North Korea Fires 100 Artillery Shells Into East Sea

North Korea fired a series of artillery shells into the East Sea, from a location only 20 kilometers away from the Military Demarcation Line. The southern location, so close to South Korea, is rare, and is seen as a show of power for the North Korean military. It should also be noted that on the same day, North Korean officials agreed to an official meeting regarding North Korean athlete and cheering squad participation in the upcoming Incheon Asian Games.
Article from Yonhap News:

North Korea fires around 100 missiles into the East Sea.


On July 14th, North Korea fired about 100 artillery shells into the East Sea from a location near the MDL (Military Demarcation Line) in Goseong, Gangwon Province.

A military official stated that, “North Korea has fired about 100 artillery shells toward the northeast, the firing point hundreds of meters away from the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Goseong. The shells fired have fallen 1 to 8 km North of the Northern Limit Line (NLL) in the East Sea.”

He added, “A live-fire drill of North Korea has finished for now. The shells did not reach the southern side of the NLL in the East Sea. The firing range of 122mm shells is around 10 to 20 kilometers.”

He emphasized that, “Now the South Korean military is maintaining readiness, while strengthening surveillance and security.”

It is rare for the North Korean military to hold a live-fire drill so close to the southern side of the MDL in the East Sea.

Another Army official stated, “The North Korean military often holds firing exercises near the Wonsan area. It is rare for them to be held near the MDL in the East Sea.”

Today’s firing exercises and ballistic missile test firings near the MDL could be interpreted as an armed protest against South Korea.


Last week, North Korea fired 2 short-range ballistic missiles,presumed to be Scuds, toward the East Sea from Pyeongsan in Hwanghae Province, about 40 kilometers away from the MDL. On July 13th the same kind of missiles were fired toward the East Sea from northern Gaeseong, only about 20 kilometers away from the MDL.

Comments from Naver:

Why does North Korea keep throwing rice in the sea…


Stop bothering the fish, you piggy bastard.


Stop acting up, Jong-un.


North Korea and Japan are our enemies till they both collapse.


Insane. A bat and an aircraft carrier are good medicine for a mad dog.


Jong-un must’ve made his bet for Argentina.


Former president Kim Dae-jung carried out the Sunshine Policy, saying a war would never happen. After the battle of Yeonpyeong broke out, North Korea has been developing nuclear weapons, and we’re still living under missile threats. We should dig up Kim Dae-jung’s corpse and behead it.


I’m getting numb about this kind of news. Never forget that North Korea is our main enemy.


The international community is worried about the security of South Korea, while Koreans don’t take this kind of news seriously. North Korea even nullified the armistice. I don’t know whether South Korea has an enemy or not, but the government has made cuts to our defense budget and increased the welfare budget. A defenseless state will soon be destroyed. This is serious.


You crazy pig, Jong-un. Gone nuts since the rice is gone.


President Park, I will be really disappointed if you end up funding the North Korean cheering squad like Roh Mu-hyun and Kim Dae-jung did. Use that money for helping our people in need, like poor students and people in hard times.


It is all because of the one [former President Kim Dae-jung] who received a Nobel Peace Prize. Thanks for shit. I got a phone call from the reserve forces so I gotta go, damn…


The beggar who survives by asking for money is just throwing money away. I wonder how crazy he can get.


International outcast, fucking Kim Jong-un…ke ke ke


I will carry a gun and fight to protect my family against North Korean commies!

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