4 Year Old Spits Out Kimchi, Gets Slapped By Teacher

A disturbing black and white CCTV video shows a scene at a daycare center. This is not the normal scene of kids playing and laughing, but of a punishment and disciplining taking place. At the center is a young four year old girl, and an older woman, the daycare center teacher. The other children are on the side of the room, kneeling on the ground in fear. Suddenly, the teacher brings up her hand and slaps the little girl with such force she is flung across the room and into the wall. The four year old quickly gets up though, and kneels on the ground in front of the teacher, picking up her tray and spoon.

This article garnered over 29,000 comments on Naver, and is the latest in a string of violent teacher-student incidents at Korean schools.

Article from SBS:

“Why did you spit it out?” Slaps 4 Year old Across Room…A Classroom Filled with Fear


A daycare teacher has assaulted a four year old child for spitting out kimchi. The daycare teacher explained the child wasn’t eating her food and she was trying to teach the child, but the CCTV images don’t show any semblance of teaching.

4 year old spits out kimchi slapped daycare teacher korea

Reporter Han Se-hyun has more.


This is the CCTV video from the afternoon of January 8th, in Incheon’s Yeon-su-gu.

The daycare teacher roughly grabs a four year old’s hands.

As the child brings her hands to her mouth, the teacher hits her hands again.

The child crosses her legs nervously in fear.

When the child can’t help herself and spits out some food, the teacher suddenly slaps the child on the head with such force the child is thrown into the corner.

The terror stricken child gets up again and begins to clear away the food on the floor.

The parents were at a loss for words, not able to believe what they saw in the video.

The other kids at the daycare center are kneeling in fear on the ground, watching their friend assaulted by the teacher.

Daycare Center Parent: [The kid] didn’t eat her kimchi. [The teacher] tried to feed the child food she didn’t like, so the child kept bringing her hand to her mouth, leading the teacher to continually hit her hand away. The child swallowed the kimchi, then felt nauseous, so she spit it back out. So the teacher smacked her on the head.

She explained the child at the daycare center doesn’t eat a lot, and she was just trying to teach her a lesson, it was an accident.

>Observer at the daycare center: If I had known [the teacher was hitting children], I would not have let this happen. This is the first time it has happened. I’m sure of it.

The police booked 33 year old Ms. Yang without physical detention, and called the director of the daycare center on charges of negligent care, intending to investigate further.

Comments from Naver :


They should reveal her identity. People like her should suffer their whole life.


If you even hit adults like this, they will be stunned and really in pain, so how much pain do you think the kid was in? Even when she was struggling to get back to her senses, she got up quickly and cleared away her food because she was afraid of getting beaten more. This really made my heart ache. I really want to find her and kill her.


Wow… this is really wrong. Even I couldn’t stifle a scream when I was watching the video…Would she have done this to her own child? As the parent of a five year old daughter, I’m hurt by this…I can’t hold back my anger…


Hang her in Seoul Plaza, and have passerby beat her. She’s not even fit to be called a beast.


This is the worst ever. My heart aches when I see how used to the punishment this child is…how come she couldn’t cry? Because she knew the teacher would be more mad if she cried. If we protect the rights of the teacher, we are not protecting the rights of the children. Please reveal her identity and give her a bitter taste of society.


It happened at the Songdo Harbor View Kinjelseu Daycare Center. The teacher would die by my hand today if she did this to my child.


The video is terrifying..A four year old can die from that kind of shock..fling her in jail for attempted murder.


The other children in the class were playing, and then everyone became scared. It breaks my hart to see them all kneeling on the ground like that. From the children’s expressions, you can tell this is something that has happened more than a few times.


It’s clearly a case of mistreating children, so why are they booking her without detention? Messy Korean law…


F**k, our daughter is 6 years old, and she can’t eat spicy foods. What’s the big deal about kimchi… Seeing the kid getting hit and kneeling on the ground holding the spoon…and the faces of the other children kneeling on the ground, it seems like they get hit everyday, and you say it’s the first time??? If it was the first time they hit a child, the child would be bawling or would try to run away, or would tell the other teachers, so wouldn’t the child try to move away? The kids are getting hit everyday to the extent that they know that it’s no use to try to run away…does the teacher play golf? The angle of her swing is appalling. That bitch is completely out of her mind. Why is someone who hates kids, hates feeding kids, and can’t stand seeing kids leave behind food on their plate a teacher at the daycare center? I don’t f**king understand.


Wow, look at that fucking biyotch. She put her genuine intent into swing and knocked the kid back. The quality [of the video] is not good, but even though I can’t see the kid’s face, but I feel like I can see it clearly…how surprised and frightened the kid must have been! As I directly watched it via video, It really pissed me off…wow…


Why does these situations seem to keep happening? Even though there’s CCTV, why was she acting like that? I gasped when she put her hand up, and I was shocked and cursed when the kid was knocked down. This piggy bitch, I really want to break her wrist. How shocked the little girl must have been ㅜ My heart hurt to see the other children kneeling on the ground quivering with fear. It must have torn up her parents’ hearts to see that…Hang in there.

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  • kimchi is gross still

    • Vanin

      Not THAT bad but if a 4-years-old can’t eat or don’t like, it totally normal

  • chucky3176

    “>Observer at the daycare center: If I had known [the teacher was hitting children], I would not have let this happen. This is the first time it has happened. I’m sure of it.”

    Not an ‘observer’, but an ‘official’ at the daycare center.
    It’s bull shit this was first time it happened. Look at the reactions of the abused kid, and the other kids, they were scared shitless. That kind of silent reaction doesn’t come about if this was just a first time. The police should investigate this official too, for child abuse. And all the daycare centers should be required to install cameras, and the daycare centers would be advisable to follow the new law to protect their businesses too.

    • bigmamat

      Thing is two of these videos have been circulating for awhile now and these women knew the camera was on when they did it. I watched this video a couple of weeks ago. They government is doing more than installing cameras in every day care. They’re proposing a national exam. lmao….They would and certification. The Korean Foreigner has an article about what the government proposes. Of course in his usual style he looks at the issue with an eye toward economics. If you’ve never read him, he’s a “free marketeer”.

  • B.

    Korean style at its finest.

    • Guest

      Very nice ! thanks for showing who you are.

  • Small twon

    That woman is facing criminal charge and goverment is putting CCTV on every daycare center. Hope I never see something like this in the future.

  • realist

    I always made it a top principle to never become violent with a woman, but if I saw this happen to my child, and I didn’t have enough time to cool down, I would break everything in her body so that not even God could put her back together.

    • kimchi wit rice

      you gonna get ass raped in jail, son.

      • Tokidoki

        I’m with Realist.. You smack my 4 year old to that capacity and your a** would be grass! Furthermore, society can understand a parents pain and reaction in that manner. Definitely would not let a parent go to jail for defending and protecting their children!

      • realist

        Better than having my daughter forever remember her dad can’t defend her when he sees her abused. Better than coming home to cold food on the table and a wife who looks at you like, “How could I have married this castrated worm?”

        • Nova_REMIX

          I’m totally with you. If that was my son/daughter, I wouldn’t even hesitate. Someone would have to pry me off of her. I would maul the shit outta her and gladly put myself in handcuffs by the time the cops come. You don’t do that to a 4 year old. PERIOD.

  • kimchi magic

    he has shamed his family and nation for spitting out kimchi

  • yuk

    should be child abuse to feed a 4 yr old kimchi

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    School food does tend to taste crappier than the normal stuff. Even if a kid miraculously loved Kimchi at 4, I doubt they’d like that spiced cardboard a school gives them. Just another reason why this teacher’s dumb as hell.

  • commander

    The contentious issue following the unbelievably shocking incident is how to prevent child abuse in blind spots at day care centers.

    The teacher who slapped the little girl across the face has been arrested on charge of child abuse and the manager of the center has also been detained on poor oversight and neglect charges.

    The government has come out with measures to deal with child abuses amid seething public resentment over the violence: Mandating CCTV installations in all daycare centers and enhancing qualification tests for aspiring nursery teachers, two steps who seem to fail to calm down infuriated and worried parents.

    Human rights advocacy groups voice concerns over possible privacy invasion from CCTV of teachers, though the prevalent public furor appears to drown out the voices.

    Toughening tests, including personality check, also appears not enough to pacify parents because they are anxious that their children could be abused not by future teachers but by lurking violent people working at daycare centers.

    The parliament is moving to legislate for a tougher punishment of child abusers.

  • vonskippy

    Mean and stupid – bad enough to hit a child, but to do it on video tape is criminally stupid.

  • Yaminah Jamison

    ….you don’t just “accidentally” slap a child.

  • HaydenG

    Korea’s justice system is such a disgrace. You have to commit murder before you see a prison in this country.

    • Ewnerd Nasalo

      Or just be a waygook caught with weed.

  • kimgook

    She clearly deserves it for not loving Kimchi, our country’s national food since ancient times. She must have some Japanese bastard blood flowing in her. Stupid half breed bastard children should all be killed. Dokdo is Korea.

    • XYC

      Why are there so many butt hurt Japanese trolls here when it’s got nothing to do with them?

      • Wanker

        Such your a** XYC! You don’t know what you talking about! hehe

  • jellyfish123

    As a preschool aassistant teacher, how the hell do she even get the job??? Where there other teachers? Poor chOld. I feel sorry for the child and the other kids. And I feel sorry for the parents.

  • Mike Sowell

    I thought kimchi was Pokémon girlfriend.

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