Death of Comfort Woman Unleashes Internet Trolls

August 11th saw the passing of Lee Yong-nyeo, one of the few surviving Korean ‘comfort women’ who had been forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military during the Pacific War. While Lee’s death was met with an outpouring of support and condolences, it also brought out anonymous netizens who denigrated her as a ‘prostitute’ or ‘rag’ not deserving of national respect. A screen capture of the worst comments, now in wide circulation, has angered the public, and Lee’s family has decided to file a lawsuit against the worst offenders for defamation.

Lee Yong-nyeo 2

The deeply insulting online comments illustrate the ongoing problem of ‘akpeul’ in Korean cyberspace, where some netizens exploit their anonymity to insult or spread malicious gossip about select individuals – often celebrities – without any justification. One high-profile example of akpeul this past spring targeted an 8-year-old boy named Hwang Min-woo, also known as ‘Little Psy’ from his role in the Gangnam Style music video, for having a Vietnamese mother.

The situation also speaks to the ambivalence in Korean society about the legacy of comfort women, whose victimhood disrupts the rightist desire to portray Korea’s past as strong and masculine. For example, the Restoration Society, an association for families and descendants of independence fighters, is one among a number of right-leaning civic organizations that have perennially opposed the plan to build a museum for comfort women near the Independence Gate in central Seoul, arguing that it would sully Korea’s national identity and memory of independence. Although such reasoning has lost much of its currency among Koreans, it still finds expression in the anonymous space of the internet.

From Yonhap News:

Passing of Former Comfort Woman Lee Yong-nyeo at 87

A victim of the Japanese military’s wartime sexual enslavement policy, Lee Yong-nyeo passed away on the 11th of this month. She was 87.

She took her last breath just before Independence Day, never receiving an official apology from Japan.

The House of Sharing in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, confirmed that Lee died at the Pocheon Medical Center at 2:30 a.m. from natural causes.

Lee was born in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province, in 1926 and was forced to become a comfort woman at the age of 16.

Living in poverty, she was lured with a promise that she could make money in Japan, but after a month of travel from the port of Busan, she found herself in Yangon, Myanmar.

She suffered all manner of hardship as a sex slave to Japanese soldiers stationed there and returned to Korea one year after independence in 1946.

Even back in Korea, she led a difficult life, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder as well as spinal disc herniation.

But from 1995 onward, she lived at the House of Sharing, a facility for former comfort women, and worked tirelessly to publicize the barbaric acts of the Japanese military to the international community.

She traveled to Tokyo in 2000 to attend the Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal on Japan’s Military Sexual Slavery, testifying that the forcible recruitment and rape of comfort women constituted war crimes against humanity according to international law.

She won, but Japan has never accepted the verdict given the civilian nature of the tribunal.

Last year she, along with nine other former comfort women, filed a lawsuit against Suzuki Nobuyuki at the Seoul District Prosecutors’ Office for tampering with the comfort women memorial in front of the Japanese embassy.

Lee left the House of Sharing at the end of last year in accordance with her wish to spend the remainder of her life with her son. But she was hospitalized last month after becoming unable to eat. She died ten days later.

Comments from Naver:


Comfort women should receive an apology from the Japanese before all of them pass away.


If only you could have received an official Japanese apology before passing away… My condolences.


I am sorry. I am sorry… Have a safe journey…


Japan is a disgusting country for sure.


I hope that in heaven you will live in happiness with a loving family.


I am a student and the same age as when you were taken away. I will become a great person, correcting Japan’s wrongdoings and history and making them recognize their shame. Please don’t worry any more and sleep well.


We may have our country now, but it has not been able to lend you strength. I am sorry that you had to pass away without receiving an apology for all the wrongs you have suffered. It saddens me deeply.


My condolensces… I hope your next life will be full of good things.


I hope that in death you will forget everything that happened during your life and rest easy.


My condolensces…and I am sorry…

From Yonhap News:

Extremely malicious comments on news of former comfort woman Lee Yong-nyeo’s passing…the bereaved decide to sue

Extremely malicious comments on the news of former comfort woman Lee Yong-nyeo’s passing have enraged netizens. The bereaved decided to sue the netizens who wrote the comments. On various web portal and community message boards, a screencapture of indescribably malicious comments has been posted.


Controversial comments from Naver chosen by a netizen:



A rag deserves to go. [Note: ‘rag’ is a slang term equivalent to ‘slut’] Ke ke ke ke ke.


What a media ruckus over the death of a single whore. It’s ruined my day. Really.


Japan dealt with compensation issues during President Park Chung-hee’s rule. It was clearly written in the bilateral agreement they made back in 1965. I don’t believe it is right to ask for compensation and an apology when compensation has been given already. Of course Japan should be strongly criticized by the international community for distorting historical facts. But as for compensation and apologies we have no right to say anything. If you want compensation, ask the Korean government which received money from Japan. You can argue against me if you think I am wrong.


They are causing a ruckus just because some leftover disposable supplies from the Japanese imperial forces has died. Tsk tsk.


Grandma, live happily ever after in hell. When you get there, Emperor Hirohito and Prime Minister Ito Hirobumi will be waiting. All you have to do is spread your legs.


Fucking whore rags should all have died already. Fantastic.


I live in Japan…and there are a lot of Korean prostitutes. That grannie is the same.


A rag has died?? Let’s rinse and wipe the floor with her. He he he.


I wouldn’t want to date a dirty woman who has been sexually assaulted.

Comments from Nate:

Even if they cry and beg for mercy on their knees, please punish them by law. They need to be punished as a warning to others. The bereaved must have been hurt by the trashy comments. I hope they feel better.


How can they do this on news like that…to an old woman this country couldn’t protect. I’m so angry. Please sue and punish them!!!!


Those akpeulers don’t regard former comfort women as humans just like the Japanese army didn’t.


Ilbe should be designated as a harmful website.


Ilbe bastards should be identified to the public.


Ilbe bug bastards. I wonder how on earth they were educated. I’m ashamed to breathe with those brainless humans. Their world revolves around fighting jongpuk and lefty commies. Nothing else matters. How can they do crazy sh*t on a victim of Japanese imperialism. The only solution is using pesticide on them.


All of them will definitely beg for mercy when they get caught, huh? Claiming they didn’t know it could be taken seriously… Show no mercy and punish them as a warning… If you forgive them, they will blame their luck and go back to writing more malicious comments. At this opportunity, sue sue sue sue sue sue sue all of them!!


Ilbe is digging their own grave. Good.


Really akpeulers… They are like nuclear waste.


Ilbe trash aren’t commenting here because they are scared. They must be claiming victory back on their site.

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  • bbqshrimp

    Wow! At first, I thought they were referring to those Japanese netouyos as “Internet trolls”, but I never knew even Koreans themselves actually make harsh comments like those.

    • Val

      We must always take a balanced look at societies in general. There will always be Koreans who are good and bad, similarly Japanese as well.

      There is little point in bashing the entire Japanese people as being evil just because of some right wing nut jobs commenting on Yahoo Japan, or 2ch., which unfortunately our commentators Chucky and Terriblemovie like to do.

      Neither is it accurate to say that the Korean trolls that call this former comfort woman a slut represent the entire view of Koreans and condemn the entire Korean depraved.

      • Vadim

        The “right wing nut jobs commenting on Yahoo Japan, or 2ch.” are exactly the people to whom the word “netouyo” refers. It isn’t some anti-Japanese ethnic slur, so bbqshrimp wasn’t generalizing about either group.

      • greenhamsters

        Sadly, these trolls will be dismissed as not being Koreans. It will be argued that they’re Japanese or Taiwanese posing as Koreans.

        • greenhamsters

          / Proudly accepts the award.

          Thank you. Thank you. I would like to take this moment to share my appreciation for terriblemovie and chucky3176. I appreciate their lack of originality and predictability. They have renewed my confidence that critical thought truly is dead among their ranks.

    • terriblemovie

      Korean and Japanese grammar is very similar. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them were Japanese netuyos using a translation program like google translate to pose as Korean. The rest were just trolling.

      You had similarly evil comments made by anonymous trolls in tragedies like Sandy Hook tragedy for instance. Internet anonymity gives losers the power to feel “brave”.

      • Digitalsoju

        Google translate struggles with even basic sentences. Also the way it’s written is in natural “internet style” Korean.

      • Isaac

        I wouldn’t be surprise at all if these comments were actually rabbid Japanese nationalists.

        There are tons of them on YT.

        • Allison

          Even more Korean trolls though. korean trolling has been around way longer before Japanese ones came on board.

          • Have a nice day!

            Where is the data to back up your comments? keep on trolling!

          • MericaRules

            LOL he doesn’t. This is just the usual childish “you guys did it first!” or “you guys are worse, so we are better” argument that both Koreans and Japanese love to make.

            Funny thing is, I don’t think this idiot is trolling, but actually believes what he’s saying is the truth. I say let the pathetic, delusional soul keep posting his trash so that he can get off from his daily dose of ecstasy whenever there’s a post that happens to resonate with his.

    • chucky3176

      Obviously you won’t find too many people with ID’s like “Long Live the Emperor”. You shouldn’t surprised by the fact that many Japanese know how to read/write Korean, and vice versa.

      • dk2020

        There are self hating Koreans .. especially Korean girls because Korean society is so rough on them .. it’s funny, my dongseng hates Korea and she’s always talking shit along with her Chinese and Japanese friends .. she really wants to move to Japan .. I tell her it’s same thing and cost of living is actually higher ..

        I love Japan .. Zainichi ARE a part of Japanese society more so than any other gaijin .. they’ve worked hard for they’ve accomplished even with all the discrimination against them .. and I appreciate that Japan is the only country with a North Korean community outside the DPRK..

        I’ve been to Japan before and I laugh at these right wing idiots and keyboard commandos .. they don’t scare me .. I don’t think war will ever break out in East Asia again .. they aren’t that stupid ..

        • chucky3176

          OK, maybe a very tiny minority like 0.0099% of Koreans who maybe like that. But whenever someone says “I planted the Japanese flag outside my house”, “We should honor the emperor”, “These Chosenjins why they make big deal”.. etc,

          either they are just some Korean who are pretending to be Japanese to make Japanese look bad, or they’re just trolling to get reactions, or they really are Japanese. It’s one of those three, because I have never ever met any Korean either in real life or on the net, who actually agrees with Japanese position (that they were prostitutes) regarding the comfort women issue. So color me skeptical.

          • dk2020

            If I was a comfort woman I would have taken any money they gave me .. honestly, it was war outside I can only imagine how hellish that was .. doesn’t make what happened right .. and being how judgmental Koreans are, and how misogynistic older Korean men are does it surprise you? They treated comfort women like shit after the war .. wasn’t until Korea had become prosperous that they started with these grievances getting America and others involved ..

            Japanese are a proud people, the more Koreans whine, the more Japanese will be indifferent about it .. and it makes Koreans look bad .. imperial Japan is dead, let them use that flag its theirs.. the shame blame culture is idiotic ..

            I’ve been to Osaka and Yokohama and trust me I never ran into any racism or right wing idiots hating on Koreans ..

          • dk2020

            If it is a Japanese pretending to be Korean … that’s really pathetic ..

          • TheKorean

            No Koreans say Chosenjin. Chucky is 100% right. There are Japanese imposer pretending to be Korean. It’s everywhere.

          • Steve

            Of course they are Japanese pretending to be Korean. It’s so obvious.

          • Allison

            actually, i think they are koreans pretending to be Japanese to make Japanese look bad. Korean trolls are notorious for making fake accounts and posing as different natonalities.

          • Have a nice day!

            LOL nice try Allison… don’t hurt your head thinking too hard… you are so desperately trying to generalize Korean’s as scum and put them down. That you are actually doing the reverse of what you are trying to achieve…

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    News of someone dying, especially someone who had tragedy in their lives, is like honey to trolls. These are truly the most pathetic of them all.

    • Scream_Writer

      You put that so succinctly and in such great perspective, it honestly made me feel better reading some of the negative comments. Thank you! :)

  • y.m.

    Whores will always be whores, just look at all the korean prostitutes in Japan today. Those comfort women are nothing but girls who were pro japanese and chosed to spread their legs for the imperial army. And now they’re acting as if they were a victim of “sexual slavery” to get compensation. I feel sorry for the koreans today that are being brainwashed by these lowlife lying scums. Japan should liberate them from their corrupted government and give them some proper education on history.

    • Val

      you sir, ought to be ashamed of yourself for denying the atrocities that happened during the war. As for writing such inflammatory comments, are you trying to stir up anti-Japanese feelings on this board? You’re vile.

    • Zappa Frank

      just a troll.. to put up some flames

    • Paul M

      “give them some proper education on history” If only you would follow your own advice.

    • commander

      Your comment signals your ancesotors were stooge of Japanese aggressors or war criminals during the 1910-1945 Japanese colonial rule in Korea.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Clearly projecting his/her own life experiences.

      I’m sorry for Y.M. to have lived like a prostitute. You should get yourself checked out, man. I hear there are some really good therapy for people like you :/

      And look, if you need people to talk to, just express your own pain clearly without using terms like “a person I know”, or “a friend of a friend”, or “those Korean whores”.

      I’m here to help.

    • dk2020

      Imperial Japan is dead and it ain’t happening in today’s world .. right wing nationalists eat a dick ..

    • Isaac

      And yet you bitch and moan that Chucky does the same on japancrush. You’re no different, probably worse on the retardation scale.

    • death_by_ivory

      How much you got paid to write this?

  • greenhamsters

    This is disgusting behavior regardless of one’s background.

  • commander

    The compatriot Koreans’ sneer and jeer at those who were forced into prostitution for the Japanese army is much more excruciating pain for comfort women than Japan’s disregard of the growing calls for offcial apology and compensation.

    Such vastly venomous disparagement should put those responsible through scathing public condemnation by revealing personal information with the help of anonymous local netizens. (Local netizenry is notorious for tracking down a person whose misconduct given media spotlight, and disclosing their information online, the person in question face a flood of critical comments for his misbehavior)

    The government should honor victims of Japanese cruel aggression as they immensely suffered in the absense of a government that is able to protect them from Japan’s organized sexual abuse, for which Tokyo still press a preposterous claim that sexual enslavement is a result of individual choice, not coercion.

  • dk2020

    RIP halmoni ,, may you finally find peace and justice now ..

    You know. it’s August 15, Korean Independence Day but Korea is still half a country .. the North isn’t free or liberated. No matter what you say, they are still my folks it’s not their fault they were born in the DPRK .. and it’s really hard being optimistic because it seems like people everywhere are losing touch with humanity .. all that matters now is money, wealth, and looking good ,,

    I don’t blame Japan for shit .. but I know what’s up .. nationalism, saving face, and pride makes blatant racism and stupidity continue from all sides .. Funny thing is Koreans and Japanese are kindred peoples there’s no denying that.. if they want the US troops out of their countries .. and the South really wants reunification with the North .. I feel like Korea has to make peace with Japan and past atrocities .. teach our children not to hate and hold grudges but to rise above it ..

    • Mighty曹

      Seeing the Dodger’s emblem it’s hard to agree. But I agree with what you said.

    • TheKorean

      Thank Japan for dividing my country. Why does an innocent country like Korea has to make peace with aggressive country like Japan? LOL

      • dk2020

        Russia and the US plus a civil war is what divided the country. Why be angry at the past which cannot change instead of looking to the future and try to make it better for future generations ..

        • TheKorean

          I don’t blame Russia or US for cause of division. It mostly comes from Japan when they started the whole bullshit mess. Why can’t Japan stop looking back to past with their Yasukuni visits, denial of war crimes, territorial disputes w/ neighbors, random anti-Korean hatred, etc.? Korea is the most innocent country among the three and many people know it. Koreans want to live their lives peaceful and no territorial disputes are caused by it.

  • chucky3176

    They’re blaming Ilbe again, but I see that there are no Korean news portal who are reporting this story, actually mention where these comfort women comments are coming from. All of the news say the same thing, that there are akpeul comments in internet forums, but give out no sources for these comments. So which portals had these Japanese type like comments?

    • ken.koo

      Dear Chucky3176: The controversial comments in the above screen capture appeared on Naver in response to the original Yonhap story that reported Ms. Lee’s death. I do not know if similar comments appeared on other portal sites.

  • dk2020

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was ASSHOLE KOREAN AJEOSHIS!!! Fuck ILBE! Dickhead got fast internets but they don’t know how to hack for shit ..

    Quit denying that there are problems with misogyny, domestic violence, and prostitution in Korea .. because there is .. I am so sick of the wangja byung attitudes of these ajeoshis I hope they die soon because as a Korean guy they make me look bad! First thing they do is degrade Korean women because they are an easy target. Same with foreigners .. no balls ..

    Do comfort women receive any benefits from the Korean government??

  • mr.wiener

    Sue these scum. Expose them and shame them.

    • Keeping it real

      suing because they speak the truth? These woman where and nothing but whores!!!!!! Get over it people

      • Guest

        Bakayaro .. how the fuq did the comfort women get into these campsites in the middle of a fucken war? It wasn’t exactly safe dickhead. Yeah, live the glamorous life of a prostitute on the battlefield before these dumbass kamikaze pilots go on a death run, that’s every girl’s dream .. and no, it’s wasn’t just Korean women but many others also .. stop being in denial and have some decency .. I’m over it, the only people that have a right to complain are the comfort women themselves ..

      • mr.wiener

        Do you keep your head up your arse for the warmth?

      • Brett

        You sound like a real piece of work. All you are doing is making Japan, as a whole, look worse.

        • Keeping it real

          And all they are doing is making Koreans look like money hungry whores. Always trying to sue someone for money. THey don’t want an apology, without money. If they want money, they should go after the Korean gov

          • Brett

            You have no idea about the real issue. Your government wont tell you the truth. Ignorance was an excuse, up until the internet became popular. Now, you have a responsibility to learn about what really went down, but you refuse to.


          • David

            I’m sorry your government cannot admit to their past crimes. Well, there are plenty of people who will never forget. I will visit the new memorial in Los Angeles and pay my respects very soon. RIP to Lee Yong-nyeo.

          • Keeping it real

            I will also visit the memorial myself and piss on it when I get there. I might even dress her up as a Japanese whore with a dildo in here mouth while taking pictures.

          • Brett

            … Try harder.

          • dk2020

            Jap dudes always on some hentai shit, does being misogynistic make you feel like a man? What’s up with the weird rape porn in Japan? Bukakke and BDSM are popular too, damn perverts ..

            Japanese men need prostitutes because they are so socially inept with women they need to pay to get laid and don’t know how to have a real relationship .. fucken otaku dorks .. same with Korean men that are whoremongers too .. making it hard for decent Asian men ..

          • pingu777

            Don’t be a dick dude. You’re not accomplishing anything by bashing Japan.

          • dk2020

            I’m just bashing this dude personally and his misogynistic comments .. he thinks rape and prostitution is normal which it isn’t .. I think it stems from the pervert sex culture which manifests itself in JAV porn and fetishes .. Germany is just as twisted .. psychologically it’s from being warmongering countries that have been emasculated so they take it out on women which is pathetic ..

          • pingu777

            He’s just a single douche bag dude. Do you think every single Japanese person thinks like him? I’m pretty sure most Japanese people would be against a sick prick like him. I mean there’s nothing wrong with bashing a an asshole for saying crap like that, I just don’t think you should generalize an entire country based on what a single dick said.

          • dk2020

            Word, I know most Japanese dudes that are cool but it’s hard not to generalize when there are assholes that think this way but won’t say shit unless it’s anonymously on the internet ..

          • Steve

            Yes, I actually feel sorry for the Japanese fellow. So much hate and anger! Wow.

          • pingu777

            I’m not even sure if he is Japanese or not. What I am sure is that he’s a whiny attention seeking bitch who probably wasn’t loved enough when he was young.

          • David

            UH OH, sounds like somebody’s got a case of the MONDAYS! Also, what does “here mouth” mean?

          • bojina

            you really are trying aren’t you…

          • michael mann

            I’d gladly rip your stomach wide open with a chainsaw, and watch you die screaming in agony.

      • rs52852

        I’d gladly f u cking rip your stomach wide open with a chainsaw, and let your entrails spill out, and watch you die screaming in extreme agony. c u nt

  • Sifl

    I wonder how these trolls would feel if they were the ones who were gang raped by Japanese soldiers…

  • Mighty曹

    May she reborn into a better life.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Passing away before the Japanese Government would ever concede…. sad outcome.

    Nevermind my disgust for the lack of apology.

  • EastAsianNationalist

    So are they undercover Japanese agents being paid to post comments?

    But seriously, angry trollery is everywhere, and offensive speech is what makes the internet great.

    • Allison

      Korean trolls are by far the worst and most prominent. Check out After Stormfront, it was voted the most racist page on the interent. Koreans definitely are hands down the king pins of bigotry and offensive comments.

  • SK is slowly adopting the corrosive ideals of the USA while Samsung abuses offshore workers in an attempt to emulate Apple. Please stop it. You are better than that. How do I know? I watch your dramas every night! 😉

    • death_by_ivory

      And this connected to the article,how?

      • Trolls slut-shaming an obvious victim–and a senior victim at that. The leading corporate face of SK exploiting foreign workers. A seemingly steady degradation of respect and compassion on the way down a slippery slope and eventually joining U.S. on the bottom tier of civilized behavior. That’s not the SK that I have come to admire.

        • death_by_ivory

          There are always bad and good people in any country.
          There will be always internet trolls.
          Real life is not a TV drama(unfortunately,everybody would have nice bodies,gorgeous faces and perfect lives)

          • I spent a week in travelling in SK and it was a whole different world running on a completely different mindset than in the U.S. I didn’t even know that dramas existed at the time so ignore that attempt to be humorous.

          • death_by_ivory

            I made the same mistake with Israel.I went to visit for 2 weeks and I thought so wonderful.I moved there and after a couple of years realized how bad it is.Even to go back to visit my mom is paining me.
            You can never know a country unless you live in it.One week,two or even a month is not enough.

          • Well said. Both countries are riven by ideology.

          • dk2020

            kdramas is entertainment just like hollywood .. smfh .. of course it’s not like the US, completely different histories and cultures .. big business will exploit foreign workers because it’s always about making the most profit .. apple products are made in china off foxconn .. even if you live in asia for years you’ll still be considered a foreigner and you’ll never understand it’s culture shock ..

  • commander

    The death news came when the government was considering financial support for some comfort women who filed a civil compensation lawsuit against the Japanese government in a Soutg Korean court and won the case.

    According to the court filing made Aug. 13, 12 planitiffs demand compensation money in 1.2 billion, each 100 million won, from the Japanese government.

    Experts say that even if comfort women won the case, the execution of the ruling would requires another ciurt battle in Japan, which is anticipated to reject the enforcement of a South Korean court verdict.

    The latest judicial develpment carries a symbolic significance in that the lawsuit will heat up a long standing controversy over Tokyo’s rejection of the demands for apology and compensation for its past militariatic abuse of Koreans during its colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula.

    Previously, South Korean confort women made compensation demands from the Japanese government in an unsuccessful lawsuit in Japan.

    • chucky3176

      Frankly I don’t even know why they even bother fighting this in japanese courts. Nobody in Japan cares. They all think the women were prostitutes. The Japanese people, the government their judges and courts will never ever side with them. Why do they continue to fight a useless battle? What individual Koreans should do is cut Japan off, stop traveling to there, stop buying their products, stop all exchanges with them, and just totally ignore them as non-people. Then make sure to build up the Korean military so that what happened in 1905 never happens again, before the Japanese government revises their constitution and build up an offensive military force.

      • commander

        Good point. But high economic interdependence between South Korea and Japan makes it hard for the former to cut off all their links to the latter.

        In an answer to your recommandation of beefing up the Korean military, it is hard to strenthen the military as keeping the archipelago state from nefariously approaching the Korean Peninsula requires the buildup of a stronger naval force, which is inconceivable at a time when the defense budget is tight just for making credible deterrance against the increasingly volatile North Korea.
        In addition, the United States would not sell a aircraft carrier to Seoul over concerns that a South Korean purchase would certinaly set off a regional arms race.

        As Japan is mulling securing the right of collectivr defense with the loose reinterpretation of its war-renouncing constitution in what experts say will be notably exteneded to the Korean Peninsula in an emergency, ramping up the defense budget for South Korea appear inevitable, but there are monetary restraints and implicit US opposition to sich a move.

        Judged by military strength, the South Korean military might be outpowered by Japan’s self defence forces.

        South Koreans display rensentment over Japan’s unrepent, unapologetic and even provocative remarks and behavior, but they have a weaker military might in repulsing any armed assault from Japan, which is very tragic at present.

        • chucky3176

          Most of South Korea’s defenses were geared towards defending against North Korea, which is the army and the ground war. South Korea doesn’t need an aircraft carrier because South Korea’s waters are small. It’s now like Japan where they need to defend their southern islands, thousands KM away. What South Korea needs is better airforce, more fighters and ability to wage war for a long time, especially the Dokdo area. Once Japan revises their constitution and their militarism increases (remember, their right wing movement is just beginning now, it will get far worse, as they look on their historic past as nostalgic), there will be calls in Japan to take the island by force. In the future, there could very well be clashes in around that area, if more natural gas is discovered, especially if and when the Americans draw down from Korea due to financial reasons. South Korea’s navy does not need to match ship by ship with Japan. Japan has far more territory to cover and defend, and they have China to worry about.

          What we individuals can do is, we have choices. We can stop buying so much of their products. Why buy Japanese cars when European, American, and Korean cars are just as good? Japanese individuals would never think of buying anything Korean, so why should you? Why travel to Japan, helping their economy, when Japanese are demonstrating in front of Koreans not to come? All these are individual choices.

          • dk2020

            Japanese are the #1 tourists to Korea, they were the first foreign market for Kpop and the Korean wave .. I know plenty of Japanese that appreciate Korean culture but it’s hard when there’s so much resentment coming from Koreans. Damn stubborn pride, if you didn’t learn anything from history, Korea being isolated is what lead up to colonization, Japan wanted to keep up with their European counterparts. That was the times back then .. I really doubt Japan can be like that ever again .. Japanese youth now are too apathetic about politics ..

          • TheKorean

            It’s not only Japanese who come here, and I don’t care. Korea should cut diplomatic ties with annoying Japan. Japan never changed, it still denies their own crimes and continues with their right-wing government. South Korea wants to move on, but Japan doesn’t want. You’re not a Korean living in Korea, so you don’t know much.

          • dk2020

            SMH .. yeah just make things worse .. sounds like a great plan, especially for Zainichi thats been living in Japan for generations .. hell no I’m gyopo, I don’t live in Korea and if they do something so idiotic I wouldn’t want to either ..

            Koreans and Japanese that didn’t live through the war and experience it firsthand need to shut the fuck up because they don’t know what they are talking about, complaining and being arrogant about the war from before they were born, how retarded is that .. Korea really needs to get over it’s victim and inferiority complex ..

            It’ll be the same thing from when Korea banned Japanese products but had an abundance of Korean copycat products.. it’ll still be on the black market and it won’t solve any of Korea’s social problems .. but then you won’t have Japan to blame ..

          • TheKorean

            Korea and Japan had bad relations even before the colonization. It was meant this way. Koreans don’t give a flying cr*p about Japan. It’s always Japan who wants to claim OUR territory but South Koreans want to live in peace and reunified. If Japan stays away from Korea, there would be no problems.

          • Rutim

            > If Japan stays away from Korea, there would be no problems.

            Japan stays away from Korea as far as it’s possible right now…

          • TheKorean

            Stop claiming our islets and territory!

          • Rutim

            Go to IOC to settle it once and for all. Those islets were one day after the war Japanese and on the other one it became a fortress guarded by armed policemen and the most entrenched island in Korea and a place where Korean president can walk over Hinomaru to show off to the people who are being thought not about their own history but about Takeshima being Korean since the first time they watch TV or read newspaper…

          • commander

            If South Korea keept itself economically and culturally from Japan, it might amount to provide ammunition for some ultra conservative war mongers in Japan.

            As for the pressibg need for strenghthened air and naval forces, I couldnt agree more with you, but I have disagreement over reducing exchanges with Japan.

            Constandly pressured by continetal and maritime powers throughout its history, the Korean Peninsula can not live in isolation from its neighbroing countries.

            Instead of living a hermetic life in increasingly destabilizing regional power relations, Seoul needs to wave a tightened web of networks with its neighboring countries on state and civilian levels in a bid to preclude any aggressive policy from materializing by stirring up division over militarism between pro Korean and anti Korean forces.

            By raising constant concerns over a rising Japanese militarism, we also need to build a cause for international support in the form of condemnation at the UN and the foiling of Japanese bid to win permanent US security council membership.

          • TheKorean

            I’m Korean living in Busan. South Korea isn’t culturally nor economically connected to Japan. South Korea doesn’t need Japan in economic terms. South Korea needs to break Japan diplomatically and have more economic ties in Continental Asia.

      • dk2020

        That’s just paranoia Chucky, this isn’t 1905 and the world is a lot smaller .. Japan would have to answer to the world if they ever attacked Korea now and it’s bad for the economy ..

        There was a ban of Japanese products up until the 80’s in Korea but it didn’t matter because it was all on the black market anyways. Koreans should apologize to the Japanese for all the ideas and technology that’s been stolen..

        • chucky3176

          I don’t think they’ll be crazy enough to attack Korea either, but there could be territorial clashes involving the navy and the airforce. That’s what I’m talking about. They took what they called the Takeshima islands in 1905, it was the beginning of the colonization, as they annexed the entire Korea only few years later. The right wing nutjobs in Japan are getting stronger, so you never know in the future. It’s better to be safe than be sorry later when you get caught flat footed again.

          • dk2020

            There’s just as many right wing nutjobs in Korea and China as well .. politics as usual in East Asia .. I thought Korea spends enough money and resources as it is in the military ..

          • chucky3176

            Like I said already, Korea’s defense strategy has always been against North Korea, concentrating on ground defenses. SK needs a new maritime force including a new airbase and naval base on Jeju island, to defend all three triangle points against the three enemies, rather then just building up the defenses in the northern area. As for right wingers, Korea doesn’t have any right wingers claiming territories held by Japan. And the past track record of the two countries says it all.

  • chucky3176

    Those trolls at Naver sounds exactly like these guys (the reader commentators) at Japantoday. They have what we Koreans call, hwabyong.
    And some people here accuse me of being the problem. Geez.

  • Vladimir Prostran

    I cannot believe how disrespectful these people are. The family is right about filing a suit – someone who suffered so much in life is still being abused by strangers. Unacceptable.

  • holdingrabbits

    So wait…can I sue people on Koreabang for saying racist things?

    • commander

      We need to distinguish intentionally targeted and unspecific general comments. The agony the former may cause would be enormous while the latter may generate less degree of uproar from the group as a whole targeted.

      Posting and spreading defamative comment targeting a person may constitute a libel though limited access to lawyers because of money problems make it hard for the defamed person to file a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator.

      • holdingrabbits

        People say bad things about dead people all the time. I have not been shy about my feelings regarding a certain dead Korean “president.” It’s in bad taste to say bad things about the dead, but it shouldn’t be a crime. In this case, I’m even more against it since any punitive damages will not be going to the woman herself, but to her family.

  • holdingrabbits

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think you should be able to sue someone no matter how offensive their internet comments are? Certainly, it’s despicable, but I’m no supporter of internet observation and having your 주민등록번호 attached to everything.

    • commander

      You might think otherwise if you are harassed by willfully malicious, and profoundly groundless, anonymous comments.

      The case for an enhanced user vertification needs not to be accepted as a thinly-veiled censorhip to tame the freedom of speech online.

  • death_by_ivory

    Im sorry she had to live like that. Rest in Peace. At least she had a long life.

    She was 87,her skin was amazing.Whatever it is I want some of those genes.

  • Isaac

    Japanese cannot contemplate that these innocent women were forced against their will and claim were “prostitutes”. Such shameless monkeys.

  • commander

    Japanese PM reportedly sent a ritual offering to what has been a symbolic source of ongoing Northeast Asian bruising dispute: Yasukuni Shrine.

    The offering was made to mark the end of WW II while many comfort women mostly in their 80s think they will not get due apologies from the increasingly rightist Japanese government before they die.

    It’s dual whammy for them: the Korean government has done little to help them restore their honor by getting apologies from Tokyo citing the 1965 basic treaty that states the relinqushment of raparation claims on the Seoul’s side; the Japanese government has long spurned what they see as absurd demands from Seoul.

    Aug. 15 marks Korea’s liberation from the 36 year old brutality under the japanese colonial rule, but the death of a comfort woman and signs of resurgence of a rightward Japan cast cold water over any celebration.

  • commander

    In terms of international politics, it is quite interesting for South Korea not to raise the problem of Japan’s rightward lurch to the United States, a nation with double motives in Norteast Asia: checking a rising China with an enhanced US-Japan alliance while reining in Japan’s militaristic resurgence.

    Japan’s rearmanent through reinterpretation of its US-imposed pacifist constitution might be possible under American tacit approval as the US would assure Seoul of its confidence in curbing Tokyo so as not to the archeplargo state’s spiraling out of control in quest of ill conceived military glory restoration.

    Washington would remain strategically ambiguous wjif it were asked to stop Japan from walking on a fraught military rearmament path as it is well aware of backlash in siding Seoul or Japan in what it conceive as irresoluble colonial legacy in Northeast Asia.

    Neverthless, by bringing up the issue of Japan’s disavowal of its colonial era abuses and rasing concerns over Japan’s incresingly aggressiveness, Seoul can test how much Washington put importance on Korea-US alliance, and what steps it could take in a Seoul-Japan conflict, which could undermine its backbone bilitateral alliance in Northeast Asia.

    Seoul need to pressure Japan to be sincerely apologetic about its past militaristic imperialism while demands Washington’s more acrive mediation effort to assuage Japan’s alarming military buildup, which many experts in Korea worry would be used unfavorably on the Korean Peninsula in a contingency.

    • TheKorean

      Korea can easily turn against Japan anyday. US-Japan alliance relies on Korea-US alliance.

      • dk2020

        How’s that? US bases will still be in Okinawa and I’m sure the US will be against Korea turning on Japan without any provocation .. You’re delusional if you think that won’t impact the economy in East Asia .. Japan still has the 3rd largest economy in the world ..

        • TheKorean

          US has bases in Japan, Okinawa, and Guam. I don’t think US is willing to protect Japan over a nuclear war with a nuclear Korea.

      • commander

        For the United States, Japan has greater strategic significance than South Korea as the American Maginote line is drawn at Japan for its continued martime dominance over the Pacific–oceanic supremacy that enables its persistent engagement in Northeast Asia for the containment of a rise of any Eurosian power.

        The Korean Peninsula is delicately balanced by China-led continental and US-driven maritime powers–a status quo signaling that the peninsula could turn into a flaming battlefield if either side seeks to revise the order in its favor and hence the impossibility that the peninsula is harnessed as a stable basis for the United States to project its power into Northeast Asia.

        All past track records on Korea-US alliance reveal that Washington occasionallly attempted the full withdrawal of American troops from South Korea while retaining its armed forces in Okinawa, Japan, though the pullout plans were revisited and scrapped in the face of mounting armed provocations from North Korea and in light of South Korea’s strategic importance as a forward outpost to rein in a rising China.

        Another example of American preference for Japan over South Korea is that defense and foreign ministers of Washington and Tokyo proclaimed a stronger alliance sharing power in an extened alliance operation scope streting to the Indian Ocean in a 2008 meeting.

        On top of it, in the Global Defense Posture Review, a report to reassess threats confronting the US and relocate its overseas troops equipped cutting edge techonological innovations to better brace for terrorist attacks, the Untited States categorized its military bases in Japan as central power projection hub, a notch up above American bases in South Korea.

        In sum, the United States would be likely to retreat from the Korean Peninsula in an emergency to Japan where it might reorganize its forces to hit back any aggrssors.

        • TheKorean

          People don’t know that South Korea government can kick US troops out anytime and built nuclear/ballistic weapons for its OWN protection like France and UK. We don’t have some leash on us. American bases in South Korea are pointless since South Korean military is among the largest in world and can defend easily against North Korean provocation. The whole political landscape of East Asia can change in a matter of months. A strong independent South Korea is bad bad for Japan.

          • commander

            International sanctions for any soveign attempt at nuclear deveolopment, and the need for armed deterrence against a nuclear North Korea and China-rivalry over regional surpremacy present convincng grounds for continued US presence on the Korean Peninsula even after the reunification of two Koreas.

          • TheKorean

            How many times US purpose to leave Korea? Many times but SK government won’t allow them because of economic reasons. I highly doubt US will stay in Korea even after reunification. It looks like US wants South Korea to do the opposite which is take its own burden of securing its own borders and interests.

          • commander

            As far as I know, the US made five UFSK writhdrwals from South Korea, its reason varing from a parlientary budget cut for the defense department in the Clinton administration to a strategic adjustment to tranform its overseas troops into a quick resonpse force armed with cudtting edge C4ISR.

            As a widely known fact, the late leader Kim Jong-il is reportedly to have said to South Korean presiden Kim Dae-joong during the first landmark inter-Korean summit in June 2000 that a continued US troops presence on the Korean Peninsula even after a reunificaltion is necessary to maintain the balnce of power in Northeast Asia.

            His remarks stunnedany North Korean watchers as the Stalinist country has long accused the USFK of escalating tension on the peninsula and plotting surprise attacks on Pyongyang.

            Many international relation experts has been echoed the view that the US forces need to remain on the peninsula as a pacific force to keeping a mounting China-Japan rivarly over regional dominance from suffocating the Korean Peninsla, whose national capabilities, military and economic, is dwarfed by its neighbroing countries – China and Japan.

            Some preorgressve pundits present divergent view of a role the US forces have played here, claiming the USFK has been the cause of rift between two Koreas.

            But I am of the same opinion with mainstream international politics experts that the US will counteract the adverse effects from a rising China and an increasingly jingoistic Japan on the Korean Peninsula.

            Although Washington ask Seoyl to bear far more burden of defense expenditure from stationing its troops there in the wake of massive fiscal deficit reduction decision, such burden sharing demands from Washington hardly have hurtful repercussion on the Korea-US alliance that has been the backbone for Seoul’s security and jas been upgraded into a broad-based strategic alliance in 2010.

  • bultak23

    Maybe the best thing you can do is forgive and feel sorry for the Japanese soldiers and what awaits them in hell.

    • death_by_ivory

      Sometimes I think it might be comforting to believe in heaven,hell and god.On the second hand no thanks,I like to be an atheist.

      • bultak23

        The first step to peaceful world is allowing liberty to every person, including people that choose to be atheist.

  • pingu777

    Whatever happens I hope this issue is resolved before all of those victims pass away. Even if one of them were to still be alive when Japan issues a sincere apology…

  • Ryan Kim

    The leaders of this radiated wasteland are the descendants of those who have committed atrocities all throughout the Asian continent. It will be God who will punish these jokbaris. The Tsunami and Earthquake is just a preview.

    • Allison

      Including all of those tens of thousdands of children aged 5 and under who had everything to do with WW2? They all deserve God’s punishment? Wow, you gooks are even sicker than I thought.

      • Ryan Kim

        Don’t blame me for all the young japs that perished throughout the years. Even God knows how sick you fucks are, which is why he’s cleansing the jap population through earthquakes and tsunamis. Hell you dumb fuck japs decided to build nuclear plants on an earthquake prone island, putting the whole world at risk.

        • bang2tang

          Don’t you realize your land didn’t get any tsunami because their land created kind of barrier againts pacific ocean ?

      • fetr525252f

        I’d gladly rip your stomach wide open with a chainsaw.

  • chucky3176

    For those of you who keeps insisting that these are just few minority of Japanese who thinks way, I suggest you read AskaKorean blog.

    Then there’s the “contest to kill 100 people by sword” that was waged between two Japanese officers, Toshiaki Mukai, and Tsuyoshi Noda.

    After the war, both of them bragged about killing hundreds of people by the sword. As far as I know, they were never tried and punished by the winning allied armies. Actually, most of the war crimes that were punished were crimes against Western POW’s and the Dutch Comfort Women. Furthermore, Japan was allowed to keep their core apparatus, and their actions never questioned. They got a free pass, which lead them to start fudging with their own history.

    • Rutim

      This story turned out to be fabricated and the truth about that came to the daylight some 30 years after the war… The only sure thing is that they weren’t serving in the first line force, one of them couldn’t take a part in that as he was hospitalized at the time of the ‘contest’ and they were both executed after the war in China.

      Typical wartime propaganda which turned out against those two soldiers. It’s now being used widely in Chinese propaganda as well as Unit 731 although no one nows shit about what happened there and all those stories about inhuman experiments are the product of post war fantasies started by a fictitious Japanese novel…

      • chucky3176

        I missed the trial and execution of those two Japanese officers in China, so they were indeed punished. But your fabrication claim itself is false. But LOL at your fabrication charges. Japan also denies the Nanjing massacre itself, so no big surprise there.

        • Rutim

          Some Japanese historians deny the number of victims in that massacre, whether they were civilians or soldiers in a sieged city. They only try to get a solid base based o primary sources, not on linear estimation like the number of 300k victims which was made by Chinese historians.

          And about Unit 731 there are solid informations for 2 cases of living human experiments if I remember correctly and two or three experiments on how human body reacts to temperetures below 0 Celcius degrees if I remember that correctly. In Khabarovs court after the war there was a testimony that they did like 100 autopsies a year and from that number the estimated number of victims was assumed as 3k. Of course, Russians didn’t sentence anyone for that, probably for the data they collected there and the possibility of getting researchers in their hands after the war. All of those inhuman experiments like you can see in a movies like ‘The Men behind the Sun’ are made up as no one really knows (aside from the US intelligence) what was done there. And recently declassified US documents don’t give anything sensational.

          • commander

            You appear to admit the existence of Japan’s unspeakable atrocities during its invasion of Korea amd China.

            The only thing you raise a question about is the depth and breadth of such a horrendeous crimes against humanity.

            You is asserting invaded countries exaggerate the degree of Tokyo’s war crimes for political motivations.

            By all accounts, your accusation of exaggerated claims for Korea and China seems to be successful result of Japan’s tenacious indoctrination of its people on the Pacific War in defiance of growing calls for your country’s acknowledgement of its wrongdoings.

            I admire Japan for its excellance in burying its head in the sand to evade war liabilities and subsequent rejection of any compensation calls.

          • Rutim

            > I admire Japan for its excellance in burying its head in the sand to evade war liabilities and subsequent rejection of any compensation calls.

            I only think that’s a matter to be talked about by historians, not by ordinary people like you who can as well barg about the engines of a space shuttle which you don’t know shit about. I can only read books and scientific descriptions which decribe facts without making up numbers of victims (the more the better it seems as you’ll get more famous!)…

            > You is asserting invaded countries exaggerate the degree of Tokyo’s war crimes for political motivations.

            Well, you probably don’t know how much even the events which happened not even a century ago are distorted in Korean and Chinese history… when the modern tools were used and they chose propaganda instead of normal academical dispute.

            > By all accounts, your accusation of exaggerated claims for Korea and China seems to be successful result of Japan’s tenacious indoctrination of its people on the Pacific War in defiance of growing calls for your country’s acknowledgement of its wrongdoings.

            If primary sources like reports mean nothing and all you can do is talk about it without any knowledge then congratulations on calling me ‘indoctrinated’ for using them while you don’t even care to look critically to what you read over in Internet. But yes, critical thinking seems like reserved for a narrow group of people it seems from your reasoning.

            I presented the established facts. And you call it ‘propaganda’… Something is wrong here, isn’t it?

          • commander

            First, I can present mountain of data proving war crimes Japan committed against colonized peoples, Tokyo’s dumbfounding repudiation of them.

            Second, Haven’t you ever thought that if Japan were to settle its colonial past in the wake of its surrender to what is her master(the US) with its victimized neighboring countries, old scores would be resovled in a clear cut manner?

            Japan’s repeated denials of war crimes and incendiary remarks that degrade national pride in Seoul and Bejing set the stage for two nations to delve into facts Japan has refused to face up to–fact that the archepelargo state characterizes as groundless in a bid to skirt its reponsibilities.

            Third, Japanese scholars eho are steeped in nationalism are producing papers peppered with what they see as objective figures and statistics, and they are those who believe that candidly admitting past wrongdoings hurt the greatness of their country.

            Fourth, Japan is bascially expansionist, gripped by the fear that its rigid hierarchical social order foments discontent from the marginalized, leading to implosion of infighting.

            The Japanese are both timid and reckless in that they highly value the vetical order and tend to strike first at its conceoved enemy which it considers formidable to deal with–illustrated by Pearl Harbor attack which was made by pilots who suicidally smashing into US naval forces at the harbor despite all the indications that defeating the US was impossible in terms of firepower and logical support etc.

          • Rutim

            > illustrated by Pearl Harbor attack which was made by pilots who suicidally smashing into US naval forces at the harbor despite all the indications that defeating the US was impossible in terms of firepower and logical support

            lol, I wonder what data you could provide in primary sources like actual documents about Japanese war crimes after statement like that.

            lol, Japanese suicide bombers in Pearb Harbor :D

            Let’s end it here. At least you had cheered me a little bit today with your ‘knowledge’.

          • commander

            Some mistake.
            Kamikaze, meaning wind of God, began in October 1944, with the aim of crippling or sinking US warships and aircraft carriers.

            Such pilot-guided suicide attacks only reveal the depth of insanity the Japanese could turn into at the instigation of Japanese warmongers.

    • paobu

      Incidentally, how do Japanese explain the existence of Dutch comfort women who were former red-cross nurses? I know the explanation for the involuntarily Korean comfort women is that they were more or less bought and sold by Korean pimps against their will, and the Japanese tried to act against it.

      So what’s the standard explanation for the Dutch women? Just curious more than anything else to get both sides down on paper.

  • hmm.. i thought of making korean crime news site. (i know this site doesn’t post all the korean news stuff). i have korean mmo news site but only few people watch it.. but you have 100 comments!!

  • bojina

    the scum i see on ilbe is worse than the scum i’ve seen in 4chan, even 2chan sometimes. may her soul rest at ease.

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