Female Soldier Commits Suicide After Constant Sexual Harassment

A female officer in the military took her own life after suffering ten months of abuse and sexual demands from her superior officer, according to her suicide note. The note was made public with the consent of the victim’s family by National Assembly Member Sohn In-Chun, part of her larger investigation into widespread abuse of female soldiers.

Netizens were disgusted by the treatment of women, some of them seeing this as evidence of the general corrupt behavior throughout the military and others seeing it as another reason why women should not become soldiers. As Korean women have made headway in the army, gaining the ability to join ROTC in 2010, there have been stories of fatal accidents and abuse of female soldiers, spurring discussion of what it means to have both genders serve in the military.

Article from Kyunghyang:

Female Soldier, Captain, Commits Suicide Over Sexual Harassment

Last Wednesday, October 16th, it was revealed that a military captain, surname Oh, 28, took her own life and left evidence that she was suffering due to an immediate superior’s sexual demands and harsh treatment.

October 24th, Gyeryongdae, Gyeryong-­si, Chungnam. At an inspection of Army headquarters, National Assembly Member Sohn In­-Chun of the Saenuri Party, and a member of the National Defense Committee, made the contents of Captain Oh’s suicide note public. The suicide note had been provided by the family of the deceased.

Congresswoman Sohn In­-Chun at the legislative hearing.

Congresswoman Sohn In­-Chun at the legislative hearing.

Congresswoman Sohn discusses the contents of the suicide note. In the note, Oh writes that her boss, Major Noh, 36, made sexual demands of her. Oh, who was engaged to be married, rejected Noh’s advances. Noh then subjected the junior officer to forced overtime and harsh treatment over a period of 10 months.

According to her family, Oh suffered verbal abuse and sexual harassment over the span of 10 months. Noh even went as far as suggesting that, “If you just sleep with me once, I’ll make sure you have an easier time here.” Confirming the family’s story, the military police arrested Noh on the 17th.

Sohn questioned the Military Chief of Staff, Kwon Oh­-Seong, asking, “Is this the situation for all female soldiers in Korea? Is the reality that our entire army is committing verbal abuse, sexual harassment, and unbelievable coercement?”

Kwon stated that, “I think we must examine yet again the state of our military. I will make a thorough investigation to settle the matter of [Captain Oh’s] death.”

Oh was found dead in a parking lot in DaMok­ri, Sangsa­myeon, Hwacheon, Gangwon­do at 2:50 in the afternoon on October 16th. A graduate from the 54th class of the Women’s Army Corps, she was transferred into the Army last December. Reporting by Hong Jin­Su

Comments from Naver:


Because of things like that the military can’t do anything right. He wasn’t the only bastard like that. There are a lot of guys like that.


Nowhere in Korean society is untouched by corruption, but the military is the worst of all. The military is closed off from society so there’s a limit to how much people can know about any corruption within it. Only if you have been to the army can you know just how severe the corruption is. The Korean military is still far from ideal. It’d be good if women didn’t enter the military. Even as a commissioned officer, the military is the military. Military life is hard enough for men, how much can women take? Anyway, even though the deed is done, that man should be punished under military law and dishonorably discharged.



The laws against sexual offenders in this country are too lenient. Just look at Cho Doo­Soon, you’ll see how bad it is.. He took an eight-­year-old kid and to get off he takes out all of her organs, then says crazy shit like, “She would’ve experienced this anyway when she got older.” Then the courts gave this fucker a lesser punishment.The laws need to be revised, those mother f*****.


A person only dies once, if it isn’t Oh who’s pitiful, it’s Noh. Whatever that piece of trash is isn’t barely surviving why only when appalling things happen are measures taken? These rotten pieces of shits, the Korean military should be turned upside down. Just how rotten it is can’t even be imagined these sons of bitches…


It really would be great if those horny sons of bitches would just disappear. Crazy shits, if you’re not a dog then what are you? Just pathetic.


That’s the kind of guy I’d like to tear apart till he just dies. Also at our pharmaceutical company my aunt , not long after entering the company was a victim of rape and then committed suicide. Those sons of bi***… Those fuckers aren’t men, they’re complete scoundrels.


He’s really a lethal and shameful ass. Even to someone who’s engaged, it’s not enough to just sexually harass her ­ she didn’t sleep with him so he makes her work overtime for 10 months.


Major Noh, let’s get your entire family’s personal information and share it with the world!!!


Hey Major Noh! Just like those New Chicken Shit Party people looks like your life is ruined! Maybe if you do a good job you could get a medal! Those Saenuri idiots would love it!


Lately whenever I read the comments on a website, you can’t even tell if this is an Islamic country or if it’s really Korea. Anonymous women going around like they’re in charge, they can’t really say that they would get married to a Korean man. If a good guy isn’t as good­-looking as his personality he gets even worse so he leaves his family behind and cheats, those guys who call themselves soldiers that go and ****. In this country, even a famous mentor for college girls got divorced because of domestic violence. ㅠㅠ For God’s sake let’s not be like this.


Looks like my prediction was correct. In a place like the military there must be so many ignorant people… If women work in the military there are a lot of men so it seems like it would be a good thing but a lot of older guys come on to them trying to get laid. It’s the kind of place where they look for an opportunity to sexually harass and rape.


Just go get busy with your wife… why do you mess with subordinates…


Major Noh.. go burn in hell..just a complete piece of s***.


As a professional soldier, I can’t say female soldiers can really be soldiers. Unilateral authority and commands given by superiors to their subordinates is more strict than in other organizations. It’s harsh so for female soldiers sexual harassment is a little more exaggerated so there also are some military men who see them as sexual playthings. Especially female soldiers with pretty faces will usually face, knowingly or unknowingly, a lotof sexual harassment from their superiors, and it’s a shitty environment where superiors will have a lot of influence to spread rumors by calling her a slut.

Results of a 2012 survey of South Korean female soldiers by the National Human Rights Commission. Found that  11.9% of respondents had been subject to sexual harassment in the past year and 41.3%  had heard or seen someone close to them been subject to sexual harassment.

Results of a 2012 survey of South Korean female soldiers by the National Human Rights Commission. Found that 11.9% of respondents had been subject to sexual harassment in the past year and 41.3% had heard or seen someone close to them been subject to sexual harassment.


Honestly if you look for it there will be more lol they’ll all just kind of put up with that person, but lol


If you look closely at the current state of the Korean military its so … closed to the outside world that there must be a lot more situations like that one… There’s a lot of offensive men.


Execute that mother fu****.

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