Halloween Special: Cooking Ghost Fingers

For Halloween, koreaBANG presents a comic from 역전! 야매요리, a popular weekly web series that appears on Naver. Every week, the artist and writer Jeong Da-jeong writes a story that involves her cooking a unique dish, one which is often deliberately weird or inedible, (see steamed meatloaf and aircraft carrier sushi). We have done our best to translate the puns, we encourage any readers of Korean to compare our translation to the original.

In case any of you are worried, no, this is not the creepy clicking ghost comic that came out two years ago: Click this link at your peril, seriously, it is terrifying, yes, I warned you (first time readers, we beg you to turn your volume to silent).

korea-halloween-cartoon copy

korea-halloween-cartoon2 copy

korea-halloween-cartoon3 copy

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  • mr.wiener

    Cool recipe.

    • linette lee

      what is this you are wearing? You are having another Halloween costume competition? I hope you win.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Hahahaha, too creepy to eat/cook! But a really nice idea, love the chestnut fingernails.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Okay, I doubt there is anyone that sells gochujang. Anyone know a good equivalent?

    • Coco


  • tom

    dint know koreans celebrated halowen.Thought it was american.

    • Since when has something being American prevented it from being absorbed by the rest of the world? [/rhetorical question]

    • Jang

      Oh, you should read about ‘Korea’s Restless Dead’
      “The dead in Korea’s past did not always rest peacefully — occasionally they were disturbed by the living.
      Chinese soldiers dug up the tomb of Bongsan’s father, Seocheon. Apparently, as they were digging up the tomb, a number of the Chinese troops literally died from terror. Then, the sounds of music began to emanate from the tomb convincing the Chinese general that the spirit of Seocheon would not suffer their disrespect.
      But Korean graves weren’t only robbed by foreigners. According to William E. Griffis, an early Western expert on Korean affairs, Korea was “governed out of the graveyard” and that families and clans often fought over choice gravesite locations and often desecrated each other’s tombs. He explained:
      “No country is more famous for its skilled grave thieves and expert desecrators of tombs than is Korea, for no custom is more common, than that of seeking revenge on the living by molesting the resting places of the dead.”

    • Ralph

      Hallowe’en is not American, it is Celtic in tradition, namely Ireland and Scotland, and has been celebrated for over a thousand years.

  • A good horror story is like the old romantic love ritual, you cant rush it and go directly to love making (the killing, the blood, the ghost etc) nor is it about how many sexual position (how many gory murder) you can accomplish. Its about building it up with little details that slowly overload your ‘lover’ senses. Hollywood horror movie never scares me. Even the one they adapt from Asia like Dark Water and Ring. Korean horror movie however is amazing like The Wishing Stairs series, APT, etc. They do not produce these kind of horror movie anymore, do they? I am rarely satisfied now a days…

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