ROK Army Considers ‘Pre-emptive Strike’ on North Korea


North Korea is set to soon test her third nuclear device. In 2006 and 2009, nuclear tests were met with worldwide condemnation, Security Council sanctions and the withdraw of Pyongyang from the six-party talks.

In late January, the Security Council imposed a set of new sanctions on North Korea, as punishment for a space missile launch in December 2012. North Korea rejected the Council’s legitimacy and claimed that such actions were a violation of her sovereign rights, claiming they would conduct a new nuclear test in retaliation.

In a rare move, China has publicly condemned the actions of North Korea. There have been recent talks that South Korea may soon pursue a pre-emptive strike attack against the regime and her missiles – the North responding with war threats.

From Naver:

It has been reported that the military authorities have expressed a willingness to pursue a ‘pre-emptive strike‘ against North Korea, should concerns of the threat of more nuclear tests worsen across the country. Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff (JCS), Jung Seung-jo , participated in a conference on 6th February 2012 and when asked whether in case of further developments towards nuclear testing should occur, the response of the military would be that of pre-emptive strike, replied in the affirmative. In the wake of the third nuclear test to be performed by North Korea, the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, expressed a willingness to talk about issues arising from North Korea and the possible pre-emptive strike- which, as the first in this National Assembly should serve as a warning message to their neighbors to the North.High ranking military officials discussed the possibility of a pre-emptive strike at the ROK-US Security Consultative Meeting in October. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Jung Seung-jo said that a pre-emptive strike could be pursued to target nuclear weapons and other missiles should there be signs that the North may attack using nuclear technology. ROK-US Military authorities has been closely monitoring all North Korean weaponry activities and continuously recording developments by making lists of precise storage locations.


In 2009, former Secretary of Defense, Kim Tae-young confirmed the location of North Korea’s nuclear weapons. There have been claims of some ten locations to store nuclear weapons in North Korea, one being a munitions factory in the mountainous province of Chagang.Chagang, Kanggye and Huichon are home to nuclear missile facilities while North Pyongan and Longjing home warhead assembly units and testing areas. There are some 8,000 underground facilities which are said to house nuclear weapons. These areas, their facilities and, the TEL (Transporter Erector Launcher) have emerged as the biggest threat to regional security. On April 15th 2012, to mark the 100th birthday of President Kim Il Sung, a missile named ‘KN-08’ [diameter 2m, length 18m] was unveiled. However, the warhead has yet to be tested. The missile is suspected to be made (in part) with Chinese components and was mounted on a special vehicle for its first appearance. Nuclear facilities and areas for the specialized long-range missiles [TEL] are geared up. Now at a dangerous crossroad in time, South Korea plans to have the capabilities to deploy 800 km-range ballistic missiles in 2015 when the wartime operational control returns to South Korea.


In recent years there has been the introduction of the KDX-II and KDX-III to the navy and the XuanWu 3-C a land cruise missile on the South Korean side. Air force fighter jets with long range air to ground missiles (JASSM with 370km capabilities) are due to be exported from the United States subject to approval as well as the German air-launched cruise missiles which are still being considered. Measures have been introduced to improve the performance of the PAC-2 missile.

For the last five days the will of our military to pursue this preemptive strike against North Korea has been strongly protested by all those in Chosun who claim that in comparison this blow will show no mercy!

Comments from Naver:


Kim Jung-un ignites World War III.- Nostradamus


Remember that bitch who called soldiers home-guarding dogs? Would she be watching news these days?


We cannot buy peace with money after all. Our unconditional aid in the past ended up helping North Korea get armed with nuclear weapons.


Pull the f-king bodies of Dae-jung and Mu-hyun out from their graves…


Even if we implement pre-emptive strikes on North Korea, the UN wouldn’t help North Korea, would they.


Kim Jae-kyu at the moment I hate you most.


Nuke Dae-jung rotting in hell, do you realize what crazy shit you did? [referring to Kim Dae-jung government’s large-scale aid for North Korea.]


What’s good if war breaks out?


If war breaks out, pro-Japan collaborators will be the first ones to flee.


This is such a serious situation. I don’t think you guys on here get how big the problem could turn into. If what the Joint Chief of Staff has said is true then North Korea has some pretty serious nuclear weapons of a 1000KT class. A 15KT grade atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and that killed 140k people. If those levels of weapons (1000KT) were dropped on this country then tens of millions of people would die instantly.


I want to emigrate but I have no money!! I hate communists~~~


Ahead with the pre-emptive strike, ke ke ke. Don’t shy away from war~~~


They will do the test after October. You know why? It’s because of the harvest period. If they prepare for war before that period ends, they will ruin the harvest. And if the harvest season goes wrong, Kim Jung-un will have to resign. Jang Seong-taek can take over or revolutions can happen. Some people thought Kim Jung-un would be done in one year or two.

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