K-Pop Star PSY: I Would Teach President Obama ‘Gangnam Style’

An Obama Gangnam Style parody featuring Obama impersonator Reggie Brown.

From Nate:

PSY: “I Would Teach President Obama The Dance”

International superstar PSY announced that he would be willing to go to the White House and teach President Barack Obama the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance.

In an interview with the English radio station Capital FM, PSY said, “I would like to go to the White House to meet Obama face to face and teach him the dance if he invited me to White House.”

The MC asked PSY if he could make a horse dance video and send it to him so that President Obama could watch it and follow it. PSY, responding to questions over Obama’s remarks about a ‘Gangnam Style’ performance, said, “I think it would be very difficult to teach the dance from a video because it is too complicated to teach one movement at a time. So I think meeting in person would be better.”

Looking directly into the radio station’s camera and addressing Obama, PSY said, “If you invite me, Mr. President, I’ll teach you.”

When asked in an interview with a New Hampshire radio station toward the end of presidential election if he could do the Gangnam Style dance, Obama said he could and remarked, “Yes, I’ve seen the music video. I think I could dance to it.”

Comments from Nate:


Let’s make sure WE vote this December!


PSY is wonderful but Obama seems like a really cool person who would first ask PSY to teach him the dance.


If he could do the dance with Obama during the inauguration ceremony that would be the best!


Is this for real? ;;;


Obama, huh? PSY’s really gotten huge, hasn’t he? Ke ke ke menboong ke ke ke


I think [Obama] would like PSY better than President Lee ke ke ke


Obama talked about this in an interview on the American Yahoo site ke ke. He had said during the election that he could do the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance after watching the video once. He doesn’t think he could dance in front of all those people ke ke. Unfortunately, I don’t think Obama is interested in PSY.


This is the true PSY WORLD! [play on words with Cyworld, a popular Korean social network service]


I bet Obama can dance well ke ke


What a great thing for PSY…we’re so proud that you are a Korean singer!


I bet you JYP would feel sick to his stomach if PSY really meets President Obama and teaches him the dance.


‘bama bro, I’ll be waiting for your dance ke ke ke


Omo~!! PSY has been promoted to the White House ke ke ke


Congratulations to PSY ke ke! So what if a Japanese artist made it onto the Billboard chart before a Korean artist? We’re in the White House! Ke ke



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