Comic Special – The Real Korean Oppa

This popular Korean comic strip titled “The Real Oppa is Here” describes itself as “not the nice oppa you see in dramas or movies. This is the real brother-sister relationship. The real oppa is here!”

Comic from Naver:

nail art 1 draft

nail art 2 draft

nail art 3 draft

Comments from Naver:


To all the readers, aren’t you tired of seeing these webtoons? [The webtoons] aren’t boring, and are always new, so Mona [the webtoon author] is the best.


Aren’t you tired of going to school? It’s tiring and always the same, so being at home is the best.


Aren’t you bored of hitting your older brother? I like it. It’s always interesting.


Readers, aren’t you tired of chicken? It’s not tiring, and always tastes different, so chicken is the best.


Aren’t you tired of being alone? Shut up, it’s always okay, so home is the best.


Why do all the comments look the same? I don’t know, it’s how things go, so jokes are the best.


Is there room for other jokes? There’s space for one more, but not yours.


Aren’t you tired of the jokes being all the same, and repeating? It’s not tiring, it’s fun, so going along with it is the best.


Aren’t you tired of going to school? It’s tiring, so the holidays go by with LTE-like speed. Vacations are the best.


Aren’t you workers tired of Mondays approaching? It’s tiring, and always the same, so being unemployed is the best.


To the commenters: Stop it.


It looks like there’s a lot of people who don’t know what these comments are about keke It’s a parody of an interview with Jung Woo-sung. Q: Aren’t you tired of hearing everyday that you’re handsome? A: It’s thrilling! It’s always fun, so being good looking is the best keke nowadays it’s become really popular.


National Assembly people, aren’t you tired of playing and living off of the citizen’s taxes? It’s not tiring, it’s always fun, so it’s a way to pick at taxes.


You want to have the last word, right? Obviously, but there’s no way to stop.


I heard it was hard to have a joke take off? Don’t you know, going to bed thinking about complicated things is the best.

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