Gay Celebrity Tweets Halloween Party Photos, Netizens Argue

Hong Seok-cheon and his acquaintances dressed up for Halloween Party.
Hong Seok-cheon and his friend posing for Halloween in Itaewon.

The above pictures are from the Twitter account of Hong Seok-cheon, the first openly gay Korean celebrity who revealed his sexuality on a TV show in the early 2000s. Hong’s career was ruined when he admitted to being gay but a slow shift in attitudes, arguably attributed largely to him, means he is slowly being accepted again.

After tweeting the snaps, news articles with his half-naked photos immediately became a top news story and attracted masses of comments. Although Korea is not particularly known for gay rights or openly accepting various sexual orientations, netizens comments were actually more preoccupied with arguing over whether to celebrate ‘foreign holidays’, in this case Halloween, rather than calling into question his sexual orientation.

From TVDaily:

Pictures of half-naked Hong Seok-cheon at Halloween party in Itaewon

TV personality Hong Seok-cheon disclosed his Halloween party pictures.

On 28th October, Hong tweeted ‘Did you have fun last night at Halloween Party in Itaewon? I know I did. It could be slightly embarrassing, but it brings me new energy by breaking out of a rut,’ ‘[photos of] my employees and acquaintances. Today is about shaking off fermented stress accumulated over the last year,’ posting many photos.

These photos are Hong Seok-cheon’s Halloween Party pictures: his half-naked body and funny accessories seem so perfect for the occasion, standing out from the crowd. His acquaintances also seem to have fun in their costume: leopard, traditional Japanese dress Yukata, and Indian. Hong’s cellulite-free body particularly attracted quite a lot of attention.

Comments from Nate:


Thank god his business seems successful. I feel so sorry for that he got ousted from the entertainment industry, just because of his sexual orientation. There are idol bands that are tainted with ugly scandals yet still have thriving careers: plagiarism, wearing the rising sun flag inspired or R-rate costumes, car-accidents, one night stand, bullying and god knows what. The industry seems to go backwards every day.


Why should we go crazy over this Western holiday? If your life is that comfortable, then wash your hair in the water simmered with iris on Dano. [referring to traditional practices on Dano] Oh, he’s bald. Sorry…


The inconvenient truth: there are only men in the photos.


Halloween Day or whatever, it’s up to him whether to celebrate the day or not. Who are you to judge him? It’s the reporter who disseminated these photos, not Hong Seok-cheon. And Pepero Day, White Day are useless as well. Mind your own business!


This is one of those occasions that riles up the patriotism within Koreans with no integrity. ㅡㅡ


It’s not like they’re gonna bow in front of the national flag of America. They’re just having fun at a party. If you’d like to play with them, go ahead; and if you hate it, then go home. It’s none of your business whether they have a Halloween party or not.


I first didn’t like the idea of celebrating Halloween, but come to think of it, we shouldn’t criticise that. Why is Christmas a national holiday and celebrated by not only Christians but Buddhists and atheists? BTW one of the most up-voted comments says ‘celebrate Dano instead,’ but isn’t the day derived from China? When there’s common ground to feel comfortable, it’s not wrong to share different cultures. Bitching on them having fun on Halloween for ‘celebrating a foreign holiday’ seems too petty.


Yeah, who would celebrate a foreign holiday like South Koreans do?


Those photos are a bit disgusting.. Look at their clothes (or lack thereof)


Is he supposed to be Gandhi?


Halloween Day my ass!


You may ridicule enjoying Halloween for having foreign origins, but on that day, Itaewon was full of people in costumes fooling around. Isn’t it too narrow-minded to talk down such festivals as ‘foreign,’ even though it has become part of our culture? With such mentality, it’s equally absurd to have Christmas as a national holiday.


If you have enough time to celebrate such foreign holidays, then give a little attention on Hangul Day, Korean Independence Day, and March 1st Day. Those incidents have formed Korea today.


They’re a bunch of wannabes, following American culture. Korea is a global push-over already; celebrating Halloween will make us look even more pathetic.


Can’t we enjoy whatever festivals as we please? With some of your logic, non-Christian Koreans must not celebrate Christmas! Whatever the origins of the holiday might be, it’s up to YOU to celebrate it or not. It’s not like they are protesting to abolish the Korean culture, stop overreacting!


I’m not fond of those photos. -_- ;;


Doesn’t it look kinda wrong running around naked on Halloween..?? huh huh Some of you are defending such a trivial matter here.


Halloween seems like becoming like Christmas. Christmas is the birthday of a Western god; I wonder why it’s a national holiday in Korea, even though Christianity is not the national religion. BTW, Hong Seok-cheon was just having fun and tweeted about it. The reporter is the one who created this mess and controversy.


Let’s be honest ke ke Don’t they celebrate Halloween due to those clubs in Itaewon? We’re not accustomed to Halloween parties! ke ke ke


So this is how they have fun at Halloween party in Itaewon, thanks to its multicultural atmosphere! It’s so cool, Mr Hong! Some people might have preconceptions about you due to your sexual orientation, but I think that’s what makes you unique. Cheer up, and BTW, you’ve got great body ♥

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  • hun

    i smell xenophobia.. but then again korea’s the most americanized out of all the other asian countries.. funny how they complain about it tho

    also “His acquaintances also seem to have fun in their costume: leopard, traditional Japanese dress Yukata, and Indian.” pretty sure he’s dressed as a native american not indian.

    • dk2020

      Homophobia not xenophobia. What are you talking about homosexuality is open and accepted in Thailand and the Philippines .. and they are dressed like the Village People .. you know YMCA .. smh.

      • hun

        uh what are you talking about? This article and the korean comments clearly argue about halloween, an american holiday, and how they shouldn’t celebrate it because it’s not korean but all im saying is that it’s ignorant of them because they also celebrate Christmas as a national holiday. It’s Xenophobic because they dont feel comfortable with halloween and criticize ppl that celebrate this “American holiday” but it’s also a contradiction when they themselves celebrate Christmas. Homophobia? did you even read the article? I can’t believe i had to explain all this out to you.
        PS. You’re an idiot if you think Indians are the same as Native Americans.

        • dk2020

          Nope didn’t read the article at all .. it’s really xenophobic to state Halloween is an American thing, that’s offensive to you? Eh, I guess it’s better than gay bashing which is a real issue .. and yeah I know the difference between Indians unlike the white people that confused them in the first place.

          • hun

            u still dont get it. the gay bashing issue is global while this particular article talks about halloween and the korean xenophobic views about it.

          • dk2020

            Damn dude, you really care if people get the different Indians confused or if they celebrate Halloween in Korea? SRSLY? .. lighten up ..

          • hun

            funny how you say that.. i guess koreans are japanese and every other asians are chinese too huh

          • dk2020

            Happens all the time ,, I can’t tell different white folks apart either .. who gives a shit.

          • dk2020

            lmao ..

          • holdingrabbits

            I can’t tell if dk2020 is the biggest idiot ever or if he’s the smartest troll ever. It’s one or the other, but it can’t be both!

          • dk2020

            if u have an issue grab a tissue and cry me a river ..

          • holdingrabbits

            Haha, you can’t take criticism, nor can you properly give it. Luckily, I am not talking about the crime statistics of the states. You keep thinking that I’m saying that WHITE people commit less crimes all over the world, so your wild jumps in logic make me wonder how well you actually understand English. I’m just talking about Korea, bud. In the states, I am sure that white people commit way more crimes per capita than Koreans! The fact is, I’m talking about Korea and I’m not comparing the two. Korea is much safer than America for the most part.
            the wall street journal:

            But look, I’m not your research monkey. Simply google “foreigner crime rates Korea” and be greeted with page after page explaining the numbers to you. You’re right though, the crime rates in the States are totally different! For the most part though, foreigners in Korea represent a different part of society. We’re college educated and most likely middle class. We have a lower crime rate in the states too. I think the problem is that when one English teacher does something, it automatically becomes representative of all English teachers, and the problem with that is that it’s not true. Of course, not every foreigner is an English teacher. Actually, most foreigners aren’t English teachers. Like I said, I didn’t come on Koreabang to compare Korea to the States. I’m simply talking about Korea, since this is my home. I understand that you have mistaken my statements as a comparison of
            two countries, but I am only comparing two groups in one country. Korea
            is better (and worse) than America in many ways, but that’s a different
            conversation that I have never been having with you. So Mormons? Yeah, they’re nuts! Crazier than Koreans even! Mormons just aren’t part of my life here, it’s a false comparison since Mormonism is a minor religious group that represents a small sect of society whereas Koreans compose 98% of Korean society (thus you’ve confused a minor religious movement with a majority culture), and so I don’t feel like you’re adding much to this conversation.

        • Ruaraidh

          He never mentioned Indians or Native Americans. Also I’m sure you’re aware that Native Americans are also called American Indians or sometimes just Indians. If you want to get all politically correct with semantics, take that shit to tumblr.

          • hun

            he mentioned village people/ymca which has a native american completely different from an indian so yes he did mention it. Native Americans don’t even consider themselves indians, that’s pretty much an offensive statement.

          • Ruaraidh

            Are you Native American, or are you just getting offended on someone else’s behalf?

          • hun

            does it matter what race i am if people are using a term that can be so ignorant and hurtful to that particular ethinicity?

          • Ruaraidh

            According to the US census 49.76% of the indigenous population prefer the term ‘American Indian’ as opposed to only 37.35% who prefer ‘Native American.’ So you see, you really are behaving in a very patronising and paternalistic way.

      • Guest


  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    It’s his freedom to be gay and take pictures in Itaewon. His Itaewon Freedom.

    Song of the article:

    Itaewon Freedom

  • Ruaraidh

    I must say that Halloween is highly commercialised, and as far as holidays go, a bit vacuous. Personally I’d rather celebrate Samhainn and build a big fire and maybe slaughter a cattle beast, but sadly most people I know would rather buy a cheap mask and throw a sheet over themselves.

    A few years ago when I was at uni in the South West of England, I made a cloak out of leaves and went down to the standing stones at Avebury. It was a pretty cool night but weed has never seemed to work on me for some reason, and by the end of the night I was getting really aggravated by those neopagan/wiccan arseholes who pretend to actually believe in the old gods. In the end I drank way too much scrumpy and ended up walking about ten miles back to a mates house in the dark. It’s a fucking shame really because now that I think about it, as a Gaelic speaker I probably could have shagged any of those neopagan girls.

    I suppose what I’m trying to say is that in this day and age, both the old style holidays and the American commercial ones are flawed. Really we should all just forget what the occasion is supposed to be about, as long as it’s an excuse for a proper knees-up. If holidays were really all about sombre reflection of history I’d rather go to work…

    • redgirls

      Its true i’m in the west of Ireland, and some children are calling with an American. Trick or Treat ! That is wrong, you must sing, dance, recite poetry, show us a trick or No Sweets…Two young boys called to my home and amazed me with a card trick . I had so much fun with them all.
      Anyway, Oíche shamhna a Ruaraidh agus Koreabang.

      • Ruaraidh

        Oidhche Shamhna mhath leibh fhèin.

        • redgirls

          Gar raibh maith agut a Ruaraidh agus oiche shamhna shonna duit :)

          • dk2020

            who can drink more irish or koreans?

          • redgirls

            I have to say Ireland ;) but if anyone is going to give us a run for our money it is without a doubt.. Korea.:D

            See: Daytime drinking. Laughed so much watching this movie.


          • dk2020

            Haha, too bad I’m allergic to alcohol .. you know people say Koreans are the Irish of Asia ..

            While any stereotype may be fraught with peril from misunderstanding, please consider the following about what the Irish and Koreans as they indeed have much in common:

            Among the most religious populations in their part of the world with a comparatively high rate of regular church goers.

            Very family oriented and take sides along clans quite readily.

            Frequently extended families gather regardless of members’ ages to share being together, often taking turns entertaining each other by singing songs.

            Compared to their neighbors, they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

            Quick to fight and quick to forgive.

            Famous (or infamous) for their drinking habits.

            Less regarded for planning and better known for forming successful if chaotic teams at the last minute.

            Have a healthy disregard for authority, but will at least superficially show and demand honor and respect as tradition dictates.

            Often ask strangers about their hometowns due to regional stereotyping.

            Quick to laugh and quick to cry — as well as to break out into song and verse.

            Known and respected beyond their borders for their music and ability to entertain beyond the language barriers.

            The nation is divided as a result of foreign powers intervention.

            Well regarded for their sense of humor and playing of pranks while have little use for the person who cannot laugh at him or herself.

            Nation was colonized by its island neighbor and forced to speak the language of its oppressor.

            People were traumatized by the colonial experience and it has taken decades to psychologically recover — with a collective behavior of being a bit edgy, nervous and inhibited at times compared to that of their neighbors.

            In recent times their Diaspora has somewhat reversed for the first time due to the nation’s rapidly developing economy.

          • redgirls

            Wow, dk2020 I must agree with all the points you have made.

            Of all the Asian nations,for me Koreans have a great sense of humor that translates so well. I love the banter that passes back and forth .Its a self deprecating humor that shows you have an easy going nature.

            Also korean oral tradition and the art of story telling and music we share as only nations who have had their languages and writing systems almost destroyed can have and appreciate. I think Ruaraidh can understand this also.

            The Diaspora I felt, as in most families it was just expected that once old enough you would leave the country to make a living.

            In the 80s all my brothers and sisters were living in different parts of the globe but once the economy picked up most returned.

            Thankfully like korea we have established communities all over who act as a safety net when so far away from home

            So yes, I think the Irish could well be called the koreans of europe.:)

          • dk2020

            I feel like I should find more Irish friends haha, have a great weekend red! :)

          • redgirls

            Thanks dk2020, you too.:)

  • holdingrabbits

    I can’t see why anyone in Korea would want to celebrate western holidays like Christmas or Halloween! There are so many fun holidays here! Hangeul day is a blast! Independence day and March 1st day, don’t get me started, I hate those Japs! Chuseok too! I mean, if you’re a woman, Chuseok must be you favorite day because you get to cook and wait on men all day and that is every woman’s favorite thing. With a wealth of super fun non-western holidays, who could be bothered to dress up, go to parties, mingle with strangers, or exchange gifts?

    • dk2020

      Chuseok is just like Thanksgiving in America … and you know what? My family gets it catered! No big deal .. quit with your white supremacy dude, as a foreigner you should learn how to adapt! Instead of conforming with society you want society to conform to you? It doesn’t work that way .. either love it or leave!

      • holdingrabbits

        It’s just my opinion, bra. I thought you believed everyone’s opinion was right. I know that it’s okay for a Korean girl to think that foreigners are more likely to rape her than a Korean man, even though it’s statistically untrue by EVERY account, so I don’t see why my opinion is wrong…probably because I’m a WHITE SUPREMACIST who thinks that celebrating other countries’ holidays isn’t a big deal. I’m sure Koreans in the states have also learned to adapt to the culture and that there are no highly concentrated areas of Koreans where people refuse to integrate into the rest of society based upon race and language. If they did have such a place, I’m sure they wouldn’t call it Korea town, because that would just be too much. I didn’t know when I came over here that “loving Korea” meant thinking everything was better than in America and that everything made sense. There are Koreans saying the same thing I’m saying, so I guess they’re WHITE SUPREMACISTS too. Take an anti-Minjok pill and think about your words before you say them.

        The only point of the post was that it shouldn’t be a big deal if people want to celebrate Christmas or Halloween. What’s wrong with people just wanting to have a fun holiday? I was responding to the examples provided by a Korean of holidays people should “celebrate” instead, but they’re not really cause for celebration so much as remembrance. I acknowledge that the Korean remembrance holidays are important and have a place, but none of them are fun. The fun ones were all stolen from the West. Christmas, Valentine’s, Halloween… I’m glad your family caters on Chuseok (completely uncommon in Korea), but every woman I know in Korea hates it because it just means they’re slaves, and anyway, Thanksgiving is a terrible time for a lot of Americans too. There are some of the same gender divides, though not as much, but the real clencher is that there’s less Confucianism involved in our fall celebrations…so it’s not exactly the same. I’m just saying it’s not a big deal…quit your blood nationalist xenophobic Korean supremacy!

        • dk2020

          LOLOLOL u mad bro? Quit acting like a bitch .. because i did have sympathy for you when I thought you were a woman .. being a white foreign man, how da fuq can you relate to rape and womens rights and what Korean women are going through? You probably don’t even speak the language ..

          • nunya

            get a fucking room you two. dk2020, fuck that anonymous profile picture off. take your fedora off you beta piece of shit

          • dk2020

            I’m American, I’m celebrating Halloween today dummy, that’s me not anonymous, and at least i have a profile pic u lame ass chobo hahahaha ..

          • holdingrabbits

            That attitude is probably why there’s so much rape. Anyway, don’t come on here with your piss poor arguments and call people racists simply because they acknowledge that Korea has issues with race and gender.

            I’ve been learning the language. I wasn’t raised here and my parents didn’t see the value of spending thousands of dollars putting me in a Korean language school from the age of 4, because no such thing existed. Just because I don’t speak fluent Korean doesn’t mean that you’re not an idiot.

          • dk2020

            You really think I condone rape or the patriarchy in Korea? See you fucktard I understand the problem and want to help fix it .. you just judge and play victim cuz youse a bitch .. I bet you can’t even hold a conservation in Korean much less confide with Korean women in broken English .. stick that white knight geisha complex up your ass homie because that isn’t reality.

          • holdingrabbits

            Your tough words have humbled me. I never knew I was a bitch until you told me so. Now I am less confident in my Korean, all because of you. On top of that, I’m not even sure I can speak English that well anymore. I feel so foolish for having questioned you, an obvious mental giant. I also will now deny statistics, call everyone else racists while spewing my own racial hatred, and I will use the word “homie.”

          • dk2020

            LOL yeah your statistics will save you, That 3% of evil Korean men will rape you sooner or later waegook, fear for your life ..

        • Kate

          Actually I agree with you. More divorces happen around Chuseok and I’ve heard from plenty of Korean women say they hate the holiday because they hate having to cook so much food for everyone and clean up after everyone and entertain everyone and not get much help (my husband is an exception because his mom taught him to do household chores but most korean men do not help whatsoever). Also fun fact marriages men who don’t help around the house are also more likely to end up divorced as women often cite lack of help with house responsibilities a major contributing factor to their unhappiness with their husband.

          Chuseok is like Thanksgiving but I think tday is much more fun and light hearted and better foods (I personally prefer a big baked ham and home made apple pie to rice cake and fish and kimchi….I’m way bias).

          Dk most korean families don’t have chuseok catered, your family is rare, most expect their daughter in law to do everything while they sit and talk. I was exempted from this dxpectation to do foreigners having no clue on how to make authetic korean food. My korean family never expected me to do anything for chuseok and my MIL actually didn’t even cook for chuseok she pretty much was like fuck it here is some rice and anchovies and kimchi. I love her :)

          • Kate

            Oh and my MIL was very much abused by my FIL’s family (she lived with them while he was an engineer in Saudi Arabia when my husband was a baby). They were very very mean to her and treated her like a slave and she has told me she would never treat me like that and has realy been awesome to me.

          • dk2020

            I think there’s a generational gap too .. maybe because we’re Americanized but me and all my friends, we go to the restaurants or get food catered from the market, then everybody fights to pay the bill. My mom when she cooks she doesn’t even sit down until everybody is done eating even though we tell her to.

            But like you said it’s more high expectations from the mother in law to show your love through cooking for the family, Koreans don’t say i love you they say have you eaten .. I think it’s getting better just look at your own family. I don’t know what you expats that are criticizing Cheseok expect because there is a fat chance in hell Chuseok will ever be canceled as a national Korean holiday, same with Thanksgiving in the US. Oh and my family gets KFC instead of turkey! lol.

  • chucky3176

    “Hong’s career was ruined when he admitted to being gay but a slow shift
    in attitudes, arguably attributed largely to him, means he is slowly
    being accepted again.”

    His career was never ruined, that’s simply over exaggeration in the media’s part. He has been very active in many dramas over the years after he came out. After an initial story about his coming out, it was never a big issue of him not being accepted. If there was in the beginning, it wasn’t for very long. He’s been in a shit load of dramas, I don’t know what people are talking about when they say he’s being slowly accepted again.

    Unlike the claims of homophobia in Korea, people aren’t going to get offended if someone calls someone else a “gay” or a “fag”. There are no offensive slurs for gays. People aren’t insecure about being looked up on as gay. Some would be even be amused, not angry and get insulted, if they were mistaken as a gay male. There are no words like “homophobia” in Korean, simply because it doesn’t exist. People don’t get beat up or get killed because they are gay in Korea. Nor do people feel they must prove to others that they are not gay. People don’t think the color pink is for gay people, nor are there any ridiculous claims that Koreans believe there are no gay people in Korea. All these are strictly Western hang ups that are non-existent in Korea.

    That is not to say that it doesn’t mean parents when they find out their sons are gay, will be happy. But that too has nothing to do with homophobia. That’s more to do with parent’s expectations and traditional social morals that says sons are supposed to have wives to give birth to children to pass on the family linage. Homosexuality breaks that pattern, and the parents will be disappointed.

    As for the Korean Christian freaks who preach anti homosexual theories, they’re in a whole different league of their own, so let’s not go there.

    But as you can see from the comments, nobody gives a crock if Hong is gay or not.

    • Sillian

      His career was affected. He was on a hiatus for 4 years right after coming out in 2000.

      While it’s true that there’s no gay-related slur in Korean and straight Korean guys don’t try to prove that they are not gay, strong social stigma is still there. Certainly, there is much room for improvements in legal protection.

    • Kate

      When I was in Korea, I saw gays and lesbians, infact I saw a verrrrrrrrrrrry manly Chinese woman (I’m talking 5″6ish, 200lbs, dressed as a man with butch hair) actually force a young korean woman into a love motel after getting her to drink a whole bottle of whiskey, the korean woman was fighting her the best she could but the chinese woman was much bigger and dragged her in……I’m not making that up. Apparently (according to my FIL who owns the restaurant the chinese woman frequents, she does that about once a month with different korean girls)……being a foreigner who speaks limited korean, I wasn’t sure where to go report lesbian rape….I also saw lots of gay men in Hongdae and lots of fake lesbians and some bi curious….I often had korean girls buy me shots at clubs to dance with them and let them play with my hair. I don’t think koreans, at least not young ones, are as straight and hetero as one would think.

      • dk2020

        o_0 .. that ish cray.. in L.A. I see trannies and gays all the time on santa monica blvd .. I’ve only known one gay korean kid but I only hung out with him because I was dating his sister .. live and let live I say, but it does go against the whole traditional marriage and family ..

      • That fat hippo of a cunt needs to be stabbed! I’m surprised the owners of the love hotel never put a stop to that butch beast. What you describe is an obvious case of rape.

  • expatrick

    Not surprising since most Korean men are homosexuals.

    • Sillian

      Thanks for the insight, troll.

    • dk2020

      i heard ya mama was a frisco dyke ..

    • expatrick

      Obviously people agree with me more considering how many thumbs ups I got!

      • dk2020

        More like there more idiot white guys on kbang.. Good one Captain Obvious! I speaky Engrish too!

        • Natasha

          It’s really quite funny how you go around KoreaBang labelling everybody a “white supremacist” simply because they have an opinion that doesn’t match your own. And not only that, you then have the NERVE to turn around and attack white people as if you’re exempted from being a “supremacist”. Get a clue sweetie, the only racist here is you. You are the supremacist. Take a look around, nobody agrees with you. Why don’t you find another place to spew your bigoted remarks…AsiaFinest, perhaps?

          You’re done here.

          • dk2020

            I don’t label everybody on kbang a white supremacist just holding rabbits in particular. See I don’t think all white people are the same, I know the difference. But what else do you call it when he tries to demonize all Korean men in their own country promoting self hatred and the “American” way as superior? Thats white supremacy. Like I give a shit if anybody agrees with me or not, LOL,

          • Natasha

            How is implying that the “American way” is superior an example of white supremacy? There are plenty of non-whites who live in America, and there are actually more whites outside of America than in it. Sure, it’s pretty arrogant to say it is superior, but it pretty ignorant on your part to automatically assume that they are white. All that aside, you deal with the circumstances horribly. “What else do you call it when he tries to demonize all Korean men”…don’t call it anything. It’s not right to call someone racist then turn around be equally as racist back. It’s especially unfair to all the innocent people out there who could potentially be offended by it. Look at it this way: you got offended by somebody being racist towards you? Well look at some of your posts and imagine how we feel.

          • dk2020

            Okay not the American way but the Western way .. it’s white supremacy because in Korea it’s cultural imperialism and thats racist. I’m a reflection of what I see, The whole point I’m trying to prove is playing the blame game and using the race card is detrimental to solving any of the issues and only makes it worse.

          • Natasha

            I think I’ll just leave you with some age old wisdom: fighting fire with fire only creates more fire.

          • holdingrabbits

            Look, go back and read what we wrote to each other. I think Korea is much safer than America and better in a LOT of ways. On the rape issue though, Korea is decades behind. It’s not a case of racism and my gender has no bearing on how much I should care about it. My friends being victims is enough to warrant my concern. Our real clash has been over the fact that I called a Korean woman ignorant because she said something that is provably not true. I provided statistics, yet you continued to keep your position and resorted to the very same racist remarks that bring about these attitudes in Korea. I am simply saying that things over here aren’t all flowers and unicorns. I also am not saying that things are so much better in America, but I live in Korea. This is my home now. Me and my girlfriend will most likely get married and live happily ever after. However, I want Korea to be a safe place for her and our future children, and if that involves hurting peoples’ idealized notions of Korea in the face of all facts, then so be it.

          • dk2020

            LOL .. so you’re going to become a ROK citizen? I dunno why since u hate it so much and feel so oppressed. Good luck. Just don’t blame me if you get punched for talking greasy.

          • holdingrabbits

            I have no intentions of being a citizen, but I do want a permanent visa. I just want it better for my future family. It’s not easy for mixed kids or pretty much anyone who’s different. At my old school, they had a secret club, and the teachers told them not to tell anyone they were only half-Korean (because they would be bullied). Why would I not want to change that?

          • dk2020

            That’s the thing .. YOU aren’t going to change anything.. the gyopos, the hapas, the younger generation are ..self determination is the key. If you know how expensive and highly competitive it is in Korea why would you want to put your kid through that .. 16 hour school days is no joke.

          • holdingrabbits

            I’m more likely to change something than the gyopos on message boards accusing everyone of white supremacy.

          • dk2020

            Accusing ONLY YOU moron .. SMH .. crabby ass expats don’t want any Koreans speaking their opinion on Korea that don’t agree with their whining, maybe I can give better insight because thats my culture u dummy .. hella funny style byungshins .. cornball white boy think he gonna save Korea like he Jesus or Santa Claus LOL .. hoecake ass bitch stop playing victim and grow a pair .. I’ll be in Korea soon though but I ain’t scared because of your statistics LOL ..

          • Sillian

            It’s extremely interesting how you overlook expatrick who is the very initiator of all this trash talk.

          • Natasha

            I have nothing to say about expatrick. He is a troll (a bad one too), but he isn’t being a hypocrite.

          • Sillian

            If you see his posting history, he is all that you can accuse of. But you are right that he is a poor troll.

    • chucky3176

      As you can see, homophobia is the strongest in the West. Similar insecurity towards one’s sexuality and the hatred towards homosexual people, simply doesn’t exist in Korea. Koreans in Korea would reply with a shrug, so what if we’re homosexuals or if we’re not? Was that supposed to be an insult? I’ve actually had to explain to Koreans who just didn’t get it, that for white guys, being called a homosexual is the worst form of insult that you could ever imagine. I hope this never changes, and I hope Korea doesn’t learn the same level of hatred towards homosexual people that’s prominent in the West.

      • mr.wiener

        Actually as a western straight guy i gotta say , he’d looking hoooot! I’m surprised by what the Koreans have posted and what you say here. I was laboring under the mistaken belief that Korean guys are quite homophobic in addition to being misogynistic.
        Good to see I’m half wrong!! ;)

        • dk2020

          Why do you like believing in the negative stereotypes?

          • mr.wiener

            Actually I was just winding Chucky up. As to why these stereotypes exist? I suppose it is because most asian countries have a negative image of Koreans in some respects and it rubs off. Just like Europeans say…The french are arrogant, the Germans are bossy, the Scottish are stingy etc. Didn’t say I believed in these, but they do exist.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I found this Korean netizen’s comment interesting:
    “Thank god his business seems successful. I feel so sorry for that he got ousted from the entertainment industry, just because of his sexual orientation. There are idol bands that are tainted with ugly scandals yet still have thriving careers: plagiarism, wearing the rising sun flag inspired or R-rate costumes, car-accidents, one night stand, bullying and god knows what. The industry seems to go backwards every day.”

    I mean, apparently, that one netizen could see that homosexuality does not determine a person’s worth… yet he can’t see past nationality at the same time.

    • Sillian

      Are you talking about the Japanese military flag? It can be considered insensitive if a Korean celebrity wears a shirt with that pattern as there have been some controversies about it.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Hmmm, I had initially taken it as a sign of intolerance of Japan as a nation, but I see that it may be offensive if it’s a symbol of Japan as a miltiary conquering nation instead.

        Thank you for correcting me, Sillian

  • Gabrielle

    I’m pleasingly suprised by the absence of anti-gay comments among Korean comments… (and I’m not that suprised that the English comments are starting to get out of hand… as usual)

    On the side note, I can relate to the “no Halloween, sick and tired of American commercial holidays” rant. After all, we had the same in Europe when the shops tried to force Halloween on us. It wasn’t about Halloween in particular, it wasn’t about America either, it was just one too much at that point, so people decided to boycott Halloween products and decorations.

    It seems that Korean are going through this phase as well, more or less well maybe, some reject it some fall for it. The future will tell if Halloween is an important holiday in SK or not.

  • Chell-bell

    Could someone explain to me why there’s a problem celebrating Halloween in Korea? I would have thought that for one night a year, children dressing up and having fun with an adult present would be positive? or am I just being ignorant? I really don’t know :( please explain to the dumbass…

    • chucky3176

      There is nothing wrong with celebrating Halloween. The point of the some commentators is that Korean culture is completely being drowned out and disappearing, as Western culture takes over. You know that Halloween was never celebrated in Korea, until very recently. It’s just that Koreans are always accused of ripping off, stealing, and aping the Western culture. Now that accusation will grow louder.

      • dk2020

        It’s great going on csmack and japancrush .. because it seems like other East Asians believe Korea is the most Americanized-whitewashed country in East Asia which is hilarious to me. With expats they’ll be critical and condescending no matter what .. I’m not worried though about losing culture because Korea has been through worse.

      • Chell-bell

        Oh I see now, thank you for explaining.

    • Most Koreans don’t really care about Halloween and it isn’t really celebrated in the sense that it is back in Western countries. There’s no trick-or-treating really for kids, outside of special events held at the army bases where Korean kids can go door to door in costumes. Everland and Lotteworld have Halloween themed days. Other than that, it is just costume parties at clubs and prizes are given out for best costumes, mostly held in Itaewon. These are all held on the weekend before Halloween if it takes place in the middle of the week, with nothing at all done on the day itself. I agree, bringing kids door to door would be kind of nice and would give the kids and their parents a chance to say hi to their neighbors. Most of the time, no one talks to anyone in their building even to say hello.

      • Chell-bell

        Thank you for explaining, The dumb-ass is wiser now!

    • Sillian

      The question is more on the cultural front. If someone tries to make it a national holiday for instance, the concern may be valid. As long as it’s just one more excuse to have fun, it’s no big deal but people can ask themselves why they don’t do this and that as well.

  • kometkatt

    More goodlooking Korean men need to take their clothes off.

    • expatrick

      Just admit it, you’re a Korean male! Only Korean men think Korean men are attractive. Most Korean men look like Ken Jeong or Margaret Cho and most Korean women would much rather go for a tall, blue-eyed man ;) At least Caucasian men don’t need plastic surgery to look decent.

      • Sillian

        Come clean. You are probably an Asian troll. :v

        • dk2020

          well this guy is hella corny so he might be white …

          • holdingrabbits


          • dk2020

            I’m not racist, I’m just replying to YOU specifically ..

        • expatrick

          I wish I were Asian so that my dick weren’t so big.

          • dk2020

            Yep corny as shit .. u a pedophile too?

          • kometkatt

            Actually I’m a girl. And many of my female friends (caucasian like me) also love Korean men. You have no idea how many girls who find them attractive ;)
            …And it’s a myth that Asian men have small dicks. If you’re not gay, I have more experience of Korean (and Caucasian) than you ;)

          • dk2020

            Thats cool Katt .. and I fully support interracial relationships, marriages, and i love hapa kids. But the thing i never understood is the people that have to clown their own race as the reason why. Like even though I’m in a interracial relationship I would never disrespect Korean women. But I’m sure you get shit for dating Korean men so that makes you resentful. Peace and good luck to you, I wish you happiness,

      • Kate

        Oh you shut up. Korean men are fine as hell and infact I even have a korean baby appa. Korean guys got nice bodies, smooth and hairless and lovely brown skin and beautiful eyes and thick black hair and tall and sexy voices….sigh…..if I hadn’t been married to a korean man before I lived in korea…my oh my I would of had far too many boyfriends probably a good thing I was married to keep myself in check…..and from personal experience their um manhood isn’t lacking and is great!

        • vincent

          Y U no like guys with hair eh ? TT

        • dk2020

          you’re hella cool kate .. your husband is a lucky man..

        • Eduardo m.

          preach it girl!!

  • expatrick

    The ones with the sunglasses and Native American outfit are obviously not Korean.

    • Just to be clear, the one with sunglasses is Hong Seok-cheon, and there aren’t any ‘foreigners’ in the pictures according to Mr Hong’s tweets.

      • Koreabang

        Genetically Koreans are the most homogenous and tend to have high frequencies of similar facial features. Therefore, the man in the Indian cosume is most likely a Hapa or had plastic surgery. I dont’ know about the man in the glasses because I can’t see half his face. One only needs to look at N. Korea to see what real Koreans look like without PS.

        • chucky3176

          You are assuming too much. The man in glasses is the actor Hong, who’s well known in Korea. It’s obvious you have no ideal what the heck you’re talking about. Also, malnutrition at birth for generations, severe physical/mental hardships or deprivations, stress, and illness, does play a big role in how North Koreans look – which are small stunted bodies, gaunt faces, darker complexions, etc.

          • Koreabang

            Malnutrition has nothing to do with facial features, nor does it make your skin darker – only paler. Therefore, N. Koreans are what S. Koreans look like naturally.

          • dk2020

            LMAO .. says the guy with no profile pic and is trolling hard .. No shit North and South Koreans look alike we’re the same people .. its really unbelievable to you that some women find Korean men attractive? I think you’re feeling yourself too much bro.

    • Who listens to a racist troll?

  • Kate

    I wish there were more pics of the guy in the leopard print….he’s sexy as hell.

    I’m a bit bitter about halloween this year, I bought a $20 bag of awesome candy for tricker or treaters and not one showed up…..whose suppose to eat 300 pieces of candy?

    • Sillian

      No single kid showed up?
      Do you live in a dungeon with booby traps at the doorstep? :o

  • Digitalsoju

    Some of these translations are bad, take this one for example: “Halloween Day in my ass!”

    Pretty sure that’s not what it means.

    • Sillian

      I think that’s a good one. What would you suggest then?

      • Digitalsoju

        You notice it says “IN my ass” ? That’s a totally different meaning. Not to mention this article is about a gay man, so the translation is going to throw people off.

        “Halloween day my ass” also wouldn’t be an accurate translation [That would be: “Halloween day는 개뿔”]

        ㅈㄹ means like bullshit / go crazy / go nuts. The fact you vouch for the translation is also troubling to me because most of the time I don’t bother hovering over the text because I assume it’s pretty accurate.

        • Sillian

          I overlooked that preposition ‘in’ but ‘Halloween day my ass’ sounds good enough unless you wanna go for a strictly literal translation.

    • LOL LOL just noticed that

  • Paul M

    If anyone is actually interested Halloween, like Christmas, originated in Europe. Going ‘trick or treating’ at first glance is an American custom but is actually a form of Wassailing where people would go from house to house (sometimes in costume) singing songs and receiving gifts from the residents.

    It’s hardly the fault of western countries that our holidays seem more exciting and dynamic. I remember what a huge disappointment seollal was, thinking it would be like lunar new year is in Hong Kong.

  • Koreabang

    Why are there so many supposed “White Women” who date Korean men? hmm…Is it a coincidence or merely lonely Asian male trolls?

    • Sillian

      I think the main reader base here is western expats. I see many “white men” dating Korean women too.

      • dk2020

        The reason why there are more WM/KF couples is because of the US military stationed in Korea which is mostly white men .. like 90% of hapas i know are military brats .. and out of foreign teachers 1 in 4 are female .. so it is disproportionate the male to female ratio of expats. If you want to look up the stats though there are more Korean men marrying other East Asian and Southeast Asians.

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  • dim mak

    Whoa, whoa. Careful with the native headdress thing… that could get you in a load of political correctness rage in the West

    I’m surprised most comments weren’t about gays or the guy in Japanese dress

    Do y’all trick or treat in Korea?

  • these guys definitly look more friendly than the insecure, racist, alcoholic cunts i saw when i was travelling in Korea (I haven’t been much out of Seoul) Though it was still a nice trip! :D

  • Going shirtless in downtown Seoul didn’t make anyone freak out? Times sure have changed.

    When I was there in 2005, some Koreans flipped out when I took my shirt off in a park. Anywhere but a swimming pool, people couldn’t deal with it.

  • Trisha Tolkien

    Gay or not, that guy dressed as an Indian is very sexxxy.

    The other guys just look like some kind of confused, asian version of the Village People.

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