K-Pop Star PSY: I Would Teach President Obama ‘Gangnam Style’

An Obama Gangnam Style parody featuring Obama impersonator Reggie Brown.

From Nate:

PSY: “I Would Teach President Obama The Dance”

International superstar PSY announced that he would be willing to go to the White House and teach President Barack Obama the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance.

In an interview with the English radio station Capital FM, PSY said, “I would like to go to the White House to meet Obama face to face and teach him the dance if he invited me to White House.”

The MC asked PSY if he could make a horse dance video and send it to him so that President Obama could watch it and follow it. PSY, responding to questions over Obama’s remarks about a ‘Gangnam Style’ performance, said, “I think it would be very difficult to teach the dance from a video because it is too complicated to teach one movement at a time. So I think meeting in person would be better.”

Looking directly into the radio station’s camera and addressing Obama, PSY said, “If you invite me, Mr. President, I’ll teach you.”

When asked in an interview with a New Hampshire radio station toward the end of presidential election if he could do the Gangnam Style dance, Obama said he could and remarked, “Yes, I’ve seen the music video. I think I could dance to it.”

Comments from Nate:


Let’s make sure WE vote this December!


PSY is wonderful but Obama seems like a really cool person who would first ask PSY to teach him the dance.


If he could do the dance with Obama during the inauguration ceremony that would be the best!


Is this for real? ;;;


Obama, huh? PSY’s really gotten huge, hasn’t he? Ke ke ke menboong ke ke ke


I think [Obama] would like PSY better than President Lee ke ke ke


Obama talked about this in an interview on the American Yahoo site ke ke. He had said during the election that he could do the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance after watching the video once. He doesn’t think he could dance in front of all those people ke ke. Unfortunately, I don’t think Obama is interested in PSY.


This is the true PSY WORLD! [play on words with Cyworld, a popular Korean social network service]


I bet Obama can dance well ke ke


What a great thing for PSY…we’re so proud that you are a Korean singer!


I bet you JYP would feel sick to his stomach if PSY really meets President Obama and teaches him the dance.


‘bama bro, I’ll be waiting for your dance ke ke ke


Omo~!! PSY has been promoted to the White House ke ke ke


Congratulations to PSY ke ke! So what if a Japanese artist made it onto the Billboard chart before a Korean artist? We’re in the White House! Ke ke



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  • ShawnaKM


    • zappa frank


      • ShawnaKM


    • Lovely

      Echelon just kicked in and is monitoring your computer system.

      • ShawnaKM

        I hope they like 90’s Korean boy bands, because they’re gonna see a lot of it.

        • Lovely

          Secretly… I think they LOVE IT :)

  • Paul M

    Maybe not during his inauguration but I reckon Obama could pull it off stylishly, after all, Bill Clinton did the Macarena. Now Mitt Romney doing the horse dance, that would be hilarious.

  • He’s either getting a little carried away with this and letting the fame get to his head, or he really doesn’t have much of a clue as to just how miserably politicized Washington has become. Obama does not have the political capital to do a just-for-shits-n-giggles PR stunt like this, especially with conservatives already foaming at the mouth about Benghazi, the economy, traveling to Asia (though, maybe he’ll stop by South Korea, so he won’t have to do it at the White House..), and above all having the audacity to actually win reelection (“What nerve! How dare he?!”).

    Not to mention, Obama genuinely has more important things to do, like walking Congress through avoiding the catastrophe of the fiscal cliff, observing democratic reform in Myanmar, enacting immigration reform, monitoring China’s new leadership, resuscitating the stock market, ensuring available resources for the reconstruction in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and, in general, preventing the country from spiraling downward into a dark abyss of apocalyptic doom.

    Then again, maybe he needs this more than PSY does…

    • Charliedog1

      LOL @ Political Capital!!! You swindled fool!

      So he had it when he danced on Ellen? On the View? On ESPN? When discussing with rappers who he liked better? Playing Basketball with NBA? When he brushed that “Dirt” off his shoulder like the thug he is?

      Yea, What nerve- He offered 1.2 million illegal immigrants citizenship for their vote, Proclaimed women MUST have free birth control via the transfer of $ for their vote- Refused to face the reality of our entitlement system (not touching the 3rd rail you know)- And Continued support for the oh important “99 Weeks” of handouts…. All to ensure he was the 1st president elected since Roosevelt with over 8% unemployment! WHAT NERVE YOUR RIGHT!

      LOL- i hope you have faith in Obama’s previous 4 years of failures on record to be so optimistic of the “Important Things” he must do! Glad he got around to em!

      Bread and Circus’s – from our American Idol President.

      • “So he had it when he danced on Ellen?”

        No, he didn’t. And your inflamed comment is proof of that.

        Thanks for completely validating my entire premise. Much appreciated.

        • dk2020

          Anybody was better than Romney or McCain .. if the Republicans actually had a decent candidate not right wing lunatics I would have voted that way ..

          • I’m going to have to disagree with you there. Compared to the likes of anti-intellectual Bachman, abhorrently bitter Limbaugh, cynically divisive Hannity, celebrity-wannabe Palin, and cartoonishly blowhard Trump, Romney and McCain honestly represented the best the mainstream GOP has to offer, other than Jon Huntsman, Jr. and perhaps Ron Paul (both of which failed miserably with Republican voters). The problem wasn’t with Romney and McCain so much as the lunatic supporters they answered to.

          • Lovely

            I like Ron Paul but this is the same guy that believes seat belts and stop signs are infringing on American’s rights. Romney wasn’t a bad guy and neither was mccain. Unfortunately, rabid ignorant republicans who constantly show american their mean-spirited, intolerant ugly faces has ruined any credibility the republicans have. n o one wants to be associated with their mean ways even if the candidate is a reasonably nice guy.

          • Charliedog1

            I was about to type a articulated response to your nonsense.

            But then I saw your ignorant vomit below. Talking about intolerance, Hypocrite.


            Like the boy who cried wolf- The Term has no meaning any longer. Insisting any disagreement with political policies is out of pure skin color— IS racist, ON YOUR PART.


          • Lovely

            You can delude yourself into believing that racism doesn’t exist anymore, but we all know why you “republicans” foam at the mouth when you mention Obama. THe fact is, you are a republican and you come from a mean spirited party. You claim that the democrats and their voters want “free stuff” but you are the ones who want to live free. You want people to work for wages so low, that it’s almost free. You don’t want to pay taxes, so you basically want to live in america for free… well guess what, we need taxes to pay for police officers, fire fighters, roads, and infrastracture. You all want all of those things but don’t want to pay for it. Entitlement programs uses less than 6% of the federal budget. Yet you republicans constantly attack POOR people. Republicans are mean mean mean and ugly. Your responses here and political rips are mean. So that is why no one wants to be associated with republicans. We know republican “rule” or better, a republican “regime” means war, racism, and a country that benefits the rich at risk of bankrupting the nation. You can’t see that bcause you’re too busy foaming at the mouth because the president is black! Just read what you republicans say online, we’ve heard it for four years, so glad the voters shut you up!

          • Charliedog1

            You really don’t deserve a response. The amount of crap in your head is fascinating- But truly showcases the far reaches of Liberal democrat control on the flow of information, the repercussions from it being the obviously blind narrative you spew.

            Can you tell me Who LED OBAMA’S JOB COUNCIL? Can you tell me What Company they worked for? Can you tell me how much in Taxes that Company has paid recently? I await your response.

            Yes or no- Obama spending $1 trillion had little to no effect on the economic growth rate of this country or did not meet even his own expectations? Yes or No, it was all borrowed from China? Yes or no he outspent Bush in his first term?

            Yes or No Obama Legalized 1.2 million illegal immigrants to compete in the labor force? Yes or No Black People already have the highest unemployment rates in America, and will be DIRECTLY affected by this new workforce competition for scarce jobs?



            I could go on- But you are obviously too transfixed in your alternate reality- Foaming at the mouth from your illusion of right and wrong- and what should be made equal. Despite it being at the expense of the producers and makers of society.

            Again- Where does Race come in? 76% of Asians voted for the Black Guy. 93% of Black people voted for the black guy. 73% of Hispanics voted for the black guy. They voted for the same color.

            WHO IS RACIST AGAIN?

            Oh, republicans control House? 6/10 Governors are Republican?
            Shutup you brainwashed fool.

          • Lovely

            Liberals don’t want on the media to give us information, we actually go to the source to read it for ourselves unlike fat toothless inbred fools who sit on their fat arses and watch FOX NEWS propaganda channel all day. Black people having the highest unemployment rate doesn’t equate to all black people being on welfare or collecting food stamps! Secondly, have you ever read the federal budget you idiot? Are you aware that Bush spent more than a trillion dollars himself and that obama INHERITED the debt Bush created? Bush started TWO WARS that he couldn’t afford. He turned Clinton’s projected 4 trillion dollar surplus and turned it into a 455 billion dollar deficit in TWO YEARS of being president. Obama inherited Bush’s budget and wars! Do you realize that Bush outsourced the wars to his corporate friends and their private MERCENARY shadow military/security firms that made BILLIONS of dollars on those wars? Even the vice president’s company made billions on HALIBURTON that also profited along with cico, titan, and blackwater? And you want to blame obama for the trillion dollar budget he inherited from a republican predecessor? Really? How soon you republicans forget what you cause then lay blame on the person who has to clean up your mess! HEy fuckface, instead of watching fox news, I’ll give you the federal budget under BUSH and the one for clinton to read straight from the white house. Would that work for you, since us “liberals” go to the source and not the FOX DRIVEN MEDIA DRIBBLE you fucktards listen to… take a look at clinton’s budget: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BUDGET-2000-CITIZENSGUIDE/pdf/BUDGET-2000-CITIZENSGUIDE-3.pdf

            that’s what he gave bush. Now look at the shit bush left obama after successfully destroying the budget (P.S. that site I just linked you to comes from whitehouse.gov)http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/omb/budget/fy2008/pdf/hist.pdf
            Clearly shows that your republican leader had a 2 trillion + budget/deficit (see page 30!) And here are all the budgets showing the deficits and surpluses for the past twenty years ( http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/browse/collection.action?collectionCode=BUDGET&browsePath=Fiscal+Year+2008&isCollapsed=false&leafLevelBrowse=false&isDocumentResults=true&ycord=145). Clinton also inherited a 255 Billion dollar deficit from Bush Sr. Clinton had a “citizen guide” for every year of his budget… Bush Jr. no. didn’t want his constituents to understand. But let me put it to you this way. Bush took the budget from a billion dollar surplus/projected 4 trillion to a 1.9 trillion dollars deficit when Obama was elected. Here’s an easy bush budget for you to read, pea-brain idiot. Please wake up. You are loyal to your party and not the country and its freedoms.
            Stop pretending you don’t hate the fact that we have a black president. You can’t see the forest for the trees!

          • Charliedog1

            No, You don’t go to the source- If you went to the source for information- Obama wouldn’t be pandering to every superficial Television show in existence within our pop American culture. If he doesn’t bring the Emotionally distorted “Facts” and “Style” to where 90% of Americans get their entertainment/education he would have nothing!

            You are retarded, i Swear. You are merely regurgitating talking points- this is pathetic to witness.

            “Black people having the highest unemployment rate doesn’t equate to all black people being on welfare!”

            #1- Who implied I said that in the first place? Your Racism is showing- I’M MORE CONCERNED ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE NOT GETTING JOBS DUE TO COMPETING WITH IMMIGRANTS NOW LEGALIZED. #2 Black People account proportionally as a % of their population for the highest rates of entitlement program usage. i know I know, this is where you come in to say “More white-…” Proportion sweety, proportion.

            #3 Did Bush get attacked on September 11th which resulted in 4k dead and is considered the worst Attack on American Soil since WW2? Did that happen? How much did our deficits grow the last time that happened?- idiot

            #4- Clintons surplus is the result of a ENTIRELY new industry being created (internet) in CONJUNCTION with Republican majorities in CONGRESS/SENATE that accounted for the BALANCED BUDGET as well as ENTITLEMENT REFORM! Do you understand this?

            Keep regurgitating that alternate reality narrative!

            Oh and did democrats demanding Banks loan to any and everyone (BECAUSE ITS ONLY FAIR) causing the Housing Crash even make you blink? The .com Bubble Clinton created, that Bush dealt with in tandem with a terrorist attack?

            “Bushes Corporate Buddies” LOL Got all that oil did they?! God forbid I show you a liberal source!

            Your conclusions are laughable, your indoctrination is 100%! I’m very flabbergasted at all the time you liberals have on a Monday! HMM!

            Then again, implying I liked Big Government Bush isn’t much of a rebuttal anyway ;)

            Just a pleasure to witness lemmings defend the indefensible.

            Again- Who led Obama’s Job Council?

          • Lovely

            wow you’re stupid. I address you with facts, direct sources from your republican party and the white house and YOU come back with talking points. So let’s address you point by point with SOURCES to back me up, shall we?

            1.) You said: “Black people having the highest unemployment rate doesn’t equate to all black people being on welfare! #1- Who implied I said that in the first place?”

            A.) You DID. You implied it. In fact, in another post you said the black middle class relies on government welfare to exist! WTF? The “black middle class” is comprised of working professions at every level from doctors, police officers, lawyers, teachers, professors, corporate people, and so on. Only the POOR has to rely on government assistance, not the middle class. It’s just more republican propagada republicans spew to create a racial divide by implying that their white voters are paying more taxes so black people can live “rent free” that’s the racist agenda of the republican, to play on the racial intolerance of their tea-party voters and you proved it by equating educated middle class well-to-do blacks with receiving government handouts. Wow!

            2.) You said: Black People account proportionally as a % of their population for the highest rates of entitlement program usage.”

            A.) Wrong. There are MORE whites on welfare than any other group and always have been and always will be more whites on welfare and food stamps. However, there are more blacks per capita due to systemic racism in America that has resulted in generational poverity until the society became more less racist over the past two decades. Secondly, the BIGGEST entitlement program in America, which uses about 50% of the federal budget are SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE programs (both at roughly 23-25% of the budget EACH). Medicare and social security aren’t technical entitlements because WE ALL contribute to it and get it back when we’re old. Whites/baby boomers are the ones who are benefitting from those programs, not blacks. Go to whitehouse web site and read the budget, it’s all there in black and white validated by congress and everyone else. Those welfare and charity programs uses less than 6% of the federal budget and less than 0.08 cents on the tax dollar, so I don’t get what the big fuss over entitment programs are about anyway.

            3.) You said: “Did Bush get attacked on September 11th which resulted in 4k dead and is considered the worst Attack on American Soil since WW2?”

            A.) Did Obama’s people get attacked in Libya, yet the republicans call it a security failure? Why isn’t’ 9/11 a security failure for Bush? Double standard? The wars Bush started as a result of 9/11 had nothing to do with the countries AMERICA ATTACKED in retaliation. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, yet we went to war with them based on a lie that they had WMDs, and we waged war with afghanistan when nearly all of the 9/11 attackers were from Saudi Arabia. I mean get real, the wars did nothing for america but made us look bad. We were the leader setting a good example and what Bush’s “preemptive” attack did, was say that it was okay to invade other countries for unfounded reasons, destabilize the region, resulting in the loss of life for thousands of innocent people. The wars solved nothing, becuase the terrorists don’t represent a country they represent themselves.

            4.) You said “4- Clintons surplus is the result of a ENTIRELY new industry being created (internet) in CONJUNCTION with Republican majorities in CONGRESS/SENATE that accounted for the BALANCED BUDGET as well as ENTITLEMENT REFORM! Do you understand this?”

            A.) wRONG YOU IDIOT. Clinton’s surplus was the result of collecting enough taxes to pay the budget. Unlike you, i actually read the federal budget while clinton collected 950 BILLION in income taxes (almost a trillion) and 285 in corporate taxes, 69 billion in excise taxes, he was (gasp!) able to pay our bills! This resulted in our having a surplus and paying back the deficit with only an 11% interest rate. Bush, the big dummy cut taxes, only collected 690 BILLION in income taxes, and roughly the same in corporate taxes which left him unable to not only pay our bills, but unable to fund the TWO wars he started in his first and second year in office. COLLECTION OF TAXES is what balanced the budget, not the republicans who wanted a reduction in taxes. That citizens guide I linked you to explains this in detail extensively showing where the money was spent and does not credit republicans for the balance as they were not responsible.

            5.) YOU SAID “Oh and did democrats demanding Banks loan to any and everyone (BECAUSE ITS ONLY FAIR) causing the Housing Crash even make you blink? The .com Bubble Clinton created, that Bush dealt with in tandem with a terrorist attack?”

            Wrong again, my republican little butt buddy. The bill that repealed the repealed the glass-steagal act of 1939, which effectively helped to end the great depression was called the Gramm-Leach (both Republican) known as the Financial Services Modernization act of 1999 effectively made it legal for banks to take our money and invest it in the stockmarket and insurance companies, a Republican bill that had Clinton’s support. The subprime loans was a part of this document and was all a republican and corporate america invention that allowed them to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor, by giving them loans they were certain these citizens could NOT pay while BETTING against those loans on wall street (literally, gambling on the subprime loans) for a win-win double dip scenario that helped no one but themselves. You are so embarrassingly misinformed on every point you should just stop, you are making republicans seem even dumber!

          • Charliedog1

            FOOL. Trying to lambast me for not playing your bullshit game of Government supplied Data- You are a peasant.

            Tell me who was on Obama’s job council, and what company he worked for, and how many taxes he paid. Its really easy.

            1A.) YOU implied I said that- The fact is, you truly- are too stupid to get what im explaining to you.

            Do you understand what the Public Sector is? Do you know what % of the public sector is “Black Professionals”- Do you understand what policies affirmative action have had on the public sector work environment? Do you understand that if the Government were to collapse, if the economy crashed, if there was war< THE AFRICAN AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS which is entirely dependent on public sector for employment- WILL BE DESTROYED. SO WHEN SOMEONE CLAIMS- THAT there is benefit to voting a certain way due to them receiving a MUTUAL BENEFIT from their vote- BELIEVE IT- and quit clamoring on about racism, fox news, and every other talking point you have in your playbook.

            2A) Again, Your an idiot. Do you understand %'s? Do you understand proportion? I didn't think so- Do you want to talk about other statistics? Like how many White men raped black women, and the reverse of Black men Raping white Women? Would you like to compare and contrast THOSE statistics? What about incarceration rates? It's all racism! Since you seem incapable of understanding % of a whole regarding more whites being on welfare than blacks- YEA THERE ARE MORE OF THEM.

            Yes racism, that explains it all hah! When you can explain the educational rates of Asians/Indians/Africans having come right off the boat- having NOTHING from the start, and outpacing African-Americans who have even more opportunities than an immigrant fresh off the boat- You will have your answer. Not Racism.

            But that's good though, whatever you do- DON'T mention black culture being detrimental to itself, you might actually change things. 70% Out of Wedlock rate- ZERO fatherly figures to speak of has A SHITLOAD MORE TO DO with the problems holding them back. Never-mind a culture of thugs and rappers, sports stars etc that is idolized—- ITS WHITE RACISM! You stooge, every brown person voted for the guy resembling their skin color- your the racist.

            Ponzi Schemes exploited by politician for votes- ARE entitlements. It's called "Dependence Politics" look it up. LOL "Not Technically" oh I love watching you squirm with the truth.

            3A) Oh god this is just getting pathetic. Of course it was called a security failure you indoctrinated brainwashed buffoon! The media destroyed him and condilizza and everyone for 9/11! The media protected Obama from Libya! FACT!

            Who the hell said I supported the Iraq War? Typical Lib- "Go Blue Team" Stooge-

            This is just a big circle, and your the hamster brain.

            1. Clinton Signed Glass Stegal- Ironic how you leave out the democrats who signed onto it- Kind of like the Iraq war they "Opposed" LOL.


            Wait CLINTON'S Tax Rates? You cant have it both ways buttercup- Either Bush "Read my Lips" raised Government income, or House/senate republicans did it- All Clinton did was raise tax rates to 90% creating a .com bubble that Bush had to deal with, raided the SS Fund for "Balance"- In addition to Bush dealing with Clinton not catching Bin Laden when having had the chance.

            You really have nothing- But stale often parroted talking points.
            Your bias is depressing.

            Depression ended when the war was OVER and GOVERNMENT SPENDING DROPPED= POST WAR BOOM. Simple as that. Telling me that government legislation ended the government caused depression puts on display your hamster brain.

            Quit pretending Government paperwork/legislation creates jobs. Quit pretending the government is better at allocating capital over the individual. Your insistence on equality over liberty is the root of your problematic thinking.

          • Lovely

            whoa, so you say that black people represent the most government employees? Yes, my mother is a 30+ year government middle class employee who is black and I, while not directly associated with the government am employed in the legal industry. We gravitate towards those jobs because 1.) the government goes purely by merit, and not to the exclusion of minorities like the private sector that needed laws to ensure that minorities were being hired, discrimination was so rampant at one time, unqualified non-minorities being hired over minorities. Now the argument is that non-qualified minorities are being hired to meet those affirmative action quotas which supports blacks, whites, latinos, white women, handicapped, and so on. A shame we need laws like that right! go to usajobs.com and you will see that the government hires BY MERIT ONLY so yes, blacks are able to get jobs working at the postoffice, working for the white house, working in other government related departments at the city, state, and federal levels. SO yes, blacks are going to take their college degrees or other qualifications and find jobs. Is that why republicans argue against “big government” because it doesn’t discriminate by race?

            You SAID : 2A) Again, Your an idiot. Do you understand %’s? Do you understand proportion? I didn’t think so- Do you want to talk about other statistics? Like how many White men raped black women, and the reverse of Black men Raping white Women?”

            A.) Yes, I do want to talk about that, because I do recall 400 years of black women being repeatedly raped during the slavery era of America. That is how black people like me with two black parents end up cursed with very light skin. Men don’t rape because of attraction, they rape for power. MEN in general rape, and 1 out of 4 women will be raped in their lifetime. In fact, a woman is raped every 3 seconds. How dare you turn that into a race issue you idiot!

            Culturally, black women on the whole, do not jog in the woods at night, 5 in the morning, nor do we leave our windows open. And white men don’t go into areas that black women frequent. Whereas black men and white women are frequently in each other’s presence, thus increasing the potential for rape to occur across racial lines. In my town, white women are routinely raped by white males at the college campus ten minutes from where I live, sometimes because the predator found a victim or because the victim is at a party and is too drunk to refuse sex. Rape can come from a black or white attacker, it’s all about the victim’s availability and vulnerability.

            Incarceration statistics? Do you mean systemic enslavement and imprisonment that has been privatized because the private sector and corporate america is benefitting from it?

            70% of black children are not fatherless that is a myth spun by people who didn’t understand the study that came from the census http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr56/nvsr56_07.pdf (page 6) which showed that 70% of children born to women in THE YEAR 2006 were born to mothers who were not WED AT THE TIME that they gave birth. That does not mean the women did not wed at a later date or if they were truthful. It should also be noted that many women will not admit to a father being in the home because they will be taxed differently if the male spouse or live-in income is counted with hers. This is rampant in the black community because it is more beneficial financially for black women to list themselves as single than married or with a man living in the home.

            The reason immigrants SOMETIMES outpace blacks is because 1.) In order to come to america to work, you must have a skill that americans are unable to do. That is a required part of obtaining a visa. So if the immigrant can do something that whites nor blacks can do, then they can get a job that a white person or black person are unable to do. 2.) The usa government provides business loans for immigrant who arrive with clean credit and lack of social security number but can attain an EIN. They also get a 7 year tax break for non-citizens who own businesses which allows them to accumulate or amass an abundant amount of wealth before they become citizens and must pay taxes. Most will pass the business on to an immigrant family member and the cycle of not paying taxes on their businesses continue. 3.) Immigrants who come to america (that are not students) must already be in a position to assimilate free of government dependence, in other words, in a merica we get the best of the best, from other countries, people who already have money and/or job skills.
            THEY ARE GIVEN LOANS to support their business endeavors that blacks on average, are denied. Do not think that they succeed because they miraculously come here and work harder.

            Latinos for the most partk come and work low wage jobs hard labor jobs while their american born kids are able to get an education and become successful.

            You live in a happy bubble and really don’t know shit!

          • Raphael_kB

            Many thanks for the enlightening debate guys… Please keep the topic relevant.

          • dk2020

            Why the hell would minorities and women vote Republican if they are only going to be looking out for rich white men? Republicans dug their own grave and is out of touch with the majority of the American people ..

          • Charliedog1

            Riiight. You can spin it that way- Or you could account for the Black middle Class being entirely dependent on the Federal Government for its very existence being a great motivator, oh- and the handouts.

            Or maybe the assertion that women can no longer afford simplistic contraceptives that must be paid for by taxpayers benefiting the woman- might be a great incentive for voting?

            Republicans aren’t out of touch- Even though that’s the narrative you will regurgitate. The culture is in decline- but you will never admit that, not when it hurts your idealistic view of reality.

          • dk2020

            Last time I checked there were just as many white people on welfare as there are black folks .. everybody bitching about taxes that they are going to pay anyways .. sure the US is in decline .. so is Greece, France, Italy, and Spain that are about to go bankrupt .. you can whine all you want but it is what it is .. either accept it or go live somewhere else.

          • Charliedog1

            Dude. Thats the point- you fucking moron. THERE MAY BE JUST AS MANY WHITE PEOPLE ON WELFARE- But they are a LARGER part of the population- How can you not see that your excuses only reciprocate the crap happening more so? The War On Poverty for how long now?


            Wait, so your fooling me- You are smart then? You intentionally voted for this piece of shit to hasten the economic collapse that is undeniably coming as a result of Keynesian economics?

            Bravo, and Checkmate- brother!

            To the Rebirth!

          • Lovely

            wtf does his kenyan heritage have to do with ANYTHING mr. “racism doesn’t exist:”. He’s not kenyan he’s american, wasn’t even raised in kenya so i don’t get you, secondly, his politics are nothing like any politics in keyna, Oh, but you’re not a racist, We believe you, uh huh. We k now why republicans hate obama! (p.s.can’t possibly be his race now could it?)

          • dk2020

            He keeps forgetting Obama is half white also ..

            “Thank you on behalf of all mothers of mixed-race children for making the words ‘You can do anything you want in life’ feel like the truth. You have changed the lives of children across the globe and that, Mr. President, is a wonderful gift.”

            Read photographer Elizabeth Messina’s open letter to President Obama here: http://huff.to/VIcMhE

          • Lovely

            He conveniently forgets. But to a racist, one drop of b lack blood means you’re black!

          • Charliedog1


            I dont know, tell me- Why would the Harvard Law review- WRITE A BIO ON OBAMA, AND INCLUDE- THIS IS IN 1991-


            THAT HE WAS BORN AND RAISED IN KENYA? In 1991?!!?- His own school labeled him this< and you have the ignorant fucking nerve to brush it off.

            Ask the Guy who wrote it and the response is "Oops" LOL.

            I just want to re-clarify it for your racist white hating ass-


            But you are too indoctrinated to care.

          • Lovely

            YOU ARE a racist. There is no way a person who was not born in the USA will become president, ESPECIALLY a black person born in Africa… an AFRICAN? that itself defies logic. You know how many qualified american-born black people could have become president instead of some foreign-born kenyan. It would make NO SENSE at all for the government, congress, and all of america to be in on this conspiracy. Black americans have many inspirational people, including OPRAH that we could elect. So what would be the point of falsely claiming Obama wasn’t b orn in America? By the way, MCCAIN WAS NOT BORN ON AMERICA’S soil either! HE was born in Panama, wasn’t he? Yeah, I thought so. The constitution calls for the president to be a “natural born” citizen and Republican Mccain was a citizen but not “natural born” on America’s soil and that didn’t stop you people from voting for him. Obama was born in Hawaii, his mother was an american white woman and his father a kenyan. So stop being a hypocrite you moron.

          • Charliedog1

            Calm down with all that tolerance.

          • dk2020

            Here’s the breakdown of Obama and Romney voters .. and guess what? The majority is WHITE .. and no shit, i voted for Obama too ..

          • Charliedog1



            Spare me the emotional bullshit, quit trying to pull heart-strings. Most spoiled nation on earth.

            Are you seriously stupid? It DOES NOT MATTER how white people voted for Romney- WHITE PEOPLE are the REASON OBAMA won the election BOTH TIMES. Asians/Hispanics/Blacks are the racists, just look at their blind support for the darker person!

          • x1sfg

            Your knowledge of economics and your sense of social entitlement are disturbing and make me lose faith in the American people

          • x1sfg

            Funny how the so called tolerant are the first to throw the race card around, even though you didn’t attack POTUS forhis race but for is actions. JUdging people by their actions and not theirbrace? That’s racist, dude. How oh, the irony, yet most Dems don’t see it

          • Lovely

            He called it “Kenyan economics” and i have seen this idiot on the other site throwing the N word around left and right. So keep it in your pants, you must be his little butt buddy.

          • Lovely

            Democrats care about everybody, not just old white men. When was the last time you helped a stranger, gave to charity, or helped the poor? You probably sit in restaurants and taunt the homeless with decadent food from a seat by the window. Republicans are the most heartless people in America, and I am so glad your breed is old and dying. In the end, even if a republican needed help, we would reach out and help you. I can’t see a republican doing the same thing.

          • x1sfg

            You probably don’t know the definition of classical liberalism, because that’s what seat belt laws are for. Stop signs quote was misquoted and misused.

            Obama screwed himself with his overpoliticization and polarizing the opposing party, so I don’t blame the opposition for not playing along with his socialist viewpoints. Just because people don’t agree with him doesn’t make them racists.

            Republicans also screwed themselves with not sticking to what matters, the economy and having an unlikeable candidate.

            I’ve worked in Washington, and Democrats are just as intolerant and racist as everyonse else, they are just better at using minorities to pander to voters. Most people woth a R or a D next to their name are despicable people, who have their own self-interests at heart.

            Psy, go away.

          • Charliedog1

            Uh huh- Huffington Post is missing their Obamabot, off you go. Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Mauer blah blah blah-

            Glad you are so satisfied with your progressive culture in decline ;)

          • I wasn’t aware the Huffington Post was mildly pro-Romney (as an individual), indifferent to McCain, wholeheartedly pro-Huntsman, and indifferent to Ron Paul. Apparently the “liberal media” is a lot less liberal than you give it credit for.

          • Charliedog1

            Yes Right. The guy with No experience- Public or Private sector with alot of Yes-men behind him, and pop tarts in Hollywood proclaiming his greatness Vs the guy with Massive Private/Public sector business and governor experience. But Obama speaks good and “Cares about the common man” LOL.

            But when you are swindled fools, ripe for the illusions of a Campaign funded Character Assassination…. You ultimately vote for the Candidate (despite the bad record) who is the “Good Guy”.


          • dk2020

            you can always move to canadia ..

          • Lovely

            Republicans. They are completely revolting. They did their best to sabotage Obama’s presidency, since Obama swore he would unite the political parties, the republicans flat out refused to cooperate with him on anything. When Obama went out of his way to adopt their ideas, they disavowed it. They were even on camera saying that their number one priority was making sure Obama would never get a second term. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-A09a_gHJc , now watch him spin the lie… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FirI3_G_0JM&NR or even http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8a_msdw9VQ&NR=1&feature=endscreen )They put their party ahead of the American people, and spite ahead of the values of the country. So if they are dumbfounded that they didn’t win, they should know that AMERICA is flat out tired and exhausted of them. Everyone was happy when obama won 4 years ago, and overjoyed last week when he won again. No one wants the mean spirited intolerant, elitest, classist republicans running the country. We were tired of the stress and hateful rheteroic. Their voting base, people like Charliedog who whined for four years about obama cost the republicans the election.

          • Charliedog1


            Do you have ANY idea how indoctrinated you are?!

            Of COURSE Republicans wanted to stop him and the growth of government- that’s what they technically stand for lol. “Oh they are so mean, they want to oppose him” Well no shit Sherlock, bigger government only creates bigger problems. They wanted to oppose it. Oh a politician lied? HAH!

            Spin the Lie? You mean like “I’m against Gay marriage, now im suddenly for it” “I’m against illegal immigration, now im for it” Your totally gonna know whats in this healthcare bill after we pass it!

            I was also really excited and overjoyed when Santa Came for Christmas. Its just a matter of you idiots realizing the massive facade created that you naively support- at the expense of your country.

            Fathom the concept of individualism, of liberty- Of not being in debt to others due to “Equality, Fairness” or the musings of other STATIST DIRECTIVES. Realize this country is a CULTURE IN DECLINE.

            Intolerant? You have accused me of racism based on my political beliefs- and you are vomiting this hypocritical bullshit about Tolerance?

            Wake up, wow.

          • Charliedog1

            Or I could just send you there? Your policies bro.

        • Charliedog1

          LOL. Liberals are SOOOO arrogantly ignorant- Cute attitude though.

          Thanks for explaining Obama has never had the political capital to be dancing around his entire 1st term-Which he did. Entirely reenforcing the point to his lack of being Presidential Caliber. He can sure dance though- Would you like some references??

          • Raphael_kB

            Thanks for the contributions – I hereby declare peace to this thread

          • dk2020

            may we all do the horsey dance in peace ..

      • Lovely

        anti obama racist rears his fat ugly face all the way on korea bang. get a life you smelly mutt.

      • dk2020
  • Yorgos

    only the 1200th mentioning of Gangnam style by the Korean media this week.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Ahahaha, I would like to see Obama do this. It’s a harmless invitation from PSY, and I don’t see why not.

    Afterall, this is what people in the media are suppose to do, right?

    • Charliedog1

      I Vomit On your ignorance to the Bread and Circus’s

      • lonetrey / Dan

        I will film you vomiting, and then upload it onto Youtube.

        • Charliedog1

          And you will be so cool.

  • Cleo

    Mrs. Obama says POTUS can’t dance. Can you IMAGINE that? I can’t.

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    A greater feat would be going to North Korea to teach Kim Jong-un

    • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

      Heyyyyyyy sexayy layyydddehhh

    • PixelPulse

      A good way to continue the Party Rock Anthem ft. Kim Jong il

  • Lovely

    obama has danced on ellen’s tv show. he and the first lady dance all the time on TV

  • Reila90

    This gangnam thing is overly overhyped already. Just disappear please. Fast!

    • Che

      I used to listen this artist since his beginning but really I cannot listen this song anymore… anywhere you go, you have to listen at least once… Seems like there’s only a nice song in South korea , called Gangnam Style…

  • 3ayo

    Should’ve taught him before election night so he could’ve Obama styled out onto the stage after he was declared winner.

  • Jang

    Of course, Obama is a half black buffoon so why wouldn’t he want to do a smart Korean horse dance created by the most popular singer/dancer in the modern world?

    • dk2020

      you’re a buffoon .. and you’re corny ssibaloma ..

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  • dk2020

    Stop, Hammer Time .. Psy keep stretching his 15 minutes of fame, oh well .. I hate One Direction and Justin Bieber, their music is shit, but it seems like they are going to be around ..

  • LAWL-Man

    Fuck PSY

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