Park Geun-hye Inaugurated as South Korean President


Park Geun-hye was officially inaugurated yesterday, becoming Seoul’s first female president, elected on a platform of ‘economic democratisation’ and the promise to improve North-South relations.

Park came under a lot of fire from netizens during her election campaign after unconfirmed rumours that she used an iPad during a televised debate and encouraged a South Korean spy agency to influence the presidential election.

She was also unable to shake the ‘daughter of a dictator‘ image that has followed her career, despite apologising for her father’s crimes.

Nevertheless, Park won a tightly-contested election, and started her five-year term yesterday. In her inauguration speech, she called on North Korea to abandon its nuclear capabilities, and has already put the ROK military on high alert in one of her first moves as Commander-in-chief.

PSY, whom some might now consider to be South Korea’s more prominent but bizarre cultural president, performed Gangnam Style at the inauguration ceremony.


Comments from Nate:


Contrary to the previous administration that started well, yet ended badly, I hope you make a successful president in spite of a rough start full with many opponents and controversies. I hope you make the security of the Korean Peninsula, welfare for all citizens, and the establishment of a fair legal system your priorities. I firmly believe you’ll pull it off President Park. God bless you!


President Park Geun-hye, congratulations on your inauguration. Although it’s not easy to unite generations divided into old and young, and left and right, I hope you’ll serve people sincerely and with wisdom for the next five years. We will follow you with trust. Above all, please get rid of the jongbuk, populists, and anti-nationalists.


Madam President, congratulations. I hope you will stick by the promises made in your inauguration speech.


What’s wrong with some of you; trying to sensationalise things from day one, ruining the atmosphere? Don’t call yourselves ‘liberal’ ke. You’re not liberals, you’re commies ke. The two things are not the same.


I hope you will be remembered both as Korea’s first female AND most successful president.


Long live the Republic of Korea; Long live President Park.


I hope you’ll become one of those leaders who can really empathise with the people’s sorrow.

South Korea's incoming President Park Geun-hye leaves her private residence before her inauguration to be held at parliament in Seoul


I hate people who are quick to criticise her even before her first day in office… Whether you supported her during the election or not, she’s our president now; it’s a shame some of you seem so determined to not help her do her job.


I liked when she said the North must stop pissing around and wasting resources. ke ke


The president doesn’t own this country or the ability to get things done all by herself. When all of us put the effort in for the sake of advancing the nation and harmonious coexistence among Koreans, miracles become a reality. Let’s become both cheerleaders and watchers of the Blue House to realise a second miracle on the Han River. President Park and her cabinet, National Assembly members and the people should all cooperate for a common goal. Stop fighting over ideological issues and start working together to bring about a better future for the nation. You are the future of the Republic of Korea.


She was doing really well delivering a speech without reading the script… surprising.


I always tear up when watching the inauguration ceremony. Even if you didn’t want to see her elected, let’s bless her anyway. Let’s pray for her to lead this little nation, Korea, for the better. After all, we’re all Koreans here; we’ve got the same history, ancestors, and nationality.


Long Live the Republic of Korea


Long Live Lady Gak-ha [A play on ‘Lady Gaga’, ‘Gak-ha’ is a formal term of address, similar to ‘your excellency’]


Why was Chun Does-tanks there? Motherfucker!


Did you see this? Ms. President. As you read these comments, unemployment amongst the young is serious. Finding it hard to get a job, discontent with society, they turn themselves into obsessed keyboard warriors and write vicious comments. I hope you’ll tackle unemployment during your term to do something about this.

Comments from the Hankyoreh:


It was quite entertaining to watch an elementary student [alluding to Park’s speech] practicing her speech at a speech hagwon [academy]. I just hope she’ll lead the nation according to what she’s said today.

Ki-hyeok Kim:

I’m sure the president is going to get fixated on the ‘growth’ of the economy [rather than ‘economic democratization’], even though the Korean economy has become too mature to achieve the same amount of speed and growth as we achieved before. I was really hoping for a president who’s capable of steering a capitalist economy the right way, but it seems like we’ve got ourselves yet another pariah capitalist. –;


When I saw her in that dress, it felt like the monarchy had come back, except the gender of the throne’s occupant is different. I found the speech quite tolerable, but seeing her in the dress reminded me of the dear oppa Chun Doo-hwan (who sent 600 billion won to Park back in 1978)’s wife’s royal gown.


The miracle on the Han River? Please. I just hope you don’t make us faint from messing anything up…


I’ve always thought the miracle of the Han River was made possible at the expense of workers giving up their human rights, the loss of soldiers sent to fight in Vietnam, the sweat of the nurses and mine workers who worked in Germany, with the great help of foreign loans and the second Chancellor of Germany Erhard’s advice. I’m quite surprised that, from watching the inauguration ceremony, it sounds like it was the dictator who did all the hard work. It’s absurd. If he was such a great leader, why was he killed by his subordinate? (Kim Jae-kyoo’s final statement said he wanted to prevent further sacrifices of the people)


You’re going on about ‘the happiness of the people’ etc, but you know what? There’s nothing more cruel than to torture and slap someone when they’ve got a smile on their face. You don’t seem hesitant to sue people for making you feel uncomfortable, so how are you gonna serve the people to make them happy? The happiness you’ve been showing us only serves you, not the rest of us.

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  • I left Korea just in time

    • dk2020

      president obama is better eh?

      • Joe

        Yeah, probably. I’m sure you’re anti-American as it is so I don’t think I can convince you otherwise but since Obama was re-elected it actually seems like he’s been working very hard at making changes for the underprivileged in our country. That’s something I can almost guarantee you Park Geunhye will not do.

        • dk2020

          I’m Korean American and I voted for Obama too even though I don’t agree with much of his policies he was better than Romney and McCain .. IJS, there’s just as much political strife in the US right now with the constant fighting between the GOP and the Dems .. and its different in East Asia because China and Japan also have conservative right wingers in control of politics .. its what the Korean people voted for .. not much you can do because you’re not a Korean citizen I assume ..

      • I would much rather be in the US, yes, even with all of its Boehners and Cantors.

  • commander

    Although Park won the presidential election by a small margin, she is legitimately elected. Some who voted for opposition challenger might hold negative views of the first female president, often making sardonic comments.

    But she should have time to demonstrate how to lead the nation. For critics, there is plenty of time to lambaste and lampoon her for any acts of misrule and possible infringements. What is needed is to wait with patience how her leadership will be unfolded in challenges facing the nation, including North Korea’s nuclear tests, a flagging economy and ever widenign wealth disparities and deepening public dismistrust in the public sector and an increasingly chronic youth unemployment, all of which are hard to tackle without nimble, responsive and shrewd stewardship.

    We need to give some time to her so that she can show who she is as the 18th President of Republic of Korea.

  • commander

    Incidentally, the media outlets have made ciriticism for her alleged secrecy in personnel appointments to important governmental posts. But the powers pf appointments lie soley in constitutional president’s rights. In light of nominess being obliged to undergo confirmation hearing at the parliament, denouncement for the way she chooses her cabinet members might go overboard.

    The same is true of Park’s attempt to revamp governmental organization, an attempt that is an execution of constitutional rights of a president for better mangement of state affairs. Some criticise Park’s nominations for proposed cabinet ministers before a parliamentary approval for her revamped government as a challenge to the legislature. But given the political tug of war in which oppostion parties are often uncooperative in president-elect forming a new administration in a bid to tame the incoming administration, waiting for opposition’s go ahead might bo too time-consuming and momentum-disrupting.

    Let’s wait and see how she will steer the country.

  • jon776

    An Asian woman behind the wheel of the car that is S.Korea… We all know how this is going to end…

    • dk2020

      womp womp .. corny af.

  • Kate

    I wonder if Psy is sick of doing that dumb dance on repeat?

    • commander

      The singer of humble origin (given his frequent remarks that he is the third-rated singer) would feel honored to show his performance at the historic inauguration ceremony because this degree of media spotlight on him will be rarely repeated in the rest of his life and he would be well aware of it.

    • Sillian

      I think he said he’s tired of his own song xD
      He performed another song too.
      Psy was just one of the many performers there.

    • Ruaraidh

      Fucking hell, how long are they going to drag that song out for. Psy doesn’t even look like he’s enjoying himself in the photos. The next step is for them to wheel him out on a trolley at every single public event, and force him to dance by zapping him with electrodes attached to his balls.

      • Kate

        Lmao ♥♥♥

    • dk2020

      I’m glad that fad is over with … its all about the harlem shake ..

      • Kate

        Hey there you are! :)

        • dk2020

          did u miss me? ;) been busy ..

          • Kate

            Yeah I figured, people get stuff going in a thing called real life heh:) I only have 25 more days till I move to Korea 0_0. My korean parents have already told us that they have rented a hotel conference room for my baby’s 1 yr birthday party, complete with big buffet, 2 DJs, free beer and soju and wine, and like 100 people consisting of family and friends (I only know like 10 of his family!)……super nervous about the party! And why yes I did miss u ^_^♥♥♥♥♥

    • commander

      The reason for Psy’s selection as a singer celebrating the swearing-in ceremony might be that his global mega hit, be it for its funny horse riding dance or not, has the symbolic meaning of broadening Korea’s recognition worldwide.

      That might override the banalness of the now boring song as when officials choose a singer to celebrate the launch of the new administration.

  • Cleo

    She looks like someone out of a Japanese woodblock. Is that a typical Mongolian face?

    • ChuckRamone

      Aren’t all Asians “Mongoloid”? What are you talking about?

    • dk2020

      dafuq you expect? miss korea?

  • redgirls

    lolz, Soz.. but When I read the blue links, I got,

    used an iPad.
    televised debate.
    influence the presidential election.
    unable to shake.
    won a tightly-contested election,
    high alert
    performed Gangnam Style
    Good luck Korea. F.T.W.
    just for fun!

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