Postman Fights House Fire, Saves Couple, Carries On As Normal

Mailman Jeon Ho-jin, who put out a house fire and saved a couple.

From Nate:

Mailman Jeon Ho-jin Risks Life to Put Out House Fire

A mailman who stopped in the middle of his delivery route to courageously battle a house fire was recently recognized for his feat, though the recognition came late.

According to the Chungcheong Postal Service, mailman Jeon Ho-jin (age 35), who was in the middle of delivering mail, discovered a house on fire at around 3pm on January 30.

The residents of the house were a man who had a difficulty getting around and his wife, who was in poor health.

Jeon stopped his delivery route, and, braving the flames, combated the fire with a fire extinguisher. He then helped evacuate the residents of the house to a safe place, who were outside on the front lawn in shock.

Concerned that the gas tanks in the house might exacerbate the fire, Jeon then ran inside and took three of them out of the house, removing a hazard that could have caused casualties and/or made the fire worse.

Jeon, who nearly had the fire under control by the time the fire department arrived, then resumed his mail route as if nothing had happened; the other residents did not learn this brave person who had put out the fire was only a postman until recently.

Impressed with his heroic actions, the residents of Jochon 2-ri tried several times to contact Jeon by phone.

Jochon-ri village chief Choi Cheon-sik found Jeon when we went to the post office to thank him; the post office has since been deluged with phone calls of thanks from the Jochon-ri residents.

Jeon downplayed his role in the heartwarming incident, saying humbly, “There was a big fire – of course, I had to stop and help those people.”

[Chungcheong] Postal Service Director Park Wie-soon said, “We are very impressed with Jeon’s great courage to stop and help despite his heavy workload.”

Jeon continues to deliver mail in Wonnam-myeon, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do.

Comments from Nate:


This man should receive a presidential citation.


My husband is a mailman, too! This is such a heartwarming story. Because of the snow today, my husband must have had trouble riding his motorcycle… When he gets home, he will be exhausted and ask me to put pain relief patches on him… Thank you, postmen of Korea, and FIGHTING! Jeon Ho-jin, you’re the best.


This is really heartwarming. It’s lucky no one was injured, haha.


See, there’s still lots of good people in the world ~ so I’m hopeful.


I marvel at this man’s courage. What a cool guy! He should be promoted.


So people like this still exist in Korea…


We should all applaud this guy! Let’s pray for his promotion.


Postmen come despite rain or snow, and even if there were a typhoon they would float out to us [to deliver our mail]. It’s a dangerous job, especially since they ride around on motorcycles laden with packages…I think these guys are the real workers of Korea.


Let’s applaud this postman. *Applause*


People like this make the cold winters feel warmer.


Mailmen and emergency services [119] are some of Korea’s cleanest [least corrupt] and most sincere workers. Everyone else is trash.


Hooray hooray hooray Mr. Postman! ^.^


The people who rescue others like that should be awarded…thank you so much [Mr. Jeon].


Thank you. We should feel good about this and learn from him….thank you. Let’s give him a round of applause for his courage.


Let’s raise wages for police officers, firefighters, soldiers, and people like this guy.


I got goosebumps after a long while… so there are still people like this in the world, huh?


Most of the postmen I know are good people and leave a good impression on others. Case in point, this guy!




He even took the gas tanks out of the house…what courage…people like this really do still exist in our world ㅠㅠ

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