Students in Ansan Share Moment of Silence for Sewol Victims

sewol tragedy one year

Photo from News 1

April 16th marks one year since the Sewol ferry sank. On this morning of the 16th, first year students at Seong-An High School (Ansan Sangrook-gu) have a moment of silence in memory of the Sewol victims. Gyeonggi-do sounded the emergency sirens at 10 a.m. for one minute to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of the Sewol tragedy.

Comments from Naver:


The family of the victims lost a member of their family, and it must be so hard on them hearing people criticize them…


Please, stop writing negative comments ;;


You didn’t deserve what happened to you. Those adults who don’t think about anything but money were the bad ones. Korea must protect you, and your precious futures. We are truly sorry.


I want to cry just looking at the news. It seems like it happened just yesterday… but it’s already been a year.. I will never forget ..


Oh this is so sad. 304 people that day who stayed put, and who through no fault of their own perished. And on that day the president went on a trip abroad. Does that make any sense? What were you afraid of? What were you hiding? You also left on March 1st Day. tsk You throw away our tax money on useless things and keep talking about the same things psh What scandal or accident will happen the next time the president leaves? And again that we can decrease instances of political corruption through debates? Chicken Geun-hye, you seem to be mocking the victims’ families and all Korean people. Madame Park, you disgust me. How dare you call yourself President when you are like that? How pathetic are the people of Korea? We must remember the tears of the children of the Sewol.


Let us also remember the rescue workers.


Why did you take away those promising children? … Does anyone even care?


They say the ground is stronger after it rains.. Students, after you overcome your sadness, please make a better Korea than the one we have now… We are all rooting for you.


You are all so kind and look so nice. Even though your math trips were canceled because of the accident, and now you have to do volunteer service instead, you all have such beautiful hearts and are so sad for your friends. Adults should be more like you.

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  • TeacherJJToday

    South Korea self-make tragedy.

    • redwhitedude

      Thank you for stating the obvious.

  • k.ftw

    KB, could you please post about the police pepper spraying the families demonstrating in Seoul. What is happening exactly ? I can’t find proper information.
    Thank you, sorry for bothering.

  • Dark Night

    I get that its a tragedy. What I don’t get is why they are trying to recover the boat.

    • guest

      About 9 bodies are still missing – and in general, I don’t think they just leave sunken boats at the bottom if it can be dragged up, they dragged up the Italian ship that capsized on reef a few years ago – maybe it’s a pollution issue too – or risk of other ships running into it.

      • Dark Night

        The the Italian ship was easy to drag up. It may have been bigger in size but the boat sank in relatively shallow waters, also the current isn’t as strong. Actually the majority of sunken boats are left at the bottom of the sea unless it is economically viable. The only reason its believed otherwise is because most ships that are pulled up are covered by the media. Fishing boats are almost always are left sunk. Pollution may be an issue but the boat wasn’t a tanker so oil spill would be small, especially considering that the boat was for domestic shipping. Risks of other ships running into it would be small considering the depth that it is in right now and the government could always exclude that area from shipping routes. In short, other than the 9 bodies, there are no reasons for this boat to be pulled out. I’ve read that it would cost the Korean people close to half a billion dollars (yes that’s billion with a “b”) to recover this ship. Even considering the magnitude of this accident, I simply can’t wrap my head around the logic of pulling this ship out of the sea. Which is why I’m asking if there is more religious reason to its recovery.

    • Sid Driver

      I was also reading that fishermen in that area were having trouble selling their catch to the local market due to pollution in the water from the boat. I think raising the ship will help add closure to everything and hopefully they can locate the missing students bodies so the parents can be at peace.

  • guest

    Not sure if raising it is worth it. The currents in those seas are hellish, a staggering number of rescue divers perished in the aftermath. If raising it would risk more lives then it should remain on the sea bed.

    Park should have stayed in Korea for the duration of the anniversary. It just looks bad symbolically and the trip doesn’t seem important as South America and Korea have little to do with each other.

    • Korean Logic

      “a staggering number of rescue divers perished in the aftermath”

      They were useless idiots who couldn’t rescue anybody from the ship. They deserved to die since they were useless.

    • Sid Driver

      I agree with you but I think raising the ship will help bring closure to the event. Also, I was reading the other day that a few bodies are still missing. It’s horrible to think but I imagine if they do find them on the ship the parents can finally know their child’s fate and move on. So sad though. ㅠㅠ

  • guest

    I still remember following the news, hoping they’ll find a survivor inside.

    The captain knew his ferry was full of highschool kids but he ran after telling them to stay put, and was drying his money as they drowned. Unforgivable.

    I would like to know whether corruption was involved in how such an idiot got to be Captain. After all, /cafeteria staff/ on board behaved more professionally! It was the top that was rotten.

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