Dead-Beat Korean Fathers of ‘Kopino’ Children Revealed Online

The term ‘Kopino’ refers to a half-Korean, half-Filipino child living in the Phillipines, abandoned by their fathers. There are so many of these Kopino children that a movement has begun online to locate the Korean men who left them behind. The infamous list can be seen here. See this article for more background information.

Article from No Cut News:

“Searching for Fathers of Kopino”: Korean fathers who abandoned Kopino children revealed.

Ku Bonchang, head of We Love Kopino (WLK), an organization that supports Kopinos (Korean-Filipinos), uploaded the photos and personal information of Koreans on his blog.

Ku Bonchang, head of We Love Kopino (WLK), an organization that supports Kopinos (Korean-Filipinos) uploaded the photos and personal information of Koreans on his blog.

Photos of Korean males who are presumed to be the fathers of Kopinos went public, and has caused severe repercussions [for the men involved].

On the 10th of June, a post titled “Kopino children are looking for their fathers” was uploaded. The post includes a story about Kopinos wanting to see their fathers along with personal information and pictures of the Korean men presumed to be the fathers.

‘Kopino’ is a term combining ‘Korean’ and ‘Filipino’. It refers to a child born of a Korean father and Filipina mother.

So far there have been many postings looking for the fathers of Kopino children, but this is the first time a presumed father’s photo and personal information has been shared online.

Ku Bonchang, representative of We Love Kopino (WLK), an organization supporting Kopinos, uploaded the post “Looking for Kopino’s Fathers” on his own blog.

A list was made using social media content created by Kopinos searching for their fathers.

A 25-year old Kopino, Ms. K uploaded a post asking for help finding her father. This post, which included a picture and personal information, inspired Ku to start compiling the list.

For his part, Ku said, “It is almost impossible to find a father along with a photo and a name, so I was ready to give up. One day I saw an adult Kopino searching for her father on Facebook, and I posted [the list] on my site, not hoping for much. Much to my surprise, six Kopinos found their fathers within a month.”

Information about the 20 Korean men on the list was provided by Kopinos or their mothers.

Netizens are also sharing Ku’s list. They are showing their support by writing, “I hope they find their fathers soon,” “Cheer up! They’re dead-beat dads, but I hope they are found ASAP.”

On the other hand, some have wondered if the post could be viewed as defamation or a violation of privacy.

Regarding this issue Ku has stated, “I feel the “Looking for Kopino’s Fathers” campaign is completely justified, so that is why I published the list. I know some have accused me of defamation and violating privacy, but I don’t care.” He has since revealed plans to update the list.

Comments from Daum:


Why are the photos blurred? Just publish it all….


I hope children aren’t hurt by these irresponsible adults. Those people in the list, please take a moment reflect on yourself.


A lot of guys are gonna have some problems.


People who leave their kids behind should be protected from defamation and portrait rights?? So many things make me ashamed of living in Korea…


That’s the right thing to do… Dear Korean men, when you go somewhere for your own pleasure or out of pity… or for quick affairs, please act in a mature way and be responsible for your actions. Please do not say you made a mistake and give [her] some money… Money can solve your problems only in Korea, not in the Philippines, and not with your own flesh and blood.


Reveal them all.


One of my friends also should be on that list… I just can’t say it for his family’s sake.

She’s Gone

They should be held responsible. Why do men have such little sense of responsibility? If you don’t want to be responsible, keep yourself entertained with your hands at home.


I know they can find their fathers but… it makes me sad.


A lot of couples will be lining up for a divorce soon.


Please be responsible for your family. I hope this can be the chance to find everyone who humiliates Korea, those who abandon their children without so much as a call. We should find them and make them at least send living expenses to those children. . . An adult is someone who takes responsibility for what they have done, not just someone is legally allowed to drink alcohol and has a national ID. Even for single fathers or mothers in Korea, living expenses should be paid for their children… Do you think Filipina women are trying to get pregnant? Then to make sure it doesn’t happen behave yourself when you go there.


If there are a photo with a name, it’s a 100% chance he can be found.


Those assholes should be subject to chemical castration. They’re just disgusting insects don’t take responsibility for their wives and kids in Korea, and ruin those [Kopino] kids’ lives too.


Once their wives find them on the list, the drama will begin ke ke.


What’s the blur effect for? What’s the point of the article arousing more curiosity?


Take responsibility for what you have done.


This is such a disgrace.

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