Suspicious Activity Near Korean Military Demarcation Line

Article from Yonhap News

North Korean army at Military Demarcation Line (MDL) engaged in suspicious activity for 2 months…Possibly laying mines”

5-20 people in operation near the MDL…”with the goal of preventing defection to the South”

South Korean army authorities have been on full alert since they caught sight of the North Korean army engaging in suspicious activity along the entire front line of the Military Demarcation Line.

One government official stated that the front line security unit has heightened its security measures in case of an invasion across the MDL, as the North Korean army was closely surveying and operating in the western, central, and eastern front of the MDL.

With groups ranging in size from five people at the smallest to 20 people at the largest, the North Korean army engaged in operations such as erecting fallen MDL signposts.

According to the armistice, the marks on the trees and concrete that indicate the location of the MDL stretch from the end of the Imjin River to the eastern front. There is one every 200-300 meters, totaling 1,292 signposts.

It was reported that large mines are being laid in the section of the front line that North Korean soldiers have defected through this year.

A government official stated that the North Korean army has heightened measures for desertion prevention, not only along the North Korean Chinese border, but also along the MDL, following the orders of Kim Jong-Un, who is Chairperson of the National Defense Committee.

Even last year, the North Korean army sharply increased its surveillance activity and operations checking the MDL signs. The number of times the South Korean army issued a broadcast warning to the North Korean army approaching the MDL reached 60 last year.

Comments from Naver:


Feed your people with that money. You pig stop stuffing yourself.


Those good for nothing lumps of cancer-resembling bastards are struggling, huh. Do you think you can reverse history’s fortune wheel!!!?


Start sending propaganda to the North again!


Domestic North Korean sympathizers are scarier than Kim Jong-Un. If a war strikes, these guys will be the ones to take the lead following Kim Jong-Un’s orders and the ones to back-stab liberal democrats. That’s why if we don’t tighten our guard society will be in turmoil and will be in danger in the case of a war.


If you look at the shit they’re doing, it seems like reunification is not on their minds…we only say we’re one people..we have similar cultures and speak the same language but still seem like foreigners to each other.


To the reconnaissance unit and security unit troops with an extraordinary sense of duty, not letting their guard down while suffering on the front lines…keep it up! Thanks to your hard work I can sleep well at night…!


If reunification happens will they get rid of the mines? Crazy North Korean bastards.


Thinking that North Korean needs to collapse as soon as possible…


What would happen if we didn’t have our army? Once unification under communism takes effect will we become a communist country. Wondering if the people who hope that reunification will happen might be average citizens.

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  • Jahar

    What’s suspicious about it?

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Why wait until now to put mines in? Refugees almost never use the demarcation live to defect to the South, so the only reason they would start laying fresh mines is they expect the South to invade soon. And the South probably would invade…after the North uses its dozens of guns lined up against Seoul to bomb it to ashes.

      • Chucky3176

        They started laying mines after another latest rounds of North Korean soldiers crossing the DMZ to defect. It was a miracle that none of them tripped the mines that are laid in the North, while they were crossing the line. Seeing this, the NORK leadership (Kim Jong Un) probably got livid, and the general in charge of the front line forces probably got the brunt of the anger. The conditions for the North Korean troops are in dire straights right now, as they spend most of their time foraging and robbing for food while others are trying to grow their own food, instead of training for fighting. Most are malnourished with many are down to skin and bones who are then sent home. They are finding it though time finding draft recruits that they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel. The men have to serve 11 years (increase of one year starting last year), and the women who used to have to serve for five years, now have to serve 7 years. You’ll also be surprised that about 45% of the North Korean military is made up of women. Starvation is so bad in the military, that a number of them have crossed into China to rob and murder the Chinese civilians recently. They were hunted down and killed by joint Chinese-NK troops.

        • Chucky3176

          Of course, the Chinese are keeping a blind eye to all this. The Chinese government ban the news reports that their own citizens are being killed by hungry North Korean troops, in their own homes. So many Chinese have no ideal that this is what’s happening in the border towns. The Chinese government do not want their people to turn against North Korea which will weaken China’s support for the murderous North Korean government.

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            Not really surprised, no. I’d just expect North Koreans to escape through China and make their way around to South Korea since it isn’t as heavily patrolled. Going through the most heavily armed section of the planet seems a bit foolhardy, or desperate.

          • redwhitedude

            Unless you had a fishing boat near the Northern Limit Line and lost power so that your boat drifted.

  • It fascinating how NK is still functioning. Barely functioning but it still is a country!

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      It does by being supported by China, and cutting a whole lot more corners than should be legal.

    • Cheriemartyr

      NK is getting money from somewhere and that money isn’t just from China, but from someone else….

  • North

    North Korea leadership is slipping. North Korea people want to escape to South Korea.

  • vonskippy

    I thought fatty Kim was a fan of bootleg Western movies – if so, he should know that he needs sharks, sharks with frick’n lasers to guard the north side of the DMZ.

  • Lovely

    North Korea should probably start wondering why so many citizens want to defect to the south.

    • Doge Wallace

      I wonder why over 800 defectors in the south have moved back to the north.

      • Cheriemartyr

        I’ve noticed that lol..

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