• YouAreSilly

    Ramen isn’t real food. Ahn Cheol-See should be praised for setting a good example and not eating that crap.

  • ….

    If not knowing the price of ramen is the biggest political scandal in South Korea now, I’d say they have it pretty good.

    • jon776

      Nah, it’s just that what’s really important is ignored.

  • Noir12

    I bet the journalist who covered this “story” was living off of ramen.

    • Danny

      Lol’d so hard. +1

  • HelloWorld

    The current deputy prime minister of Japan, Taro Aso was asked a similar question by a member of the opposing party back in 2008 during a national assembly
    Aso answered 400 yen which is around twice as much as it ‘s usually sold for.

    just an attempt to show how out of touch politicians are with ordinary citizens
    not really news worthy…

    • Butsu

      It does a pretty poor job of proving that point to be honset.

  • commamder

    In a word, the politicallt motivated attack. The question about the Ramen price cannot be a meaninful gauge of his political ideas.

    Most fathers may not know what amount of tuition fees mothers pay for their middle school and high school students.

    Does that mean they are not fathers of true meaning? What a farce!

  • chucky3176

    Even I didn’t know how much they cost. Rough estimates: three thousand
    won, which is about $2.60 for a pack of five is about 52 cents each, or
    about 650 to 700 won. Close enough. But one point I want make is that
    Koreans are unjustified in always complaining that the prices of living
    are too high. Every country in the world have seen prices of
    necessities go up and up, not just Korea. Instead of whining about not
    having enough money to live on, fix the real problem – high cost of
    private education where billions are thrown away in waste each year for
    inferior education, and the high cost of renting homes and high
    mortgages. Both of these are fueled by private household debt which in
    turn strangles domestic consumption leading to bad domestic economy with
    fewer jobs. The inflation is now one percent, after a steady and rapid decline since last year. Now Korea is in real danger of Japanese style deflation where prices are rolled back with no real wage/job growth.

  • Peter Pottinger

    The point all you kids are missing, people don’t WANT to eat 400yaun raman, but they HAVE to. Think about it for a second.

    • chucky3176

      That’s my point. Complaining about high cost of living, why aren’t there any people complaining about average family having to shell out a third of their monthly income on private education, and half their income in housing? Those two elements alone make up a big majority of household spending in South Korea. Unlike Americans, Koreans aren’t going out to buy consumer goods on credit cards. Education and houses are two fundamental individual rights, yet Koreans are forced to overspend on them. The best thing that the Korean government can start with is, outlaw and force the closure of hundreds of thousands of private tutoring centers around the country, and spend public money on improving public education. That alone will free up at least $500 a month for an average Korean family with an average middle class income. The Korean family can spend that money paying down the mortgage or they can use that money to spend on the Korean economy. The burden of education on Korean families are just abnormal and unsustainable.

      • Kate

        No one HAS to pay for private education though. They think they have to but they really don’t. At some point, a generation of Koreans need to collectively say “No more” to hagwons and be done with it. For profit “schools” ran by profit driven business men/women with no knowledge of how to actually teach/run a school/ child development/. etc, etc,. have zero business running a “school”. These hagwons are nothing but a bunch of liars. They’re going to tell the parents whatever they want to hear as long as tuition is paid at the end of each month and the parents, so desperate to see that their kid is keeping up with/doing better than the Kim’s kid, will keep on paying, all the while, their kid is mindlessly going through text book after text book with “teachers” who aren’t really teachers, they didn’t spend 4 years learning how to teach, they have no real teaching experience, they have no idea what curriculum standards, pedagogical methodologies, proper assessment, etc,. etc,. There is a reason why real teachers have to go to school to be real teachers, it’s a profession with real skills and methodologies and standards , not something that “John with an English Lit degree” can do.

        Korean kids deserve better, qualified teachers and schools. There’s so much that needs to change though. This over competitiveness is just getting ridiculous and collectively destroying the society. Men and women need to work 40 hour weeks, that’s it, or be paid over time accordingly. Children need to spend no more then 8 hours at a school, that’s it. They need to go home and see their parents, they need to be kids. And something parents don’t seem to understand is that they, themselves, are the greatest educators. A parent can teach their child so much, they don’t need private schools to do it.

        Eh just my 2 cents.

  • dk2020

    Shin Ramyun Black my fave goes for about a buck a pack in the US .. I like mines with an egg, spam, butter, green onions, and cheese .. Sapporo Ichibahn ramen is a close second .. Japanese ramen houses are becoming really popular in the US ..
    Daikokuya, Foo Foo Tei, and Shinsengumi in Little Tokyo is the bee’s knees.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    You think that with the sheer ‘outrage’ over the price, the author acts like their economy is based on the average cost of ramen.

    Like the Big Mac Index but sillier.

  • Marcus Muller

    “1000 won? This is what ordinary people eat every day. And Assembly Member Ahn doesn’t know? You should know these kind of things. It’s not enough to just practice politics in the National Assembly.”

    This is what ordinary people eat every day… What..? I love instant noodles as much as the next guy, but I can’t fathom eating it EVERY DAY.

  • x1sfg

    Our political elite in DC doesn’t know what the cost of food for us peons is either. Damn John Kerry didn’t know what Wendy’s was and that orc of a wife of his didn’t know what chili was. Went back to their yacht to have lobster, which ironically was a poor man’s food during the colonial era

  • bultak23

    I don’t know about all of Ahn Cheol-soo’s policies, but I know he cares about the downtrodden. This is a rare quality in politicians and it should be noted.

  • Ibyangin

    Politics these days is about top of mind prices for Ramyun?? Heck, I don’t even know what I pay for 8 eggs or a cup of coffee. Who knows prices today when you use a card to pay for everything!

    Ahn is a promising politician who seems not to be connected to the standard lobby’s and political establishment!!

  • 유후

    우와 그런데 여기 자동으로 번역되는 건가요? 신기하네!!!

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