A Korean Teenager’s Disappearance In Turkey ISIS Related

Article from YTN:

“I will die if you won’t let me go.” Why the young Kim went to Turkey


We are yet to know for sure where Kim is and whether he is actually involved in IS. However, if he is involved, we can say he is the first Korean who does so voluntarily. Before further discussion, it seems better to talk about what IS is first. IS stands for Islamic State. What type of group is it?

[Professor Lee Woong-hyuk, 00:32]

It means Islamic State but it doesn’t have actual national status. It is a radical armed group following Sunni Islam and its most distinguished features can be summed up in the 3 Ms(Men, Money, Material).

Independently, it has a vast pool of human resources. In other words, it has lots of foreign mercenaries. The number of soldiers is approximately 30,000. Foreign soldiers make up 25~30% of this number. A lot of recruits come from Europe especially, to participate in jihad, and this contributes to their vast human resources.

Second, it has a lot of money. Known as “oil money,” they attract new recruits via their various oil resources. Third, it has abundant military supplies. These explain the three M’s. The pursuing goal itself is to exercise the caliphate.

When we speak of a “caliphate,” it encompasses all the ideas related to the belief that Muhammad, in close relationship with Allah, holds power over and influence in politics and religion. In other words, IS is pursuing its own goal of recreating the singularly ruled Islamic nation that was prosperous in the past. It is at the same time seeking to spread the physical territory of the religion. Based on some reports, some go so far as to say that IS wishes to enact a world-wide religious cleansing. They are exceptionally violent, but I would like to talk about that more later.

[Critics Lee Dong-hyeong, 02:05]

So, we can’t call IS a nation. It can be considered merely a group united by religious faith.

[Anchor, 02:10]

For being a religious organization, its construction efforts are expanding. Thanks to these efforts, it has considerable strength in capital.

[Critic Lee Dong-hyeong, 02:16]

While it has a solid monetary system, it is hard to say it is a nation. If you look at the IS flag, it says “The only God is Allah.” It is a religious group tied with an extremely exclusive and fundamentalist religious faith. As Professor Lee described it, it is a radical armed group, and it is also very much stuck in the past.

[IS] is committing acts of terror and engaging in war for religious reasons, but the more serious issue is hearing young children talk of their own so-called jihad. The fact that IS is dragging children into jihad and giving them weapons shows that there isn’t even a small amount of ethics left.

[Anchor, 02:51]

This video that was recently released left many in shock. IS gave a gun to a kid who looked like he could be an elementary school student, and let him kill their prisoner. The brutality of the Islamic State has reached an extreme.

[Professor Lee Woong-hyuk, 03:04]

Then it was announced that the kid was Russian. Since the prisoner was a Russian intelligent, the kid was asked to kill the man himself.

Not only that, it admits to using a slave system. In other words, it thinks that women caught in the holy war are just spoils of war, and they can be treated in any way [IS] pleases.

Even if a member of IS is a little boy, he participates in horrendous acts, and encourages others to participate in them, too. This is the character [of the Islamic State] and its cruel side was already well known. It released video showing public beheading of Western journalists. Even worse, it has been involved in the massacre of civilians. IS has killed thousands in Iraq. All of these acts show the Islamic State’s extremism and inhumanity.

[Anchor, 03:57]

In short, it is a terrifying, cruel group. Let’s talk about the teenager, Kim, who went missing in Turkey. There isn’t any reliable circumstantial evidence about whether he is just missing or abducted. This graphic shows the places he had traveled.

He entered Istanbul on January 8th, and at that night he arrived at Kilis, near the Syrian border. Two days later he left the hotel he was staying in, carrying his bag with all of his belongings.

Korean Teenager Kim Islamic State 3

According to the hotel staff, he said Kim was nervous and wouldn’t sit down. Kim was wearing a mask during his stay and was carrying a backpack before he left. On the day he disappeared, he packed his stuff by himself and left the hotel without saying anything to the people he traveled with. Let’s talk about this. We don’t yet know whether he is missing, abducted, or if he actively joined IS, but he left the hotel after packing his things by himself.

[Lawyer Kang Yeon-jae, 05:06]

At first there were some opinions that the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs should put more effort into finding out where he is. As time goes by, however, it is looking more likely that he has joined the Islamic State.

According to the head of the investigation, Kim was traveling with another Korean to Kilis, and after that he was seen with a third person. More crucially, several photos of men holding guns, who looked like IS members, were found on his computer back home. Based on that, there is growing apprehension that Kim might be the first Korean teenager to join IS.

[Anchor, 05:57]

In this situation, do you think it is still appropriate to explore the possibility of him being abducted or just missing?

[Professor Lee Woong-hyuk, 06:05]

While this is the first time it’s been covered in Korean news, when we look at the overall perception of IS, there have been cases where teenagers joined IS due to a misunderstanding that they were fighting a holy war.

For example, a woman in Malaysia went to IS by herself by taking out a loan. A 15 year old German girl went to IS to join the holy war, but she had a lot of problems there. These foreign teenagers were more likely to join IS because they were “lone wolves”. They had trouble fitting into mainstream society, and were seduced by inaccurate information found online, and fooled into [joining IS.]

It’s our hope that Kim wouldn’t do that, but based on a string of coincidences, it doesn’t seem that he really went on a trip. Based on an extensive list of contacts, there are so-called secret groups, and these secret groups reach people through internet postings.

And then, if some teenagers show interest in the posting, the group provides more information. Following the pattern, Kim might follow this group due to being deceived, rather than having been abducted or gone missing. If so, even though diplomatic relations haven’t been established between Korea and Syria, Korea’s intelligence sources or someone should help Kim once he realizes the reality and wants to come back.

To prepare for that situation, a local information network is needed right away, using various foreign intelligence networks to find out where he is located.

[Anchor, 08:02]

At this point let’s find out why Kim went to Turkey and how his life was. According to his family, his father is working as a civil servant. His neighbor said the teen had problems with friends at school, so he worked on GED at home after deciding to drop out of middle school.

His parents were worried about him being a seclusive loner. Before going to Turkey he told his mom that he would study harder when he came back to Korea, but he would commit suicide if she wouldn’t let him go. As his mom thought about it and believed he would be able to focus on studying after visiting Turkey, so she let him go.

But he was only 18 years old, so she had him travel with a 45-year old man who knew a lot about about Turkey and Middle East, who she had met at church. The man and her son were staying at the hotel [in Turkey] together when Kim disappeared with all of his stuff.

[Lawyer Kang Yeon-jae, 09:12]

I wonder why an 18-year-old Korean boy joined the Islamic State. For years, so many IS advertisements have been spreading through social media networks to attract teenagers all over the world. The problem is that they promote IS by glamorizing what IS is doing. Korea is experiencing an IS-related issue for the first time, but there were many cases before of people from China or other countries joining IS.

If the Korean government provided some videos as warning signs to Korean teenagers to let them know the correct information about IS, show what IS really is, and what happens if people joined IS without knowing much about it, it could prevent teenagers from joining. These are teens who want to join IS because of some fantasy that they could be like the main character in an action movie.

I know it seems too late to stop them, but I still think the government needs to spread the message about what IS is and what it really means to join them.

[Anchor, 10:37]

We can’t say for certain what Kim would do, but he was a teenager who couldn’t fit in. Could he have thought people holding guns and wandering the streets with masks on look cool?

[Lawyer Son Soo-ho 10:52]

That is possible. If he has actually joined IS, it would be the first case in Korea but this kind of thing happens often with kids from Western countries and it’s well-known that there are many Western people joining IS. When we look at those people, they generally seem to have a hard time fitting into society and are very isolated.

If we look at the analysis, it’s natural that these kids would try to find a way out, somewhere where they can be accepted, when they are isolated and have low confidence. If anything, the analysis shows that IS is effectively choosing these kids and luring them in. The important thing to remember is that even though people become members of IS, it doesn’t mean that they are considered valuable. They are destined to become human shields.

Even though IS is working in the name of religion, it is a criminal organization that has already crossed the line of freedom of religion. To prevent another second or third occurrence like this, people should keep that in mind.

[Anchor, 11:55]

So IS seems to spread its doctrine through Twitter or Facebook, all while glorifying themselves. IS seduces every young person in different ways. If IS finds someone who is interested in the organization, it privately contacts him or her, provides free housing, and gives [the young men] a fantasy that they can have several wives. Just like lawyer Son said, IS is just using those people as human shields so this isn’t a simple problem.

There are many young people, whether they are American or European, joining IS who are blinded by these things. When you look at the figurse, the most come from Europe and America, but there are also 3,000 people from the African country Tunisia, 2,000 from Jordan and 800 from Russia.

Besides Tunisia, Jordan, Russia, and of course it is a problem here too, there are 130 American recruits, 100 from China and other young people from advanced European countries are all voluntarily joining IS.

"Come join IS"

“Come join IS”

[Professor Lee Woong-hyuk 13:03]

In addition to neighboring countries, the common thing among young Europeans joining IS is that they are mostly second or third generation descendants of Islamic immigrants. They find it hard to assimilate into European society and they experience discrimination which they think is unfair. These young people might find some value in the principles of Islamic extremism.

On the other hand, as young people pursue challenges and excitement online, [the Islamic State’s] various indirect education videos posted online look fairly nice. They can’t tell what’s real from what is just online, but if they really go there they’ll become brainwashed.

While some recruits receive brainwashing education that also involves military training in ordwr to fight in the holy war, some are subsequently sent back to their own countries to begin working in underground groups. When they return to their home countries, they are told to spread their version of Islam and carry out orders.

If then, one of the biggest reasons for joining is that teenagers are exposed to so much distorted information on the internet, and are lured in by it, this all stems from having nothing to concentrate their energies on like a job, or the way they are treated is unfair. Social issues in their own countries can work as an indirect cause for teenagers to fall into Islamic extremism.

[Anchor, 14:46]

That’s why it is hard to tell whether he voluntarily joined IS or if he is just missing. No matter how this all really happened, I believe it is the right time to pay more attention to this issue and work to prevent it, not regarding it as just someone else’s issue or something that could never happen in Korea.

Comments from Daum:


[His parents] should have said no, no matter what… Even a guy like that is someone’s child.. Aigo


There are no words for that guy! tsk tsk


I bet he’s really regretting his decision to go there right now. “Ah, I’ve been living so comfortably for all that time. I couldn’t tell poop from dwenjang [fermented soybean paste].” He’s probably thinking he did a fucking stupid thing. Don’t waste our tax money rescuing a guy like that.


A hikikomori spent too much time on the Internet in his room and got lured into IS. His parents let him go to Turkey because he threatened to kill himself. I get the situation now. Sigh, how might the parents have felt…


We should never let Islam into our country.


Why didn’t he just go to the army in Korea then? A fantasy is different from actually experiencing it. He might be missing home after two days. He would be like, “I miss you, mom. Wow, I realize I had a really happy life before.” He will see them killing people and raping women. They will make him murder, too. Pitiful. There will be a time when he will cry as soon as he sees the Korean flag. Do not come back after you learn how to terrorize people, fool. Pathetic.


He’s a naïve kid, but there is a limit to where you can go.


Someone who only finished elementary school cannot live in Korea.


When I first heard about this, I expected to read something about fucking Christians’ evangelism. Kim was born in a multicultural family and only finished elementary school. I wonder if he didn’t go to middle school because he was bullied in elementary school for looking different. He might have been frustrated that he was treated like a foreigner in his own country. He had no close friends to openly talk with. How frustrated he might have been to get brainwashed by a terrorist group on the opposite side of the world and to decide to join them, with whom he couldn’t even communicate well, leaving behind his hometown and parents. I pity him.


His parents most likely could not have even imagined that he went there to join IS or whatever. Maybe they thought he just wanted to visit a foreign country, so let him go to get some fresh air. Those who bash the parents here cannot understand a parental mind even one bit. The thoughtless kid was the problem, not his parents.


Is IS such an easy group to join? Can you just go there? How crappy…


The love-hate relationship where you can’t control your own kid~~


It gets messed up when a religion interferes with politics.


He must be an Ilbe bug. Many bugs will go there and get terminated!


The situation where a child does not respect their parents and the parents kowtow to the child… That is like my younger brother. He was making a fuss studying for a national exam for 15 years and gave it up eventually. Mom was so frustrated but also careful not to offend him. So annoying. He would make trouble even if it weren’t for the exam.

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  • Chucky3176

    “the common thing among young Europeans joining IS is that they are mostly second or third generation descendants of Islamic immigrants.”

    This tells you the failure of multiculturalism policies of Europe – unable to absorb the immigrants into their societies because they are fundalmentally different cultures that cannot co-exist with each other . Now they are a ticking time bomb. I hope Korea doesn’t follow their examples, although they’re trying very hard to do so lately.

    Also, this “Kim” fellow should be written off as dead. He posted in the ‘Join Islamic state’ forum, “I want join islamic state please can you help?” He got a reply from someone, telling him to go to Turkey and “contact Hassan”. Once he arrived in Turkey, Kim wrote in his SNS, “I want leaving my country and families just want to get a new life”. He was last seen on camera, voluntarily getting into a stranger’s van from a hotel where he was staying in Turkey. He’ll find out for himself soon enough what he got himself into.

    • multicultralism

      too right, wish all the koreans would piss off back to their own country, starting with you.

      • JennyChang31

        Point of order, like most of the internet sentries I dont think porky has ever set foot in the motherland.
        I agree he should go as soon as possible, 26 months of hard labor in the military would teach him manners and burn off a few pounds. He may even lose his virginity.

        • milo

          In fairness to Chucky I think he did return to the motherland as he has made mention in the past of not getting promotions in the west and having to move to Korea to get that. But yes, as with the other 5 Korean Sentries, who post on that funny little site, I doubt he chose to serve mother Korea by enlisting in the armed forces. Instead, he does his part by going on the internet and posting angry screeds about multicultralism, Japan and white people.

          Serving Korea, one message board at a time.

          • Youmakemelaugh


      • Dark Night

        Yeah, and you should piss off to whichever shit-hole you originated from.

        • Angry little korea

          Angry korean is angry.

          • nitrostat

            ohh the beauty of internet anonymity.. troll much?

      • Sillian

        Chucky didn’t put his words in the most politically correct way. Why don’t you share your wisdom on what Western Europe has done wrong vis-a-vis Muslim immigrants?

    • Boris

      This tells you that you should really read into these so called ‘multiculturalism policies of Europe’. Can you tell me what they are? It is an actual policy or was it a way to initially gain cheap labour and more due to short term planning and gains rather than an actual thought out policy?

      • chucky3176

        I don’t want this topic to go off topic into immigration issues especially when there’s a whole slew of angry faced ESL teachers here, so I’ll make it short.

        Europe has fairly homogenous population which had been populated by Europeans for thousands of years – unlike say US, Canada, and Australia. These three countries are built by immigrants, and everyone came from somewhere else. So it’s difficult for the people in those countries to reject immigration. Europe is a different story though. They brought in whole slew of cheap labor mostly from Muslim countries which could not integrate into the mainstream society. I believe that the ethnic background, religion, and culture does matter in determining who make the best immigrants for each nations. For Western Europe, Muslim Arabs are the absolute worst fit.

        For South Korea, it’s in similar position as in Europe, with a population that has populated the country for thousands of years. It is not an immigration country. South Korea also imports thousands of cheap labor each year. But unlike in Europe, the cheap labor immigrants are mostly not allowed to stay beyond 3 to 5 years, and prevented from sponsoring/bringing their family. This has only aggravated the suppressing of the salaries of Koreans, but has for the most part, shielded Korea from falling into the same pitfalls that Europe has encountered. I am aware that there are more and more shrill calls for Korea to open its doors wide open like Europe, and I’m saying you have to be careful here. I’m in favor of liberalizing immigration policies in South Korea. But I would like to see carefully targeted immigration sourcing. The first priorities should be given to stateless Koreans from former Soviet Union countries who should be fast tracked as a humanitarian policy, followed by Korean disporas with foreign national citizenships, then followed by immigrants from non-Muslim nations with high degree of education and talent. The last thing Korea needs is more unskilled uneducated radical people with radical religions that you see in Europe. And no, I don’t support nor think that kicking out immigrants that are already in the country is a good ideal. I’m in favor of going forward and learning from past mistakes.

        Does that answer your question?

        • Korean slut

          Chucky is angry because of all the esl teachers getting korean pussy while he cant

          • nitrostat

            why u so angry?

          • korean slut

            Because korean men cant satisfy me

        • i agree

          This is a fantastic policy as i belive koreans are the worst fit for any other countey and should all be deportef back to their country

        • namepen

          Chucky is right in that the situation in Europe is very different to that of the settler societies.

          It all comes down to numbers, a multicultural European society with 10-20% diversity will benefit from the infusion of younger hard working immigrants. It is when the proportions reach historically unprecedented highs and start to change the socio-cultural fabric of entire regions that should be a cause for concern.

          Of course that won’t stop the preferences of the elites for cheap labour over social cohesion.

        • korea

          Koreans are basically Chinese immigrants anyway

        • Boris

          Actually, it doesn’t. You didn’t answer my questions. You sidestepped them.

          You said in your original post about ‘multiculturalism policies of Europe’. I asked you about them because, other than initially inviting people to come for cheap labour, there was no policy for multiculturalism. The ‘policies’ came about because the cheap labour stayed. It came about not because of planning but a lack of foresight into dealing with integrating people from a different background, culture and skin colour into the dominant host country. These immigrants decided to go into their own enclaves to support and protect themselves. These enclaves had their own culture, with the 2nd and 3rd gen being a mix, or pick’n’mix if you like, of both their parents/grandparent’s culture and the that of the host. Multi-culture was there, it came about due to that and then had to be dealt with. Some decided to celebrate it, others decided to suppress it. Europe didn’t all react the same.

          Pretty much you don’t know anything about it rather than rhetoric. Have you even been to any European country? Have you met any Muslims or coloured people? Do you even know any? Are you going to sidestepped questions and then ask me if what you said answered my question?

          • Chucky3176

            To specifically answer your question, no, I’ve never been in Europe. So you’re telling me there is no multicultural policy of any kind in Europe because they have a policy of letting immigration happen naturally on their own by not having any immigration policy? Is that a policy of not having a policy? Well OK, it sure makes sense. Whatever you say, since you’re the expert. You win. You’re the man.

          • Jogen

            So essentially you are saying you don’t give a shit about, or been to, nor have a clue about the place which you are basing your whole arguement about korean immigration policies on.
            pretty normal practice for someone like you i guess.

          • JennyChang31

            Porkys position basically boils down to immigration is rubbish (apart from that time my parents were allowed in to Canada, that time was awesome).

          • Chucky3176

            Uh no, that’s not what I said, 6 comment troll, pretending to be a girl.

          • Chucky3176

            Argue with people like Chancellor Angela Merkel’s viewpoint of more than 4 million Muslims in her country.


          • Boris

            A Politician pandering to her base support.

            “Merkel faces pressure from within her CDU to take a tougher line on immigrants who don’t show a willingness to adapt to German society and her comments appeared intended to pacify her critics.”

            Don’t just gloss over the article. Actually read it. It doesn’t paint Germans in a good light:

            “The debate over foreigners in Germany has shifted since former central banker Thilo Sarrazin published a book accusing Muslim immigrants of lowering the intelligence of German society.

            Sarrazin was censured for his views and dismissed from the Bundesbank, but his book proved highly popular and polls showed a majority of Germans agreed with the thrust of his arguments.”

            They use to say the same about blacks not too long ago.

          • Boris

            “So you’re telling me there is no multicultural policy of any kind in Europe because they have a policy of letting immigration happen naturally on their own by not having any immigration policy?” – Are you confused with what I said? Or are you deliberately being obtuse?

        • Jogen

          The fact you think Europe have been ‘homogenous’ shows how ignorant you are of european history and culture.
          Europe has had extensive exchanges with people and cultures with the near east (your so called ‘muslim’ countries) and africa since the ancient times, beginning with the roman empire (which encompassed many ‘none european’ peoples), to the christianisation or europe, hunnish invasions, moorish rule of spain and southern european dealing with african and barbary pirates, to the crusades, the ottoman empire (a muslim nation emcompassing much of easter europe). One of the most famous piece of english literature is about a black guy and racism (Othello) and there are many example of middle eastern influences on European classical music.
          Shall I go on?

          • Chucky3176

            Right on. So Europe shouldn’t have any problems turning into Muslim states with millions of Muslims moving in and instituting Muslim laws, and eliminate separation between religion and state. Frankly I don’t give a shit anyway what Europe does. It’s their choice.

          • Boris

            Frankly you have no idea about what Europe is and is doing or what is going on in Europe.

          • Guest

            ” with millions of Muslims moving in and instituting Muslim laws” oh shut up, you simply have no idea (im telling you this as a muslim immigrant in europe)

        • Guy Forget

          Agreed Chucky. I feel the same way. There’s just a lot of angry ESL teachers here thinking they are better than koreans and they just want to post on all the korean forums trying to show how much better their way of thinking and living is. Yeah, if it’s so much better back home in the US or Europe, then why are you on your hands and knees crawling to come to korea begging for a job and a girlfriend because you failed to find any success back home and failed to be attractive to any girls back home. Canada, US, Australia, countries like these ARE immigrant nations, made by immigrants. It’s a much different story when trying to ask 5,000 year old history of koreans or europeans to open their lands up to cheap muslim immigrants who have no plans to integrate into society, only to convert the society in which they inhabit because that is the crux of their religion.

  • Small twon

    There are thousands rumors on the net about that stupid boy. Some say he is ILBE member (pathetic loser association on Korean net) he is actually 19,he is from Korean Islam family,no he is from Buddism/Christian/ultra conservative/ultra left family etc. Seriously I am waiting for the rumor ” he is a hidden son of Elvis”
    so I wouldn’t put much credit on the rumor.

    Couple of things are clear.
    1.He did it on his own.
    2.He somehow learn English by himself (enough to communicate with IS headfuckers) So he is not mentally challenged.
    3.He left messages ” I hate female and feminist” ” man are victim”
    4.He was home schooled.

    Considering those things,disturbing picture is emerging.
    Lone wolf terrorist.
    I hope he found his way back to his family but I think government should sit this one out because he is gone and most likely he will be back with his twisted idea.

    Let the street of middle east take care of their new adopted son.

    I hope Korean government should start monitoring and blocking internet sites from ALL extreme religious sect in Korea because some would copy this recruiter method to get their own cult member.

    • HaydenG


      • Small twon

        ..huh… ?

        • HaydenG

          There’s a place to the north that already does that. Instead of trying to remove peoples freedom here why not just move there.

          • Small twon

            ..so if I exercise my freedom of speech right to say something you deemed “to remove peoples freedom here”
            I should pack my bag and move ? …huumm..interesting point.
            Ok kind sir. Such a logical advice from gents is highest reward any sane person can hope for. I humbly thank you for your enlightened and well mannered advice.

          • HaydenGisanAZZ

            And with all other bombastic and ostentatious comments on here you decided to call ‘Small twon’ a moron for that?? YOU’RE THE IDIOT! NOW HAVE A SEAT AT THE BACK YOU DUNCE!

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    “there are 130 American recruits, 100 from China and other young
    people from advanced European countries are all voluntarily joining IS.”

    Before they realize their iPhones aren’t compatible with the region and want to go home.

    • vonskippy

      “and it’s well-known that there are many Western people joining IS”

      And the source to backup that statement is….?

      Also define “many”, how many foreigners have joined the IS cult versus how many local yahoos?

      This is just another low level Uni prof trying to get some PR time.

      • David

        I guess it is all relative. To me a few hundred from Muslim families in the U.S. and China is not much compared to 30,000 but it makes great publicity for them.

    • David

      Like the girls who ran away to marry guys from Isis until they are passed around the army like camp sluts and then forced to marry some toilet cleaner who could not get his own woman so settled for them. NOW they want to come home.

  • Boris


  • commander

    A string of horrible murders of civilians by ISIS fanatics may shows the need of sting operations to capture ISIS kidnappers and thwart future abduction attempts by them.

    A plain-clothed agent could roam around an area with a high risk of abduction, while a back-up special force is ready to overpower ISIS kidnappers in the background when the captors try nabbing the uncover agent.

    If ISIS captors are arrested, especially the executioner with a British accent featured multiply in the decapitation videos, we may see a decline in ISIS kidnapping attempts, making those working in humanitarian aid or journalism in Middle East safer than now.

    • Boris

      As nice as that sounds, it betrays the realities on the ground and things are not like the movies or TV shows.

      If it were that easy to do, it would have been done so already.

      • commander

        Granted, it’s tough, if not impossible, job, but it can be put on the table for debate over how to roll back ISIS threats or reduce collateral damage to civilians from conflicts with ISIS in Middle Eastern instability.

        • Bob

          This requires information monitoring and analysis. In the past, this was not feasible on a continuous scale.

          People want their NSA cake and eat it, too.

          Capture Achmed! But don’t kill him overseas or spy on him because he is an American, and gosh darnit, he has a right to send our children to be killed and raped! Capture him with your arms tied to your ankles!!!

  • can’t wait for the film adaptation starring won bin

    • ht7h

      What the fuck

  • Guy Forget

    You guys are complete idiots to believe that multiculturalism works. The thing about multiculturalism is that the MORE multicultural you become, the more you actually become UNI or MONO cultural. Why? Because the more you mix, the more it all becomes one again. So, for now, this short stage will be a ‘multicultural stage’ and you might think that it’s so beautiful and so diverse, but that will only last a couple generations. Once everyone has mixed races, cultures, it will all be one giant cesspool of the same looking people anyway. So in the end, multiculturalism doesn’t work. Fundamentally and intrinsically, it always moves towards uniculturalism/monoculturalism again. The only way you could truly have a multicultural world is to preserve and maintain the differences of cultures and races, yet work together interdependently and have cultural exchanges, and joint ventures….but not mixing together and becoming the same people sharing the same culture. Also, Islam is inherently monocultural. The irony behind it is that they are using the guise of ‘multiculturalism’ to enter into western countries and other developing countries, but once they are established in large enough numbers, will fight for a monocultural system and rule which would be their Islamic ways, rules, and laws. So don’t be so naive and think that it’s all beautiful to mix cultures and races and that some sort of fantasy equality can exist. It can’t. At least not for the long haul. It may be beautiful temporarily while we are in the transitory stage, but once all differences and diversities have been blended and thereby eliminated, we will find ourselves to be once again a monocultural society/country (wherever you live). The only question that remains is, which culture will reign supreme? So please don’t buy into this bullshit that multiculturalism is the answer to all our problems because that’s just a lie. It’s hell of a lot easier to control and rule over a people that share all the same cultures and values as oppose to trying to control and rule over a variety and diversity of cultures and peoples each with their own distinctive history and traditions.

  • Guy Forget

    It’s great to hear that the right wing nationalists are rising in Europe. It’s about time to pound home the simple message, that if you want to live in our countries, you should respect our laws, customs, and way of life. How dare some people try to come to our advanced and peaceful lands, then claim they want to establish their own society within our society with their own set of rules and laws that trump ours. If you can’t integrate and contribute to the country you are living in, then you should go back to your original land and suffer there for the love of your own religion. It’s real simple.

    • Guy Forget

      and for your information, the very definition of a VIRUS is a piece of code that is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data. If you are coming to overtake and overthrow our way of living for your beliefs, then you are virus. Don’t come to our country and try to change our history, values, customs, traditions, beliefs, and spit at our heritage. If you want to live in a land where your own values are practiced, then stay in your own god damn country. And if your own country sucks balls, well then too fucking bad for you. You made it that way so live with it. We made our countries safe and peaceful and that’s how we intend to keep it.

    • Yaminah Jamison

      Funny, because I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what England did in many countries…

      *edit* Heck, that’s what many European countries did just less than 100 years ago. Just sayin’. You come off as a bit hateful.

  • commander

    A column carried by Feb. 4th New York Times presents a solution to reduce kidnappings by terrorists.

    The suggested method is to offer immunity for those who provide law enforcement authorities with information that will lead to the rescue of hostages.

    The author propose the immunity of prosecution saying it has been adopted in busting business collusion, a cartel, and that the incentive of first whistle blower exemption of punishment has remarkably increased the number of busted cartels.

    And the writer believe the same effectiveness can be replicated in addressing hostage issues.

    I think that deserves some consideration.

    • Bob

      That sort of stuff is already done. Of course, if the informant nhas a harem-cum-body-armor brigade of 50 child brides, then he will eventually end up dead (an accident!) n the various stages of an organjzations destruction.

      The NYT piece sounds like it was poorly-organized misinformation.

      Not to claim that non-citizen informants are treated well to begin with – they aren’t. But this is an issue of idiotic voters thinking Achmed the Terrorist is the same as Hussein the Military Translator or Achmedette the Informant.

  • Thor

    “He must be an Ilbe bug. Many bugs will go there and get terminated!”

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