Korean Middle School Student Reports Teacher to Police

Article from Yonhap News:

Why Did You Hit Me? Third Year Middle School Student Reports Homeroom Teacher for Hitting Him


A third year middle school student in Daegu reported his homeroom teacher to the police after being punished.

On the 18th, Homeroom teacher A was booked without detention by the Daegu Gangbuk Police Station for hitting the student.

Teacher A is suspected of hitting student B with a baton on his right arm and neck twice, and grabbing the right side of the student’s neck when the student was sleeping on his stomach and wouldn’t get up even when the bell had rang.

An official from the police department said “B came to the station himself to report it” and “we plan to investigate A’s motive for hitting B.”

Comments from Naver:


See what the result is of overindulging your children.


Wow…the prestige of educators has hit rock bottom.


He has no future…


If a third year middle school student has the guts of reporting it to the police, he must be a delinquent who ignores his own homeroom teacher or whoever. If you even have one of these students in your class, it affects the atmosphere of the class. It ruins the atmosphere of the whole grade level. Teachers must have a hard time sleeping at night, and be very stressed. The kids all study at the hagwon and sleep in class. In order to maintain educational authority, teachers should have the right to punish students. Would the teacher have hit him without first telling him? The problem was that the student didn’t listen when the teacher spoke to him. Teachers, hang in there. These kind of students? What are their parents doing?


In emphasizing true education, the students have finally become the masters…


Just sleep at home, why go to school?


If my kid was like this, I would hit them.


Fucking kid…you did something wrong so you got hit.


This country is going crazy…a social atmosphere that encourages defying educators is ruining kids like this.


Just get hit without saying anything. Strangely, I don’t feel wronged when a teacher hits me.


Report what you have to report you bastard…This dude would also report his mom to the police for shaking him awake in the morning and telling him to go to school…


This kind of student should just be suspended or expelled from school.


Why do you sleep so much? You gave the teacher a reason to hit you. If you were the teacher, would you just let it go without hitting him?

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