Obama to Pay Respects to Sewol Victims During Korea Trip

Article from the Kukmin Daily:

“As the father of two daughters…” Obama, Preparing for Korea Visit, Offers Full Support

On April 21st, Ben Rhodes, White House National Security Adviser, stated, “the sinking of the Sewol will be a big part of President Obama’s upcoming April 25-26 visit to the Republic of Korea.”

Rhodes spoke at a press conference for foreign journalists at the National Press Club. “We are thinking of ways that President Obama can help the families of the victims and the Korean people during his visit to the country.”

Rhodes emphasized, “While we don’t know how the situation will unfold and the schedule is not set, this incident will be a big part of the president’s visit…amid this painful tragedy, President Obama has ordered that our navy and disaster relief forces provide any aid that is needed.”

When this incident occurred on the 18th, President Obama did not just make formal comment, he expressed his full opinion during a press conference. He did not do so just as the president of an allied nation, but as the father of two daughters.”

Comments from Daum:


If there had been just one American aboard, the Americans would have saved dozens of passengers


What are we to do when even the president of another country can empathize as a parent to the Sewol tragedy, yet our own leader shows no sense of urgency? It’s such a shame that all we see is how they have created an atmosphere of distrust and incompetence.


How about our president–maybe because she never had children–she must not know how a parent feels–it would have been good if we had at least seen her cry with the victim’s families during a visit to Jindo


America and the other Western countries are looking on, and behind their condolences is sincere doubt.. They are thinking,’If a great leader rises in the North and surges into South Korea, what would these guys be able to do about it!!!’ With behavior like this, how can they ever take back wartime control of their military? The Japanese must be 100% certainly laughing out loud at us with feelings of revenge. The Chinese must be comforted that Koreans are the same as them and look down on us. I am embarrassed by Koreans and the South Korean government.

South Korean coast guard continue to search by the light of flares.

South Korean coast guard continue to search by the light of flares.


And our internet-comment Bitch in Chief is childless…


A shameful government and a scarecrow chicken president


Getting married and raising kids means entering a whole new stage of growth in life. People who haven’t experienced it have no way of knowing the feeling. That’s how a parent feels.

행복한 날:

And if it so happens that at this moment the Saenuri party passes ₩920 billion in aid for the American military force, what then?

두둥님 다른댓글보기

How much must America look down on Korea if we lack the ability to rescue anyone…damn

Article from Yonhap:

U.S. National Transportation Safety Board: “If Korea Requests it, We Will Support an Investigation into the Cause of the Sinking”

On April 21st, Deborah Hersman, Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), spoke at a press conference to foreign correspondents, saying that the NTSB would support an investigation into the causes of the Sewol incident should South Korea request aid.

NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman

NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman

Hersman stated, “We were saddened to hear of the deaths of many students during this tragedy. We always investigate to see the cause of the incident.”

She explained, “in every incident, there is not just one cause, there are always many problems that need to be resolved…we expressed our condolences and contacted the Korean government to offer them our support in any way necessary.”

Hersman added, “We will respect the leadership of the Korean people during this investigation. The sunken ship belongs to Korea and falls under the jurisdiction of the Korean investigative authorities.”

The press conference was Hersman’s last as Chairman of the NTSB. After becoming well known to South Korea during the investigation into the landing accident of the Asiana Airlines airplane at San Francisco Airport, Hersman will this month become the CEO of the National Safety Council.

Comments from Daum:


The Korean government may not ask for help. Do you know why? There’s something they want to hide, think about it. If I say it out loud, Ilbe and the conservative nutjobs will call me a commie.


Just like we turned down foreign aid in the early stages of this massive tragedy, it is very likely we will turn down help with an investigation now. Even if they allow an investigation, it’s obvious it will turn into another Cheonan


If they cover up the timeline of the accident do they think they can escape blame? What about the ROK-U.S. military exercises happening nearby? Why did they refuse to send in divers who were available and able to spend 20 hours underwater? Trolls who try to engineer a cover up and shut us up, Japanese sympathizers and Ilbe trash…


Please, CIA and FBI, investigate our government as well


With this incident, people wouldn’t trust any government agency to do the investigation. They will have to get foreign and domestic experts, along with representatives from the students’ parents together to make an investigation committee, before the evidence washes away.


The government will stop any investigation, they keep trying to cover things up.


They would never request help…even if the U.S. offered support, the Korean government would reject it… even when the U.S. military helicopters showed up on the scene in the beginning, they turned them away.

궁금함님 다른댓글보기

We definitely need help with the investigation


“Police begin investigation of Ilbe Users following sexual slurs about female Sewol victims” – Between April 17th and 20th, an Ilbe user has uploaded comments on four separate occasions to the online forum that contain sexual slurs against the female students and teachers who perished in the Sewol sinking. Police say they are tracking down the authors of five separate malicious comments from two users posted to the “Daily Best” website (Ilbe). Calls for the website to be investigated have increased, as it has become known for verbal abuse of women, vulnerable groups and minorities.

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