Sewol Owner Found Dead, Netizens Raise Conspirary Theories

Article from Yonhap News:

Body found in Suncheon, DNA Testing and fingerprints confirm it is the body of Yoo Byeong-eon.

Police explain that the fingerprint from the body's forefinger is a match for Yoo Byeong-eon.

Police explain that the fingerprint from the body’s forefinger is a match for Yoo Byeong-eon.

Suncheon Police discover Saviorist Sect related materials and other belongings at the site.

Last month on the 12th in a plum orchard in Suncheon, Jeonnam (South Jeolla Province), the body of Yoo Byeong-eon, former chairman of the Semo Group, was discovered and confirmed by police on the 22nd.

Police have confirmed the identity of the body through DNA testing and fingerprinting.

Suncheon Police Chief, Woo Hyeong-ho in a press conference at the police station stated that last month on the evening of the 21st, the police tested the DNA of the body found in Suncheon. During that time they became aware through word of mouth the results from the National Forensic Service. It was then certain that the DNA belonged to Yoo Byeong-eon.

Photos of items found along with the body of Yoo Byeong-eon.

Photos of items found along with the body of Yoo Byeong-eon.

Also, the fingerprint from the forefinger of the body also has also been confirmed as belonging to Yoo.

Based on the confirmation that the body belongs to Yoo, it has been presented as circumstantial evidence in the case [against him].

According to the explanation given by police, at the scene of the crime an empty bottle of ASA Squalene manufactured by Hankuk Pharmaceuticals. There was also a cloth bag with writing inside that says, “dream-like love,” which is the name of a book written by Yoo himself.

Former Semo Group chairman, Yoo, seen visiting a Samwoo Trading factory in Bucheon, 1984.

Former Semo Group chairman, Yoo, seen visiting a Samwoo Trading factory in Bucheon, 1984.

Police also reported that the parka on the body was a high-end Italian product by designer Loro Piana, and on the body’s feet were brand-name Washiba shoes.

Also found were rectangular reading glasses, and wrapped up inside a sweater a folded up burlap bag. The bag is assumed to have been manufactured in Seoul.

Regarding fingerprinting, police say that severe decomposition of the body could make identifying fingerprints difficult. Due to this, after the body was placed into a cooler, a heating method was used as part of a three step process to help identify fingerprints. A fingerprint from the right forefinger was confirmed to be that of Yoo.

A photo describing how DNA is tested on a dead body.

A photo describing how DNA is tested on a dead body.

All of this has been passed along by the police, as well as results found by the National Forensic Service, and fluids from the site in Songchijae confirmed to be matching DNA found at Yoo’s office.

To further confirm this conclusion, investigators compared the paternal Y chromosome and the maternal X chromosome (mitochondrial DNA analysis) with a brother sharing the same parents.

“Given this kind of circumstantial evidence and looking at the National Forensic Service’s test results, the body can be understood to be that of Yoo Byeong-eon,” said Chief Woo

Police have been searching for Yoo, presumed to be in hiding, by blocking off areas within the region to prevent escape. Checkpoints had been set up in Hakgu Samgeori and 4 other locations, including Songchijae in which checkpoints were set up 55 times and 8,116 personnel were utilized for a thorough manhunt.

Police also searched the area around Sanchijae, including a real estate agency and other places with ties to the Salvation Sect, 143 locations in all, but could not locate the former chairman Yoo Byeong-eon.

Chief Woo stated, “With National Forensic Service’s detailed results followed by similar test results as a basis, when the autopsy is complete, we can understand the cause of death more clearly. We plan to continue to investigate the events before death, and ascertain whether there was physical force from another person, or if there was any involvement of another person. We will make sure there is not any room for suspicion and that the investigation is transparent.

Comments from Naver:

There is a high chance that this was fabricated. Do not try to fool people.

ukei****: [Responding to above]

Then you are claiming this was fabricated by the opposition party, not the government, right? The police and government got a heavy blow because they couldn’t capture him alive and today they are supposed to release investigation results for Kim Hyeong-sik’s case. Are you trying to say the government is fabricating this to make it unfavorable to themselves but favorable to the opposition party before elections? Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke. It’s like you are claiming Hong Myung-bo will be coaching Real Madrid.

gyki****: [Responding to kmj4****]

Well…I majored in politics and worked in journalism. People who have worked in this field would know how much of an absurd fiction these conspiracy theories – even doubting the National Forensic Service – sound like. There has to be a limit to criticisms and checks. I’m rather suspicious of who might be behind these anti-government comments that are quickly voted up.


You guys are the true CSIs who can get fingerprints from a skeleton. [Sarcasm]

동탁삼대: [Responding to above]

Hey, those kids who keep asking how you can get fingerprints from a skeleton… It wasn’t literally a skeleton. Its decomposition had progressed about 80%. The police said, “severe decomposition of the body can make identifying fingerprints difficult. Due to this, after the body was placed into a cooler, a heating method was used as part of a three step process to help identify fingerprints. A fingerprint from the right forefinger was confirmed to be that of Yoo.”. Didn’t you read the article? Ke ke ke ke ke. Do you guys even read the article before leaving comments? Ke ke ke ke.


Sigh, fucking Republic of Korea.


Those people who keep producing conspiracy theories seem pathologically delusional. But I can understand them considering how poorly the authorities have managed their job. Frustrating.


It’s confusing so let me set things straight. They found a severely decomposed body who seemed like a homeless person. He was wearing winter clothes. In his bag discovered with him, there were a soju bottle, a makgeoli bottle, Squalene pills he was known to enjoy and his own autobiography. They found his body in June 13th near a plum orchard close to his cottage. They managed to get fingerprints from the body that was 80% decomposed for 40 days. They did DNA tests using his femoral bone. Coincidentally, it was released on the last day for legislation notice of health insurance privatization and the National Forensic Service confirmed the body is indeed Yoo Byeong-eon after 7 o’clock? Do not kill the Sewol victims twice.

manz****: [Responding to above]

Ah~ Since today is the last day for legislation notice of health insurance privatization, Yoo Byeong-eon’s case must have been fabricated?? Ah~ then the government put terminal cancer cells in celebrity Yoo Chae-young’s body at the right time so that they could release articles about her today?? Ah~ today Ryu Hyun-jin pitched well losing only 2 runs until the 7th inning. The government might have visited him and given him a hormone injection? Ah~ Lee Yeol-eum of the drama High School King of Savvy cried in a press conference. The government might have asked her to cry?? It must be convenient for lefty zombies to live in this world. Because they can twist everything to fit their agenda, ke ke ke ke ke.


He is probably watching Ryu Hyun-jin’s baseball game while eating lamb skewers and drinking Tsingtao beer in China.


There is no better comedy than this… Am I truly living in the 21st century…


Tomorrow’s news: Yoo Byeong-eon’s shocking revival.


Yoo Byeong-eon: *pleased*


The remains were found a month ago but why did they suddenly check its fingerprints this morning? Ke ke ke ke ke.

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  • Guest

    its a shame he was found dead. would’ve loved to see him face punishment.

    one greedy fuck and his family with aims to maximize profit at the risk of people’s health and safety. the gov’t regulators are a joke too. i hope events like this brings reform to the Korean gov’t and private sector where corruption runs rampant.

  • Insomnicide

    Possibly a suicide?

  • commander

    Rampant conspiracy theories swirling around the confirmation of the corpse as fugitive Yoo’s is a reflection of deep public distrust in law enforcement agencies, which have failed to apprehend those responsible for the Sewol ferry incident, and public disappointment of the government which proved incompetent when rescuing students trapped inside the sinking ship.

    Anger and frustration the public entertain against the government act as a catalyst for wild conspiracy theories floating on the Internet.

    The best way to stem a growing wave of speculations is for the law enforcement agencies and the government to regain public trust by doing their jobs right.

    • commander

      Two representative theories exist regarding the officially confirmed Yoo’s body.

      First, the corpse is of wanted suspect Yoo but he was murdered possibly by a contracted killer. The assassin is, in the theory, hired by influential people who took bribes from Yoo when he was alive and fear the arrest of Yoo could jeopardize their political and economic life when the interrogation of Yoo reveal bribes for favors deals.

      This means there may be people who feel it necessary to zip up the mouth of Yoo permanently.

      The second theory is Yoo is still alive and have a makeover in his face to start his second life overseas while having an unidentified body discovered for the police to convince he was dead.

      Once again, the best way to quash these conspiracy theories is law enforcement agencies perform their duties right.

      The failure to do so will only add the fuel to these conspiracy theories.

  • guest

    Why aren’t there as many Japan related subjects in Kbang as there are korea related subjects in J crush? I’m pretty sure the mods at both forums are biased toward korea. They deliberately want to drive anti Japanese feelings by only showing the very few fringe Japanese net radicals that are almost dead and invisible in Japan. What are the mods afraid of? Why don’t they show the true nature of Korean hatred of Japan?

    • Kraft


      Contrary to what you think, Koreans do not care about Japan. Japan is only discussed whenever a politician denies the forced mobilization of comfort women or whenever they claim Dokdo/Takeshima. Most Koreans view Japan as an nuisance. Nothing more, nothing less.

      Japan on the other hand foams at the mouth whenever Korea is mentioned. The mods post Korea related articles on japancrush because those are usually the most popular articles on the Japanese net. Japanese netizens are obsessed with Korea, to the point of being stalkers. Dont believe me? Go look at the most discussed/popular articles on yahoo japan or 2ch.

      The reason why Japanese netizens comes off as childish, shameless, dickless, morons on this site is because they are childish, shameless, dickless, morons.

      • Guest

        Right, the Koreans do not care about Japan except for those who comment on JCrush right? I can name a handle of guys who constantly troll that site. There are even those who try to make it an anti-Korean article by commenting about xenophobia in Japan even though it is completely irrelevant to the article.

        You sound like one of those guys too.

        • Chucky3176

          You’re the one who brought up Japan in this topic, which has absolutely nothing to do with this topic, and whining and raving that the mods are not printing bad comments made by Koreans. My god, that’s absolutely rich, if not childish. JCrush attracts Koreans there because every fucking article there is about Koreans screwing up Japan. You want to talk bad about us behind our backs in peace? What the fuck do you expect genius?

          • KCdude

            Calm down, will you? Korea will always be criticized negatively in the West and other places. I know. It’s a harsh world out there for Koreans. I’m more comfortable to hate my own people (Koreans) because we are naturally incompetent. I know truth hurts. But still, being angry makes you weaker.

          • The Mask

            I took a dislike to Koreans after that lady.. Korean journalist I believe basically bashed Ghibli studios on one of their most recent released animes. I mean.. Seriously??? It’s like hatred is embedded in their DNA it’s sick! I can understand that these asian countries have bad history but which country doesn’t? They really need to come together and enforce more peace, not only with Japan and other nations on their hit list, but amongst themselves.

          • CK7

            Pretending to be Korean again? Self hating dude, don’t be angry at yourself, it makes you look weaker, lol. Love thyself.
            The guest started this off topic crap, it’s called trolling. Chucky was merely defending, when the guest started this shit and you’re angry at Chucky on top of being angry at yourself? lol

          • John Smith

            Because there are a plenty of chinese / Japanese self hating trolls that have deep seated inferiority complex towards Korea.

            These C/J kids just ask for trollfest and trouble on the internet. Time to grow up kids and stick with Chinasmack Jcrush for venting out your insecurity complex. :)

          • KCdude

            If you have noticed some of my old posts here were written in colloquial Korean. I’m too Korean for my taste, unfortunately.

            (and God save the Queen)

          • Guest

            Wrong “guest,” Chucky.

            But adding on to what you just stated, my point is that people like you and Kraft try to make the presumption that the hate between Japanese and Korean is one-sided based on your “scholarly internet research.”

            Lets take the poll conducted by an independent Genron NPO (Japan) and East Asian Institute (Korea) from consensus gathered by a 1000 people.

            They found that 65% of the Koreans who answered to the surveys had a negative or unfavorable opinion about the Japanese, where as in Japan, roughly 36% said they shared the same view.

            Additionally, a poll out of 1010 respondents conducted by both Yomiuri Shimbun and Korea Times showed that 73% of Japanese thought that Koreans were “untrustworthy.” 83% held similar views about the Japanese. On the question about whether bilateral relations should be improved, 83% of Japanese said they should, while 90% of Koreans answered the same.

            Point is, information is very subjective depending on where it comes from and basing conclusions off internet forums is just plain idiotic. Comments on forums that coincide your own opinions about the matter does NOT validate your own personal opinions. I am not siding on which side of the controversies is right/wrong but merely stating, “look at Jcrush and 4chan! They obsess over Koreans! Those Japanese “are childish, shameless, dickless, moron” – is purely just biased, self-opinionated bigotry.

            The hate is mutual, as for calls of the betterment of bilateral relations. End of discussion.

          • Chucky3176

            “But adding on to what you just stated, my point is that people like you and Kraft try to make the presumption that the hate between Japanese and Korean is one-sided based on your “scholarly internet research.””

            That is nonsense. I’ve always reiterated that both countries don’t like each other. You can give me polls all you like, but that has nothing to do with Japanese using the internet to blame all their internal problems onto Koreans. There is nothing wrong with disliking a country. I don’t care if Japanese like or dislike Koreans, they have their rights to their own feelings. As well as the fact that I don’t like Japan either. And the Japanese feelings don’t matter to me either. The dislike is mutual.

          • Guest

            You truly are the master of spin. No, not every article on JC is about Koreans. But you and your army will turn it into one in the comment section whatever the topic. You then go on to say, ‘what the fuck do you expect genius’ to further legitimise you’re ‘right’ to de-rail/misinform with your comments. As so poignantly written below, your comments and ‘proof’ on JC is simply a twisted style of trolling and spinning of information to suit your ‘argument’ and prove your point as legit. I’m impressed with your skills, but also concerned about your degree of delusion concerning Korea bashing which drives your excellent spin doctor abilities. If being a propagandist was your job, you would be goddamn fucking rich.

          • Chucky3176

            Guest, you’re the one who has turned this topic into a Korean bashing on a topic about Sewol, whining about the mods and the Koreans. Yes, not every article on JC is about Koreans, but the majority a good chunk of them are. Even if they are not about Koreans, some Japanese commentators will turn it into one, you can bet on it. Like this topic. Now run along kid, go whine somewhere else.

        • I’m pretty confident that Koreans don’t frequent JCrush or any other English news site very often. Thinking so is quite comical.

    • Itis Calvin

      Koreans are racist too, you’ll see. They scream waygook (foreigner) at you in the street. so don’t take it personal and proceed to beat them like no other you’ll get deported!

      Also Koreans are seen as prideful people too. They are taught at a young age that Korean race (clean race or pure race) is the best in the world.

      Shock Video – Inside Korea

      Human Flesh Being Sold In The Korean Market

      This just shows the reality of how they really are. They say white
      people are racist, it’s true many are but the fact is koreans are far
      more racist than any other.

      China’s population is 26 times South Korea’s, but thousands of Koreans are feared to be starving to death while their chubby leader Kim Jong-Un regularly dines on banquets. Korean bastards eating dogs and cats. Fuck you vietminh bastards!

      • Chucky3176

        Really, Guest? Posting videos of North Korean hunger tragedy and calling them racist Koreans? And then repeatedly voting for yourself? How mature. Grow up.

        • The Mask

          You need to get real!! Be on the receiving end of these korean pretentiousness then you’ll understand. They’re materialistic.. More so than their sister country the US of A! And F**k it, I’m gonna give myself a thumbs up too!

  • KCdude

    “Sigh, fucking Republic of Korea.”

    I find it difficult to show any disagreement towards this comment.

  • Smith_90125

    “Saviourist sect”? Why use weasel words? Call him what he was: a fundamentalist christian who ran his own cult of personality. Deliberately avoiding any mention of christianity in the post is dishonest.

    This was not an “accident”, it was greed and a callous disregard for anyone’s life but his own. And Yoo used religion to justify it.

    Millions of dollars from the web of companies, including the one that owns the ferry, went to Mr. Yoo, 73, and his two sons, prosecutors say, squeezed from the business through an increasingly perilous set of decisions that enriched his family at the expense of the passengers.

    Scores of cabins and even an art gallery laden with marble were added to the ferry’s upper decks, making the ship top-heavy. So much extra cargo was crammed on board that there was sometimes no space to secure it properly with chains and lashings. And, prosecutors say, the ferry’s crucial ballast water, needed to balance all the additional weight, was deliberately drained so that the vessel would not sit too low — a telltale sign to inspectors that the ferry was dangerously overloaded to bring in more money.

    “It was a miracle that the ship actually sailed as far as it did; it could have tipped over any time,” said Kim Woo-sook, dean of the graduate school at Mokpo National Maritime University. “For them, cargo was cash.”

  • guest

    It’s too bad there weren’t more of these annoying cockroachs dead in that sunk ship. It was funny to see all the drowned rats. Why do they even cry and whine over them? I’m enjoying and rejoicing right now.

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