Comic Special – The Real Korean Oppa

This popular Korean comic strip titled “The Real Oppa is Here” describes itself as “not the nice oppa you see in dramas or movies. This is the real brother-sister relationship. The real oppa is here!”

Comic from Naver:

nail art 1 draft

nail art 2 draft

nail art 3 draft

Comments from Naver:


To all the readers, aren’t you tired of seeing these webtoons? [The webtoons] aren’t boring, and are always new, so Mona [the webtoon author] is the best.


Aren’t you tired of going to school? It’s tiring and always the same, so being at home is the best.


Aren’t you bored of hitting your older brother? I like it. It’s always interesting.


Readers, aren’t you tired of chicken? It’s not tiring, and always tastes different, so chicken is the best.


Aren’t you tired of being alone? Shut up, it’s always okay, so home is the best.


Why do all the comments look the same? I don’t know, it’s how things go, so jokes are the best.


Is there room for other jokes? There’s space for one more, but not yours.


Aren’t you tired of the jokes being all the same, and repeating? It’s not tiring, it’s fun, so going along with it is the best.


Aren’t you tired of going to school? It’s tiring, so the holidays go by with LTE-like speed. Vacations are the best.


Aren’t you workers tired of Mondays approaching? It’s tiring, and always the same, so being unemployed is the best.


To the commenters: Stop it.


It looks like there’s a lot of people who don’t know what these comments are about keke It’s a parody of an interview with Jung Woo-sung. Q: Aren’t you tired of hearing everyday that you’re handsome? A: It’s thrilling! It’s always fun, so being good looking is the best keke nowadays it’s become really popular.


National Assembly people, aren’t you tired of playing and living off of the citizen’s taxes? It’s not tiring, it’s always fun, so it’s a way to pick at taxes.


You want to have the last word, right? Obviously, but there’s no way to stop.


I heard it was hard to have a joke take off? Don’t you know, going to bed thinking about complicated things is the best.

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  • HaydenG

    Can we not use korean words in english. What the hell is an opa.

    • k.ftw

      There’s nothing worse than news anchors who keep using arabic words lately like it has no translation.

      • Name

        I notice lot of Korean students study and major in Arabic. What’s up with that?

        • k.ftw

          I do speak arabic too, point is I don’t like people who don’t speak the language using arabic words especially when it comes to war and the situation in the middle east.

        • Joe

          It’s called “business opportunities growing in the Middle East.”

      • Matt

        Just curious, what kind of words? I don’t watch televised news, so I’m rather out of the loop.

    • Anna Joy

      This is a word that has no simple one-word term in English, so keeping it as a transliteration is very common. Here is a description in our glossary:오빠

    • Name

      It’s a pretty common word, you really don’t know?

    • FYIADragoon

      In instances where a word cannot be translated, its necessary. I wish people would teach this to the idiots parroting ‘guanxi’ and ‘dongbei’ in China though.

      • HaydenG

        Oh and older brother doesnt exist in english.

        • FYIADragoon

          Well, I think the reason they’re using oppa is for the other meaning of the word. In this instance, they probably should have just said big brother, but normally oppa has a different connotation that cannot be expressed properly in English without explanation.

          • Barack Obama

            “term of endearment or romance.” do korean girls yell oppa during intercourse?

          • Sid Driver

            Hahaha. To answer your question: yes.

  • Small twon

    Oh dear…I know “KoreaBANG” got issues with the QC of their writing.. but seriously ? Mona ? That cartoonist is …at best.. upper third class with questionable professionalism. I know KoreaBANG writers got tendency to write about “Juicy” stuff (or try to spin) but still…..I had a hope.

    • Name

      I like the cartoon.

      • Guest

        You can do better

    • commander

      In distinguishing koreaBang from local English media, including Korea Herald, Korea Times, Joongang Daily and Yonhop News, the koreaBang staff has tried to provide a glimpse of a real life in Korea as ,if we cover current affairs like a online media outlet, it is no different from aforementioned news serivces– and it’s impossible for the staff to keep up with a cascade of articles on fast-unfolding comtemporary issues.

      In ferreting out some interesting topics, the preference of a koreaBang staffer can heavily influence the choice of an article. But for a pro bono translator, it is too far fetched to require that the translator should keep themselves from their personal tendency.
      This does not mean that your stinging comment has no impact. We always welcome any contructive comments for koreaBang.

      • Small twon

        I highly doubt “real life in Korea” is in the ILBE or Mona
        (especally ILBE . It’s like saying ” Stormfront or rooshvforum is “the glimpse of real life in USA” )

        Ok it’s possible I overreact about Mona but I have a reason. I worked for the cartoon industry in Korea(not anymore ,thank God) and I know that community well and Mona..well let’s just say I had unpleasant experience ….

        • commander

          You got me wrong.

          I didn’t say that the webtoon “Mona” offers any roundabout glimpse of a real life on South Korea. Our aim in general becomes a viable platform for foreigners with big interests in South Korea, by exposing various aspects of South Korea that the local English media do not sufficiently cover.

          Back to the main point,

          the author of this comic special, who I personally know may get intrigued about the episode of Mona because the writer lives in the United States having great interest in South Korea. The author, in my guess, may come across the webtoon, thinking of it as fun and wanting to share with others.

          But her pure intention is harshly criticized by a person who previously set his or her foot in the cartoon industry, only finding experiences there regretful or disgusting, without hardly appreciating the writer’s hard work involving translation and superimposing the translated script onto images, not to mention routinely annoying HTML work.

          It would be better if you make a polite recommendation instead of taking your presumes anger from your dabbling in the cartoon industry on us.

          But, I, and probably other koreaBang volunteer translators, decided to regard your dissatisfaction with koreaBang as a n expressed affection with this site.

          Thanks for your interests in koreaBang.

          We’ll try to provide updates more fun and informative about Korea.

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