New Cars Braking Automatically for Pedestrians

“Cars Now Recognizing and Braking for Pedestrians on Streets”


From Naver:

Cars with the ability of stopping themselves when pedestrians suddenly cross the road are now commercially available. These cars have also met safety standards in road tests. Cars like these, however, are going to come with a price tag.

Sangwoo Han reports.

Cruising at 45 km per hour this car can stop in an instant- 2 meters in front of a pedestrian or another vehicle.

Without the need for the driver to use the brakes, this car’s emergency automated braking system recognizes pedestrians and stops the car automatically.

These vehicles utilize functions that can spot pedestrians in between cars.

The vehicle’s front radar can read 150 meters, while behind the glass, another camera can simultaneously sense objects up to 65 meters ahead.

Being that Korea ranks first among OECD nations in vehicular pedestrian deaths, this technology is extremely useful.

According to Gyeong-chan Min, senior fellow at the Korean Transportation Safety Authority, “Pedestrian deaths number around 2,000 [per year]. We expect to lower that number by more than 20%.”

Europe is already requiring the system be installed in newly released cars over the next few years.

Korea too is expected to have this installed feature safety-tested and implemented over the next few years.

Presently, only high-end cars come equipped with such devices to prevent collisions. However, once the safety testing and criteria are met, the devices will be quickly distributed to all concerned customers.

Comments from Naver:

There’s also the problem of jaywalkers. Even though they are not even some wild animals, those reckless old people cross the road without looking for cars and just barrel on looking straight ahead. They are like, “Do whatever you want but since I’m going you should stop” and jaywalk dangerously. ㅠㅠ


This can eliminate all those who intentionally cross in front of cars in order to collect insurance money.


Ke ke ke, of course the car price has to be equally expensive.


What about the sudden unintended acceleration problem…


This is just a mindless excuse to further raise the price of vehicles for Hyundai-Kia Motors.


If you stop so suddenly, what about all the cars following close behind you?


It’s the people with brains that should stop. Why should cars be forced to stop on the road? If a car stops suddenly and gets rear-ended, who’s gonna take responsibility? Jaywalkers who create accidents should be punished as if they are murderers.


The scariest thing is…what if it malfunctions?


Who’s only driving at 45 km/h? What about those cruising at 80-100 km/h?

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  • Boris

    People need to look before they start crossing the road. Gimmicks such as this would help, although I doubt it would work if someone suddenly starts walking onto the road.

  • Chucky3176

    Anyone seen this awesome commercial by Hyundai that displays this technology on Youtube that has got over 9 million hits?

    • Paulistano

      That’s not really a big surprise. Audi, BMW, Toyota, and Nissan (at least these are what I remember) have already done automatic cars without drivers. The first prototype was done in 90’s but it was not commercial.

      So this technology is not really a hit for Hyundai. But one thing Hyundai is really good: Marketing and that’s all, I’m not saying that Hyundai cars are bad, actually, some of them are excellent, but their ads make it seem that they are the best cars of the world. Lol

      • Butsu

        Volvo is doing it as well, guess everyone is doing it.

      • Xman2010

        Yes. But do those manufacturers have what Hyundai Genesis has? …..grin…. the speed camera detector which automatically sends a signal to the car to slow down to put you back to the legal limit – which will save you hundreds of bucks in speed ticket fines.

  • Bryan Cheron

    As the netizen commenter said above: “If a car stops suddenly and gets rear-ended, who’s gonna take responsibility?” Also, I suspect that if this feature is optional, the only people who get it are going to be the people who drive carefully already. In other words, the inconsiderate jerks who need it aren’t going to pay extra for it.

    • sudaragwa

      probably the person who rear-ends the car. safe driving rules entail you’re supposed to leave enough braking space in between you and the car in front to avoid a collision in case sudden stops occur, and since the sudden braking isn’t due to negligence, the rear-ender would probably be mostly at fault.

    • Markus P

      If a car hits you in the back from stopping it is their fault for driving too close and should have kept the correct stopping distance.

    • Chucky3176

      It’s really no different from a situation where the human driver is driving the car. The car behind you is supposed to leave enough distance to stop.

    • Cnetizen817

      Typically those who rear-end another car are usually considered in the wrong since they should have had enough distance and time to have stopped. If another person rear-ended that person that the last one that rear-ended would be the one in the most wrong. That’s usually how it goes.

  • JJ

    I find it funny that the commenters put the blame on jaywalkers. Many cars drive recklessly in residential/business areas or do not yield to pedestrians at the crosswalk.

    For example, where I work there are no sidewalks, so I have to walk in the street. There have been quite a few close calls and it’s not that I don’t watch for cars, but there is nowhere for me to go. Or, I’m crossing the street at a crosswalk, and a car ignores me and almost runs me over.

    This happens frequently, so I don’t think Korea ranked #1 in pedestrian accidents due to jaywalkers..

    • Boris

      It’s a bit of both really. I’ve seen people just walk onto the road without looking both ways when I was living in Korea. Drivers need to be considerate, but so do all road users including pedestrians.

  • Raymond

    Won’t there be some punks who recognize these cars and try to jump in front just to piss you off?

    • Chucky3176

      Again, how is that different from a driver driving the car? They can jump in front of you, just to piss you off when you’re driving. Every time, you are going to brake.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    “This can eliminate all those who intentionally cross in front of cars in order to collect insurance money”
    This. So much this.

  • wrle

    “It’s the people with brains that should stop. Why should cars be forced to stop on the road? If a car stops suddenly and gets rear-ended, who’s gonna take responsibility?” amen

    • yoop

      If a car is rear ended its usually becuase its following too closely or quickly.

      • yoop

        *being followed too closely and quickly

  • Claude

    Pretty cool. Korean cars have come a long long way.

    • Smith_90125

      Ah yes, the car that used the steering column to direct engine fires at the drivers.

  • Science Patrol

    The world will be so much safer when we all use driver-less cars.

  • Markus P

    Is taking more control from the human safer?
    Automatics are easier to drive allowing children to just pick up the keys and go…
    To put it simply technology can assist but the human element is the key factor in knowing what is going on around you. I think after passing a driving test, the driver should have to retake the test every 10 years. Also driving tests should be strict. In India you just drive about and pass… An Indian man who went to the UK using an international license not knowing the local rules just ran a zebra crossing without a thought to the pedestrians crossing it. He failed is driving test in the UK yet was allowed on the road for one year using his international license… Is that safe?… No…

  • Sid Driver

    All they have to do is start teaching the ‘look both ways before crossing the street’ and much of this problem will be solved.

    I’ve only seen a few people get bumped but I have seen so many close calls because drivers are rushing to beat the red light and pedestrians are just going when the cross walk sign turns green.

    Plus I imagine it is worse at night with more risk involved.

  • Smith_90125

    Korea definitely needs cars that stop for pedestrians, they would never stop on their own. I lost count of the number of hit and runs I witnessed, kids run over at school crossings (some injured, some killed), drivers who stop their cars on crosswalks instead of stopping behind the line, drivers who run red lights, etc.

    Koreans believe in confucianist bullshit, the “five rules for a harmonious society”. Those “rules” demand that they respect people they know, but around strangers, Koreans don’t give a damn. They’ll push people out of the way, spit on the floor inside other people’s buildings, throw garbage on other people’s property, etc.

    And when it comes to cars, the Korean attitude is, “I’m the only one on the road who matters! Get out of my way!” The concept of stopping for pedestrians or red lights is beyond them because they don’t personally know the pedestrians.

  • HaydenG

    I would never buy this. Its just a carjacker friendly car. All a car jacker has to do is stand infront of your car and you cant go anywhere

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Yes Sir!!!


      You can do the same to the carjacker!!!!

  • David

    Great idea but it would also be a good idea to teach your kids not to walk between cars (especially when they are moving). I think that would save many more lives than this contraption.

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