Korean Pop Star Rain to Face Military Disciplinary Committee


Korean pop sensation Rain created a storm last week after it was revealed he has been dating actress Kim Tae-hee for over a month. With this, he was also granted many more days off the compulsory military conscription he is currently serving than are normally given.

From OSEN:

The Ministry of National Defense: Rain used 4 more break days for health reasons

The Ministry of National Defense revealed on January 4th that singer Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) received an emergency leave for 4 days due to illness while he was serving in the 5th division before moving to the PR support division.

In a regular morning briefing, ministry spokesperson Kim Min-seok explained that his remaining breaks will be shortened because the emergency leave days will be subtracted from the total number of break days. This was a new announcement.

According to the report released from the ministry on January 2nd, Rain has used 17 days in total as reward breaks since March 9th last year. This includes a 4-day reward break from the division commander (5.29~6.1), a 4-day reward break from the battalion commander (6.25~28), a 3-day reward break from the division commander (8.19~21) and a 2-day reward break from the PR support division chief (8.22~23).

Prior to this, he received 23 break days between October, 2011 and March, 2012. In the 5th division, he used a 7-day sick leave (1.4~10), a 5-day recreation break and a 4-day reward break (2.9~17), and a 7-day marksmanship reward break (2.29~3.6).

A ministry employee has announced that Rain was awarded his breaks through legitimate procedures but if any problem is found, an investigation will be conducted.

Spokesperson Kim notified that a disciplinary committee will be held next week to deal with Rain’s rule violation but the date hasn’t been determined.


Comments from Nate:


Is there any soldier who isn’t sick? Soldiers are supposed to endure pain. If he got a 4-day break for being sick, other regular soldiers should be given the same treatment.


It’s been a while since I was discharged from the army so I don’t know what it’s like these days. Now I know it’s possible to ask for an emergency leave if you are sick. In the past, it was possible only if your immediate family member died. Anyway, why do they even hold a disciplinary committee for Rain whereas they just throw regular soldiers in a military prison right away? Can’t they just send him to the front line and make him dance with his shirt off?? Would he even know how to shoot properly after spending about 100 days a year for breaks??


This is annoying. My little brother in the army couldn’t even use his breaks but because Rain is a celebrity….


Have you fucking bitch even guarded the front line or marched with full equipment? You are such a sick bastard. Do you have any conscience? Why don’t you just cheat and serve as a public service worker?


Wow, this reminds me of a guy named Kim Sam-bo in my unit who was weeping alone because he couldn’t even go to the funeral of his maternal grandmother. A supply officer called the regiment and tried to find a way but he wasn’t allowed to go because the deceased was a maternal family member. Regular soldiers live miserably like that. Ha…


Enough is enough. I don’t like either Kim Tae-hee or Rain. Why do I get a feeling that he’s being defended?? Now I learned entertainment soldiers can have this many breaks, sleepovers or off-days. This may be because it’s been 10 years since I was discharged but this is my first time to hear you can ask for an emergency leave because you are sick.


Is the army supposed to be like that? I turned 20 this year and I was thinking the army must be very tough and strict. If you are sick, you can extend your break for 4 days? A solider can go out to meet his girlfriend??


It freaking pisses me off. I’ve never heard that you can use an emergency leave for being sick. Are you kidding me? You think we ROK reservists are fools?


And he’s full of energy when he’s on a date.



You fucking shitting me? You think ROK soldiers are dog shit? A break for being sick? Since when has the army become that generous? Just because he’s a celebrity? Every big wig in the military should be investigated and Trash Rain should re-do his military duty.


He’s playing tricks.


I don’t know if you will appear on TV after you are discharged but don’t pretend you did your military service, fucker.


You made it clear that you were going to the regular army, tsk tsk. When you are discharged, keep a low profile in the corner.


If a solider is sick, doesn’t he have to stay in the military hospital???


Is being an entertainer a privilege? If it was the Joseon period, you would be of the lowest class.


That is not the point. It is about why he was given that many reward vacations. Average soldiers in the army receive 2 or 3 reward vacations during their entire service term. But Rain has received too many just for attending events even though he still has to serve for longer than half a year. I’m not saying doing events is easy but even the GOP soldiers at the tough front line can’t go out for 6 months and don’t receive that many breaks. This is unfair. Am I wrong??


When Rain’s stock fraud incident was in the headline, fangirl bitches were busy defending him. I was fooled by them and defended him, too. Now that I think about it, he is trashy enough to have done that. Because of that incident, some people committed suicide and some families were destroyed. It was a mess. It seems he will pay the price now but there’s still a long way to go. That douche always talks about his difficult times when he was younger and tries to appeal to pity. This tells you what kind of trash he is. Jung Ji-hoon, you bastard, go lick Kim Tae-pyeong [Hyun Bin’s real name. He served in the Marine Corps.] and Oh Jong-hyuk’s heels, you trash.


They give you a break just for having cellulitis?? Ke ke ke.


Now this bastard is worse than Yoo Seung-joon. [Yoo Seung-joon was a popular pop star between 1997 and 2001 who publicly pledged to serve in the army but soon he acquired American citizenship, which caused a public backlash.]


Just serve the full 15 days in the military prison and move to a regular combatant position.


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