Dead-Beat Korean Fathers of ‘Kopino’ Children Revealed Online

The term ‘Kopino’ refers to a half-Korean, half-Filipino child living in the Phillipines, abandoned by their fathers. There are so many of these Kopino children that a movement has begun online to locate the Korean men who left them behind. The infamous list can be seen here. See this article for more background information.

Article from No Cut News:

“Searching for Fathers of Kopino”: Korean fathers who abandoned Kopino children revealed.

Ku Bonchang, head of We Love Kopino (WLK), an organization that supports Kopinos (Korean-Filipinos), uploaded the photos and personal information of Koreans on his blog.

Ku Bonchang, head of We Love Kopino (WLK), an organization that supports Kopinos (Korean-Filipinos) uploaded the photos and personal information of Koreans on his blog.

Photos of Korean males who are presumed to be the fathers of Kopinos went public, and has caused severe repercussions [for the men involved].

On the 10th of June, a post titled “Kopino children are looking for their fathers” was uploaded. The post includes a story about Kopinos wanting to see their fathers along with personal information and pictures of the Korean men presumed to be the fathers.

‘Kopino’ is a term combining ‘Korean’ and ‘Filipino’. It refers to a child born of a Korean father and Filipina mother.

So far there have been many postings looking for the fathers of Kopino children, but this is the first time a presumed father’s photo and personal information has been shared online.

Ku Bonchang, representative of We Love Kopino (WLK), an organization supporting Kopinos, uploaded the post “Looking for Kopino’s Fathers” on his own blog.

A list was made using social media content created by Kopinos searching for their fathers.

A 25-year old Kopino, Ms. K uploaded a post asking for help finding her father. This post, which included a picture and personal information, inspired Ku to start compiling the list.

For his part, Ku said, “It is almost impossible to find a father along with a photo and a name, so I was ready to give up. One day I saw an adult Kopino searching for her father on Facebook, and I posted [the list] on my site, not hoping for much. Much to my surprise, six Kopinos found their fathers within a month.”

Information about the 20 Korean men on the list was provided by Kopinos or their mothers.

Netizens are also sharing Ku’s list. They are showing their support by writing, “I hope they find their fathers soon,” “Cheer up! They’re dead-beat dads, but I hope they are found ASAP.”

On the other hand, some have wondered if the post could be viewed as defamation or a violation of privacy.

Regarding this issue Ku has stated, “I feel the “Looking for Kopino’s Fathers” campaign is completely justified, so that is why I published the list. I know some have accused me of defamation and violating privacy, but I don’t care.” He has since revealed plans to update the list.

Comments from Daum:


Why are the photos blurred? Just publish it all….


I hope children aren’t hurt by these irresponsible adults. Those people in the list, please take a moment reflect on yourself.


A lot of guys are gonna have some problems.


People who leave their kids behind should be protected from defamation and portrait rights?? So many things make me ashamed of living in Korea…


That’s the right thing to do… Dear Korean men, when you go somewhere for your own pleasure or out of pity… or for quick affairs, please act in a mature way and be responsible for your actions. Please do not say you made a mistake and give [her] some money… Money can solve your problems only in Korea, not in the Philippines, and not with your own flesh and blood.


Reveal them all.


One of my friends also should be on that list… I just can’t say it for his family’s sake.

She’s Gone

They should be held responsible. Why do men have such little sense of responsibility? If you don’t want to be responsible, keep yourself entertained with your hands at home.


I know they can find their fathers but… it makes me sad.


A lot of couples will be lining up for a divorce soon.


Please be responsible for your family. I hope this can be the chance to find everyone who humiliates Korea, those who abandon their children without so much as a call. We should find them and make them at least send living expenses to those children. . . An adult is someone who takes responsibility for what they have done, not just someone is legally allowed to drink alcohol and has a national ID. Even for single fathers or mothers in Korea, living expenses should be paid for their children… Do you think Filipina women are trying to get pregnant? Then to make sure it doesn’t happen behave yourself when you go there.


If there are a photo with a name, it’s a 100% chance he can be found.


Those assholes should be subject to chemical castration. They’re just disgusting insects don’t take responsibility for their wives and kids in Korea, and ruin those [Kopino] kids’ lives too.


Once their wives find them on the list, the drama will begin ke ke.


What’s the blur effect for? What’s the point of the article arousing more curiosity?


Take responsibility for what you have done.


This is such a disgrace.

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  • woonawoona

    defamation? libel? Aren’t these terms referring to FALSE information? What if the information is 100 true? Basically Korea is fucked. At least these knetz know what the right thing to do here is.

    • Chucky3176

      That site only had information and pictures of 29 men. About half of them were deleted, while about quarter of them were men who are said to have fathered their children in the 1990’s. Considering that it is alleged that there are 30,000 to 3 million Kopino kids in the Philiippines (the wild numbers go up and down every year, depending on who’s talking at the time).

      And up to now, there have been only about 50 cases in Korean courts where Filipina mothers are suing their ex-partners, despite the fact that hundreds of Korean “NGO’s” and Korean lawyers (ambulance chasers) are in business of finding these mothers. There’s a huge rush on right now in Korea, where people who are set to make a lot of money from these Filipino kids, to find them and bring them to Korean courts. If they win, the lawyers get half the alimony payment, the other half will go to these brokers, and only about 5% to 10% of the money will actually go to the mothers, but none to the kids. The Filipina mothers in turn, will spend the money on their relatives, with very little of it going to the kids themselves.

      • bigmamat

        How do you know what they’ll spend the money on? Sounds a lot like the excuse people use when they don’t want to pay their child support.

      • UserID01

        “The Filipina mothers in turn, will spend the money on their relatives, with very little of it going to the kids themselves.”

        1. The child IS a relative of the mother, so if the mother spends money on the relatives, then the child is included. Hooray.

        2. How do you know how every single mother in every single instance will spend the money?

        If there’s good money to be found in these “ambulance chasers” tracking down deadbeat parents and forcing them to cough up monies owed to their abandoned children, good for them. At least SOMEONE is holding them accountable. That the lawyers are making a killing at it, and that their methods may be more out of self-interest than actual altruism is inconsequential. If, in fact, a Korean has abandoned a child in the Philippines and returned to Korea without continuing to support that child, I say good on anyone who holds him/her responsible for the support of that child.

      • risotto

        You sound like you just came back from a paternity suit meeting with a lawyer.

    • David

      No, actually in Korea you can be held liable even if it i true. In fact if you say something bad about another person’s business (again even if true) you can be found liable.

  • 금정산

    Unfortunately it’s easier for the people to post names and photos on the internet instead of tracking down a suspected father. Without a paternity test nobody knows if they really are the fathers. I would bet a lot of them are, but some would be mistaken.

    I think it’s sometimes fair for people to be required to prove their innocence. Suspected fathers should be required to take DNA tests. Paternity tests should be compulsary under law in both South Korea and the Philippines. That and an agreement between both countries to enforce international testing.

  • Golden Phone

    Koreans are getting an awful reputation in the Philippines nowadays. They are viewed as dishonest and the men as lecherous.

    • Korean

      Curious that why they also don’t go after American and Japanese deadbeat dads considering that their numbers are much more than Korean deadbeats.

      • demure guy

        there is a social stigma against filipino women marrying western/american/causasian men..especially if the girl isnt educated or does not have a legitimate, stable sources of income then the stigma is even more blatant.

        however, the persecution is not as blatant as it was before…people will just look and have conclusions in there head

    • B

      We don’t give a shit about that shithole anyways, so I’m fine with that.

  • bigmamat

    I’m curious. What kind of “relationship” do these men have with these Filipino women? Do they temporarily live in the Philippines then go back home? Are they on “sex” vacations? What’s the deal here that so many women and children can claim a Korean father? Are these women in the sex trade? I’m a bit confused.

    • Nurul Iman

      From what I’ve read before, Korean men go to Philippines for vacation and begin a ‘relationship’ with Philippines’ women promising marriage and so on. Afterward they will go back to Korea leaving their child behind

      • bigmamat

        How long is the vacation? It’s got to be longer than a week like Americans take. Even if it’s a month. What’s up with that?These girls are sex workers right?

        • guest

          Same thing with white men in Korea who come here to play, promising the local girls marriage but dumps them after they move on to the next girls. I think couple of years back, the same Korean TV station did a similar expose documentary on the poor behaviors of the Western expat men in Korea. At that time, it was regarding the white men in Korea having sex, impregnating the Korean women they pick up in bars, and abandoning them after they move onto the next girls. There was lot of flack by the foreign community over that documentary as being racist. But to be fair,the same TV station did other documentary films about Korean men in Philippines and their poor behaviors. In that case, no-one thought that the documentaries unfair towards Korean men. In those documentaries, Koreans don’t come off looking any better.

          • 금정산

            It isn’t the same thing because white men don’t go to Korea so they can play about. Once in Korea white men will take make the most of their popularity, and some (very few, actually) will find a different girl each weekend. But they certainly don’t go to Korea for the girls.

            Think about it, there are thousands of Korean girls in Western countries for travel, foreign degrees and learning English. They are away from their families and Korean social restrictions. If a white guy wanted Korean girls, he wouldn’t go all the way to Korea for it; not when there is a large turnover of girls seeking life experiences in his home city. That and a large number of Korean sex workers who work abroad after the Korean government made prostitution illegal.

          • guest

            And Koreans go to Philippines to have sex with girls? It’s not the same thing? There are 50,000 abandoned Amerasians in Philippines, five times as more than Kopinos. Where did they come from? There are world sex tour guides for white men, telling them where in Asia and how to buy sex. You can easily google them yourself.

          • 금정산

            It isn’t the same thing because white men very rarely go to Korea to “play around”. White men overwhelmingly do not go to Korea for sex tourism. Korean women (aside from sex workers) rarely get impregnated to a deadbeat father.

            Korean men on the other hand, go to the Philipeans for sex tourism. They have sex with underage sex workers and pay more for ones who are desperate enough to not use a condom. Westerners would almost never do that in Korea. It isn’t the same thing.

            Western men do go to the Philipeans for sex tourism (as well as Indonesia and Vietnam) and do the same thing as Korean men! Definately! But they don’t go to Korea for that reason.

            I’m saying documentary misportrays the majority of white men in Korea and it is wrong to compare the two documentaries as the same. The documentary about white men is xenophobic and serves the purpose of frightening Korean women away from Western men. It reminds me of the film ‘은마는 오지 않는다’. That is unrestrained Korean xenophobia from the early 90’s.

          • naeil

            Indonesia? Could you show me the proof? I am kinda curious, because as far as i know only Arabs men (not western men) who does sex tourism in indonesia and those acts actualy just happened in small numbers in a particular area and not as much as what happened in Philippines.

          • redwhitedude

            The US had major bases in Subic Bay.

          • bigmamat

            Well people aren’t a lot different no matter where they come from.

          • Bryan Cheron

            I don’t know what planet you live on, but Korean women aren’t lining up to get knocked up by or married to Western expats. That might have been true when Korea was a poor country (I wasn’t even born then, so I can’t be sure), but even if so, that’s decades ago.

          • Dark Night

            Don’t underestimate the amount of dumb ass girls in any country. I found it funny when this one girl thought that she was dating a rich white guy, turns out she (in this case her family) is richer than he is. She was pregnant at that time. I never heard what happened afterwards though.

        • 금정산

          Many Filipino women became pregnant after sex work, but in such cases the women won’t have the man’s photo or name. When it comes to chasing down the father, she would mostly have been in some personal relationship with the man. It may have been a casual weekend while he was away on business, or it may have been for a week while he was on vacation.

      • redwhitedude

        There are Koreans who go for work as well as study.

    • terriblemovie

      Screw political correctness. I’m just going to tell you as it is. A large number of these women are prostitutes. Their, I said it. They prostitute themselves, get pregnant, and then demand that the man marry them and take them back to their home country. They view foreign men as a easy meal ticket and plane ride out of their crummy country.

      If you want to see just how dire the situation in the Philippines is, then look at this video.

      Marrying a fat, balding, old, British butthole is a better alternative than living in extreme poverty in a dumpster or graveyard for the rest of your life.

      My advice: Don’t visit the Philippines. If you do visit the Philippines, visit the wealthy tourist only spots. Say no to prostitution.

    • chucky3176

      Just want to point out that this is totally a non-issue amongst the Filipinos in Philippines. Every single year, there’s a big outcry in Korea over this issue, with large articles in Korean press which then the Philippines picks up and reprints them, causing unnecessary anti-Korean feelings to increase in Philippines. Koreans misunderstand the Philippines because Philippines is largely a hetro society where single motherhood is not looked upon as a problem. There are many children who are racially mixed with Chinese, Japanese, American, Spanish, Europeans, you name it. On the other hand, Koreans who come from a homogenious society, this is unimaginable. Koreans also traditionally have either looked down upon single motherhood as bad, or with sympathy due to inevitable poverty that follows single motherhood. Sure, poverty is bad for these Kopinos and their mothers, which shames the Korean viewers who watch these documentary news, but the majority of Filipinos live in poverty too. However, what is important that the Koreans miss is that these Filipinos are happy with their lives, even living amongst poverty – certainly much more happier than the South Koreans who have far more material wealth. As Catholics, Filipinos do not practice contraception and abortions. This is why the birth of children with foreign fathers is such a common thing to see in the Philippines, an unique situation in Asia which is mostly non-catholic. However Filipinos seem not to heed to the third Catholic rule of no sex until marriage. For Filipinos, it’s perfectly natural to be single mothers which Koreans misunderstand as misery when it’s not to the Filipinos.

      I don’t want to say anything bad against those Korean charities in Philippines who are keeping this issue alive with constant media campaigns, but I think they’re doing far more harm than good, unintentionally. Those charities should be working towards helping ALL single mothers in the Philippines, rather then just go and searching for Kopino families and helping them only. What’s happened now is that this whole thing is being unintentionally turned into a Kopino business where brokers and fraudusters are going there to setup phoney charities, appealing to the public using emotionalism, where unsuspecting donors in Korea send money to dishonest charities – which also hurts legitimate charities. A lot of them are not even real Kopino’s, as they were recruited by these charities. As for those Korean lawyers, they are also bad news. They make these women (many of them uneducated), sign these papers which says the women and their children will never again contact the fathers if they pay child support. For these Filipina’s, $400 a month and $20,000 lump sum payment which is pitifully bad after all the brokers and lawyers take their cuts, is a huge amount of money that is tempting to these women. However, what this means is that this will ensure that the children will never have the chance to go and look for their fathers in the future because their mothers signed away that right.

      • bigmamat

        My uncle’s second wife was Filipino. Rest her soul. So I’m a bit familiar with people from the Philippines. I was wondering why I kept seeing this pop up. I know Filipinos are not nearly as uptight as Koreans. So yeah I also figured the women might be sex workers. Women with other choices don’t hook their wagon to foreign men in a week.

        • chucky3176

          I would say not just prostitutes, but also foreign marriage seekers who want to get out of Philippines and support their families back home. Women are the economic backbones of Philippines who are the biggest supporters of the economy. Without their foreign remittance, the Filipino economy would be in very bad shape. Not all Filipinos are happily living in poverty either. And for many of them, latching onto any foreign men are a ticket out of the slums. It’s illegal in Philippines to broker mail order brides to Koreans. Yet they still get around the law enforcement and Philippines still is one of the largest senders of mail order brides to Korea. Sex, prostitution, mail order brides, human trafficking.. but these are not Philippines issues. These are Korea issues, not Philippines. Koreans should leave the Philippines alone and stop using them either to exploit their women, use them to beef up charities, or Korean press using them to sensationalize a non-issue to sell papers, increase ratings, or increase click baits. Sometimes I just wish the Korean government just ban all Koreans from travelling to the Philippines including the charities, which would resolve all these problems. Let the Filipinos live like how they’ve lived before the Koreans arrived.

          • bigmamat

            I’m not sure a travel ban isn’t a bit overboard. I’m fairly certain both countries aren’t terribly good at enforcing a lot of laws they already have on the books.

          • redwhitedude

            Nobody is perfect when it comes to enforcement. The problem on the Philippine side is that it is far more corrupt than Korea.

        • Dark Night

          Are you seriously saying that people that are against prostitution is up-tight?

          • bigmamat

            No I was referring to Chucky’s post that Filipinos don’t have a social stigma against single motherhood like Koreans. And I’m not against prostitution really just against illegal prostitution, sex trafficking and all the other stuff that goes along with the illegality of it. It’s another one of those “evils” that made more evil by our antiquated misguided notions of trying to control it.

      • redwhitedude

        I’m not sure if I buy filipinos having no issue with single parenthood. And it certainly has nothing to do with homogeneity of Korea as if heterogeneous society will be more permissive. The overall tone of the post seems to put down filipinos.

        The problem is that the Philippines is poorer country and in poor countries you have a segment population that is poor and does not have skills to make a decent living so what do they do? Resort to seedy means to make a living(bar girls, prostitution, etc…)

        Now add to the opportunism of lawyers, poor judgment of certain Koreans and filipinos, etc.. You have this situation.

        Some cases are legit others are probably blatant money grabbing opportunity. Poorer people will tend to be greedy as if driven solely by $$$$ so avoid giving them an opportunity.

        • guest

          they have more single mothers than married mothers.

          that alone tells you they see no problems with getting unmarried girls getting pregnant.

          • redwhitedude

   just because there is more of them doesn’t mean it is not a problem and that they are “used” to it. If a Filipino were reading that comment they’d be insulted. Is that why you post as a guest?

          • demure guy

            im a filipino and you are overstepping our basic rights of respect…you are also carelessly throwing around generalizations. fyi..philippine society also looks down on unmarried single mothers tho not as harshly as in korean society.
            get your facts straight.

    • redwhitedude

      Reasons vary for each individuals. They may be that while they were in the philippines they got themselves a girl friend and ditched her when she got pregnant. They went to the philippines as sex tourists. You have people who come to the Philippines to study/work and struck relationship with local women, etc….

  • Korea

    In Korean, we call them ” 양아치”.

  • FYIADragoon

    Maybe if they kept it in their pants, they wouldn’t have to complain about defamation. They deserve at least this much shaming.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      If celebrity scandals has taught us anything is that the ability for a man to keep it in his pants in inversely proportional to his annual income times how often he travels abroad.

    • guest

      Why only Philippines have this problem? There are Koreans travelling to everywhere in South East Asia, but only Philippines have out of wedlock children problem.

      50,000 Americans (result of Philippines women with American fathers), and 100,000 “Japinos” (result of Philippines women with Japanese fathers). Yet the US and Japan don’t make a big deal over it. When was the last time you heard of the plight of the Japinos? We don’t hear of it because nobody makes a big deal over them.

      Out of 94 million Philippine population, over 14 million Filipina women are single mom’s – which means 17% of all Filipinos are single mom’s. Over 90% of them are due to Philippine men who don’t take responsibility over their own kids that they produce.

      So why has this turned into a Korea-wide only problem? Where’s the responsibility coming from the US, Japan, Philippines who represent the vast majority of single-mom births?

      • antman1

        Because koreans care about how other countries think about them. So they take the issue seriously.

        • chucky3176

          I have to agree. Whenever there’s some news of some Koreans who go overseas and do something bad, it’s always written as “국가 망신”, roughly translates to “national shame”.

          Koreans are group oriented society, where one person’s reputation and behaviour can reflect the on the entire group that person came from. That thinking is thoroughly entrenched in the society, which to me is not always healthy.

  • Professor

    Korean Bums.

  • Guy Forget

    The Philippines is the problem. Korean men are only a small fraction of the bigger picture. American GIs, American tourists, Europeans, and now these days Muslims from South Asia, Middle East are all using filipino women. In fact, their numbers close to 1 million vs a small 10,000 from koreans? If you look online, you’ll find out how loose and easy filipino women are. They are the easiest women on the earth to get with or lay down with. The filipino women pretty much have no standards and will accept any man even if you are ugly and poorer than them, because that’s just how they are. Ask any pakistani or american G.I. and they’ll tell you why getting filipino women is so easy. Check online in facebook groups just to see a small idea of how many foreigner filipino love groups there are. They out number every other country. The problem is filipinos are just so loose and easy and they need to be educated, have some morals and values, and learn to respect themselves since nobody else does. I swear, try this experiment, go on facebook and look up all those love groups of filipinos and 98% of all foreigner men chasing after filipinos are either muslims (pak, bangladesh, india, middle east) or white foreigners (american/european). A lot of these women are pretty ugly and they post pics of themselves online …i mean really ugly ones (saggy breasts, old wrinkly skin, cave women type faces) and they get 1,000 likes in hours with hundreds of men oogling over them saying how beautiful and sexy they are LOL.

    • Norm

      Muslims? is it ok for them?

    • simplereads

      Do not generalize. I, for one was raised under a POOR FILIPINO parents, the eighth child and the youngest. We only lacked in material things BUT never on principles and disciplines.

      Education starts at home as early as a child was born, horned properly.

      I dont think you were fair on your opinion.

      Foreigners visiting my country should learn to respect my people also regardless of their social standings. Do not plant your seed here, especially those who think that women of my country are ugly and ignorant.

      Because you are worst if you thought youve outsmarted these “ugly” women by satisfying your lust then leaving them behind…do you think youre smart? You chose that kind of person to mother your child?

  • death_by_ivory

    How come all these sex tourists (doesnt matter which country they came from) are stupid enough to have sex without a condom? They exactly know what these girls do.And why these girls don’t use birthcontrol pills?
    Im not saying all these mothers are prostitutes but that is a large amount of children.

    • risotto

      Couldn’t tell you why the tourists are stupid enough to have sex with prostitutes(?) without condoms (which is like playing Russian Roulette), but the Philippines is a Catholic country, which means birth control is very very hard to come by. I imagine the poorer you are, the harder it is. Just recently a law was put into effect to distribute free contraceptives, including the pill and condoms, from health centers. Now, Catholic leaders are putting pressure onto politicians to get rid of this law. Here is one article about it. Per said article, half of the pregnancies in the country are unplanned, even for non-sexworkers.

  • risotto

    Wrap it up, fellas!

  • tteacherjjllee

    The correct information is half Korean.

  • ArmBarNation

    Bums at work.

  • Sad Clown

    So, Korean men don’t use condoms when they do it with foreign sex workers? All the men on the list should be checked for diseases.

  • Korean

    Picture of Korean criminals. These assholes probably go to Thailand, Vietnam, China, do same shit.

  • KP


  • Hotmail

    Technically they are half Koreans.

  • Lovely

    Future kopinofathers will not allow their pictures to be taken at all costs in the future .

    • Doge Wallace

      to be specific, SOUTHKOPINO fathers.

  • CoreanoNoChino

    Group of Fckers.

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