Busan Students Apprehensive Of New “Container Building” School

An elementary school in Busan has constructed a school building out of stackable containers. Each unit is a gray ready-made box that is stacked one on top of another in rows and columns. Beginning in March, 700 students will begin attending classes in this building. This is a temporary building that will house the students while their permanent school building is being constructed. However, parents and students are expressing concern over the safety of the building, as there are gaps between the containers, where they don’t fit seamlessly next to each other, the stairs are outside the building, and it doesn’t seem sturdy enough to withstand a typhoon or earthquake.

Article from JTBC:

“How Could They Permit This Kind of School…”Apprehension Over Three-Story Container Building School


A three-story school made out of stacking containers. This is not the story of an underdeveloped nation. This will be used by a 700 person Busan elementary school beginning from March. Students and parents are worried about it.

Reporter Gu Seok-chan has more.


A heavy-duty trucks brings containers and narrowly slots them into spaces.

This is a temporary 3-story building that will stand in for the existing school building that is being constructed.

Beginning next month, 750 elementary school and preschool students will begin classes in these temporary classrooms made from 181 containers pieced together.

busan korea container building school

The stairs are exposed to the outside, and there are gaps here and there between the walls of the containers.

Student: It’s scary. I’m afraid I’ll get hurt because it shakes, and isn’t stable.

There are also people who are worried about safety incidents that would arise from natural disasters such as heavy rain and heat waves.

Parent: I wonder why the Education Office permitted this, and want to transfer my child to a different school.

As you can see, because of construction, the sports field has been converted into a storage yard.

There is no place for the kids to play.

Normal gym activities are also not possible in this situation. The school declined to comment.

School representative: Hey, why are you recording in here?

The Education Office believes there will be no problems with the construction of temporary building if they follow the rules.

Busan City Education Office: Excluding summer and winter vacation, I don’t think one year’s time is a long time for the students.

There is concern that accidents will occur due to carelessness on the part of the education office authorities.

Comments from Naver:


They permitted this????Are they crazy??? Once it collapses, they should take a step back and reconsider their actions.


They’re going to have classes in this building??? The building would fall apart if it was hit by a typhoon. W.o.w. Fucking Education Office.


The idiot who came up with this idea is incredible and the idiots who agreed to it are also incredible.


Among the elementary and middle schools that have been closed because of the sudden drop in students in Busan, there are buildings that are satisfactory. Wouldn’t be better to have temporary school buses take students to the building?


What an incredible country…


Education office officials, try staying in that building~ If you exclude the summer and winter semesters, one year will not seem like a long time~


This is a temporary building that will only be used for 1 year, so it’s okay..Then is the Busan City Education Office saying that it will try moving into this building for one year?


This is not carelessness…It’s ignorance! How can a department in charge of education be so ignorant?!


Not more than 10 years ago, dozens of preschool children died in a fire in a container building. They completely forgot about this incident. What will they do in case of a fire, are they f*king idiots? If an accident happens, who will take responsibility? The vice principal? the principal? the education office? the city? the province? No one will take responsibility. These useless fuckers.


Looking at South Korea’s education department…is this possible…this doesn’t make sense…this is something that’s possible in a country where the citizens make an annual income of $500 a year…

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