Thousands of Unauthorized Fire Suits Provided to Firefighters

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The Protective Gear Firefighters Wear is Their Lifeline, But They Were Given Unauthorized Fire Suits


At the scene of a fire, firefighters risk their lives, hurling themselves into the flames. It was discovered however that firefighters have been provided unauthorized fire suits that have failed to pass quality inspection tests. Although this happened more than two years ago, fire officials have not yet been able to figure out how this incident occurred.

Reporter Hwa has more.


Suits that firefighters wear while fighting fires must pass a product quality test by the Korea Fire Institute.

These are the fire suits that protect firefighters from the heat at the fire.

Therefore, the operational safety of these suits is vital.

However, thousands of fire suits that didn’t pass proper safety inspections were provided to front lines firefighters.

This news was discovered in a report received by the Public Procurement Service last month.

In the process of investigating this report, they found out that over the last two years, 19,300 sets of fire suits were distributed to the front lines although only about 14,000 sets of them passed the KFI product quality test.

This means about 5,300 sets of fire suits were supplied without having passed any inspection tests, but all 19,300 of the fire suits had stamps from KFI indicating they passed inspection.

The National Emergency Management Agency stopped using 19,300 sets of fire suits provided through the Public Procurement Service by two companies.

However, it has yet to find out how and through what process these unauthorized fire suits were supplied to front line firefighters.

Comments from Naver:


What’s wrong with Korea? Firefighters aren’t treated fairly and drivers don’t give way to the fire engines. You should reflect on your actions.


The fire station is the first place you call when a fire occurs, so is it fair to treat firefighters like this?


In Korea.. how does this kind of thing happen? High ranking officials are committing corruption for their own self-interest. There’s even corruption when it comes to fire suits, which puts firefighter’s lives at risk. This is equivalent to murder.


High ranking snobs.. They don’t do what they are supposed to do but they act only in terms of self-interest. They are worse than enemies.


We should burn all those fire suits.


For 15 years, my dad has been using his own money to buy fire resistant gloves as a firefighter at Dongducheon fire station.


I really hope firemen get paid a lot and and people treat them decently. Firefighters are not even considered public servants.


This means firefighters are facing fires without any safeguards. We should not fool around with fire suits.


F***, This is where tax money should be used.


How much longer do I need to read this kind of news?


Damn those assholes.. If your sons and daughters wore fire suits, they would have upgraded to the best authorized suits. You guys should not live like that. Such evil human beings.


High ranking officials should use tax money on firefighters, not on their drinking.


Heol, fire suits are worse than clothes that welding operators wear. Investigate all the people who deal with the fire equipment budget.


Once firefighters are treated well, the general public as well as Korea can develop.


The person who allowed those fire suits to be sold should receive a severe sentence, such as 30 years imprisonment and a fine. He gambled with people’s lives.


This country is rubbish.


Figure out the whole story in detail and arrest the people who committed the wrong.


What a sight.. How is it possible to fool around with the life?


Please stop wasting money and give proper support to firefighters.

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  • commander

    Attention: The fact that some of protective outfits that were supplied to firefighters hadn’t go through quality inspection doesn’t mean the y have problems with their functionality.

    Further investigation is necessary to verify whether the furnished uniforms are faulty or whether the outfit maker just sought to skip fees for inspection to cut corners in costs.

    Even if it turns out the protective outfits are on par with ones which earned OK in inspection in terms of quality, the government should tighten its inspection procedures, and hold accountable those who turned a blind eye to the inspection omission for what is critical to lives of firefighters in a nation where the death toll of firefighters in action double that of their Japanese counterparts.

  • TheDickinDixie

    Public procurement in Korea is a long-standing farce.

    Kickbackbacks and cronyism are deep-rooted at almost every level.

    This is just the latest in a long line of potentially lethal supply contracts (nuclear power plants with fake components, the navy with unfit-for-purpose ships, the army with a seemingly endless list of broken euipment).

    Until lengthy custodial sentences and huge fines (ie multiples of the kickbacks received) are handed out, nothing will change.

    That is unless there is an incident of such proportions as to cause Korea to be embarrassed internationally.

    • left nut

      You are correct but sadly this is not isolated to just Korea…

  • ShootehAnon

    Mess after mess after mess.

  • hello123

    didn’t this happen to the firefighters in NYC during 911?

  • Balkan

    No news about the slashed US ambassador?

  • KayEhm

    This is why we need public procurement authority organizations like the PPA at The purpose is to improve efficiency in the procurement process and reduce solicitation and procurement costs. They are supposed to provide a mechanism for increased standardization of industry tools, equipment and technology, which allows other public agencies to benefit from Master Price Agreements secured by PPA!

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