Grandmother Holds Up Traffic To Cross Road

A heartwarming video shows an elderly grandmother slowly making her way across the road during a green traffic light. Instead of honking at her, or trying to drive around her, the drivers all patiently wait until she safely reaches the other side. Netizens applaud this courtesy from the drivers, and laud them for their patience.

Video from YTN:

Cars All Come to a Stop as Grandmother Crosses Road


On a 7-lane road, cars stopped in their tracks for a period of time as a situation unfolded.

This was because there was a grandmother walking in the middle of the road after the red stop light had come on in the crosswalk.

Reporter Cha Yu-jeong has more on the grandmother’s safe road crossing, and the patience of the drivers as they waited the 20 seconds for the grandmother to make her way across the crosswalk.


On the morning of March 11, at Daejeon’s Daehwadong Daehwa Industrial Complex’s three way intersection.

The light had changed from red to green, but the 10 cars did not move even an inch.

Looking closely in front the cars, you can see a grandmother slowly making her way across the street.

She walked with difficulty, and was not able to make it all the way across the street before the crosswalk sign turned red.

The cars waited until the grandmother crossed safely to the other side before slowly moving forward.

Several cars put their emergency flashers on for the cars behind them and showed a tacit willingness to wait for the grandmother.

It took 20 seconds for the grandmother to safely cross the road.

A wave of consideration quietly unfolded on the streets.

This is Cha Yu-jeong reporting for YTN.

Comments from Naver:


Please let us know more heartwarming news like this ^^

hoe3****[Responding to above]

What is heartwarming about the news? The fact that they let her cross the road? It’s suicide for old people to try to cross the street, ignoring signs.


I’m the world worth living in?


This is great haha It would be great if they could post more news like this.


This heartwarming news is as warm as the weather.


Now that’s the true spirit of our white-clothed people.


Honestly, there’s a very short amount of time to cross. There’s really not enough time for the grandmothers and grandfathers to make their way across the road. I wanted to try walking at their pace a few times. How nervous must the elderly be?


The drivers who turned their emergency lights on were amazing~ ^^


In front of our school, a grandfather was pulling a cart and walking. The crosswalk sign turned red before he could fully cross, but the cars didn’t honk at him, and waited until he reached the other side. Even though this is a basic courtesy, I felt it was amazing.


Even though it’s something people should do, this news made me feel warm. I liked it.


There are still…more good adults than bad eggs.

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  • Lansdow

    An everyday event in most countries makes the news in Korea. Holy Shit! They didn’t run that old lady down. A nice paradox to the daily madness and selfishness on the roads here. Coupled with the brainlessness of most pedestrians. For a developed country, with safe, well made cars, and nice wide roads, Korea is a shockingly dangerous place to drive.

    • helsic

      Have you ever been in China? dude, Korean traffic is flawless compared to Chinese traffic!

  • bigmamat

    What would be the upside of running over an old lady?

    • Xman2014

      The news here is that they didn’t honk at her to walk faster or get out of the way.

      • bigmamat

        So they just silently waited. How nice of them.

        • Sillian

          This is a mini news piece based on a viewer-submitted video that happened to get many netizen comments. These aren’t always some big eye-opening news.

          • bigmamat


        • redwhitedude

          Given the sort of driving going on in Korea it is big news. It would be shocking if it happened in say China.

  • miss dillydally

    Or…someone could have taken the initiative and walked with her, actually helping her cross the street if she was struggling.

  • Guest

    Here in china this would be a miracle. Everyday I drive around beijing and fear for my life wondering if I would live to see another day.

    • redwhitedude

      Apparently they have yet to figure out what driving lanes are for.

  • welcome to the first world korea

  • TeacherLogin

    South Korea has very unnecessary stop signs in one street. Some streets has four stop signs.

  • That’s marvelous

    Some days I spend more time waiting before green lights than before red lights.

    Vehicles from other streets driving through red light, grandmas, u-turning buses, texting teenagers… you are always blocked by something.

    My ranting aside, this is not news. Just some cars not killing a pedestrian. Koreans arent big honkers eithers.

  • Az Ze

    I’m pleased to see that Koreans are slowing down finally. Even bus drivers don’t give elderly any respect.

  • ShootehAnon

    To be honest, I was expecting the comments to be dissing the old lady for holding up traffic, given how aggressive most South Koreans are on the road.

    But seriously, WHY IS THIS NEWS?

    • Small twon

      it’s better than another celebrity gossip.

      • ShootehAnon

        True. I guess we already have enough sites translating celebrity gossip that’s practically covering up all of the rotten dirt on the South Korean government. No need for shitty decoy “news” to flow into here as well. But I still think this wasn’t worth a translation in the first place.

  • Joe

    It took her less than a minute to cross the road, no rush, you can wait a minute out of your day, won’t hurt. It was nice to see everyone stay in their lanes and proceed in a orderly fashion.

  • Small twon

    Somehow I knew people around this site wouldn’t care much about this news.

  • Jake the Expat

    In what other place would these baby steps towards civility be featured in the news media? Like, horrible, reckless, dangerous, selfish driving is such the norm that when people act civilized on the roads, it warrants a news story? News flash: A friend of mine recently had to get out of his car and escort an elderly woman across the street because cars where honking, yelling at her, and refusing to stop. Where can I upload these pictures? Where is his medal of honor and presidential handshake?

  • helsic

    I hope China were like this. I hate comparing both countries but everyday when I have to cross a street on my way to the bus stop, I see elderly people crossing slowly and cars honking at them and passing just by them at full speed, nobody stop or cares if the pedestrians are crossing or not. It doesn’t matter if they are old or young.

  • Smith_90125

    Well, that’s a rarity. I lost count of the number of hit-and-runs I witnessed at corners, drivers going through while the lights were still red and people not finished crossing. I say witnessed because there were more in the newspapers and TV than just the ones I saw.

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