Ladygate: Hyundai-hating ‘Benz Girl’ Harasses Other Cars

Car of Benz girl

From Bobaedream:

Discovery of ‘Benz Girl’ making a scene… completely mental…

Hello. I’m writing to talk about my bitter experience.

On the 16th of July, 2012, at 9 seconds past 8:32 AM… Something ridiculous happened to me on my way to work.

Picture no. 1. A girl comes out of the car behind mine and starts yelling barefooted. She harasses a car next to hers and spits on it.

Benz girl barefoot on the road

Picture no. 2. At first I thought there was some problem or a quarrel about the adjacent car cutting in. I took the photos out of curiosity.

Benz girl barefoot on the road

Picture no.3. She kept hitting other cars’ windows and yelling, while roaming around as shown in the photo. Until then, I didn’t mind it too much. I guessed she might be drunk [from the night before]… or something.

Benz girl runs loose on the road

The incident happens from picture number 4 below.

Suddenly the ‘Benz girl’ came out of her car and stomped towards my car…[Mercedes-Benz is commonly called and known as simply ‘Benz’ in Korea.] Scary.

Picture no. 4. This car belonging to the culprit [the Benz girl].

Car of Benz girl

She hit the window next to the driver’s seat [of my car], and then spat on it… Until that point I was still thinking, ‘well, she’s probably drunk.’

But then she tore off the door guard (blue) with her hands. (Picture 5)

I got out my car. I asked her why she did that and if she was drunk… She simply replied ‘I did that because I hate Hyundai… What are you going to do about that?’ I was dumbfounded.

I dialled 112 to call the police. She tried to run away in her car.

So I thought she might just run from the scene, and looked for the keys in her car… but there of course were no keys in the Mercedes-Benz. All cars from Mercedes-Benz have SmartKeys… I found her mobile phone. I guessed she wouldn’t run away if I kept it. (Prada phone)

Oh well… She still ran away…

I got into my car again and reported this incident to 112. I talked [to the police] as calmly as possible. In the end she must have realized that her phone was gone, so she came back to me and pestered me to give her phone back to her.

I told her to wait and so we waited for the police to come.

When the police came, I explained the situation but she was impossible to talk to. The police checked if she was drunk but she wasn’t, and when she was asked why she did what she did, she kept saying ‘because I hate Hyundai.’ She allegedly hates Hyundai because she belongs to the Samsung family. Dumbfounded and baffled, I couldn’t utter a word.

I asked the police if I could be compensated in any way. But the police persuaded me that the fact that I extorted(?) the phone from her might be more problematic, so it might cost more than compensation for my door guards.

I was on my way to work and wasn’t bothered to go to the police station and write up the report, etc. so I just backed off. But I’m still angry about the incident.

Is it really my fault? Then who should I get compensation from, if someone ran off after doing something like that?

I complain of this injustice to the members of Bobaedream [car website]. ㅠ.ㅠ

※ I took a video but can’t upload it as I might violate the portrait rights. But there is a voice record from the dash cam that I used to report to the police.

Picture no. 5. Spit marks + remnants of the torn-off door guard

Damage to victim's car by Benz girl

By the way, my car is Santa Fe The Contrast released on June 18. It’s not even been a month since its release.

Picture of blog writer's car that was damaged by Benz girl

Picture no. 6. The Benz girl who made the scene

Benz girl in her Mercedes-Benz

I sincerely hope that Korea can be free of those kind of people.

Comments from Bobaedream:


Let’s use our common senses to make judgements; which is a greater crime, spitting on someone’s car and tearing the sponge [door guard] off, or stealing(?) someone’s mobile phone? If I were you, I’d have taken a video of the situation with my mobile right away and reported it to the police… There should be some evidence… That woman damaged your property, but that sponge thing doesn’t cost a fortune… But stealing is a big crime… That was dangerous… The police was right…


There are actually people who look at that situation and regard it stealing to keep the phone… ke ke ke ke ke If someone spat on their car, would they just sit there and chuckle???


If it’s not alcohol, it’s 100% drugs. 100%.


First of all, it wasn’t just your car but other cars, too, that she’s done that shit to. Just put up with it since she didn’t bash the car. You just feel disgusted, right? To have taken her phone to compensate for your disgust can clearly be more of a legal problem on your side, that is for sure. So you should just think of her as a crazy bitch. Suppose you stepped on poo and ruined your shoes. Who would you blame? Would you swear at the poo? Just get over with it. It angers me to look at it… but there’s no other way ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


The world is large and there are loads of things to watch…


It’s ridiculous, but stealing the phone is still a problem. It should’ve been enough to take the video.. The police must’ve not been bothered too much, so just persuaded you to make a compromise.. It’s a harsh world we live in..


You must have suffered a lot. So was she pretty?


It’s so funny that she says she’s in the Samsung family, but rides Mercedes-Benz and picks a fight with Hyundai drivers.. Ha ha


I can’t help thinking that the writer of this post seems to have over-reacted a bit. She harassed you alright, but she didn’t threaten you with a knife or something. Surely it is wrong to spit and so on, but that would’ve been manageable on your part. You should let her do whatever she does on the road, and what did you take the photos for? Isn’t that why she came towards you? Honestly speaking, drivers can have quarrels and fights now and then. It doesn’t seem right to take photos and write about the incident here that you’ve already reported to the police, just because the women harassed you like that. What’s your photo going to do to her life??


If she’s in the Samsung family why does she use the Prada phone from LG… She hates Hyundai cars, she says ke ke That’s so obviously a lie


There are actually people who keep that tacky blue rubber stuff ke ke ke ke ke. I take that off as soon as the car is out.


To hell with the Samsung family… She must have a Samsung TV at home or something.

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