North Korea Declares ‘State of War’ with South, Netizens React


A day after ‘accidentally’ releasing a map showing a plan of attack on the US mainland, North Korea this morning said North-South Korean relations were now in a ‘state of war’, and all provocations would be dealt with on these terms from now on.


Netizens have reacted with a mixture of apathetic disbelief, and genuine concern for the current state of affairs. Whilst the prospect of imminent war on the peninsula is currently dominating world headlines, the atmosphere in South Korea is normal, and the soju is flowing.

From Nate:




Idiots ke ke ke ke ke at the same time, you won’t close the Kaesong Industrial Complex will you????? ke ke ke ke


Need to keep an eye on this. It’s clearly not a statement made in jest. It’s possible they’d attack us.


This is not the time for us to be idle. Don’t forget how 6.25 [The 1950-53 Korean War] started. If this wasn’t serious, it wouldn’t be continuously broadcast on global news like this. If war breaks out, it will both reduce North Korea to ruins and take its toll on South Korea. From our grandparents’ to our parents’ generation, they all quivered at the very thought of war. Considering the current situation, whereby our allies are also nervous, South Koreans shouldn’t take these threats lightly. Let’s learn the lesson of the Korean War, where we suffered a blow due to our lack of vigilance. We shouldn’t be terrified, but we definitely should be vigilant.


Isn’t this really serious right now? We need to change our view towards the lefties who call for withdrawal of the US Army; the breakup of ROK-US Combined Forces Command; the abolition of the National Security Act; the carrying out of the 6.15 North-South joint declaration and 10.4 declaration; giving cash to North Korea; getting rid of mines from the DMZ and moving artillery to the South as claimed by Moon Jae-in; the opposition of North Korean Human Rights Act; the nullification of the NLL [Northern Limit Line], and the opposition of the building of a naval base in Jeju.


All he can do is blackmail, even if his Dad sent him abroad to study.


I’m telling you; supposing we are in a state of war. I hope journalists stop publishing the details of joint ROK-US military strategies. There seem to be many precedents leading to damages because of the exposing of tactics by reckless journalists.


What would happen if Moon [Jae-in] was elected as a president in this mess? It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it…….. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


What’s wrong with all the comments here? Are they all by commies? Don’t forget how the Korean war happened. We always have to be ready for war. Don’t feel apathetic towards it. Listen, you students who think there’ll be no war: us old folks will protect our countries, so you guys just don’t try to be easy on the situation and say there will be no war, just because North Korea hasn’t shut down the Kaesong Industrial Complex.


We were already in a state of war, idiots


During last year’s military reserve training, one of the lecturers said a certain security exists to prevent a war from happening. This guy fought in Vietnam, [many South Koreans fought alongside Americans during the Vietnam War] and he said he never ever wants to see those scenes again because it was too awful – it was hell. Why, then, are there so many people online who want war? If they think inciting people to have a war is how to protect national security, they have a serious problem with their thinking.


RIP Kim Jong Un (1983 – 2013)

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