Samsung Becomes First Korean Brand to Enter ‘Global Top 10’

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2012 has seemed to be the year of fervent technological debate, with court cases and consumers battling over the ‘smart phone championships’. With US courts favoring Apple’s claims that Samsung had copied some of their patented designs, the Korean giant finally has reason to celebrate; its entry into the esteemed ‘Global 100’ within the coveted ‘top ten’ global brands.

Samsung becomes a 'top 10 global company'

The list has been put together by one of the world’s largest consultancy firms, Interbrand, and includes not just Samsung, but Hyundai and Kia from the Land of the Morning Calm. Despite giving the nation reason to celebrate, some people feel there are obvious admissions from the list, such as LG, and are therefore calling into question the validity of the study.

From Naver:

Samsung becomes first Korean Brand to enter Global Top 10!

Hyundai up 8 places to spot 53 on the global list.

Kia enters the top 100 list for the first time securing 87th place on the global list.

Samsung’s brand value for the first time entered the Global Top 10 list.

Hyundai rose eight places on the global rankings list to 53rd place and this year saw Kia enter the race for the top one hundred companies the first time.

According to the world’s largest brand consultancy group ‘Interbrand’, which published the 100 Best Global Brands List, Samsung’s brand value increased to a value of $32,893 million taking it 8 rungs up the global ladder to ninth place on the list this year.

Samsung’s brand value increased by 40% in the past financial year, markedly more rapid than the growth rate of the top 100 global brands which grew on average by 10%, as well as the industry average growth rate which measured 16% in the past year.

This remarkable growth in brand value has been attributed to the success of the Samsung Galaxy series smart phones, the enterprise remaining the world’s No.1 TV division as it has for the last six years and consistent brand marketing strategies.

IT solutions and the electronics sector which have met with the latest consumer trends have also added to brand value and contributed to this rise.

In addition to Samsung, the other Korean brands to make it into the global 100 were Hyundai and Kia.

Making the global 100 list for the first time in 2005, Hyundai this year jumped eight places to spot number 53 growing by 24.4% with a total value of $7.5 billion.

Kia, with a total brand value of $4.89 billion was 87th on the list.

Kia’s brand value was just $1.1billion in 2007, and has grown by roughly 50% since last year.

According to Interbrand, Kia Motors market share across the United States and Europe has risen steadily over the last 17 years. It is now the fastest growing automobile brand in the U.S. Hyundai’s ‘Modern Premium’ tactic which aimed to reduce the cap between quality and consumers ideals was evaluated as a key strategy by Interbrand.

Interbrand selects the list of the top global 100 brands annually by evaluating both the financial and advertising strategy situation of each enterprise; the present value of the brand and the predicted profits for the coming year.

From Naver:


LG’s not on the list?! Weird! The world is just a huge conglomerate!


In such a small county to have our Samsung reach number 10- hey I’m so proud of Korea!


Yup- there are three Korean companies in the top 100. But, they are Samsung at number 6, Hyundai at 63 and LG at 87th place! Interbrand is the world’s largest consultancy firm? Surely this is all just matter of opinion! I think it’s time for you to study a bit more!


Wow Apple has really grown! Just three years ago Samsung was worth more than it was!


I’m proud! We MUST try and catch up with corporate America!


Samsung overtook Apple to become the leading smart phone brand and now the Galaxy series really can make Samsung the number one brand! Target in sight!


LG isn’t on the list? Why not?!


In the top 100 list, Japan has 9 companies and Korea only 3!


Yes, the best in Asia!


Its all thanks to Park Chung-hee!


Fighting! Samsung will help us in our fight with global companies!


1st place Coca-cola, 2nd is Apple, 3rd IBM, 4th Google, 5th Microsoft, 8th Intel, 9th Samsung, 10th Toyota, 11th Mercedes, 12th BMW, 13th Disney, 14th Cisco, etc- Samsung is really great with 40% growth, but what is even better is Apple with that 129% increase!


Samsung I’m sure will be celebrating, but I’m a bit scared of this total Samsung domination! I’m not really up for the Samsung agenda.

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