North Korea Fires 100 Artillery Shells Into East Sea

North Korea fired a series of artillery shells into the East Sea, from a location only 20 kilometers away from the Military Demarcation Line. The southern location, so close to South Korea, is rare, and is seen as a show of power for the North Korean military. It should also be noted that on the same day, North Korean officials agreed to an official meeting regarding North Korean athlete and cheering squad participation in the upcoming Incheon Asian Games.
Article from Yonhap News:

North Korea fires around 100 missiles into the East Sea.


On July 14th, North Korea fired about 100 artillery shells into the East Sea from a location near the MDL (Military Demarcation Line) in Goseong, Gangwon Province.

A military official stated that, “North Korea has fired about 100 artillery shells toward the northeast, the firing point hundreds of meters away from the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Goseong. The shells fired have fallen 1 to 8 km North of the Northern Limit Line (NLL) in the East Sea.”

He added, “A live-fire drill of North Korea has finished for now. The shells did not reach the southern side of the NLL in the East Sea. The firing range of 122mm shells is around 10 to 20 kilometers.”

He emphasized that, “Now the South Korean military is maintaining readiness, while strengthening surveillance and security.”

It is rare for the North Korean military to hold a live-fire drill so close to the southern side of the MDL in the East Sea.

Another Army official stated, “The North Korean military often holds firing exercises near the Wonsan area. It is rare for them to be held near the MDL in the East Sea.”

Today’s firing exercises and ballistic missile test firings near the MDL could be interpreted as an armed protest against South Korea.


Last week, North Korea fired 2 short-range ballistic missiles,presumed to be Scuds, toward the East Sea from Pyeongsan in Hwanghae Province, about 40 kilometers away from the MDL. On July 13th the same kind of missiles were fired toward the East Sea from northern Gaeseong, only about 20 kilometers away from the MDL.

Comments from Naver:

Why does North Korea keep throwing rice in the sea…


Stop bothering the fish, you piggy bastard.


Stop acting up, Jong-un.


North Korea and Japan are our enemies till they both collapse.


Insane. A bat and an aircraft carrier are good medicine for a mad dog.


Jong-un must’ve made his bet for Argentina.


Former president Kim Dae-jung carried out the Sunshine Policy, saying a war would never happen. After the battle of Yeonpyeong broke out, North Korea has been developing nuclear weapons, and we’re still living under missile threats. We should dig up Kim Dae-jung’s corpse and behead it.


I’m getting numb about this kind of news. Never forget that North Korea is our main enemy.


The international community is worried about the security of South Korea, while Koreans don’t take this kind of news seriously. North Korea even nullified the armistice. I don’t know whether South Korea has an enemy or not, but the government has made cuts to our defense budget and increased the welfare budget. A defenseless state will soon be destroyed. This is serious.


You crazy pig, Jong-un. Gone nuts since the rice is gone.


President Park, I will be really disappointed if you end up funding the North Korean cheering squad like Roh Mu-hyun and Kim Dae-jung did. Use that money for helping our people in need, like poor students and people in hard times.


It is all because of the one [former President Kim Dae-jung] who received a Nobel Peace Prize. Thanks for shit. I got a phone call from the reserve forces so I gotta go, damn…


The beggar who survives by asking for money is just throwing money away. I wonder how crazy he can get.


International outcast, fucking Kim Jong-un…ke ke ke


I will carry a gun and fight to protect my family against North Korean commies!

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  • cantonizi

    Just to show off to the US/SK war gamers that they are not the only game players in town or it’s not the only military action in China’s back yard.

    • guest

      umiru bolno….

  • KCdude

    Now let us see.

    Two undemocratic and asinine countries between the DMZ? Check.
    Two countries with questionable national-level economic policies? Check.
    Two countries that enforce massive paranoia to their own citizens? Check.
    Two countries with political elites who don’t take any responsibility? Check.

    That’s it. South Korea is as equal as North Korea in this case.

    • mspool

      They are one of a kind.

    • rupertps8or28


    • just another teacher

      I went to a volleyball game to improve “group morale” last month, and the principals of the various schools were sitting on stage, in massive leather chairs that extended well above their heads. Like thrones. Everybody, of course, lined up and bowed while they gave the “okay, you can sit down now, peasants” hand gesture.

      Both sides of the peninsula need to kiss and make up.

    • Xio Gen

      Hi, are you a time traveller? Because since the 90s, South Koreans can vote. Just like India, the government may be corrupt, but it’s still democratic.

      • KCdude

        Being a republic is a big problem for Korea. It should be a Christian constitutional monarchy in the first place, but no.

    • wrle

      Go and live in north korea and I am sure you will never say that again.

      • KCdude

        Why would I? Living in a republic itself is a curse to me.

  • Science Patrol

    South Korea is the very good friend of the United States. If North Korea attacks South Korea they will be destroyed.

    • Xio Gen

      That’s exactly what they want. So they can paint the US as the bad guy. So they’re being passive aggressive to try and egg on a strike so the Workers Party can go “See? See! We told you! Evil American scum!”

  • ytuque

    As long as N. Korea doesn’t fire a missile near Dokdo, there will be little interest in S. Korea.

  • Walking man A

    Is it still news ? humm… must be a missile season …again. If you guys are smart , start watching a stock market and do some trade ,If not ? well…hide under the bed.

  • Black_Plague

    “North Korea and Japan are our enemies till they both collapse.”

    I’m pretty sure a lot of South Koreans would rather prefer North Korea remain than have it collapse on itself. The DPRK collapsing would be a rather ugly scenario to look at, both in the short and long term.

    • chucky3176

      Looking forward to the day the North Korean people are finally freed from enslavement. Ugly scenario? No way.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        Yes it is. They know what happened when East and West Germany unified. Millions of untrained, unemployed civilians joining an already strained workforce? Unification is all well and good, but who is going to pay for it?

        • chucky3176

          Who’s going to pay for it? North Korea with their abundance in natural resources, their labor, and the international investment they will attract. Trust me, give it ten years, and they’ll be on their feet with massive help from South Korea. The railroad from South Korea through North Korea to Europe alone, will be a massive boon, which will give a competitive advantage for South Korea which they don’t have now. By the way same things were said about South Korea in 1945, when Americans scoffed at the illiterate Koreans as bunch of stupid asiatic peasants who will always depend on UN aid.

          • reality

            of course, the more realistic scenario would be massive social dishevel as millions of nk peasants stream across the border looking for work, welfare and education, whom the south Koreans would probably first welcome with a cautious optimism, followed by distain and open hostility when they realise just how different they are and the impact to their way of life as south korea strains to cater for the increase in migrant worker population.
            but then, koreans are a special godly race and these thing would surely not happen to the pure blooded superior beings!

          • Chucky3176

            lol, that’s what you think dipshit, in your little western myopic mind and their equally myopic western media. Little do you know that most North Koreans would rather stay put with their families, their homes, where they are familiar with their environment, than to make their way to crowded South Korean cities to become homeless and on the streets in tents. I predict it will be the South Koreans who will be streaming out of South Korea to make their way to the north, to spread out the population more evenly throughout the peninsula, once the infrastructure stabilizes and the manufacturing centers relocate their factories. Not just because of jobs and business opportunities, but also because cheaper housing in the North which will inevitably lessen the problem of South Korean population density virtually overnight, which will hyper fuel North Korea’s development.

          • Guest

            “Little do you know that most NK would rather stay put with their families, their homes, where they are familiar with their environment”

            you mean “most” of the NK middle elites who can afford to live with their families? you talk about liberating NK slaves and etc. but completely disregard the fact that they have very little education, and are completely disconnected with the modern world.
            also, infrastructure which, NK highly lacks in, takes YEARS and BILLIONS of dollars to construct. who is going to pay for that? taxpayers? plus, NKs are uneducated. they will just end up in factories with corrupt politicians and CEO’s so they can work as an underpaid servant with shitty benefits instead of slaves.

            im so excited for your future. “Chucky3176, the master genius who’s delusional and narrow-minded policies reunited and glorified the Korean Peninsula! Down with Japan! Go Korea!!

          • oo-kki-kki

            Worry about your Japan first. Japan will collapse before North Korea does.

            The UN just published a report rapping Japan for its poor human rights record for the violent hate campaigns against ethnic Koreans in Japan.

          • Guest

            right, cause the 3rd world’s largest economy is going to collapse before a country led by a dictator with very little resources and infrastructure.

            you sir, must be a scholar!!!!

          • reality

            Yep, because all the south Koreans are just SO keen to go up north and help their nk brothers and sisters build roads and trains and factories, just like all the West Germans who flooded the East and spread the German population out evenly and solved every social issue for the next hundred years!

          • balls

            You are missing the point! Koreans are special!!! You western fool. Being a westerner you could never understand.
            Basically what will happen is all the North Koreans will stay exactly where they are after the collapse of the North Korean dictatorship.
            Almost no one will try to leave. Why would they??? Home is where the heart is.
            Everything will be OK, then probably 18 months later after everything has settled down and all the roads are repaired, masses of South Koreans will pour into the north. They will tend the farms and everyone will sing “Arirang” together. Simply amazing.
            Probably when authorities realize that basic infastructure such as electricity, water, sewage, telecommunications are non-existent in large swathes of the country and the Southern governemnt will need to raise taxes to cover the expenditure, most Koreans will be happy. As the old saying goes “Better to murder a duck than place ginseng in an old mans boot”.

            The Chinese will probably be sitting on their border while this is going on, holding hands and swaying side to side, hoping through pure good vibes that the fall of a 70 year old dictatorship wont lead to any destabilization among it’s million or so ethnic Koreans in that area.
            If you disagree with this you are a sack of shit and I hate you. I hate you!!

          • johnksi5929


          • KCdude

            “cheaper housing in the North which will inevitably lessen the problem of South Korean population density virtually overnight”

            Awww, that’s very nice. it’s the stereotypical “Let’s artificially fuel up the real estate development just like for the past 40 years” argument among greedy South Koreans.

            I may have a Korean heritage but I have to accept the truth that the South Koreans are some of the worst people on Earth.

          • kcdudedie4858

            die painfully mate. seriously..

          • KCdude

            Ok! :)

          • CK7

            You also have to accept the truth that you are disguised as a Korean to troll on Korea related boards. People don’t need to be rocket scientists to know this.

          • KCdude

            What can I say? I love you for hating me. It just means that I’m accepting the truth. Besides, consider my mean comments “a paddle of love” (사랑의 매 in Korean). I wish I could hug you in real life because we all need love.

          • CK7

            No no, no hate here. Accept whatever you want, whatever you want to believe. And no hug needed here from a self hating dude, I get plenty of hugs from women. Love thyself before you can love others.

          • KCdude

            I love to hate myself because instead I love God. God exists around me to help me.

            (You forget that I’m a very religious Christian. We Christians love to hate ourselves because of the Original Sin.)

          • With all due respect, I think you’re trolling. I’ve attended hundreds of church services at many different churches, and not once have I ever heard any pastor extolling self-hatred. Perhaps you belong to a denominational cult that interprets Original Sin differently from mainstream theology, but you can jettison the “We Christians” line because most Christians love themselves more through Christ.

          • KCdude

            I got insulted a lot of times in other online places because I mentioned the word, Christ. And besides, I grew up to hate myself and this is the best thing I have ever done. Consider this. It’s so much better than hating others in the long run.

            “One must to love thyself by hating thyself first.”

          • Perhaps you’re using “hate” in the sense of relinquishing one’s ego, detaching one’s infinite spiritual consciousness from one’s finite physical body, and transcending the materialistic world’s confinement of one’s mind and spirit.

            In other words, “Deny thyself”.

            That’s a little different from bluntly “hating yourself”.

          • lol

            Please keep thy self hating rhetoric to thyself… you are obviously a little off… mentally, socially and spiritually…

            Come back to the light… LOL

          • jimjones4389


  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Once again North Korea decided to strike at the Imperialist Japanese. But since they can’t aim worth a damn, all those expensive artillery rounds just went into the sea.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      One of them hit MH17, damn you Kim.

  • KCdude

    You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that South Korea and North Korea are the SAME country.

    • CK7

      Two countries are totally different in every way. Other than bloodlines, there is nothing same about it. You don’t have to be rocket scientist to know that.

      • KCdude

        We need to think that both Koreas are the same country. Even though South Koreans don’t like the idea of reunification, they will be eventually reunified anyways in the long run.

        Saying that the countries are different defeats the whole purpose of Korean patriotism. Shouldn’t you understand this in the first place?

        • CK7

          Being reunified in the long run is another matter. But saying that the two countries are different, one in north is a total regime while one in south is a democratic state has nothing to do with patriotism whatsoever foolio. Two different countries with two systems with different quality standards of living with different mentality. Can’t you understand this?

          • KCdude

            Yes, I do. I believe that unchristian secular governments should be banned on the face of the Earth.

            Either the Korean Peninsula should be a part of the British Commonwealth Realm or face another oppressive colonialism under Her Majesty the Queen.

  • Song of the article:

    I got a hunned missiles and a hunned shells nigga I’m in East China Sea
    I ride with a hunned comrades and a hunned Kims whenever I’m in East China Sea

    Everybody wants to know why he’s got beef
    cuz in my dreams I talk to Kim Il S-U-N-G
    Got a rocket hopefully it’d go to NYC
    It’s me behind these bars like my uncle’s family
    Niggas want me to D-I-E
    been there done that woke up from a coma with Sol-ju Ri
    eyes on the throne somebody in my seat
    10 – 20 km can South Korea even take this heat

    New 122mm shells on that’s the bling
    red white blue he da Korean king
    강성대국 translation I make money on spooking gooks

    So much money from China I don’t even need to sell drugs
    whenever I see Xi he says keep doing your thing cuh
    i do it cus i love it
    i do it for the niggas that dont want me to run the People’s Republic
    Im a gangster tell Park Geun-hye I want to fuck her doe
    thats what you call a cummunist manifesto
    even diddy know i make seoul city blow
    never had a show never had a video now even poverty can’t hide this radioactive glow

  • MericaRules

    LMAO at all the bickering bitches below. Instead of bashing and whining at South Koreans for not helping their North Korean brothers at the EXPENSE OF THEIR WOMEN AND CHILDREN’S FUTURE, how about offering possible long term solutions that might make the reunification plans progress faster? We already have plenty of thick headed idiots here who can only whine and only point out the problems, but never do they want to offer any solution to the problem. Guess what? Those of you who only care to point at the problem with no solution to follow up with are only becoming part of the problem. Think about that you idiots.

    • balls

      You know, when I want solutions to geopolitical issues that could result in nuclear warfare the first place I look to is the internet. God knows if the diplomats can’t solve the problem, bitter little internet nerd trolls can.

      Also, we are in the fortunate position that we all have massive sway over the international mechanations of the Asia Pacific region. Just this morning I sent a fax to the President of Laos suggesting some theories on how to improve the Laotian economy. Wouldn’t you know he sent a lovely reply and said he’ll get right on it.

    • Chucky3176

      They wouldn’t know because they don’t care. Their interest is bashing Koreans, not real solutions. I’ve worked with many North Korean defectors in the past, doing volunteer work with them, and every one of them that I’ve met, said they would go back to North Korea if there was reunification. Most, if not all of them said they would go back to North Korea in a heart beat, to rebuild the country and help their families, friends, and neighbors. For our organization, most of the donations and help came from South Koreans and Korean Americans. The Western media could care less about the plight of the North Korean people. If you watch the American news, all they do is paint the North Koreans as fanatics and nuclear armed terrorists. What have the English teachers have done other then spend most of their times, bashing Koreans on ESL forums? ZIP.

      Also, I suspect that the reports that North Koreans will flood into South Korea is highly exaggerated. Especially in light of the fact that South Korean government studies have specifically recommended that after the reunification, the DMZ should not disappear yet, that there should be one country, two systems, two governments, like Hong Kong was, until north and south Korea’s income gaps have reasonably been narrowed. Of course there will be some North Koreans who will try to sneak out of poverty, but I suspect most of those people will be crossing the Chinese/North Korean borders – it’s much more easier.

      • toogs

        Actually there are volunteer groups that teach English to North Korean refugees organised by expat groups comprised of esl teachers.

        • SongKangHoFan

          True. And expats who organise and donate to orphanages at Christmas time. Off topic but true.

      • toogs

        Also you do know there are roughly 25,000 – 30000 teachers in korea on e2 visas. What percentage of them do you think spend time on esl forums? Daves is the biggest and has about 30 regular posters. Often days go by without any new posts. The majority of posts are about visa questions and food. There are about 10 idiots who continuously bash.

        Its probably the same percentage of gyopos who join that funny little hate fest site you are part of. The main difference is that 90% of the posts on koreansentry are bile filled invective. You are a joke, son.

        • Chucky3176

          lol, 90% of the posts on the site you mention is Korean bashing, about those damn Klowns as they call the Koreans. And I’ve never hid the fact that I post on koreansentry. So anyone who posts there, are haters??
          Exactly what do you object about my posts over there at that site? Honest question.

          • toogs

            90%? Why are you lying? go look at the current first page of the General discussion age. Most thread topics are asking questions about transport, holiday spots, medical issues. Yes there are also threads that bash Korea. But saying 90% is just false
            Also if you actually read them it is back and forth of people arguing with each other. Defending and bashing.
            You have also conviniently avoided the fact that out of 20000-30000 e2 teachers, less then 100 participate on internet forums.
            koreansentry is full of hatred. Hatred towards migrant workers and mail order brides, chinese and japanese. Its also full of bald face lies.
            You honestly cant see why people see that site as scary. Its mental. The ridiculous paranoia. Anti semitism. Bitterness.

            The difference is most teachers here will admit there are other idiot teachers here. Most teachers are also embarrassed if they read eslcafe. You seem to be proud of the rodiculousness you are part of over at koreansentry.

          • Chucky3176

            “90%? Why are you lying?”

            OK I was wrong, 80%. Happy now?

            “Also if you actually read them it is back and forth of people arguing with each other.”

            Yeah, arguing over the term ‘Klown’, and whining ‘I hate how the Koreans talk’, and bragging ‘I beat up an ajoshi last night’. Yeap, really brilliantly intelligent topics verging on ‘tolerance’. ahem..

            “You have also conviniently avoided the fact that out of 20000-30000 e2 teachers, less then 100 participate on internet forums.”

            Why are you being so defensive, did I sounded like I was accusing all the ESL teachers in Korea, because I was responding to the three idiots (at least one of them could have been you) below?

            “You honestly cant see why people see that site as scary. Its mental. The ridiculous paranoia. Anti semitism.”

            Same as ESL site, minus the Anti semitism, replaced by Anti Koreanism. I’ve spoken out against anti-Jewish comments there numerously. You still have not answered my question, what posts of mine from there you found objectionable.

          • toogs

            No i dont accept that. There are 62 topics on the first page of daves. Less then 10 are anti korean. Open the thread about “i hate how koreans talk” its 3 schmucks saying that then three others telling them they are idiots.

            you said “what have english teachers done” implying no english teacher have done anything to help N.korean refugees. I showed you were wrong. You said they just sit around complaining on the internet. I showed you that it is only a tiny minority who do that. It would be like me judging all koreans because of the paranoid psychos at koreansentrys. Thank god most koreans arent like that and would probably be ashamed of that site.
            I said 90% of posts on ks were hateful. Not you specifically. But your reply here has shown your attitude and technique. Half truths, over exaggeration.

            I disagree with most things you say here on koreabang, but i can see you are an intellegent guy. I can not believe you can honestly look at korean sentry and truthfully say that it isnt hateful and bitter.
            I can admit that some teachers who post online are racist idiots. But it is a minority.

          • Chucky3176

            Come on now, there’s about five guys at Ksentry who post there regularly, if even that. One or two guys are anti Jewish for some reason which I can’t figure why. Hate site? pfff… you honestly believe it’s anywhere near the ESL forum in terms of reach, readership and participation? I post there because I can rant. You still haven’t pointed out where you find that I print half truths or objectionable materials. I’m more than willing to debate your specific objections, one by one.

          • Toogs

            the reason KS doesnt have the reach or participation is because it basically has no resonance beyond the 10 people there. Whereas an expat site is always going to have more of a general coverage. The gyopos i’ve met in Korea are just normal people getting on with their lives. They arent ranting and raving about genetics and multicultralism. KS would scare the shit out of some of them.
            I know teachers who volunteer at orphanages, hospitals, homes for the disabled etc. As well as I said before N.Korean refugee groups.

            You said esl teachers do “zip”.Address what you wrote here on this very page. You over exaggerated. You tried to paint the picture of 25,000 (actually closer to 35,000 if you include the f6 visa esl teachers too) sitting around doing nothing, except complaining on the internet.

            I really don’t want to trawl through KoreanSentry looking for “incriminating” posts against you. That place depresses me. I’ll admit you are probably the least worst over there. But thats my point. Just as I can portray you as a filipino hating, genetic eugenecist Nazi because you post over there, you choose to tar all english teachers in Korea as hearltess racists. Or “HIV infected perverts” as i’ve seen written there before.

            I can understand why you feel the way about certain things, especially in regards in Japan. I may disagree, but I can understand it. But you do exactly the same things as you accuse others of doing. You just can’t see it because the would remove your justification.

          • Magadan Bolter

            How much money do you want to bet that NONE of these freaks chose to enlist in the Korean army.
            “wimper, wimper, i’m not a Korean citizen. I couldnt join!”.
            Fuck off
            The Korean government accepts any gyopo, citizen or not. My cousin is a Korean born Canadian citizen and lived here since he was 5. He made the choice to go back and give two and half years to the country of his birth.

            These idiots are the usual big mouths. A load of talking but when it comes time to take action they have all the excuses in the world.

            When there’s a problem they will find ANYONE to blame:
            -The Japanese
            -The Chinese
            -Illegal immigrants
            -ESL teachers
            -The USA

            These fools obviously were bullied when they were kids in these new countries and so clung to this idealized vision of Korea. They can’t fit in. But they choose to stay and reap the benefits of living in the west, getting a western education, having a more relaxed lifestyle, AVOIDING military service. Toothless pussies.

          • fewafewafwea9

            die painfully you useless dolt..

          • Magadan Bolter


            This must be one of them. Did I hurt your feelings?

            You can’t construct a response?

            :Look Seung-Hui Cho, calm down. We don’t you going out and turning your bitterness on the community. You give all Koreans a bad name.

          • youtuber

            I really wish I could meet you in real,on the street a man to a prick
            and see you die painfully in front of my eyes

          • guest

            hope you get your cranium smashed in twat.

          • Eidolon

            The difference between KS and ESLCafe is that KS is a den of Korean ultra-nationalists while ESLCafe is a den of, well, expats living in Korea, sharing their experiences and feelings, both positive and negative.

            Those who associate themselves with ultra-nationalists to the degree of becoming a moderator at KS must harbor, at the minimum, sympathy for the cause, and chucky has demonstrated that plenty of times in the past.

            By contrast, those who associate themselves with ESLCafe are simply looking for a place to vent their expat reactions to Korean society.

            Surely, there are racists, bigots, and haters at ESLCafe. There are such on every open and popular site.

            By contrast, KS is a dedicated ultra-nationalist site whose founder and admin open flaunts his ultra-nationalist fantasies about Koreans being the supreme race.

            The difference is stark, and only a Korean with ultra-nationalist sympathies is incapable of seeing it.

          • Vasilios81

            And nearly every one of your posts panders to anti-Chinese, anti-Japan, anti-left-wing, and you dare to call out ESL dorks for bitching about Korean stupidity. Grow a pair and admit you’re a hypocrite or change your ways once and for all. And Korea Sentry is pretty much the lowest common denominator of the internet. 19 year old Korean Americans who speak Korean worse than me and claiming cultural continuity from a bunch of stones from 2000 years ago.

          • feawfewafwe9

            die painfully you fool.

          • fromYoutube

            Uhh I know who you are… lol
            a lunatic coward, I have been looking ariound all over
            for you… here I got you, you little prick

          • KCdude

            There’s nothing wrong with Korea-bashing. I’m a Korean origin and I bash Korea all the time.

            People will bash each other in online anyways. Why the complaining?

          • ehh

            Rest assured that any disqus forum criticizing korean or praising Japan, Chucky will make an appearance.

            Don’t know how he gets anything productive done with all the time he puts in online.

      • shellfishbisque
  • 東洋i♡asianwomen美人

    A bit curious the first picture. Koreans still largely use the term 동해 “East Sea” to refer to the SEA OF JAPAN.
    Tried to find something on Wikipedia to see if the name changed and I was the misinformed here, just to find ALL the other language versions using the right name BUT the korean version, funny!동해

    • wrle

      Donghae or East Sea is just how that body of water is called by koreans (and always has). Why should they changed it to what japan wants?

      • balls

        Then why should Japan (and the rest of the world) have to change it to what Korea wants? Everyone call it what they want and stop being little bitches about it.
        In my house I call it “Ian Rush Sea” out of respect for the phenomanal Liverpool/Wales striker from the late 80s early 90s.

      • jou ma se poes

        It makes no sense considering the reason it is a sea is because Japan is there

  • vonskippy

    “North Korea Fires 100 Artillery Shells Into East Sea”

    So how many hit their target?


  • HaydenG

    There is no such thing as the “East Sea”. It was the Sea of Japan.

    • fe2fweafewawef

      off yourself dude..

  • bultak23

    throw that fat pig into the sea instead.

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