Child Abuse Caught on CCTV in Incheon Daycare Center

A Daycare Teacher Tosses Around 2-yr Old Child, Sparks Controversy Over Child Abuse

Video from YTN :


The police are launching an investigation into an Incheon daycare center for reported child abuse at the hands of one of its teachers.

The 2-year old was dragged and then thrown on the floor.

We will hear more from reporter Woo Cheol-hee.

Child abuse was reported at the daycare, but when did the abuse occur?


The incident occurred two days ago, on the 17th.

It happened at a daycare center in Incheon’s Guwol neighborhood.

YTN has secured video footage of the events.

What you are seeing is from the daycare center’s classroom CCTV footage.

The teacher grabs the child, who was running around, raises [him] to eye-level and then throws [him] on the floor.

Only a few moments later, you can see another child being thrown onto the floor in the same way.

The child was picked up and thrown down five times, with such force as to cause [his] legs to flail about.

The other children, in shock, are seen with their eyes glued to the scene.

Yet the other teacher in the room doesn’t seem at all shook up, and continues on with her work.

The victims are two children, both of whom turned 2 this year.

The children are receiving medical treatment, and are also experiencing prolonged psychological trauma.

One of the victims’ injuries are so severe that it is too difficult to even stand up.

The teacher accused said she did it because the children were not sleeping, and kept crying during nap time.

The parents believe this is not a one-time event, and suspect the abuse has been going on for some time.

The teacher has since resigned from her position.

The teacher will be charged with child abuse, and the video footage will be evaluated as evidence.

Comments from Naver:


Oh my god please tell us the name of the daycare center!


I wanna slam her down on the floor like she did to them. The kids must’ve been so afraid.


It’d be better for that bitch to just not work than to be a daycare teacher … Tossing the kids around like that just cuz they weren’t taking a nap. Should their moms be sending them to daycare? Is all that she’ll do is quit her job? Arrest that bitch, arrest the bitch who was watching all of it happen next to her, and arrest the director too! There’s CCTV in the daycare, so it should be shared with everyone so the moms can always know what’s going on.


The other teacher didn’t mind what was going on so it doesn’t look like it was the first time. Really pissed off.


As the father of a 4-year old, I was shocked to see that video. How could you treat a child like that? If I was the victim’s father, I would kill her even if she were a police officer, the police commissioner, or even the president. Really, as a parent, could I really act reasonably? The fundamental laws should be changed. When cases like this are confirmed in a daycare center, the center should be forcibly closed, and the community should be informed who the director and all the teachers are. It should be stated clearly and implemented immediately that the director and employees of that daycare should not be allowed to open a new daycare center. If only the abusing teacher is punished, these kinds of things will continue to happen.


Watching that video… that woman acted like she thought she was in a blind spot where the CCTV couldn’t tape her, and I can’t stop thinking about… there might have been other children who were abused in the same way right there. ㅠㅠ The police should watch the other videos too. I can’t help it I’m completely shocked.


Child abuse? It’s not attempted murder?


Wow, I wanna slam that teacher down on the floor. Is that an adult or even a human being? If you hate hearing people cry then why are you a daycare teacher?


The only answer is to arrest her. Her only punishment is a slap on the wrist, so it’s bound to keep happening.. Right now other children somewhere are suffering the same kind of abuse.


That teacher who didn’t care about what was going on and just kept working should also be punished. Usually if there are two teachers, they can monitor each other, but maybe that was my understanding. The bystander who thinks this is a normal everyday thing should also be punished.


Incheon, Guwol-dong, Euddeum Daycare Center


What exactly do they look for when hiring daycare teachers? Crazy.


We have to raise the level of punishment for child abuse in Korea. And since there was CCTV, there should be a law that makes it so parents are able to see it. What a horrible person!


Let’s publish her personal information on Naver.


The doors of Euddeum Daycare in Guwol-dong Incheon should be closed, the parents shouldn’t keep quiet and should stay determined, even if they have to draw up a petition, until they make sure the director and all of the other psychos have their childcare licenses revoked.


Didn’t the other teacher just ignore this? The teacher had no qualms about abusing the kids because the other teachers ignore it and pretend it’s not happening! Ignoring the situation should also lead to serious punishment – I’m really pissed off!


I really have no words. I can’t believe my eyes.


Is that bitch who’s staying quiet a teacher or a cleaning lady? Arrest that bitch too for ignoring child abuse!

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  • iatowks

    Response from the director of the daycare center: Please understand our situation.

    • Small twon

      You and that so called ‘teacher’ should get married,you two deserve each other.

  • 금정산

    For every rat you see, there are fifty you don’t.

  • 외국년

    I screamed at a (Korean) 2nd grader after she called me a bitch in both Korean and English for asking her to come inside.
    The very next day I was fired so I know it can be frustrating to work with children.
    BUT physical punishment is unacceptable.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if this woman tortured small animals for fun!

    • Balkan

      I think firing you was a harsh way to deal with the problem. The child’s parents should have been summoned and informed about their daughter’s behavior to teachers.

      • Boris

        Her boss probably sucked.

        I’m assuming she worked in a hagwon, and whatever you think about them, the bosses can be either cool or wankers.

    • bujiebuke

      Are you Korean-American/Canadian? I ask because many Koreans that I know have separate rules for themselves and “others”. As a general rule, what applies to them may not apply to you.

    • KoreanWho

      Hey welcome to this country filled with self centered brats reared by the selfish Korean parenting 101.

  • Chucky3176

    This makes my blood boil. Not just at those women on CCTV who went about nonchalantly abusing those 2 year old babies. But also at this:

    “Oh my god please tell us the name of the daycare center!”

    You’ll notice the news reporter won’t name the day care center in question. Why is that? Because under the Korea’s defamation law, you cannot name the businesses in public that are breaking the law. This law also covers also criminal cases where the identities of the criminals (including the murderers) are against the law to be revealed in public. It’s criminal act to reveal the identities of individuals as well as companies and businesses.

    So how do the public know not to send their children to that school? They don’t. They probably still unknowingly continue to send their kids to that school where they are probably continue to be abused. The public has the right to know who are breaking the laws, but the government protects the accused lawbreakers. Why, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a law to protect those who are found innocent of crimes accused, and also to protect the families of those who are found guilty.

    • Zappa Frank

      the teacher has resigned. It may have been just one teacher and not the whole school problem. In this kind of case if you expose the name of the school you may endanger people that work in that school but have nothing to do with this case.

      • Chucky3176

        What about that teacher who didn’t do anything while that teacher abused the child?

        • Zappa Frank

          sorry I’m in china and didn’t see the video and nor I’ve seen the other teacher. Yes you are right if there is another teacher she should have stopped her.

          • Chucky3176

            When teachers operating on a same shift abuse those kids, it makes me question the entire daycare.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Can the media even hint at it?

      “Oh, but they say the cafe “Shop A” around the corner is nice! The food is great when paired with the cityscape and the three skyscapers looming nearby.”

      • Boris


      • persianOUTKAST

        i don’t think they can, but in a different YTN news clip they kinda did. they showed video of the school from the outsides. it was big (3 or 4 stories tall), very yellow, w/ red & green trim. pretty sure there aren’t that many bright yellow buildings in Incheon.

    • bigmamat

      I think in the end it’s a good thing the government doesn’t release the names of people accused. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it’s to protect people who are actually innocent and their families. What I see from a lot of Koreans is this gang rule style of revenge and punishment where they believe someone’s entire family should be punished for the actions of a family member even extending to less immediate members like cousins and such. I also noticed that Koreans have such a disdain for their justice system that even when some has been exonerated by the police they don’t believe it. They think every criminal has the ability to “pay off” the po po. Of course Korea has some fairly lax penalties that would land someone here in the pokey for a long time. I can’t sympathize though cause it’s their system and if they don’t like it they need to fix it. I think Koreans like their “pay as you go” legal system when it suits them.

  • bigmamat

    I know I’m probably going to get jumped on with both feet by everyone for saying this but it doesn’t surprise me. First of all there are people like this everywhere. Child abuse happens in every society. However, the Koreans are people who beat the shit out of each other not just physically but verbally as well. Do people think all those examples of bullying in schools, the military, at work and in everyday life come from nowhere? This is why many societies tried to implement a spare the rod spare the child mentality. It’s not just about children, it’s the adults they become. Teaching people at a young age that violence solves problems and is the first option to resolve conflicts just makes us more violent adults.

  • hana

    Disgusting. If the kids annoyed you, then why are you working there? Obviously she is a bad person from head to toe and never had a good intention by starting to work there. Hope she stays in jail for some time and reflects on what she’s done.

  • Smith_90125

    Horrifying. When accidents happen in my classroom (e.g. kid runs and falls, even though “no running” is a rule) or one kid hits another while I’m not looking, I feel guilty even though such things are not my doing. I feel like crap when I can’t prevent such things even though they aren’t my fault.

    What sort of a sick piece of shit loses control and hits a kid and nearly kills one? She’s the adult, she’s supposed to know and do better, to be in control of her emotions and NEVER take it out on the kids. Cripes, I was once deliberately stabbed by a kid with a boxcutter (the type with only a 1cm blade) and I didn’t freak out. Anyone who can’t control their anger and frustration has no business being around kids.

    That woman should be charged with aggravated assault and do serious prison time. Hitting that child is worse than hitting an adult. At least an adult can defend herself or himself and knows how to call for and get legal help. A child that young is defenseless, which makes the crime far worse.

  • bultak23


  • commander

    The recurring abuses by teachers at day care centers underscores the pressing need to toughen punishment for child abuses.

    If penalty is stepped up for child abusers with the operator of the day care center in question being made possible to face a tougher punishment, the child abuses will see its dramatic decline.

  • KoreanWho

    Please don’t think rest of Korea is like this. Incheon is the mogadishu of Korea. People living there are just fucked up and uncivilized like people from Jeolla region.

  • Saesae

    Sick fucking bitches. As a mother of 2 this breaks my heart. People who do harm to innocent young children all deserve to be tortured in horrendous ways till the day they die. Me being part korean as well, this is a fucking disgrace! My blood boils over matters like these. Not even animals treat each other in such ways. If I was a mother to any of these children I would’ve probably beat the life out of all those so called teachers and left them in a vegetable state. Can’t trust no one nowdays.

  • KoreansKP

    South Korea/ Korean Peninsula as many ” Unqualified” person working at children schools. Fat people has low self esteem. Dog/ Pet lovers in Korea has low self esteem, Single lonesome/ fat woman has low self esteem. Korea is only place they look at test scores, IQ, over human personality.

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