Fire in Seoul Suburb Kills 4, Residents Blame Firefighters

Article from No Cut News:

Fire in Uijeongbu; “Fire Station Helicopters Fueled Flames” vs. “Absolutely Not”

fire in uijeongbu

Residents say that the winds from the helicopter spread the flames. Fire department deployed emergency crew, deaths also confirmed.

128 victims of the Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do apartment building fire include 4 who lost their lives. Some controversy has arose, as residents say, “the helicopter sent by the fire department helped spread the fire.”

Upwards of 100 victims attended a meeting at noon on the 11th in the auditorium of Kyeong-ui Elementary School, that had been turned into a temporary shelter. The meeting was held by Uijeongbu Fire Department Chief Lee Jae-min. Suspicions and talk of guilt on the part of the fire department were brought up during the meeting.

2 helicopters dispatched from the fire station arrived 30 minutes after a call was received reporting the fire. Residents claim the helicopter’s propellers blasted wind across the rooftop of the building, thus fueling the fire.

One resident said, “When the fire first started at Daebong Green Apartments, the firefighters were putting out the fire below. But when the helicopters came, the wind made the fire spread. We all had to get out of there – even the firefighters.

Another resident claimed, “During the 10 or so minutes the helicopter’s propellers were spinning, the fire jumped to the next building. The middle floors of the building were untouched, but both the bottom and higher floors had parts that were on fire.

The residents gathered in the auditorium were unanimous. They cried out, “We all saw it. We are all witnesses.”

Chief Kim of the Uijeongbu fire department denied the accusations, “The helicopter was not the cause of the fire spreading. We absolutely cannot say that is what happened.”

Kim continued, saying, “Putting out the fire is paramount, but there were also people either in severe condition, or in cardiac arrest, who were on the roof needing rescue. Rescuing these people was our first priority.

The fire department emphasized that four people were rescued from the roof by helicopter.

Upon hearing that rescuing victims was the first priority, residents were sympathetic to this policy. They then demanded an explanation. “We want to know who started the fire,” they insisted repeatedly.

Residents claim that, “You failed to put out the fire in the beginning, and didn’t have the foresight to expect the fire to jump to the neighboring building.” The fire department responded, “It’s near impossible to reach all four sides of a building at once, especially considering the flammable styrofoam material and cars parked in the lot, the close proximity of the buildings to one another. All of these factors led to the fire’s sudden growth.”

Beyond this, after explaining that the only 2-year old building had not yet been inspected by the fire department, Chief Kim promised that, “In the future, this will be done.” Residents subsequently erupted in anger, saying, “What are you talking about? The fire alarms didn’t go off properly. This is too little, too late.”

Comments from Naver :


It’s like a person rescued from drowning asking their rescuer to please get their stuff too.


They’ve already tried to find some advantageous position for claiming damages? If there’s a fire, don’t send a helicopter. Put out the fire and rescue victims.


They say sometimes a little knowledge can be dangerous.. After Sewol, people have completely lost their trust in anything.. Do they really not think about those 4 people who were rescued by the helicopter?


They’re making nothing into something here.. It was probably just the wind so why don’t they sue the Earth.. How about suing the motorcycle company??


They did their best to rescue people so what’s all this noise about? The firefighters must feel really crappy now. You couldn’t just say thank you? Ugh!


This seems quite speculative. It’s normal for a helicopter to be dispatched to rescue victims of a fire. For them to be talking about that it’s just… it doesn’t make sense really. If the helicopter hadn’t have gone there, a couple of people would’ve died from the late response. If the helicopter hadn’t have gone there, the people who could be saved would’ve died, and everyone would be angry about it. No matter what they do they’ll be blamed. Getting blamed is unavoidable.


Shameless. If the helicopter hadn’t have come then who would’ve saved those people from the roof?


This is really a societal problem. I understand how you feel right now but enough is enough. They worked so hard to rescue you. How can you say that to them?


What kind of citizens are they? …. If something happens it’s the country’s fault??? Ever since the Sewol people’s sense of citizenship has changed to become this.


So you’re saying those people on the roof should’ve been left to suffocate and die??? Even if you’re pushing it be reasonable…

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