Conservative Netizens Mock Death of Singer, Cause Controversy

Ulala Session - formerly an underground music group, but now publicly recognised

The group Ulala Session has gained a lot of popularity in a TV program that helped debut talented singers by public audition. Its leader, Lim Yoon-taek, has been suffering from terminal stomach cancer even before his group started receiving spotlight. His death on the 11th of February created a stir among his fans and the general public alike. Meanwhile, some members of conservative portal Ilbe ridiculed his death, supported by lots of other members who used to accuse Lim of faking his illness to get attention.

From The Segye Times:

Controversy as Ilbe members go too far in mocking Lim Yoon-taek’s death

Screenshot of posts on Ilbe mocking the death of Lim Yoon-taek.

Controversy arose in response to a post that makes fun of the death of late Lim Yoon-taek of Ulala Session.

This post was written on an online community known as Daily Best Storage (hereafter, Ilbe), ridiculing his death during his struggle against stomach cancer.

A member of Ilbe uploaded a wedding photo of late Lim and his wife Lee Hye-rim and wrote ‘I received a billion won [as death benefit]’ in a post titled ‘my husband has left.’

In another post titled ‘are you a newbie[to the afterworld]?’ there was a picture of the late president Roh Moo-hyun saying ‘sing something like a good newbie.’

These posts are among the Best Posts with more than 500 up-votes for each.

The situation developed into a conflict within the community, some saying ‘it is over the bound’ and others saying ‘it’s typical of this community.’ Netizens outside Ilbe are responding angrily at these posts since they became viral.

Prior to this, late Lim, leader of Ulala Session, passed away at 33 years old from stomach cancer around 8:40 pm on the 11th. He was already suffering from stomach cancer before his debut via a public audition program, Superstar K season 3.

Comments from Nate:


These bastards are no humans… If possible I’d like to collect them all and stuff them into Samchung Educational Institute [a concentration camp run in the 1980s during Chun Doo-hwan’s reign, an infamous symbol of government-organised violence and cruelty] until they become half-crippled. They are total losers who dare not speak out offline.


Crazy Ilbe monkeys.


Girls, don’t ever befriend or marry the Ilbe monkeys.


Before this one there were loads of issues with Ilbe, including the virtual harassment of an underage singer, ill rumours about a university and personal information hacking. Ilbe users post about raping women and make sick jokes every few minutes. They once planned for an online attack on daughter of a professor who spoke against government’s private inspection. That’s not all. They rush to websites that have ranking system, like Nate, and fiddle with the ranks by organised clicks. ke ke They call it ‘clicking coordinates,’ don’t they? Lol


Shouldn’t there be some legal punishment on them, if things go as far as this??? If this is not online crime, then what is??


That really seems like a group of psychopaths. They should all be locked up in prison.


Ilbe monkeys = worst losers in offline world


When Ilbe bugs were doing shit that was fit for trash, late Lim was in a painful battle against cancer. He lived a life that was 100, 1000 times better than theirs.


Ilbe should vanish. It’s simply an asylum for all nutheads in Korea.


It’s the website that loves Park Geun-hye so much. The government supports it.


I’d honestly like to see their names revealed and see them sequestered on a national scale. Shitheads meet with shitheads and do shit so they don’t realise they are shitheads… This country should take responsibility of getting rid of that trashy website… There are no ends to their outrageous deeds.


It’s needless to talk about educational background, skills or talents. Humans should behave like a human to be recognised as one. A human mask alone doesn’t make one human, does it? I hope they feel embarassed with themselves one day….


It’s widely known the Ilbe members nearly plaster the comment boards to some articles on Nate, following orders [from other members].


Even now the Ilbe bastards would be running mad arguing for ‘freedom of expression.’


DC inside was like that, too. Nutheads reveal their nature everywhere, taking advantage of online anonymity. May Lim rest in peace. And I hope his surviving family and friends remain happy and healthy. I hope they never see or hear of those lowlives rambling.

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  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    So Ilbe is South Korea’s 4chan?

    • 4chan isn’t particularly political––more about shits n’ giggles (“doing it for the lulz”).

      To be honest, it sounds more like the Yahoo comments board––full of moronic and bitter middle-aged conservative blowhards who pounce on any opportunity to make fun of a recently deceased individual who either was or might have been a liberal. Alexa shows the average Ilbe user is overwhelmingly in the 35-44 range, whereas the average 4chan user is in the 18-24 range.

      • Sillian

        I wonder how they get such demographic data.

  • Yu Bum Suk

    Wow I had no idea. I remember watching SuperstarK last year and not having any clue. I wonder what they think the band’s name is supposed to mean.

  • commander

    Those who ridiculed the singer’s painful death appear to be unware of the irony: Their allegation that the singer took advantage of the incurable disease for media spotlight is equally same for them.

    They denigrated the death of a person having no involvement with them to get thumb-ups for their postings, an action that would be from those coming unhinged.

    How dirty and nasty!!
    I am usually against regulations on Intermet usage. But in some cases where groundless and unsubstantiated claims do a person harm gravely, bringing those responsible for libel might need to be made easier.

    * Dear operators
    I forgot the password to my account in Disqus. My severa attempts to reset the password end in failure as the email for resetting the password didn’t arrive despite multiple clicks.
    I’ll appreciate any guidance for me to get back my password.

  • mr.wiener

    haters gotta hate.

  • dim mak

    That’s sum early cancer

  • Jang

    In the wedding pics, are they making fun of him because he was short? Certainly insensitive but if his family and friends don’t hear about it, sounds pretty harmless to me. Would you tell his family?

  • redgirls

    When we lost our six year old boy, I had some insensitive remarks directed towards me but mostly from, people who had not really had such pain in their lives.
    They did not know him and sadly never will.
    Sometimes it is just not worth your time.
    Until you have lost the love you can not ever replace .

  • monmon

    I hope his poor widow doesn’t see these comments. (╯︵╰,)

  • ric


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  • GyopoMash

    I may be a Conservative, I find it very revolting that Korean Conservatives are dehumanizing everyone who disagrees with them. Korean Conservatives should not act like Nazis.

  • They behave like American teabaggers. There must be something poisonous in the conservative swill.

  • mzlil

    oh woow. curse these Ilbe nitizens. hope karma comes back to taunt them horribly.

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