Korean Pop Star Rain to Face Military Disciplinary Committee


Korean pop sensation Rain created a storm last week after it was revealed he has been dating actress Kim Tae-hee for over a month. With this, he was also granted many more days off the compulsory military conscription he is currently serving than are normally given.

From OSEN:

The Ministry of National Defense: Rain used 4 more break days for health reasons

The Ministry of National Defense revealed on January 4th that singer Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) received an emergency leave for 4 days due to illness while he was serving in the 5th division before moving to the PR support division.

In a regular morning briefing, ministry spokesperson Kim Min-seok explained that his remaining breaks will be shortened because the emergency leave days will be subtracted from the total number of break days. This was a new announcement.

According to the report released from the ministry on January 2nd, Rain has used 17 days in total as reward breaks since March 9th last year. This includes a 4-day reward break from the division commander (5.29~6.1), a 4-day reward break from the battalion commander (6.25~28), a 3-day reward break from the division commander (8.19~21) and a 2-day reward break from the PR support division chief (8.22~23).

Prior to this, he received 23 break days between October, 2011 and March, 2012. In the 5th division, he used a 7-day sick leave (1.4~10), a 5-day recreation break and a 4-day reward break (2.9~17), and a 7-day marksmanship reward break (2.29~3.6).

A ministry employee has announced that Rain was awarded his breaks through legitimate procedures but if any problem is found, an investigation will be conducted.

Spokesperson Kim notified that a disciplinary committee will be held next week to deal with Rain’s rule violation but the date hasn’t been determined.


Comments from Nate:


Is there any soldier who isn’t sick? Soldiers are supposed to endure pain. If he got a 4-day break for being sick, other regular soldiers should be given the same treatment.


It’s been a while since I was discharged from the army so I don’t know what it’s like these days. Now I know it’s possible to ask for an emergency leave if you are sick. In the past, it was possible only if your immediate family member died. Anyway, why do they even hold a disciplinary committee for Rain whereas they just throw regular soldiers in a military prison right away? Can’t they just send him to the front line and make him dance with his shirt off?? Would he even know how to shoot properly after spending about 100 days a year for breaks??


This is annoying. My little brother in the army couldn’t even use his breaks but because Rain is a celebrity….


Have you fucking bitch even guarded the front line or marched with full equipment? You are such a sick bastard. Do you have any conscience? Why don’t you just cheat and serve as a public service worker?


Wow, this reminds me of a guy named Kim Sam-bo in my unit who was weeping alone because he couldn’t even go to the funeral of his maternal grandmother. A supply officer called the regiment and tried to find a way but he wasn’t allowed to go because the deceased was a maternal family member. Regular soldiers live miserably like that. Ha…


Enough is enough. I don’t like either Kim Tae-hee or Rain. Why do I get a feeling that he’s being defended?? Now I learned entertainment soldiers can have this many breaks, sleepovers or off-days. This may be because it’s been 10 years since I was discharged but this is my first time to hear you can ask for an emergency leave because you are sick.


Is the army supposed to be like that? I turned 20 this year and I was thinking the army must be very tough and strict. If you are sick, you can extend your break for 4 days? A solider can go out to meet his girlfriend??


It freaking pisses me off. I’ve never heard that you can use an emergency leave for being sick. Are you kidding me? You think we ROK reservists are fools?


And he’s full of energy when he’s on a date.



You fucking shitting me? You think ROK soldiers are dog shit? A break for being sick? Since when has the army become that generous? Just because he’s a celebrity? Every big wig in the military should be investigated and Trash Rain should re-do his military duty.


He’s playing tricks.


I don’t know if you will appear on TV after you are discharged but don’t pretend you did your military service, fucker.


You made it clear that you were going to the regular army, tsk tsk. When you are discharged, keep a low profile in the corner.


If a solider is sick, doesn’t he have to stay in the military hospital???


Is being an entertainer a privilege? If it was the Joseon period, you would be of the lowest class.


That is not the point. It is about why he was given that many reward vacations. Average soldiers in the army receive 2 or 3 reward vacations during their entire service term. But Rain has received too many just for attending events even though he still has to serve for longer than half a year. I’m not saying doing events is easy but even the GOP soldiers at the tough front line can’t go out for 6 months and don’t receive that many breaks. This is unfair. Am I wrong??


When Rain’s stock fraud incident was in the headline, fangirl bitches were busy defending him. I was fooled by them and defended him, too. Now that I think about it, he is trashy enough to have done that. Because of that incident, some people committed suicide and some families were destroyed. It was a mess. It seems he will pay the price now but there’s still a long way to go. That douche always talks about his difficult times when he was younger and tries to appeal to pity. This tells you what kind of trash he is. Jung Ji-hoon, you bastard, go lick Kim Tae-pyeong [Hyun Bin’s real name. He served in the Marine Corps.] and Oh Jong-hyuk’s heels, you trash.


They give you a break just for having cellulitis?? Ke ke ke.


Now this bastard is worse than Yoo Seung-joon. [Yoo Seung-joon was a popular pop star between 1997 and 2001 who publicly pledged to serve in the army but soon he acquired American citizenship, which caused a public backlash.]


Just serve the full 15 days in the military prison and move to a regular combatant position.


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  • dim mak

    Seems like a non-issue

    I’d suck his dick, no joke.

    • Kate


    • chucky3176

      I thought you were a guy?

      • dim mak

        I am

        • Kate

          Well have you met gay azn boy?

          • dim mak

            Turns out he’s not interested in other gay azn boys


          • dk2020

            Canadians .. lols nah .. I haven’t really met too many gay Asians just seen a few Filipino and Thai queers in West Hollywood ..

            LOL this story is hilarious .. Fatlip from Pharcyde is the homie ..

          • dim mak

            Lotta east asians are holding onto some shameful stigma about homosex, so we keep a low profile

            You shoulda seen my mom’s face when she realized her innocent youngest son was getting pounded by some dude

          • Sillian

            It’s getting very graphic. xD

          • Kate

            Yeah he’s made it pretty clear he only likes the white boys…..

    • ShawnaKM

      I bit more graphic than the joke I was gonna say lol

  • Ruaraidh

    He must be a fucking half-wit. As someone whose military service was bound to be heavily scrutinised, why mess around taking spurious sick days?

    • Kate

      Because he thinks he is above and better then the normal soldiers because of his money and fame. He is probably just that arrogant.

      And I don’t find him cute at all. He’s short and his unphotoshopped face is very average. But then I guess he’s perfect for Kim Tae Hee, who to me looks slightly above average but honestly I saw way prettier girls then her on a Friday nightbin Hongdae. I don’t know what the fuss is about her ether.

      • Sillian

        Is he short? o_o

        • Kate

          My bad he’s average (5″11). My brother is 6″1, step dad 6″0, husband 6″0, dad 6″3, uncle 6″7. I guess I’m use to tall guys….altho I’m average 5″4.

          • dk2020

            koreans be obsessed with height not u too kate .. lols, all the girls be dissin short guys when they are short themselves, SMH I’m 5’8″ -_-;; .. and then taeyang and gdragon are 5’3″ ..I knew I should have joined a korean boyband when I had the chance!

          • Sillian

            They look like babies next to txvq or 2pm but I don’t think they are THAT short.

          • dk2020

            Look it up on wiki .. that’s their height LOL yet they get all the yonggaes kkk.. bigbang is a guity pleasure of mine, my wifey loves them so I have to support too ahaha

          • Sillian

            According to the latest report from some netizen, gd is like 5″6 and taeyang is like 5″4. Gd is def taller than taeyang. Taeyang is like the shortest among all Korean boyband members. x)

          • Lovely

            5’11 aint short

          • muramurr

            he’s 6.1 u dumb blind fucktard lol

  • Finally something about a kpop star!

    • Moniisek

      What do you mean? K-pop is everywhere else, let at least one site be about the more normal Korea.

      • Just that there have been big kpop things which haven’t been posted on this site and it wouldve been good to see the netizens reactions.

    • One article too many.

  • dk2020

    Damn Kim Tae Hee is a hottie I would dodge the draft for her too lols.. war didn’t break out in Korea so I think its cool, let Rain get his cray on he deserves it for being a celebrity but of course the ROK govt will make an example of him, there was a Kpop rapper back in the day Yoo Seung Joo that got deported for skipping out on his duty. Mandatory conscription is lame af tho and its funny how some of yall are so quick to judge and never been in that situation or enlisted in the military ..

    • Kate

      Yeah well its still the law and no one likes people who get favoritism whether it be more sick days in the military or getting to skip ahead in the candy store line, it irks everyone anywhere pretty equally.

      • x1sfg

        Ha. Every military I’ve worked with or for, any contractor or company I’ve worked with… They all play favorites. Wonder why colonels get a slap on the wrist that would get a Sergeant an Article 15 or a Court Martial, followed by an ADSEP or OTH/dishonorable discharge? Ever wonder how a Navy LT shot down an USAF aircraft, then managed to make O-6 because his daddy was an admiral? There’s a good ol’ boy network in almost every organization. I hated that shit.

    • “He deserves it for being a celebrity.” Cretin. I bet anything you’re a Korean-American who would shit his pants if he was required to serve.

      • dk2020

        LOL, yup gyopo pride ajeoshi .. fuck the military I don’t believe in war and since war hasn’t happened in Korea since the 50’s I think it’ll be okay or just get it over with, the South with US backup should invade the North and unify the country .. I don’t think China would send troops to save North Korea this time ..

  • Brett

    Olympic medal winners (even if they sat the bench of a team) dont have to serve, while international celebrties do… that’s fair.

    • kpopwillneverstop

      Do you have any idea how hard olympicians train? They train for up to 4 years just to do one little event that can determine a gold medalist by the difference of just .01 seconds. About 80% of America can’t even exercise for up to two weeks. That’s probably why they’re exempt because their training regiment is just as hard as being in the military.

      And I highly doubt the teams in the olympics would have people sitting on the bench (that have never entered the game). I watched the olympics for my country for the entire two weeks and regardless of what team was playing (basketball, indoors volleyball, soccer, etc.), everybody got a fair chance to play. Wouldn’t you want to play if you’ve been training for years for an event that lasts roughly 1-3 hours?

      • Brett

        I agree with the merit behind your post, but the ones that train hard for 4 years and dont win a medal still have to serve.

  • redgirls

    PR support division?

    as in PR= public relations?

  • “A supply officer called the regiment and tried to find a way but he wasn’t allowed to go because the deceased was a maternal family member. Regular soldiers live miserably like that. Ha…”

    Aw… kinda messed up… maternal family member isn’t important like the paternal one…bleh…….sexist.

  • Elf Queen

    Wait a second,is this the guy that suppose to be all that gorgeous? He has a nice body and cutie face but seriously? There are many more cuter than him.

    Kim Na-Gil,Yu Seong-Ho, Joo Sang-Wook are good examples.

    It is pretty obvious what I’m watching now.:-)

  • x1sfg

    The ROKs need way better treatment for their conscripts. An E-5 in the US makes more than their officers with bah/bas and all the other benefits, and this is coming from a place where there officers are sort of in their own social caste. The restrictions are laughable. If someone in the US took leave to meet with an attractive celebrity, somebody would have written him up for a COM. They still have wall-to-wall counselling, which was weird to witness in the 90s.

    Anyway, we don’t have an army a couple miles north of us who want to obliterate us, but then again, I found I got better performance out of treating my men like, I dunno, men, and not servants.

    Conscripts are still your countrymen, not a bunch of misfits like the FFL

    • Can you explain the “wall-to-wall counselling” thing? I don’t understand it.

      • x1sfg

        Old school discipline. Corporal punishment

  • Over here it is against the law to say anything negative about Rain, otherwise you will be excommunicated by fangirls………………………………………………….

    fangirls and fanboys……………………………………………………….

    rather than use retard, perhaps we should use fangirls/boys as an insult. Clearly fangirls/boys have diminished intellect when it comes to object/person of their extreme interest and retard did not choose to be as they are, it is unfair for them.

    youre such a fangirl.

    how insulting….

  • elizabeth

    Kim Tae Hee is a natural beauty. She’s feminine and refreshing to look at. And those eyes…no wonder Rain fell head over heels.

    Kim, Ha Ga In and Song Hye Gyo, are pioneers of the Korean Wave. Without them and their male counterparts (incl. Rain), the wave could not have gone as far as the West that rapidly.

    If even murderers deserve a second chance, the public should be more sympathetic and forgiving.

    • Cyberia

      LMFAO @ “natural”

      • Sillian

        Oh she wears makeup for sure. You sound a lil too excited?

  • Madesu

    If you feel it’s unfair, make a big success in your career like him. Then, you’ll get the same treatment as he got. ;)

    • As a teacher? How would that work? Idiot.

      • Madesu

        Even if I know the way, I won’t tell you.
        Just suck it up, man.

      • dk2020

        damn you like to call everybody idiot? you idiot barbarian .. you look like a librarian ajeoshi, you look pissed too ahaha .. oh wait you work at Busan INS?? Are you on kBang to deport some ESL teachers?? Hahaha .. you hear all the complaints about the ROK govt?

        • I am pissed – pissed that overseas alleged “Koreans” like you have more respect for a skinny faggot who prances around in a silver tracksuit than for real men who do their duty and serve their country properly. Military service in Korea is overwhelmingly a brutal, pointless waste of time which is kept on because a lot of people make serious money from its contracts – but it’s something every man should do and do properly.

          Give me your full name and I’ll gleefully make it a hassle for you next time you come back here.

  • Paul M

    What about his superior officers allowing him extra leave? Shouldn’t they be disciplined too?

  • kfn

    Screw this Punk Ass, This wannabe cancelled a concert in Honolulu and was Sued by Promoters. I label this Punk a wannabe, can’t act or sing (only shouts) Can’t Understand such “Hoop-La” about this Punk Ass. Lot of Moguls making Big Bucks And The Korea Military (of course they got a cut) HEE HEE HEE!

  • Strelnikov

    Stephen Colbert will be laughing manically on camera if his staff finds out.

  • Lovely

    mmmm cutie rain. get him out of the army. can’t let anything happen to that beautiful body or face.

  • besudesu

    I don’t get that comment about the cellulitis….I can’t see the Korean because it’s not popping up, but….cellulitis can be pretty nasty. Trust me, I’m a veteran. (Of cellulitis, not the army.)

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  • Zay Naing

    I love Kim Tae Hee,I very crazy.

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