself was piss drunk and trying to use her as a pillow. He wasn’t groping her. Two piss drunk people.

    • Brett

      Oh, c’mon Kate, what would you have done if some guy started cuddling with you on the subway?

      I don’t think he was completely innocent. They were both drunk, but he had no right to touch her. He didn’t pass out on her, he was pulling the old “yawn and throw an arm on her shoulder” move.

      • Kate

        Well a) id never put myself in that position, I never drank alone and always took a taxi home with my husband. B) If I were the girl, I would of cocked him right up side his head for touching me.

        He had no right to touch her and that was wrong but when I think of molesting I think of serious sexual groping,I’m not sure if this guy was trying to touch her or was trying to sleep on her like a pillow cause he is realllllllly drunk in the video and looks like he is about to pass out himself. I don’t understand how this girl was so drunk she didn’t notice him touching her. Surely if she were coherent enough to get on the subway, shed be coherent enough to notice this guy and what he’s doing and at the very least move.


        Btw, how is your yagi?!?!?!??!?!?! Have you and wifey got your routine down with little one? My little one got her first cold and…..well a sick baby is…..not fun. I literally rocked her frkm 12 am to 9 am last night….

        • Brett

          Hey, hope your LO gets better soon. Luckily mine sleeps pretty well and isnt too fussy. Then again, my wife doesnt wake me up every time with the baby, so maybe she wouldnt necessarily agree. I’m dreading the first cold.

      • It’s possible that he was drunk, but he may have just been faking it as a cover. The way he hesitates to do any serious groping suggests, to me at least, that he’s not entirely uninhibited, as the average inebriated soju fish might be.

      • vincent

        Brett have you posted pics of your little one? If you have I probably missed it :( if you haven’t done so, what are you waiting for? :D

        • Brett

          For my fans ;)

          Edit: cant upload from phone. Try again later.

        • Brett

          Heres a couple of pics for ya Vince.

          • vincent

            hehe what a cutie pie she’s adorable and she looks so happy, you must be one proud pop :D

          • mr.wiener


          • Kate

            omg, i just saw these, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh she is so beautiful! She looks like she has your smile :)! Oh i just wanna hug her, she is so tiny and beautiful! Yay for eurasian babies! :)

          • lonetrey / Dan

            d’awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! :D

          • Kate

            My little one just turned 8 months :) wait until yours figures out how to crawl……..

    • exink

      After reading your comment about white woman living in Korea (Koreans attacked in Australia Article), I thought you’d be more sympathetic here

      • dk2020

        Which attacks are worse and more brutal? Expats whine about getting stared at and once in a blue moon spit on by some old crazy lady .. it is not dangerous in Korea for foreigners, nobody has been killed or lynched or got their fingers cut off ..

        • exink

          I’m not referring to the Australian article, I’m referring to Kate’s comment on that page about personally experiencing men groping her.
          Please don’t turn this article into another “Foreigners vs Koreans” argument. This article is about a woman being allegedly groped while drunk.

          • chucky3176

            It was Kate who first brought up the foreigners vs Koreans thing again, when there was no reason to do so.

          • Kate

            No I did not. I commented in jest on a comment about that but I didn’t bring it up first nor do I think that has anything to do with this post. I was just responding to a comment Lightly about the subject.

          • Observer

            Actually, just pointing out that Kate’s comment was actually a reply to Jon.
            Other than that, I’m out. About to board a plane for a vacation. byeee!

        • Kate

          I had a guy attempt to rape me while I was walking home in Korea, not dangerous? Also while I was there, there were two rapes by american military guys and that caused a big backlash and there were groups of korean men beating up army guys whose only crime was being american army guys. Any country is dangerous DK and you’d be incredibly naive to say that foreigner status excludes us from theft, rape, murder, assault, etc. A girl I worked with had a korean guy break into her apt 3 times and steal all her stuff and threaten her. My friends also complained of Nigerian men following them around when they went to Itaewon. There is plenty of danger for foreigners.

          • dk2020

            Kate, I would like to see the crime statistics against foreigners in Korea and against minorities in the US or Australia and do a comparison

          • Erdos

            Funny thing about the Australia situation is that the attacks on Indian immigrants were the result of Lebanese gangs.

            Hilarious how the left still managed to spin that into a case of ‘whites vs. poor brown people’. Pathetic.

          • dk2020

            Calm your tits lady I wasn’t talkin to you, its just a friendly discussion I’m having with Kate .. She knows I respect her opinion so that’s why I wanna hear what she has to say ,, I’m not trying to insult her or white folks in any way I’m just trying to get a better understanding from their POV.

            Here’s what its like where I live .. Anaheim is 20 minutes away. This to me is systematic racism in American society. Police brutality and being kept in poverty ..


          • Erdos

            dk2020, white people are already the most self-loathing, atomized, xenophilic idiots on the face of the Earth.

            What more do you want exactly, coming from one of the most nationalistic, racially conscious regions on Earth? More apolojuice?

            Hearing East Asians complain about ‘racism’ is crass. From the colonization of Canton and Central Asia to the Guangzhou massacre and onwards you’ve done everything you accuse us of and more.

          • dk2020

            I think Asians got whites beat in the self-loathing category or all that plastic surgery wouldn’t be happening. What I want is to grow, I want to let go of my prejudice and mistrust of white people ,, isn’t helping that’s you’re just as crass ..

          • Erdos

            >I think Asians got whites beat in the self-loathing category or all that plastic surgery wouldn’t be happening.

            That’s not self-loathing. Asian beauty ideals are Asian. Asians have always prioritized pale skin. Same as whites. It’s only recently whites started this stupid shit worshipping tanned skin and all the skin cancer problems that go along with it.

            Whites are the only people on Earth that can be convinced to hate their ancestors for doing the same thing virtually everyone else on Earth has been doing since time immemorial.

          • dk2020

            Really? That doesn’t explain white supremacy or white privilege ideology that the racists adhere to, reverse racism?

          • Erdos

            If white supremacy were really as endemic as race baiters at ethnic studies departments in colleges claim, then whites would at the very least be able to protect their majority statuses in their own countries through strict immigration policies.

          • dk2020

            Which has happened in Arizona with SB1070, and tougher immigration laws across the country. Asian immigrants collectively are actually the fastest growing ethnic group in the US now surpassing Latinos because of the bad economy ..



          • Erdos

            >which happened

            No it didn’t. Obama has more or less declared de facto amnesty for all illegal immigrants. There will be no more deportations in most cases.

            East Asian countries didn’t even take in a few vietnamese boat people, and you’re telling me that because of one state law about requesting identity papers (ex post facto anyway) that the entire Federal Government is opposed to that now the US has as strict immigration laws as East Asian countries?

            Get real m8.

          • Bay Area Guy

            @ Erdos

            Yeah, if majority white countries adopted the same immigration policies as East Asian countries like Japan, there would be a major outcry.

            You’d have constant demonstrations, editorials in major papers such as the New York Times denouncing racism and xenophobia, etc.

            I mean, damn, I just read an article about how UC Berkeley, one of the most prestigious universities in the country, is going to give scholarships to illegal immigrants.


            I can’t think of too many countries where illegal immigrants would receive scholarships to attend one of the best universities in the world. Or where their kids would become automatic citizens. Or where one of the country’s most well-known magazines would nominate illegal immigrants as “person of the year.”

            And yes, any attempts to reverse this trend, such as in Arizona, is met with fierce opposition, from both the federal government, the courts (as was the case with California’s repeal of prop. 187), and the mainstream media.

            I can’t imagine a similar situation prevailing in any Asian country.

          • dk2020

            Who would do the outcry? The NAACP and minority rights groups amirite. That’s the thing white people in Asia dont wanna do shit! You gotta fight for your rights, just like minorities did during the civil rights movement .. and migrant wives are taking that challenge of changing Korean society’s views on race .. you’re just too stupid to notice ..

            You mad that Asian students are smarter and study harder then white kids to get scholarships and grants? Last time I checked you still had to apply and wait a long ass time to be validated and get approved.. with recent education cuts its not lookin too good either.
            America is founded by immigrants by stealing land and killing the natives! That is a different bloody history than Asia or Europe. There was the Asian Immigration Exclusion Act of 1882 – 1965 ..

            America is still 75% white .. its about time the minorities started becoming empowered for more equality in politics and the media ..immigrants have to work for everything earned .. stick that white man’s burden up your ass dickhead!

          • Bay Area Guy

            Who would do the outcry? The NAACP and minority rights groups.

            Don’t forget the mainstream media and the federal government, two insignificant institutions.

            You mad that Asian students are smarter and study harder then white kids to get scholarships and grants?

            I never even mentioned Asian students. Had you actually read my comment, as opposed to reacting with your typical petulant immaturity, you would have realized that I was focusing primarily on illegal Hispanic immigrants.

            America is founded by immigrants by stealing land and killing the natives! That is a different bloody history than Asia or Europe.

            Yeah, because none of those countries ever stole land or killed natives.

            What would you call China’s occupation of Tibet and Xinjiang? Japan’s treatment of the Ainu peoples and their invasion of Okinawa?

            Most places in the world were founded on some kind of conquest or bloodshed.

            That doesn’t mean those places have a moral imperative to adopt open borders?

            There was the Asian Immigration Exclusion Act of 1882 – 1965 ..

            Your point being? I’m talking about immigration policies NOW and comparing them to Asian countries.

            America is still 75% white

            Wrong again.


            Non-Hispanic whites are only 63% of the population. The white population only looks higher because many Hispanics are mistakenly identified as “white,” thus inflating the white percentage.

            stick that white man’s burden up your ass dickhead!

            Some more of your typical civility on display.

            DK, when you can actually logically refute an argument without resorting to your typical childish outbursts, then we’ll talk.

            Oh, and get your facts right next time. Maybe then, you won’t make moronic assertions that whites are still 75% of the population.

          • dk2020

            Big difference comparing apples and oranges ,, most whites have been in South Korea for less than 2 years and won’t live there permanently they are not true immigrants. As for the US, it is what it is, blame illegal immigration all you want but it won’t solve any of the problems .. and don’t tell me how to fuckin act I don’t owe you shit!

          • Bay Area Guy

            Once again, your reading comprehension fails you.

            I was talking about overall differences in immigration policies between majority white and East Asian countries.

            Not ONCE did I mention white expats in places like Korea. But feel free to continue burning that strawman down.

            You’re right, you don’t owe me shit. Act like an immature dipshit all you want. No sweat off my back.

          • dk2020

            There really is no comparison because whites don’t have a history of immigrating to Asia! You’re a fuckin moron ..

          • Bay Area Guy

            There really is no comparison because whites don’t have a history of immigrating to Asia! You’re a fuckin moron ..

            Again, try to actually fucking READ what I wrote, before you scream like an impulsive adolescent.

            I never said that whites have a history of immigrating to Asia. In fact, not ONCE did I even mention white people in Asia. I was talking about overall immigration policies, but clearly your thick skull has a hard time processing that.

            Apparently you’ve been blessed with the amazing ability to burn down strawmen. When discussing scholarships for illegal immigrants (which any person with half a brain would have understood to be mainly Hispanic), you then mock me by claiming that I’m jealous of Asian students.

            And now you’re turning this into a discussion of white expats, which again, I never even mentioned.

            You’re beginning to make me really doubt the much vaunted high East Asian IQ.

          • dk2020

            How can you expect the same immigration policies with totally different cultures and circumstances? Thats really fuckin ignorant and stupid .. Kick rocks you smug bum ..

          • Bay Area Guy

            LOL, you mad bro?

            Just for the record, you started this whole flame war.

          • dk2020

            wtf is your point dickhead? that white people are more oppressed? smh ..

          • Bay Area Guy

            That’s not my point at all.

            You just keep derailing and changing the topic. We’ve gone from jealousy of Asian students (even though I never brought up Asian students), to white immigrants in Asia (which I also never brought up), to your claim that I think whites are the most oppressed (which, yet again, I never claimed).

            You’ve clearly demonstrated that you’re incapable of any kind of intelligent or logical debate, so I’m done with you.

            Feel free to spew one more immature insult if you wish.

          • dk2020

            Alright then stfu if you have no fuckin point and nothing to add to the discussion .. done with me? I don’t even know what the hell you’re talkin about bish,..

            Idiot, if you read the article those scholarships to illegal immigrants was made by a private contribution not tax dollars, specifically for that purpose because federal grants aren’t available to illegals, So you should be mad at the donor. I know foreign students on visas that study in the US pay double to triple the tuition to go to school here, so it’s not as simple as you think fool.. Hell yeah I support the DREAM Act! :) So do you have a solution or are you just whining? What makes America great is the diversity that there are more opportunities here than anywhere else .. so you’re arguing against multiculturalism in the US?

          • Chris Redfield

            Yes you support the politics very familiar to the dictators of South America: “Vote for me, and I’ll reward you” Nevermind the repercussions! (you know, already massive unemployment and insisting we add MORE PEOPLE TO THE LABOR FORCE)

            You are too indoctrinated from Public Education to realize the “Diversity” and “Fairness” they speak of only degenerates this country further via conflicting Morales/principles/values from these “Diverse Cultures” that are opposite of this countries initial founding beliefs. Seriously, we were arguing about protecting our “European Identity” just 50 years ago! The closer we have come to “Diversity (read: import 3rd world people, heart feel good) the further the countries social fabric has diminished.

            Get the fuck out of this country- you are destroying it.

            Liberty or Equality, You cannot have both- Communist.

          • dk2020

            LMAO .. try and make me muthafucken bitch, I was born here I’m just as American as you are asshole .. WTF is white culture in America anyways? U mad that Romney lost huh? ahahaha .. yall sound like you in white denial ..


          • dk2020

            California was originally Mexico too! Pinche gabacho mamon! Mas puto wey!


          • Erdos

            >totally different cultures and circumstances?

            So basically, Koreans and other East Asians are allowed to maintain immigration policies that you consider ‘racist’ if white countries implement them, because of ‘cultural differences’?

            You people are fucking hilarious. Your faux outrage is pathetic. Everyone can cast stones at their enemy. You however, turn into an ethnonationalist when the subject of Korea comes up. Just like every other Asian American.

          • dk2020

            You’re a fuckin moron too dude .. I can’t answer for how it is just giving a fuckin explanation you idiot so its understandable ,, I want multiculturalism in East Asia but thats going to take time and struggle .. Korea being so homogenous more mixing wouldn’t hurt. whites who don’t understand get all indignant like bitches ..

          • Erdos

            I’m different, I don’t care whether East Asia is multicultural. I’d prefer it wasn’t. I like distinct cultures. Multiculturalism destroys the native cultures.

            There is no native English culture left in England.

          • dk2020

            Then why are you complaining when it doesn’t effect you at all and you have no stakes in East Asia .. so you’re against multiculturalism .. smh so you should be happy how it is .. its the beginning of multiculturalism in East Asia and progress will take time ..

          • I agree with you; multiculturalism is shit.

            I feel bad for European countries. :(

          • Chris Redfield

            Fucking Christ, I take a break- and you are STILL HERE WITH YOUR RACIST BULLSHIT.

            Minority Empowerment= Majority of Black Americans and Sizable amount of Female Americans being employed in PUBLIC SECTOR which NEVER DECREASES in size DESPITE lower Tax revenues from PRIVATE SECTOR that SUPPORT the Public Sector financially in the first place- WHO VOTE for Democrat politicians due to the inherent cycle of Politicians promising not to cut benefits in order to get elected. We are now $16 trillion in debt.

          • dk2020

            so the wars in the middle east, tax breaks for the rich, and corporate welfare didn’t cause the debt, you wanna blame minorities make it a race thing but its class warfare idiot .. what the hell is the occupy movement about? the wealthiest 10% own 90% of the wealth in America..

          • Erdos

            Exactly. Even if we were to accept that America is a ‘proposition nation’, how the hell do you build a coherent civic identity around an immigration system that seemingly has absolutely no standards whatsoever?

            The funny thing is, for highly skilled workers who want to take the legal path to enter the country (like my friend, who is now a pilot with Cathay Pacific), it’s actually incredibly hard. We have an in joke that if he ever wanted easy entry and citizenship to the US, he should just paint his face brown and pretend to be Mexican, as the US is fine with immigration, just not from highly skilled White Europeans.

            As clueless as a lot of white liberals are, I don’t think all of them are inherently anti-white. I think a lot of them genuinely believe in the whole ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ mumbo-jumbo and just want ‘everyone to get along’. The problem is, non-whites don’t think in those terms, to them, it’s all about racial hatred and often racial envy. Many of them genuinely believe that whites are witch-doctor-esque, malevolent beings who have the ability to shape non-whites lives through nebulous magical powers such as ‘white privilege’. If they can wrest white homelands away from us, perhaps they can take the magic too.

          • dk2020

            thailand took alot of viet refugees wtf are you talking about?

            whites will not apply for citizenship and give up their American citizenship .. most won’t even try and learn the damn language.. while Asian immigrants set up Koreatowns and communities and assimilate into the culture .. big difference in attitude .. hilarious when whites think of themselves as the victims ..

          • Erdos

            Thailand did, but no Northeast Asian country did. Thai-Americans aren’t the one pushing Asian-American grievance politics anyway, that’s Chinese and Korean Americans.

            In any event, there are plenty of whites who learn the language, understand way more about Chinese/Korean culture than 99% of Chinese/Koreans and still get treated like perennial outsiders. A few Professors of East Asian History who I’ve known throughout the years come to mind.

            Koreatowns are the opposite of assimilation anyway, if you go there as a white person, you’re going to get dirty looks. Which is fine. But I don’t get why non-whites then turn around and expect to be treated like a white person in a white neighborhood. That strikes me as entirely hypocritical. Right?

          • dk2020

            Jasmine Lee is the most famous non-ethnic Korean in SoKo .. she earned her stripes and is changing the country’s perception on race. Where are the white expats changing the system? Hardly any If you want to compare white expats and Asian Americans, AA’s are way more assimilated and have done way more to be involved in politics because that’s the only way for minorities to really be heard ..

            Dude I get harassed by cops every fuckin time I’m in HB or Beverly Hills .. during the 92 riots I saw white cops escorting white people through the hood to West LA while they let Ktown burn .. what have you witnessed instead of these stupid internet beefs ..

          • Erdos

            >have done way more to be involved in politics

            You mean they’ve done way more to push ethnic grievance politics, I agree. Whites are less tribal than Asians, hence the lack of a coherent groupthink to attack ethnic Koreans in Korea with.

            >during the 92 riots I saw white cops escorting white people through the hood to West LA while they let Ktown burn

            I’m sorry, I won’t take a random person’s word for it. These ethnic enclaves often have a hostility to police…. Until they need the police for something.

            There were more dead whites than Koreans during those riots, let me remind you.

          • dk2020

            Then stay away and be racist asshole ,, other people are just trying to live ,, HELL NO OMG .. the riots didn’t even touch white neighborhoods! The cops made sure of that .. youre smoking crack dickhead from what I saw the riots only happened in the ghetto and Korean businesses were scapegoats ..

          • Erdos

            More whites died than koreans, and in far more brutal ways.

            Black on White violence in the US is huge. Want me to break out the DoJ stats? And of course the blacks burned Korean businesses, whites didn’t have businesses in the ghetto.

          • dk2020

            How am I responsible for what blacks do or for what other Koreans do for that matter?

          • Erdos

            No, you’re not. I never said you were. The concept of collective responsibility and collective entitlement is something identity politicians push.

          • Kate

            You know I’m just sayin’, I’m white and have never once tanned. Ever. I love my alabaster pale skin and have never wanted to change it. Don’t lump all white peolle into tanning addicts because I would say more people don’t tan in comparison to those who do and many white people don’t want brown skin like myself.

          • Erdos

            Individually you may not, but most white people have bought into the anti-white pop media lie that pale skin is unattractive.

          • “I want to let go of my prejudice and mistrust of white people”

            I’m willing to give credit where credit is due. If you are indeed open to getting past your racial prejudice, that is possibly the most open minded thing I have seen you say.
            It’s quite natural for white people to take offence to some of the things you’ve said on here, and so I think we’re probably getting off on the wrong foot. With that said, mistrust is often the product of innocent beginnings, but with these repeated altercations, I don’t think you are likely to ever have a better experience, on the whole, with white people.
            Almost everyone here wants to move on from these flame wars. You haven’t instigated all of them, but for your part, it will go a long way toward building a better community on these boards if you can be a little bit less reactive.
            That’s not to say that I think race shouldn’t be an open topic, but there’s no reason for the vitriolic rhetoric (ie. “Hitler was a white male, so all white males are like Hitler”); instead, your perspective can most certainly add value to the discussion if it is tempered with respect. Moreover, this would give some credence to your posts, which would benefit your cause.

          • Bay Area Guy

            white people are already the most self-loathing, atomized, xenophilic idiots on the face of the Earth.


      • Kate

        You read my past comment? Ah ty :) I dunno this situation could of been a lot worse then it was, he didn’t grope the woman in any sexual areas, the woman wasn’t harmed, it still is bad that he was on her like that but the guy was somewhat restrained.

    • vincent

      That guy wasn’t piss drunk for sure, he was trying too hard to pretend that he was drunk, his hand to face coordination seems to be just fine, it’s probably just a ruse in case he does end up in hot water because of the video, he could use it for his defense.

      • Kate

        Yeah maybe you are right about that.

        • vincent

          Awww thanks for agreeing with me, btw heard your little was isn’t feeling well, from experience (my son is almost 3 years old) what works for colds is a humidifier and if you can get ur hands on it vicks vaporub for babies (ask ur doc first cause I don’t know how old your little one is) and apply it to the back and chest, DO NOT apply under the nasal area.
          If she is coughing as well, rub some vicks on the soles of her feet and put on some warms socks for her, it really helps with the coughing, give her plenty of fluids as well. Your baby is really cute, if you don’t mind I’d like to share my son’s picture with you as well (and Brett but everytime I tag someone the text I’ve written disappears)

          • Kate

            Oh my lawl….what an adorable chunky monkey that I just wanna hug! Your baby is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fricken adorables! Is he half asian? Oh my what a cutie, he is gonna be a ladies man! ^_^♥♥♥♥♥♥

          • vincent

            Why yes he is, my wife is Chinese, we met in Malaysia while studying at the same college. He sure is a naughty little guy but in a fun way, we try our best to make sure he isn’t spoiled and such. I gotta say the first 2 years are the hardest but it gets much easier after that. As a point of interest his god parents are Korean haha I’ll attach a few more pics of him for your viewing pleasure :) Your baby is so cute too hope you post more pictures of the little lovely :)

          • dk2020

            yeah dude didn’t know how disgusting babies could be until I had to change some diapers haha ..

          • vincent

            Haha yeah @dk2020:disqus tell me about it, before I became a dad I wouldn’t even carry a baby, for me it was sort of a crash course in child rearing when my son was born.

          • dk2020

            cute kid bro ..

          • vincent

            Hey thanks man, I’m sure my son would appreciate the compliment heh :D

  • ggoma

    If the video filmer was really so concerned, why would he first take a video of it instead of intervening? To show off? That’s really sickening to me. Why watch if you think a girl is being molested?

  • YourSupremeCommander

    The camera was WAAAAAY too still. This is so fake its not even funny.

  • Lion

    It’s embarrassing that South Korean men blame Korean women for drinking too much. Most of the time it’s because a Korean guy force fed her all that alcohol.

    • HaakonKL

      Are you saying that in Seoul, gangs of men rove the streets with beer-bongs, force feeding women?

      First of all, if you choose to drink too much, then it’s your responsibility.
      Second of all, this shit is never okay, even if she had too much to drink. You chose to act like a dick, she didn’t.

      • jxs9

        If its a work function you usually have to drink.

  • jon776

    The retards that blame the woman are the same filth that would go crazy if that was a non-korean man.

    • Kate

      oh man if that had been a foreigner………..the shit would’ve hit the ceiling :)

      • chucky3176

        Can we try to stop this foreigner vs Korean bitterness people? I know you guys are downtrodden and feel extremely bitter, but this is getting just ridiculous. There’s always a time and place when you can bring up your racial minority discrimination issues, but this one ain’t it.

        • Kate

          I’m not down trodden or bitter Chucky, in fact I’m in excellent christmas cheer ^_^ I got my xmas lights up around my house today and had prime rib for dinner tonight. We are just making light comparison on how netizens probably would of went berserko if thatd been a foreign guy. Does someone need a hot chocolate to warm up? :)

        • Brett

          Pot: “Mr. Kettle, you’re black”!

        • Erdos

          Chucky, I don’t like the whining of westerners in Korea.

          But I also don’t like the whining of Asian-Americans like Goodwin Liu. The difference is the latter have a fair amount of political clout/power, to the point of having their own academic ‘discipline’ which teaches greivance politics (“asian american studies”).

  • redgirls

    Have no hands to bless themself.

  • redgirls

    wandering hand syndrome

  • lonetrey / Dan

    To be fair to both people in this video, I think this whole thing was really unnecessary. It could’ve been solved by having one move to a farther seat. So simple. Or tolerating the guy’s minimal offensiveness.

    Both seem sleepy and/or drunk. Just shift aside, people!

    • Well, if the dude felt like moving. If the woman moved (who was obviously the one being taken advantage of) he could’ve easily followed her… And drunk people are annoying. Either they’ll stop trying or make a scenic big deal.

  • Quentin

    Korean men always find a way to pin it on the women

  • holdingrabbits

    Very reasonable calls for death from at least one netizen. I know the girl was drunk and the guy seems drunk as well. It seems very strange that it’s almost as though she needs someone else’s permission to remove herself from that situation.

  • skippy

    Where did that guys left hand go near the beginning of this video????

  • it may just seem like he is using her as a pillow but imagine if some old guy was doing that to yoU! When your on a bus or subway or whatever and people do these things to you and it can be quite scary to the point where you don’t want to react, so you don’t move away.

  • aoko

    why are the korean netizens all saying it’s her fault because she didn’t sit somewhere else?? it’s pretty obvious the molester guy sat next to her. =_=

    • Sillian

      Lol don’t bother asking this type of question million times. It’s the way it is on the internet. Don’t expect some civil intellectual discussion especially from sites like Ilbe and keep saying why Korean netizens….. x 100
      Like it or not, it is their playground where they take the piss and potshots as they please and we are just being uninvited Peeping Toms here. xD

    • chucky3176

      I didn’t see anybody blaming her for this, other than the fact that she didn’t do anything when the man kept touching her. Nobody thinks that’s really strange why she drank herself to the point she’s unable to control herself? Stupidity maybe? And this has absolutely nothing to do with sex of the person.

  • Jang

    The Netizens said they wouldn’t have helped her but complain about Americans for not helping(jumping in front of a train) the Korean man who died in New York subway.

    • Sillian

      I didn’t know ‘The Netizens’ were clones of one unique schizophrenic individual. How enlightening!

    • chucky3176

      She was helped by one person who took the video. That’s one help, which is much more than the help that Korean man got in NYC subway. And you’re taking one comment and calling it a “netizen”? Both examples show you completely fail statistics, Jang.

      • Kate

        You know you were just accusing me (unfairly might I add) that I was bringing foreigners into this discussion and here you are doing the same thing. You’re being a hypocrit Chucky. Bah humbug.

        • dk2020

          No big deal kate ,, and what do u expect from chucky? kk, we have our own dysfunctional family of hypocrites on kBang! i’ll admit i’m a hypocrite at times too .. I don’t say I’m right but it’s just my opinion ..

          I’m the one that brought up foreigners vs koreans oops! my bad! regular kBangers shouldn’t even be touche about the subject because I feel like I’m having the same argument every week with a different expat ..

          • chucky 2.0

          • Lovely

            white people are wantonly oblivious to their own ignorance on a given number of topics. give them a keyboard and the internet and they think they’re an expert on everything. takes true hubris to live like that.

          • Chris Redfield

            Just say it “Racist!”

        • chucky3176

          Once it was brought by you and Jang, and turning it into foreigner issue again, it was too late.

          • Kate

            *kicks chucky in shins*

          • ..I don’t think you would like to be kicked in your lady parts or boobs… I’m sure if he did a *slaps kate in face* a whole “omg what a woman-beater!” fiasco will happen… even if it is kidding (or partially kidding) just if it happened the other way around, it wouldn’t be taken so lightly.. double-standard-y.

          • Kate

            First of all don’t tell me hkw I would react if he said something like that, you don’t know me or what’d I say. Second I am playing with Chucky because he and I have been arguing back and forth and I meant what I said in good humor because I like Chucky. Third, uh people have said much worse towards me on csmack and I take it in good humor because well this is the internet and I don’t take anything personal. There is no double standard or whatever the hell you’re talking about because no one is making an issue of this except you.

            If chucky was offended, well I don’t apologize because he offends me too and that’s cool, I like talking back and fourth with him in fun. He is smart and fun to argue with.

            And lady parts? Last time I checked a shin is not male genatalia. Do you know what a shin is? I suggest an anatomy class if you don’t.

          • …I never told you how to react (but I do know anyone being kicked anywhere would react in a painful way because um… it hurts?)

            And actually, I read wrong so my apologies for that but still the rest of my comment stands. *shrugs* I’m stating my opinion just like you’re freely stating yours. I dunno, just funny since I read many of your comments (also I don’t really agree with many but eh whatever not the issue) and I dunno you come off more and more wishy-washy to me and well… since it is the internet, like you said… why even take you seriously at all?

          • Kate


          • Anonymous

            youre a fucking aids *shrugs*

      • Lovely

        I was sad to read that story about the poor man who was pushed in front of a train. I don’t care what his ethnicity was, or where he was from ,honestly, I wouldn’t be jumping my ass in front of a train. I would have screamed “RUN!!!” or run to the other side of the tracks. There were several ways out but I think the poor guy was in a state of shock and didn’t think or have time to think about his options. I would want someone to help if it was my husband or my child though. New York is notoriously hardcore, in that, people have “seen it all”, and really don’t flinch or move when they see violence. They simply shrug and go about their business. If its something else, they’ll help. Like on 9-11. NY is a very cool, but very violent city. They average about 500 murders a year. Not counting attempted murders. If you get caught looking at someone while riiding the subway, they will get up and punch you in the face. That’s probably what happened. You keep your eyes on your surroundings, but train your line of view.

        • Chris Redfield

          What ethnicity are the majority of those “500” murders a year by the way? Killer and Killed?

  • Paul M

    I wonder if this will become a new trend: drunkajeoshigrope-gate. People need to be made aware of this kind of sordid behaviour. Admittedly Seoul is relatively safer than a lot of other big cities but you still need to be on your guard and take precautions.

    • dk2020

      Is there a separate train for only women like in Japan and Indonesia? if it gets really bad I’m sure Korean transit authorities will implement this rule too ..

      • exink

        None in Korea. I knew that indonesia had these trains but I didn’t know that japan had them too. I would imagine it to be humiliating to have to have separate carriages because they can’t trust the men to behave themselves

        • dk2020

          Well, that’s just the Asian way of thinking, see how they don’t think of human rights and just enforce rules and order. Yeah, they had to get that policy in Japan because of all the groping and molesting on the train that was going on, I think thats a common Japanese sexual fantasy based on Japanese porn .. that and sex in public because sexuality is so suppressed in Japanese culture ..

          • Paul M

            As exink said no separate carriages for women only. It’s not a bad idea especially for Seoul where the subway gets jammed with commuters during rush hour. However it would be really difficult to enforce as for the most part older Korean men tend to think rules don’t apply to them and younger male and female Koreans are socially and culturally forbidden to correct their behaviour.

            I don’t know much about Japanese culture aside from visiting a few times (I’m going again in February – YES!!!) and watching a few Akira Kurosawa films, but I get the impression that the Japanese are quite relaxed and open about sexuality.

          • dk2020

            LOL u might be right about the ajeoshis .. they are like billy goats stubborn as hell .. well most Koreans are stubborn ahaha ..

            I dunno about open sexuality Paul .. PDA is really looked down on in Japan, the weird porn, the molestation on trains, weird sexual fetishes etc .. I’m just trying to understand why it is that way not judge that its right or wrong .. because Korea is similar in some ways ..


      • Saisyet

        I disagree with gender segregated trains because that will only sexualize and separate the sexes more. Men need to learn how to behave themselves.

  • Observer

    The question whether the man was drunk or not is irrelevant . I’m a man and I’ve been drunk many times, but I’ve never molested a woman. Being drunk is no excuse to getting all “touchy” with a stranger.

    • exink

      Adding to your comment. Why does it matter if the woman was drunk or not? People sleep on the subway all the time, who cares if the sleep was a result of over-working or alcohol, the end result is the same – man getting “all touchy” with a vulnerable woman.

      Would people react differently if he touched the woman while she was sleeping during the day exhausted from work)? Sleeping is Sleeping, never mind the reason.

      • exink

        I’m also taking your lead of referring to it as being “all touchy”. I don’t want this to get into an argument on this website about what constitutes as “Molestation”

      • asfd

        Yeah. I don’t drink and sometimes I fall asleep on the train. I see plenty of people sleep on the train too because they’re just exhausted from work, or because the train just has that lulling effect. I’m kind of appalled people are badmouthing the girl.

  • Pingback: Victim Blaming: Why “she should have just moved” isn’t the solution to harassment on public transport | The Grand Narrative()

  • Well…. at least the filmer did something about it.

  • train

    He’s an low life, sorry excuse for a man. But, she also needs to take a class on how to be responsible. Still no excuse for what he was trying to do. While she should be able to take the train in whatever capacity she wants, that is not the world we live in.

  • Taegeuk

    I had female strangers nap on me before on subways and buses here in Canada when I was still in school. I didn’t think much of it. The cute girls I just let them sleep while the not so cute ones, I wake them up. LOL
    If was other way though, I would be severely embarrassed.

  • PixelPulse

    Soo much victim blaming.

  • You know the issue: In Korea, and much more in Japan, making social waves and criticizing is bad. Therefore, instead of dealing with bad behaviour, they segregate the complainers – women – into their own cars. This isn’t so much sexism, as the inability of Japanese and to a lesser degree Korean society to deal with “difference” or “loss of social harmony” – you never criticize the elders, and never say anything that suggests there’s anything wrong with anything.

    Therefore – separate cars, because nobody wants to address why men do this, or feel either free to do it or feel the need to do it.

    In all honesty, I feel more sorry for these guys than anything else – their lives must be awful, their view of the world so filled with abject hopelessness, so antisocial – they can barely function with other people. I’ll bet.

    There are a *lot* of men like that here in Korea, who get up to this type of anti-social behaviour to varying degrees. it’s a very harsh society towards men, rigidly hierarchical and filled with contempt.

    It’s also patriarchal, but it’s not that simple.

    The central problem is a core inability to address cultural issues that cause this sort of thing to spiral out of control. Guys like these need, well, not quite sympathy, but at the very least social help.

    And if anyone is going to be segregated, it should be this tiny collection of asocial males.

    A larger question that needs to be looked at: What happens to men (and women) in this society, and even moreso in Japan, to push them into anti-social behaviour like this? I find it hard to believe this is a “natural behaviour” that desperate and horny old guys think they can just get away with. There’s some serious maladjustment going on.

    These are the real questions, and because they’re cutting to the heart of the matter, they never get asked. It’s all about how the woman did it or deserved it or look she’s a stupid drunk skank, or the man is some disgusting old lech like all men I hate them all, we should protect women from these predatory things called men.
    Nobody asks why men and women end up acquiring such amazingly poor social skills and engage in all kinds of socially inappropriate activity. There’s an extreme resistance to discussing this openly, because this means breaking “social harmony”. Therefore, the problem is never solved and isn’t even properly debated.
    It’s far easier just to label the perpetrators sub-human monsters and slap them with fines and jail time. meanwhile, the problem persists and gets worse, because nobody dares to address the underlying social causes.
    Or nobody really, truly cares that much.

    • dk2020

      I agree with you but I think it’s the overall lack of social awareness and dealing with mental health issues of both Korean men and women which partially explains the high suicide rate..The importance of being stoic through adversity in Korean culture, there are Korean women with mental health issues too. I got a crazy aunt everybody in the family loves but tries to ignore ,, what can you do but support them and hope they get better and don’t go off the deep end ..

      • dk2020

        I’m sure everybody has heard about what has happened in CT with Sandy Hook Elementary RIP to all that lost their lives.. how come the shooter Adam Lanza gets so much sympathy because he’s white and had autistic aspergers? SMH, he came from a good home but him and his parents were gun nuts .. See its all about mental health and gun control thats the real issue..

    • Good post.

  • I don’t think this is as bad as it’s made out to be. Yes, what the old man was doing was inappropriate, but he HARDLY DID ANYTHING. The footage was probably 15-20 minutes in reality but the recorder edited it trying to find the best moments. If you look at the old man, he looks drunk himself and he conks out. I don’t see any groping or grabbing of her private parts…he may have given her a back rub in the beginning (hard to tell). Then he basically just falls asleep on her. This is no big deal. You just move to another seat. I thought it was going to be all out groping, grabbing, feeling, molesting, caressing shyte but this is weak. Move along folks.

  • LAWL-Man


  • Why she didn’t move ?? Why ? Why ? He didn’t touch her . He is a drunken idiot and she is a sick in her head ! Just move to another seat and call a transit cop if the guy is that annoying . Looks like she was enjoying the attention from that idiot .

  • John

    I am Korean myself and I have to admit Koreans are very sensitive about anything that deals with sexual stuff. Even the slightest touch and they are all over the place panickung. Seriously ppl need to stop exaggerating everything geez

  • Jasmine

    “Is getting as wasted as her worth such a risk? Tsk tsk I’m sorry to say this, but that’s an open invitation for rape and sexual harassment.” I’m sorry what? An open invitation for rape and sexual harassment? Nothing is an open invitation for rape considering rape is unwanted/non-consensual sex!

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