Gay Celebrity Receives Letter From Nephews, Is Moved To Tears

TV personality Hong Seok-cheon talks about a letter he received from his nephews on the SBS TV show Strong Heart.

From Nate:

Hong Seok-cheon Receives Letter From Nephews That Moves Him To Tears, Says “I Did Not Want To Be A Burden To Them”

TV personality Hong Seok-cheon received a letter from his nephews that moved him to tears.

On the February 4th episode of SBS’ Healing Camp, Hong, Korea’s ‘#1 coming out celebrity’, talked about several stories related to his coming out.

Hong told the MC a story about his two nephews, saying, “My second older sister is divorced and my two nephews were adopted [by her].” The nephews, who are studying abroad in the Philippines, had sent Hong a letter.

Through tears, Hong showed the letter his nephews had written to him. It read, “Some of our friends are also going through a hard time, just like you, uncle, and they look to you for courage and confidence and wanted to thank you for that. We hope you continue to give hope to and inspire people. Uncle, don’t ever think you’re alone, because you are part of the Hong family; if you ever feel lonely, don’t give up.”

Hong said, “At first, I thought I was a burden to my nephews. When I first came out to the public, it did not go well…but the younger people have been much more understanding. I didn’t want my nephews to be ashamed of their uncle.”

Comments from Nate:


Yesterday, in a spur-of-the-moment decision, I went into an Itaewon store and was startled to see [Hong] there. Cheerfully, he said hello to me, and we introduced ourselves to each other. He, and people like him, are good people – when do they get to be happy?


If [a right] does not infringe upon others’ rights, people should be free to that right!


I’m not gay, but I do know it’s not wrong to be gay.


I’m really glad I tuned in today to watch this. Hong, and people like him, deserve respect…I think homosexuality is at least understood in today’s society. Hang in there, Mr. Hong!


That’s really cool. I’m rooting for you, Hong!


Today’s show made me cry…his life must have been really difficult. Hong Seok-cheon, I hope you live a long and good life. I’ll be cheering you on!


Hong, you were already a wonderful uncle! Hwaiting!~


People are so ignorant towards homosexuals. You have straight people who go to brothels, have one night stands, and are generally dirty people, so isn’t true that straight people are “dirty”? Of course not ;;, so let’s not condemn all gay people.


Hong Seok-cheon bro!!! Do your best. I think a lot more people will understand you after today ^^ I hope you are always in good health and smiling!


Can you think of anything cooler than that? I’m really happy for him.


His nephews were raised well. Hehe


I think Hong is a really nice guy and you can see he is telling the truth.


I don’t know anyone who’s gay, but I do have something to say to one: Hong Seok-cheon! Though most people are heterosexual, there’s nothing wrong with being different! I think you are a great and brave person. I hope you find your love and happiness.


You know, it’s a real shame he came out so late in life – he had to endure that pain alone for so long. We should thank Hong for making us more understanding. Though I am ashamed for not being supportive earlier, I wish him nothing but happiness.


I hate it when people are discriminated against, especially good people [like Hong]…


Cheer up, Hong. People were born to be loved. Don’t be depressed, hang in there. Watching Healing Camp today really made my heart hurt. You’re not alone. You can do it!


I think he’s a very inspiring person. He is self-conscious but more importantly, he knows how to love himself!


Regardless of his sexual orientation, he is still a good person.


To be called a ‘minority’ in your own society must be very difficult for him. I feel bad for him ㅠㅠ

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  • commander

    Ideally, the freedom of a person should be maximally guaranteed as long as his or her behavior causes no harm to others.

    Coming out as a homosexual appears to be understood as a personal matter with no harm to society.

    Realistically, acknowledging yhat homosexuals are human beings equal to heteroseuxal involves complicated issues that are emerging as a bone of contention in advanced countries.

    For one thing, advocates for homoseuxality say that guaranting rights of gays or lesbians should lead to the recognition of same-sex marriage and adoption and/or conception of children.

    Critics are vociferous against granting legal recognition to the marriage, citing religious grounds. Some of them argue that allowing adoption by same-sex couples could have a deep impact the formation of adopteed children’s sexual orientation, especially at an early age.

    This thorny issue emerges as the lower house of the French parliament passed a bill on Tuesday to recognize same-sex marriage and its adoption.

    Back in South Korea, Mr. Hong may be an inpsiration for those agonizing and confused over their sexual identity and thawed prejudices against homosexuals in the nation.

    But, still many people who say the need for recognizing homosexuality might feel it hard to accept homosexuals as friends and colleagues at work.

    This highlight the bumpy road not only in accepting them as legimate members in our society but also, though it will take long time to surface, in ackonwledging same-sex marriages and adoption.

  • It would be great if Hong could spend a little more of his time raising awareness of issues like this. Apart from anything else, it will stop him from opening any more awful restaurants in Itaewon.

    • chucky3176

      He was on TV the other day to tell of his business success. His sales are around $50,000 a day, and he started off with a small restaurant, then he bought the building outright. He came out that he was gay in the early 1990’s, to his classmates when he was an acting student. He recalled that he had wonderful support from his professor and his classmates then. Then he ended up working on the set of the show “Namja Seht, Yoja Seht” (Three Guys and Three Girls”) comedy series in 1995. He played this gay behaving character that he created himself to hint to everyone that he was gay. But he laughed that nobody had any ideal, as everyone kept asking him when he was going to get married.

      • His restaurants’ being popular does nothing to gainsay their awfulness. His precise skill is in knowing exactly what kind of kitschy faux-cuisine the Itaewon arriviste crowd goes for and how to pretty up W3,000 worth of ingredients into a W30,000 plate of nouveau riche shit. I don’t see anything to admire in that.

  • dim mak

    Nephews huh
    What about the rest of his family

    • Brett

      Does it matter? What about your family?

      • dim mak

        Mom thinks its disgusting

        Nobody else cares

    • redgirls

      Yes, but at least his Nephew’s took the time to let him know, they care.

    • Allan

      Very significant actually, since they’ll be the new generation to come who might help improve tolerance and equality…

  • hun


  • monmon

    The comments are wonderfully supportive. I hope awareness continues in Korea in this way.

  • Allan

    I’m very glad these comments reflect a more positive reaction from Koreans – the right reaction! I hope more people like him come out to represent and support the ordinary South Korean LGBT people.

    • Dutch1988

      I agree.

  • Cyberia

    seriously i cant believe he and harisu are the only significant lgbt celebrity to come out. there’s GOT to be more than that.

  • ric

    the pics used in this article are just plain creepy….so fuck off

  • Eduardo m.

    yay! i love these supportive comments! Hong you are an inspiration!

  • Dutch1988

    I saw him in a few Korean dramas. He is a great actor! I’m glad he was able to come out. I hear it isn’t doing this in Korea. Of course it’s not easy overall but it takes a strong person to not hide their sexual orientation. I hope others have as much support and have the courage to do what this man did.

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