President Park Criticized for Wearing Japanese Shoe Brand

Netizens have attacked President Park Geun-hye for wearing Japanese Asics brand shoes during her surprise appearance at a Korea Series championship game. While some voices online mocked the hyperbolic anti-Japanese criticism, others said that as head of state, Park should always be aware of how her wardrobe is perceived.

Park’s fashion was the subject of argument during her campaign as well, when netizens criticized her for having an expensive ostrich leather purse. Then-candidate Park’s staff denied the claim, saying it was domestically-produced leather.

Article from Segye Ilbo:

“In the middle of conflicts with Japan over Dokdo and other issues, President Park chooses to wear Japanese products rather than Korean…”

President Park has stirred up controversy online with her choice of wearing Asics during her ceremonial pitch in the Korea Series, the championship for the Korean Professional Baseball.

President Park's shoes, Asics Gel-Kinsei 4, retailing in South Korea for ₩210,000 ($198)

President Park’s shoes, Asics Gel-Kinsei 4, retailing in South Korea for ₩210,000 ($198)

‘Shouldn’t President Park have put on local-brand shoes?’

In a surprise move, President Park emerged as a ceremonial pitcher at a Seoul stadium for the Oct. 27th game three of the 2013 Korean Series. Online controversy was touched off over the brand of athletic shoes President Park was wearing for her pitch.

At that time, President Park, dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of gloves embroidered with the Taegeuki, the national flag of South Korea, threw the pitch wearing Asics shoes, a Japanese brand.

Korean netizens have condemned Park’s actions, saying that the president behaved inappropriately by donning the Japanese shoes amid tension between South Korea and Japan over Tokyo’s provocative moves that include producing and distributing video clips claiming that the islets of Dokdo, (called Takeshima in Japan) are Japanese territory.

‘Every move by the president is closely watched by all people in the nation,’ said one netizen, ‘In this regard, the president, who is supposed to spare no attention to what to wear, including scarfs, purses, jewelry, made a public appearance in Japanese brand shoes. That is hard to understand.’

Some netizens raised concerns that the latest brouhaha could aggravate the already-negative public sentiment toward Japan, saying that the Japanese brand in question belongs to a right-wing Japanese firm sponsoring a campaign for changing the name of the disputed outcroppings from Dokdo to Takeshima.

Some analysts say that the shoes controversy is a result of huge public attention to President Park’s fashion, which has long received wide media coverage. Past items of interest include brooches, purses, and shoes worn at state functions.

President Park’s predecessors – Chun Doo-hwan, Kim Young-sam, and Roh Moo-hyun – made ceremonial pitches at Korean baseball games while they were in office, actions which never led to controversy. Observers say that presidential staff paid insufficient attention to Park’s outfit as the way the nation’s first female president dresses is always under public spotlight.

Comments from Naver:

I will eat my hat if the camera the photographer used for this photo is not made in Japan.


Your Galaxy smartphone has Japanese made parts. So take them off. And if you have watched pornography made in Japan and masturbated, cut off your genitals. If you are a woman who uses SK-II (a Japanese brand of cosmetics), please peel your skin off right away. Ha ha.


This is the craziest article that I have ever seen in my life. Someone should beat some sense into this reporter. Grow up!


Korea should stop looking at everything from a political angle.


A funny thing is that the Democratic United Party has more descendants from pro-Japanese collaborators and Moon Jae-in bought a full set of baseball uniform made by Descente (a more expensive Japanese brand than Asics). And Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun wore Asics shoes!



Following that logic, is it ok to chew out Kim Dae-jung, Park Won-soon and Moon Jae-in because they wore Asics and Descente goods?


The shoes were made by medium- and small-sized firms at the Kaeseong Industrial Complex, does that mean those companies are all pro-Japanese ones? hardly


“Atta, our Sir Kim Dae-jung also loved his pair of Asics shoes ~~~~~~~~”


There might be some made-in-Japan parts in pretty much all technological products that we use. -_-;; Do you think there is any 100% domestically produced product from high-end industries??


Hey journalist, do you write articles like a hermit in some mountain cave? Who would’ve known there still is a young person who thinks like that in this global era, ke ke. How can you even call yourself a journalist, ke ke ke ke ke ke.

Comments from Daum:

I think she wore shoes made in her country of origin, Japan, ke ke ke.


What’s the matter, she loves brands from her home country of Japan.


What else do you expect from a jjokbari.


She is the daughter of her pro-Japanese father, Park Chung-hee, isn’t her choice obvious?


This nation is in a real mess after that chicken brain idiot got into the presidential office…


I knew this was coming. She is no different from MB, along with most members of the Saenuri Party.


Park Chung-hee wrote a letter in blood to become an officer in the Japanese military during the colonial years. Now the daughter follows? I guess she will pay tribute to Japan soon.


How thoughtless she is!


Perhaps the shoes were a gift from Myung-bak?


How does she have time to act like an athlete in a baseball stadium! She should have been looking into the rigging of the presidential election!

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  • Ash

    TIL daum users are myopic right wingers, and naver users are progressive realists.

    • Sillian

      Actually, those Daum netizens are generally considered left wing in Korea. They are fervently anti-current-overnment and need more reasons to bash PGH. It’s interesting how Korean netizen responses differ extremely from site to site.

  • harvz


    Journalist behind this one is reaching for the cookie jar.

  • Guest23

    Well, no matter how small or tiny, fervent nationalists will find a way to criticize their opponents, not so surprising.

  • chucky3176

    I would never buy Japanese either, knowing full well Japanese stuck up attitude toward Korean products. Japan is the only country in the face of this earth, where Samsung and LG can’t even sell one lousy TV. Japanese will never buy Korean even if they didn’t have any choice. Korea’s best seller to Japan are some seaweed products, and kimchi – just pathetic.

    But look at what’s happening in Korea, they can’t get enough of Japanese products. Example, Korean consumers lining up to buy crap Uniqlo clothing, as if they are quality (they’re not), while Japanese netizens laughing it up and making fun of Koreans as stupid gooks for thinking that clothing from Walmart of Japan is quality.

    It’s really high time for Koreans to reciprocate. I’m not advocating organizing anything to boycott. But every Korean should think twice before they buy Made in Japan products.

    In fact I support Japanese citizen campaigns that are currently going on, to end diplomatic ties between the two countries. I hope they succeed.

    • Louis Nghiem

      man, as a person connected to the manufacturing of UNIQLO in china. you really don’t know what the hell you are talking about. you really choose a bad case since UNIQLO, even though made in china, has one of the highest quality standards in the world. there factory evaluations often takes years for UNIQLO approval. most apparel companies do joint ventures or on the lowest quality scale just auction off there production to the lowest bidder. my friend was a former men’s director of UNIQLO and had to visit there factories on numerous occasions. two words he told me. CLEAN ROOM. when he mentioned how impressed he was when he first saw a UNIQLO approved factory and no, i’m not freakn jap. i don’t suk jap cock either or anyone else’s for the matter. but i do like tell the facts straight up since i’m from NYC.

      • chucky3176

        I have never bought UNIQLO, or plan to. But that’s what the Japanese netizens are saying that they are crap, so I’m just going by what I’ve read and heard, that they’re just cheap and nasty in Japan. On the other hand, they seem to be doing well outside of Japan.

        • Mighty曹

          They’re doing too well. A second store just opened here (San Francisco) in October to long lines. I admit I do buy their products but only T-shirts and briefs, which are of good quality at a very affordable price.

      • Quentin

        Uniqlo garments are probably the highest quality you can get for the price, but its nothing to write home about. I don’t doubt that they have nice facilities, though.

      • Ami

        Wow you must really LOVE your COMPANY

        • Louis Nghiem

          I don’t think many developers, like myself, like to work for company’s that auction their production to the cheapest bidder since that makes their work many times (and often un-neccessarily) harder………….. on the other hand, i would hate to work for UNIQLO since the working hours i hear begin at 5am

      • Mighty曹

        I find humor in “even though made in china, has one of the highest quality standards in the world”.

        • whuddyasack

          Why? People are always going on about the quality of Apple products when many are also manufactured in China…

          I think Uniqlo has very good value for money…

          • Mighty曹

            Let’s not confuse ‘Made in China’ with “Designed in USA but assembled by Chinese labor in China”.

        • jfrancis

          the chinese are perfectly capable of making high quality goods when they need/want to.

      • bang2tang

        In my country Uniqlo & H&M sign contract to Sritex (who also made military camo outfit for export). But unfortunately most of Uniqlo product that selling in Indonesia are made in Vietnam & China.

    • Butsu

      And HTC can’t move any units in Korea because Samsung is so popular. To me it seems this can happen in any Asian country. LG might not move any TV units, but Samsung TVs is on the rise (I’ve told you this before too). Also, Uniqlo ain’t bad in the sense that it’s low quality, it’s bad to get your whole wardrobe there. They have a lot of clothes that works wonder as a base to your other clothes. Also, it is very cheap. It’s almost like H&M.

      Boycotting products for the sole reason on where they’re from is just stupid, on any end.

      • Mighty曹

        Boycotts only hurt people it was not intended to. In this case, consumers.

        Btw, I love my HTC One. Best Android by far!!!

        • Butsu

          Unfortunately, I’m poor and had to take over my half-brothers used up HTC, I do believe it’s the first model, so the internal memory is beyond bad. Would love to try a newer one out though. Or a Samsung, or maybe even the new Sony models (after they bought out Ericsson, they seem to have been making some kick-ass phones).

          • Mighty曹

            I used to buy mostly Sony products for their innovative features and designs. I had 3 Sony-Ericsson phones as well but I stopped buying Sony because of their annoying ‘proprietary’ accessories.

        • David

          My wife has had an HTC for her last two smartphones and she loves them too.

          • Mighty曹

            It’s a shame HTC may be history within 2 years unless they can turn a profit. But the dilemma is that they can’t compete unless they spend more money on marketing (Samsung has bountiful cash for that). A company cannot survive by throwing whatever profit it makes into marketing.

    • harvz

      Do you shop at Daiso?

      • Mighty曹

        Hahahaha… I sometimes find myself in a Daiso and Ichiban Kan.

    • Racist bozos are brainless

      Wow look at the numbskull reasons this hate monger gives-certain multi national corporations based in korea sell very few tvs in japan. Wow ALL the japanese are just horrendous! Do you even know there are samsung tv factories in india, china, russia, not all the tvs are made in korea, so are you being a indian or chinese or russian nationalist ? Dont evaluate human beings on which corporation’s products they patronize.

      • Racist bozos are brainless

        chucks Id like to give you & people who are like minded the worst curse I can think of– ” may you always buy only samsung” feed the monopoly enjoy all the benefits and then savor the disadvantages- lets see how it all works out !

    • Racist bozos are brainless

      Hey chucky thanks for mentioning the nyt article ill just repeat a quote here-
      “LG sets “tend to be more popular with younger people, and younger people don’t buy as many televisions as older customers, who tend to prefer well-known Japanese brands, like Sony,” Mr. Tomizawa said.
      With South Korean food and television shows popular in Japan, LG has latched on to the popularity of K-pop music across Asia and beyond. It has run ads for its smartphones in Japan that feature Kara, a Korean group that is popular in Japan.” Please also tell us how many japanese mobile phone and tv sets are sold in south korea ?

    • takasar1


    • Abubu Khan

      but lots of Japanese stuff is actually quality. Clothes, food, cameras, stationary, video games, furniture, etc. If Korea actually produces something of quality that Japan doesn’t already make in abundance, Japanese will buy it. Galaxy for example. You are totally full of it on this one, Chucky. Take off the blinders for a sec.

    • bang2tang

      Zojirushi, kkk

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    …still not seeing the problem.

  • gueest

    A Gawd Dang Mongolian are you mongolian ? huuh ?

  • zachary T

    It good to know everything is going so well in Korea that so much time can be spent criticizing President Parks’ shoes…which she wore once….and will probably never wear again. although I must say this particular shoe is kind of gaudy, Pres. Park always seems to have conservative fashion choices.

  • Guest0000

    What the hell is wrong with wearing that shoes?
    f**king pathetic leftists

    • holdingrabbits

      If it was a left wing president doing the same thing, the right would be criticizing them for the same thing…the problem isn’t a party, it’s rabid nationalism in general.

      • chucky3176

        that doesn’t sound like rabid nationalism. It sounds like political polarization. Like I said, it’s not the origin country of the shoe, it’s the political division in S.Korea. If it wasn’t the shoes, it would have been something else petty for to be nitpicked on.

        • holdingrabbits

          Fair enough, good point.

  • chucky3176

    I took some time to translate this from Yahoo Japan, which had a thread on the Yahoo Japan news of Samsung’s demise in Japan. The Apple iPhone’s market share increased by 20% this year with a total market share of 34%, which made them an overwhelming choice of smartphone in Japan with a near monopoly share. On the other hand, Samsung’s share decreased by 0.9% to 6% of the entire market total. The Japanese at Yahoo were celebrating this news, and they really do think that Samsung, due to bad sales in Japan, is about to collapse and go bankrupt. This tells me how out of touch with reality they are, when Samsung just reported a third quarter record profit of over $12billion, on their way to another $40+ billion profit (not sales) . If my math is correct, Apple’s 20% share increase in Japan, at a time when Samsung decreased only by 0.9% means that most of the Apple’s gains were actually at the expense of Japanese phone makers who are the ones on the verge of collapse going bankrupt (not Samsung). But these type of comments from Japan explain well, the dynamics of what’s going on between the two countries.

    Ripoff company called Sam-chon (Samsung + Japanese word for gook), can’t sell anything, they are on the verge of bankrupsy.

    If you buy Samsung, you’re getting fooled.
    Of course Japan knows this, and the world know it as well!
    Hyundai is also in danger, it’s now the end for you, Gooks ♪

    You better go beg the IMF (lol wwww)

    Made in Korea, it’s getting hated. wwww

    Let’s spread this to the world, the Samsung boycott!

    In the beginning of the smartphone use, some cell phone manias, due to TV exposure, bought Samsung Galaxy by lining up outside the stores in the early mornings. But right now very few assholes will suggest buying and using Josenjin (put down name for Korean) product.

    Even free Korean products are hated!

    I hope they disappear from Japan.

    That’s because Samsung is anti-Japan.

    What’s so good about Josenjin’s products!
    Maybe some ignorant old people may buy them.

    If Samsung collapses, the entire country collapses, what a funny stupid country!!

    But still they have 6% share.
    Lot of people still don’t know that Samsung is a Korean maker.
    If they come out and state they are Korean, they won’t be able to sell even 1%.

    kinta kunte
    I demand Korean products to contain the picture of Park Geun Hye and the picture of the comfort women prostitutes. Then nobody will buy them.

    You don’t know when Made In Korea products will explode!
    I think many Japanese think like this… if that’s the case, then do your research.

    I hope Japan’s influence expand through the globe.

    Are they stupid?
    Sam-chon craps even if they were new, and they dumped them with 0 yen, nobody bought them…wwww… Cars, smartphones, it’s embarrassing to use them in Japan. I don’t want to think トンスラー

    This is a pleasant news to hear.
    Try for the 0.0% share!

    Japanese people usually do not buy Samsung!

    However, they still have 6% share
    So there must still be few ignorant people.

    You’re boycotting Japanese products, but you want to sell your products in Japan??? What the fuck kind of thinking is that. In Japan, we don’t have to carry out boycott campaigns like you bastards, and we still don’t have any intention to buy your products. Are 6% share by gook Zainichi?

    They’re cheap so there are some who buy them.

    Samsung will explode, so nobody buys gook explosive products.

    The best is the Japanese smartphone!

    2024 台北五輪 へようこそ!
    Samsung, in not so distant future, will collapse!

    旭日旗よ永遠なれ |
    In the early grips of bankruptsy, I can’t wait ♪


    Anti Japan Korea, give up on Japan market. As a punishment, even if you don’t give up, anti Korean movement is just starting.

    What’s going to happen after the collapse?
    Are they going to be still be unrealistically stubborn and go up even one more level of collapse, or are they going to stick with the same old tiring behavior? Doesn’t matter which way Korea goes, they’re going to taste the economic depression.

    Korea hates Japan
    Japan hates Korea
    There’s no point for friendship.


    Even if they want to sell Korean products, their anti Japan government forces make Japanese not to buy them.

    shi***** Not one person that I know of, owns anything from Sam-chon shit.
    Who buys these chon crap? That’s why they’re in trouble and about to collapse.

    strongesthawks How dare they sell that crap to Japanese!
    Die gooks!
    Nothing from Korea will be accepted in Japan, understand you’re a shit race!


    I will never buy Samsung!
    I will never eat kimchi!
    I will never drink feces alcohol (Japanese have spread rumors that alcohol made out of feces is a commonly enjoyed and sold in Korea)!
    I will never eat Korean instant noodles!
    I will never tour Korea!
    I will never cheer for Korean soccer, baseball players!
    I will never get involved with the Zainichi!

    str*****HUH? Just because their having problems in Japanese market, they’re going to bankrupt?(lol). With only 100 million people market which is going through decreased population, compared to India and China who have 2.5 billion people market. If you look at this globally, Samsung’s share is bigger than Apple’s. This is why Japanese hear the words “the island of Galapasgos”.
    Now, really, there’s nothing but stupid people here… (this comment was just about the lone comment that I found, that made some sense).


    Great feeling!
    Just looking at the copy cat products, it makes me throw up!

    bir***** Banzai! Get lost!
    Gook products are not needed!

    • UltraNationalistsAreIdiots

      Go post this shit at JapanCrush you insecure ultra-nationalist koreaboo (no different than the stinking weaboos)

      I bet you tried very hard to find news about them jap ministers wearing korean products.

    • Sillian

      Calm down. Everyone knows yahoo Japan is a clusterf*ck for dumb and delusional netizens. They shouldn’t be taken too seriously other than for a few chuckles.

      • chucky3176

        I am calm. lol.. Just amused. Now wait for Japanese comments made in 2001, predicting and rejoicing the imminent collapse of Samsung and Korea. The comments were made in 2001, Korea’s Joongang Ilbo Japanese edition’s comment section. Get ready for more laughs.

        • Sillian

          Yahoo Japan is rotten but there are more normal netizens on websites for special interests. For electronic gadgets for example…

    • guest

      Wow, nice try at diversion. Are you really so myopic that you can’t see that the comments you posted and the Korean comments are basically the same thing? And that includes your comment below calling for a complete boycott of all Japanese products. YOU SOUND THE EXACT SAME. But I guess that may be hard to accept, so you decided you had to go drag up random comments online and bash them while completely ignoring what was posted in the article.

      • Sillian

        While your criticism against chucky’s comments is valid, the Korean comments are very polarized. In case you missed it, the second comment from Naver is sarcastic. In other words, top comments on Naver are critical of the article for bringing attention to a petty thing. So they are not ‘basically the same thing’.

        • guest

          That’s true, did see that comment, and I was glad that at least some of the comments were calling out how ridiculous this “contoversy” was. I guess I should have mentioned that not every comment was irrational, but then again, not all of the comments that Japanese netiznes leave about issues are either, which was basically my point, that you can’t rant aginst one group while ignoring the other one doing the exact same thing.

          • Sillian

            It’s not ‘at least some’ of the comments though. Most top comments on Naver dismissed the ‘controversy’ whereas those on Daum gladly bashed PGH using the opportunity. It just shows you the severe political polarization that exists on the Korean internet.

      • hbolt

        What are you expecting from a Korean? He is as engineered as the other ones.

      • L88

        Delusional little Japanese nationalist, think again and look at the festering hatred that exists within your people. Go back to the streets and continue asking for the killing of all Koreans in Japan.

        • Sillian

          The ‘guest’ didn’t sound like a nationalist at all and doesn’t deserve a stupid comment like yours.

    • Racist bozos are brainless

      “Samsung’s share decreased by 0.9% to 6% of the entire market total ” In all of this you forgot to mention what the sales of sony mobile phones are in south korea

    • Guest

      wtf did you learn Japanese just so you could find out what they were saying about you?

  • Ami

    Chances are those shoes were made in China…
    What a fool: he should’ve brought the Korean counterfeit obviously!!

  • Barack Obama

    i have a pair of those shoes, they hurt my ankle joints after wearing them for a long time

  • Mighty曹

    I have yet to hear of any Korean quality footwear (or just footwear) so they should be more angry about that instead of what the President is wearing.

    • chucky3176

      It’s not the problem of what she’s wearing. As you can see from the comments, S.Korea is politically divided right down the middle, among left and right.

      The left wing, in this case, commentators from Daum, are giving flack to Park (and the shoes were a convenient excuse to bash her) because she’s basically hated. Her father, Park Chung Hee, a former dictator, and an officer in the Japanese army during the colonial days ruled Korea from 1961 to 1979 with an iron fist. The Japanese shoes that she’s wearing is just an excuse to bash her as a pro-Japanese, like her father who’s accused of being a traitor from the left wing establishment.

      The conservatives (in this case, from Naver), likes Park, so they will defend her.

      In neither case, does anybody really care about the origin of the shoes. The shoes are just a triggering point to a bigger conflict. This is really about Park Geun Hye and his father – and the ongoing debate in Korea about Park and her father.

      • Mighty曹

        Then I can only blame Park for leaving herself open for attacks. As the President she should be exercise more caution on sensitive issues.

        • Mighty曹

          Hey ‘down-voter’, you need to get laid more often to lighten up.

    • Mighty jr.


      • Mighty曹

        I like your name, Junior. Is that an east coast thing?

  • chris

    wait so because this article mirrors the way Japanese right-wingers are about Korean products, Chucky has to ramble about how the Japanese are bad and how he wants diplomatic ties to deteriorate between the two countries?? Chucky, its people like YOU who are contributing to the “hate” between the two countries.

    Samsung doesnt sell in Japan because of competing companies like Apple and Sony! do Japanese car companies succeed in the S. Korean market? NO. so what does that say? NOTHING. do you really think Japan would buy Peppero as oppose to Pocky? or Maeil over Yakult? theyre practically the same thing! why buy exported goods when the domestic brand is cheaper!

    please get your head out of your racist, biased ass. open your mind a bit. is it really that hard to do?

    • chucky3176

      chris, it’s not true Koreans don’t buy Japanese cars. Lexus, Toyotas and Honda’s are still active in Korea – and they sell thousands of cars each year.

      Lexus was once the top Japanese luxury brand before the Germans took over that market. Right now, Japanese cars are not appealing to Koreans because Koreans don’t find enough differentiation between Korean and Japanese cars, while having to pay higher prices for Japanese imports. For the same money, they prefer to buy German and even American GM cars. The reason why Koreans don’t buy Japanese cars is there is not enough differentiation and owning imported cars are still very expensive to maintain, insure, and too expensive to replace the parts – it’s about making economic sense.

      But what about Hyundai in Japan? They pulled out of Japan in 2008 after selling 300 cars since 1995, even when their prices were only two thirds the price of Japanese domestic cars. Since the pull out, right now they sell exactly 0 cars in Japan. The reason why Japanese don’t buy Korean products, perfectly explained here in this New York Times article.

      The money quote from above article:

      “Many Japanese explain away the absence of Korean brands by claiming the quality is inferior. “South Korean products are still affected by a
      ‘cheap and nasty’ image, which remains prevalent among Japanese above a certain age,” wrote Hidehiko Mukoyama, an economist at the Japan
      Research Institute, in a research paper about Japan-South Korea trade

      The evidence says otherwise. Korean-made TVs, phones, washers and cars rate higher than many Japanese brands in independent tests by Consumer Reports, CNet and others. LG TVs have been getting favorable reviews in Japan. A local magazine, HiVi, recently rated a 32-inch,
      high-definition, 3-D-capable LG set-top ahead of televisions in its
      category from Mitsubishi and Sharp.

      The unfamiliarity is not because tariffs make Korean products costlier.
      Japan eliminated the import duty on many Korean electronics products,
      including TVs and smartphones.”

      so therefore chris, I think you really should be directing your advice of “opening up your mind a bit”, to the Japanese consumers.

      • Boris

        He is right to direct it at you.

        Korean cars still have a bad image in the UK, but people are going broke so if you need wheels, you’ll get something.

        • chucky3176

          Even with bad image, Korean cars still managed to sell thousands of cars in UK last year, not 300 cars in 20+ years, and then finally zero. And I don’t think the Brits are as delusional as the Japanese who think Samsung and Korea is going broke and collapsing.

          • Guest

            get a life dude.. your comments about other countries are so boring

      • Racist bozos are brainless

        “not enough differentiation”- Even person with limited vision can say Sonata is differentiated looks wise from camry & accord. By differentiation you must mean features ? German brands have same drawbacks like japanese cars- expensive to buy and maintain & not enough features i.e. not value for money vis-a-vis korean cars. Yet sales of german cars are zooming and japanese cars are limping in korea- your conclusion is that there is no bias against japanese products ? I agree if you say german brands represent luxury and exclusivity but to say there is no bias against japanese products in minds of some koreans is a lie (look at you).

        • chucky3176

          Why are you so mad? Can’t handle the truth I suppose. I welcome your stalking.

          I meant “differentiation” in ride, power, handling, and premium feel. If Koreans want just another mass market car, they’ll buy a Hyundai Sonata. What’s the point of buying a Toyota Camry when with little bit more money they can buy any of the better appealing German cars like VW? Another differentiation is the fact that nobody other then the Germans are good at clean diesel technology. Korea where gas prices are high, diesel fuel with much higher fuel efficiency is a very attractive proposition. None of the Japanese makes like Honda and Toyota offer comparative diesel cars as the Germans. Still, Japanese cars in Korea are not doing that badly, with Toyota and Honda selling 15,000 cars last year (out of new car market that number 1.2 million new cars per year). At least compare that to the Koreans in Japan where they have exactly zero sales.

          • Racist bozos are brainless

            Yes I am the mad one because I hate an entire race of people based on how many TVs they buy from a particular company. Lets not even mention that your points are moot, (besides being stupid), as hyundai is now going to be the 4th largest car maker after gm, ford & toyota & samsung has profits more than the top 10 japanese electronics firms combined. You are trying to disguise the elephant as an ant. Your mentality is wrong because you think a hyundai sonata or a few German sedans are enough in mid size segment for an entire nation, forget about factors like competition and choice making the market better for consumers ! Just as german firms, korean companies make great products, that is not the point- fact is no one should hate a whole country based on something as petty as consumerism ! You are so frustrating man! Often you actually make sense but sometimes you are so rabid & nonsensical!

      • Racist bozos are brainless

        Another telling quote from same article-
        “LG sets “tend to be more popular with younger people, and younger people don’t buy as many televisions as older customers, who tend to prefer well-known Japanese brands, like Sony,” Mr. Tomizawa said.
        The quality myth may be less believable to a younger generation of consumers. With South Korean food and television shows popular in Japan, LG has latched on to the popularity of K-pop music across Asia and beyond. It has run ads for its smartphones in Japan that feature Kara, a Korean group that is popular in Japan.”

        Stop the hate mongering, funny how you did not mention this part of the same article!

      • bang2tang

        Hello chucky unfortunately Hyundai not sell too well in my country rather than Toyota.
        It because our consumer doubt they can sell used Hyundai car in good price, not too mention Japanese already established a lot of car service center in our country.
        But At lease, we use Daewoo gas fueled Bus for Transjakarta, your country won the tender.

  • holdingrabbits

    Breaking News: The shoes were not actually Asics, but were in fact a Korean brand which were designed to look exactly like Asics.

  • seungri92


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  • momomo

    asics is the shit.
    pro specs(korean one) is too obvious.
    nike is not for that kind of women.
    adidas is the same.
    asics is for middle aged ajumma ajussi , my mom has one as well.

    • RElgin

      The Tiger/Onitsuka line of ASICS is neat looking but not made well enough and WAY over priced in Korea too.

  • RElgin

    Koreans should give the woman a break over the things she wears and focus on important issues already. Her policies and leadership skills are far more important than any shoes.

  • chinese

    i bought a pair of asics but were defective.

    • Racist bozos are brainless

      Yeah my pair of nikes were defective as well.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    “..And if you have watched pornography made in Japan and masturbated, cut off your genitals…”

    lmao. The demographic situation in korea would be in the gutters.

  • Bryan Cheron

    We live in a globalised world. Even if she had worn Korean-made shoes, it’s unlikely that all the components would’ve been made here (the polyester, the cotton, the threading, the glue, the sewing needles, etc). If Park Geun-hye had campaigned on a protectionist platform, it would be legitimate to criticise her for hypocrisy, but she didn’t.
    Also, as a friend of mine pointed out, no other Korean president has had much attention, if any, on their choice of fashion. That the current president is makes me suspect sexism.

    • chucky3176

      Instead of wearing suit and pants, I wish she would wear a suit dress and high heels, like other women presidents in other countries. She’s a fairly attractive older woman, and it would give off a more appealing impressionable look on her, without the sexualization. Look at Margaret Thatcher for instance.

      • bigmamat

        You didn’t really say she should try to look more like Margaret Thatcher did you? Really? lmfao….Can someone tell me why it’s relevant what President Park wears, oh that’s right she’s a woman, I forgot. She’s the president of a country and people are actually more concerned about her choice in pants suits. hilarious….

        • chucky3176

          All I’m saying is women should dress and act like women, and men should dress and act like men. Did I say something terribly offensive?

          • bigmamat

            No not offensive just clueless. lmao

          • chris

            so everything is just black and white huh? im assuming women have to act a certain way in your eyes?

            just like your personal views about bilateral ties, your opinion on gender roles is old and outdated. you’re probably some 50 year old who cant seem to let go of the past

  • nqk123

    news media run out of things to criticize about. they hate japan so much, yet they remake so many Japanese drama. fking hilarious.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I like the comments that point out how stupid the criticism is.

    love****: “Your Galaxy smartphone has Japanese made parts. So take them off. And if you have watched pornography made in Japan and masturbated, cut off your genitals. If you are a woman who uses SK-II (a Japanese brand of cosmetics), please peel your skin off right away. Ha ha.”

    Sums up most of it.

    • chucky3176

      Read my post above. It was intended as a reply to your post.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Yes, I’m aware that both Korean and Japanese and Chinese and American netizens can be equally stupid.

        That’s something everyone should already know.

  • chucky3176

    Nope. The only Japanese made part in the Galaxy is the Fujitzu’s
    image processing chip for the US market, worth $1.50. The other
    non-Korean made parts are the Gorilla glass from Dow Corning, and the
    application chip from Qualcomm for the US market. The phones for other
    markets use Samsung made chips.

    Absolutely the worst example to pick.

    • Racist bozos are brainless

      Hey chucky if you are using galaxy s4, please rip of the rear 13 megapixel camera sensor -it’s a sony ! (Sony IMX135 ). Antenna switch module is made by murata – enjoy !– When are you going feel some shame and stop having so much hatred ?

      • Racist bozos are brainless

        We can all agree it is a fact that today south korean tech companies have better tech than japanese but how can anyone demonize another country based on how many tvs & cars they buy from korean companies-that is why i say you should feel ashamed. Today korea has the technological edge, tomorrow it may be china, india, brazil , south africa, vietnam that could forge ahead – no one can predict the future & no one should be arrogant !

        • chucky3176

          There’s absolutely no way you’re Japanese when you say this.

      • chucky3176

        Good for Sony, and good for other component makers like Sharp. Despite all the negative campaigns by Japanese haters, it shows that at least one Korean company is single handedly helping almost dead Japanese electronics companies from going under. For instance, Samsung once again this year, sourced huge numbers of display panels from Sharp to make up for the shortages.

  • Guest

    The people who are complaining about her wearing a japanese brand are the same ones who go to Family Mart or CU Mart (a japanese convinience store) or wear clothes from Uni Glo (Japanese Brand). Get realistic!

    • ToGuest

      Yes, that tells you right there that nobody really cares if anyone is wearing Japanese brands, because it’s so common to see Koreans use Japanese brands. There is not the same prejudice against Japanese products in Korea that you see in Japan, against Korean products.

  • Balkan

    This is the most ridiculous article ever! Korea must be a very happy country if the only problem they have is their president wearing Japanese shoes. The person who wrote the article is crazy.

  • catmando1980

    Your President throws like a girl!

  • commander

    Antagonistic nationalsim of South Korea against Japan, and unfavorable views of some South Koreans toward President Park triggered a barrage of criticism for her inattention to her attire.

    In response to the rebuke, those who think that global outsourcing for goods is a routine in the economic sector see the criticism as unduly, even anachronistic. This stance indicates that nationalism and commercial transactions need to be separated.

    Previously, the United States lawmakers disputed the uniforms of American athletes for the 2012 London Olympics , which were made in China, insisting that US athletes representing America should not put on non-American made outfit, especially for Olympics–a case that drew plenty of mockery and satire at home and abroad.

    President Park doesn’t still want to hold a summit meeting witg her Japanese counterpart Abe, which made seemingly contradictory moves recently–making overtures to President Park for a summit while picking up a fight with Seoul over the islets of Dokdo.

    At this point, Park’s fashion faux pas may lead the public to question her reputation of remaining adamant over the disputed islets against Japan.

    After all, the highest office in the nation requires substance and style both for pragmatism and dignity.

    • chucky3176

      Oh really? Let’s look at the consumer goods industry of both countries, Korea (pop.49 million) and Japan (pop.127 million), shall we?

      The number Japanese cars sold in Korea, 15,000 to 20,000 cars per year.
      The number of Korean cars sold in Japan, 0 per year.

      The number of Japanese clothing and footwear brands sold in Korea, 35.
      The number of Korean clothing and footwear brands sold in Japan, 0.

      The numbers on Japanese alcohol and cigs sold in Korea, $2.8 bil/year.
      The number on Korean alcohol and cigs sold in Japan, $550 mil/year.

      The numbers on Japanese electronics goods sold in Korea, $28.7 bil/year
      The numbers on Korean electronics goods sold in Japan, $1.2 bil/year

      The numbers on Japanese fish and farm goods sold in Korea, $9.7 bil/year
      The numbers on Korean fish and farm goods sold in Japan, $2.4 bil/year

      The numbers on Japanese pop culture export sold in Korea, $2.3 bil/year
      The numbers on Korean pop culture export sold in Japan, $450 mil/year

      The numbers on total Japanese trade goods sold in Korea, $59 bil/year
      The numbers on total Korean trade goods sold in Japan, $25 bil/year

      Total trade deficit for South Korea from trade with Japan in 2010, $34 bil
      Total trade deficit for South Korea from trade with Japan since 1945, $1.4 trillion dollars.

      Looking at these pathetic lopsided trade numbers of Korean goods getting shut out of Japan by Japanese consumers, I really wish you’re right, that Koreans are making a big national fuss over buying Japanese goods.

      • Racist bozos are brainless

        Why do you keep ignoring the fact that samsung made a profit of over $ 9 billion in just 3 months ? how many japanese tech companies can even dream of 9 billion in revenues forget pure profit. samsung is sitting on cash pile of $ 50 billion, hyundai is going overtake renault in few months, forget honda etc. Korea may have deficit with japan but has trade surplus with almost every other country ! korea has larger current account surplus than japan Kpop is more famous than jpop all round the world – why cant you just let the japanese be ?? Cant there be peace ? What fing reason is left to hate a country that you have already surpassed- your hatred is so illogical & immature!

        • chucky3176

          Could you please tell me what all this has to do with what we’re talking about? lol, you make it sound I’m the one unfairly persecuting the innocent Japanese or something.

      • bang2tang

        don’t forget korean bb cream & medical tourism to korea

  • bang2tang

    I thought JAV also popular in SK, lol.
    Reminds me of anti Japan protest in China, his tee says no to japanese brand, but Canon DSLR hanging in his neck, kkk

    I think most products in this world maybe have some part made in China, rather than Japan. (made in China Uniqlo).

  • Jarl Balgruff

    dear south korea
    Backwards pathetic nation

  • Sunkyo Oh

    I don’t see the problem here… As a Korean, I know she is the daughter of the former dictator/extreme opportunist Mr.Park who was a Japanese officer during colonial times, was a communist in the early republic time, then betrayed his ‘comrades’ and sold them out to the government and then became the president… But all these aside, this pitiful criticism of her choice of shoes based on nationalism kind of reminds me of what Abe Nobuyuki, the last Japanese viceroy of Korea, said before returning to his country after their capitulation to Americans. He said “Even though we lost, yet Koreans did not win. It would take them more than a century to come back to their senses and reestablish the glory of shining and great Chosun. We the Japanese instilled into their minds something much more horrific than guns and cannons. It is colonial education and brainwashing. They will live slaves’ lives and estrange one another. Behold! The old Chosun was magnificent and glorious. But what it is now will be enslaved by colonial education we leave behind with them. And I, Abe Nobuyuki, shall return”. We can see how this makes sense when we see Korea now still not able to confidently make Japan clear up and apologize for its deeds in history and how Abe Shinzo is the new prime minister of Japan now and is trying to amend its postwar peace constitution to realize yet another imperialist campaign under the name of “Collective Defense”….. It’s a vicious cycle of history that Korea needs to break but, for now, can’t….

  • Kiwi

    They’re just fucking SNEAKERS

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