Korean Executive Hits Flight Attendant for Unsatisfactory Ramen

Managing director of POSCO Energy making ramen noodle

The vast majority of koreaBANG’s mangate/ladygate stories involved Average Joes on public transportation. Last week, we have seen the mangate trend evolve to a new level: A managing director of a big Korean conglomerate, POSCO, hit a flight attendant with a magazine for serving undercooked ramen. As the story went viral, netizens hunted down the managing director Mr. Wang’s personal information and gave birth to a bunch of internet parodies (photoshopped face above and below). Pressured by the public, he resigned from the position shortly after his company apologised for the incident.

From Joongang Ilbo:

‘What is wrong with this ramen’ Board Member of POSCO Energy Acts Ugly to Flight Attendant

Mr A, one of the board members of POSCO Energy, recently assaulted a female flight attendant during the flight out of dissatisfaction with her service. The airline announced that the company is looking into legal measures to take regarding the assault case.

According to related industries and social network services, Mr A got on a Korean Air plane to Los Angeles where he hit the flight attendant’s head with a magazine, saying ‘Airline meal isn’t to my liking.’

Mr A said the rice in his meal was undercooked, and demanded to be served ramen. Even when he had his ramen, it was not up to his standards either; the flight attendant brought freshly cooked ramen over and over again to no avail but assault by the customer. He hit the flight attendant’s head with a magazine.

The cabin crew and captain reported the case to the FBI and the airport officers. The FBI agents made him choose between two options: 1) getting entry to the USA and being investigated, 2) going straight back to South Korea. He chose the latter.

Existing laws state that passengers are not allowed to do any acts that may disrupt the flight or in-flight safety, such as assault, threats, and fraudulent plans. Also, the captain may take necessary measures including reporting the persons who do the following: hindering in-flight safety, inflicting harm to people and/or property, creating disorder or violating the safety rules.

The airline showed intention to escalate the assault case to the courts. An associate of Korean Air said ‘In-flight assault or disorders may affect severely on safety,’ and ‘We’ve got principles on how to respond to such a case, including legal options.’ Yet, he stated that the company has not decided whether to sue the passenger.

POSCO Energy is first going to get facts right before deciding what needs to be done to Mr A. An associate of the company said, ‘There is an ongoing internal investigation for the case. It is too early to confirm anything,’ and ‘We will take any necessary measures once the investigation is done.’

Most netizens find that Mr A’s misbehaviour is not up to their taste. One Twitter user (@su***) said, ‘The service of Korean Airline is almost perfect. How ugly he must have been for the captain to report the situation even before the plane landed on the ground?’ A different user (@tr***) said, ‘I hope the airline is not going to impose any disadvantages on the employee for reporting this case! I applaud the flight attendant’s patience to serve ramen 6 times.’

POSCO Energy Ramen meme

‘POSCO Ramen’, ‘Face slapping taste’, ‘Recommended by the Emperor of In-flight Meals’, ‘Gaenyom-free’

Comments from Daum:


To Korean Airline: I hope you’ll take advantage of this incident to defend your rights. Though I’ve only been on one of your long-distance flights once, I could see the flight attendants tried to please everyone, even naughty children; I felt grateful my own children are not flight attendants. I hope the assaulted lady gets the apology she deserves with the support of Korean Airlines.


Maybe he thinks being a Managing Director of POSCO allows him to do what he does to his subordinates. Saekkis like him are the shame of this nation. Quit working and eat ramen as much as you want.


Take serious measures? It’s a no-brainer to imagine how that jerk has been working, his act should be a reflection of the office culture!


He claimed ‘The flight attendant ran into the magazine I was holding’. If North Korea launches a missile, this guy, Wang Hee-seong, would say ‘The target ran into the missile’. The National Intelligence Service has to start investigating him to see whether he’s a spy.



Congratulations, Hee-seong! You’ve been trying hard for this moment; now you’ve got what you always wanted! You deserve to be called as the face of POSCO Energy.


Bring an assault charge against him. And from now on, don’t let unqualified board members go abroad unless they’re going to be on a ship.


Let’s see how ‘serious measures’ are going to be taken.


I’ve heard Woori Bank once mentioned a POSCO employee as an example to explain how to deal with jerk customers during an interview with a newspaper. Reading this article, POSCO has jerk employees from the top to the bottom of the ladder. Oh and Woori Bank apologised to POSCO, taking down the interview article. Korean Air, on the other hand, is suing the company. Korean Air and Woori Bank are both consumer-facing services, yet they’ve got totally different philosophies on how to treat their employees. POSCO workers need some ‘character education’. My friends working for POSCO are snobbier than Blue House-employed friends.. ha.. I should just stop talking..


If Korean Air is taking a stand on this incident and sues the jerk, I’ll only use their flights from now on. Don’t flight attendants deserve to be treated as humans? The article makes me angry like hell.


Managing Director Wang, you’re more than capable of raping on a flight! Fuck you!!


That nom shouldn’t be a board member of POSCO Energy! He must have some sort of depression or mental disorder; he should quit the job and turn himself in to the hospital. He must compensate the flight attendant 100 millions of Won or go to jail.


Fire him.


This is what favouritism can offer; he wouldn’t have been hired without Lee Myung-bak’s influence.


Such a dog shouldn’t be allowed to on board a plane.. It only deserves bean paste..


.. How dare the managing director hit a hot flight attendant? Ah Ssibal nom


His boss has trained him wrong.


Fire him… Stop trying to be clever to get out of this situation.


Ssibal nom!! You’re like a bastard not born from a human but a dog.




I feel so sorry for his subordinates. He must’ve been harassing them hard all the time..

Managing Director of Posco Energy examining ramen noodle

“Researcher Mr. Wang (previously worked for POSCO Energy) is examining the elasticity of the noodle.”

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  • “He claimed ‘The flight attendant ran into the magazine I was holding’”

    Like so.

  • “(…)The flight attendant ran into the magazine I was holding”…
    Suddenly I remember musical Chicago and one great quote from Cell Block Tango: “he ran into my knife. He ran into my knife TEN times”…

  • Bill

    ha ha… I was wondering when this story was going to hit here.. it was a huge huge news in Korea for couple of weeks, with lot of people pissed off at this guy. After he was removed demoted from his position, he was finally fired by POSCO after the storm got bigger. He actually apologized in the media and offered to meet the stewardess that he hit, and apologize to her in person. What a way to lose your job over a bowl of ramen.

    • terriblemovie


      Serious fucking business.

    • RegisterToPost

      Come on Koreabang, why did you wait so long to publish this story?

    • lonetrey / Dan

      He was fired? Or did he resign? I’m just wondering what his response was to the whole situation after it had happen… any initiative in showing remorse, or was it remorse at gunpoint?

  • Ruaraidh

    This is nothing, my sister used to work for slEasyJet, can you imagine the shit she and her co workers used to get on a Friday afternoon flight from Glasgow to Malaga?

    The main causes of bad behaviour on a planes are:
    1. Consuming Alcohol.
    2. Being such a stupid arsehole it’s a miracle you can fill out a passport application.
    3. Having a sense of entitlement as large as the average American waistline.
    4. Allahu Akbar!

    9001. Because food served at 35,000 ft generally sucks.

    What the hell did he expect?

    • harvz

      Scottish waistlines aren’t much smaller m8 ;)

      • Ruaraidh

        And if we weren’t so heart attack prone, our average waist would probably be as big.

        • harvz

          The face of the Western world is growing a second chin. Bad times. :(

          • fsck

            There’ll be one hell of an earthquake when the West finally falls over

  • Yu Bum Suk

    My friend worked as a flight attendant for many years. He has his fair share of stories, including being called a faggot by the Edmonton Oilers’ Esa Tikkanen. I would imagine that this POSCO executive is just the tip of the iceberg of what KAL flight crew could tell.

    • fsck

      Hopefully this will encourage more of them to take a stand

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Was that a Korean airline? Gah their stewardesses are so thin, I was afraid bumping into them would break a bone.

    Poor girls having to maintain such a ‘petite’ figure then having to deal with some jackass that wants his microwave crap to not be crap.

  • Isn’t that the seaweed one? oh its the best. No other fast noodle product comes close to the taste by the one in the picture. Korean product isnt it? large serving of noodle, dried vegetable and red spicy soup. Korean really know how to make and eat their noodle.

  • Reply

    Typical behavior of the kind of people who like to feel like royalty.

    That he sent it back that many times says enough; just a power trip. His subordinates at work must be relieved.

  • Paul M

    “The service of Korean Air is almost perfect.”

    I was booked on a Cathay Pacific Flight that had gotten delayed which would have meant missing my connecting flight. So the girl at the check-in counter apologised and put me on a Korean Air flight instead. I almost whooped with joy.

    You would have to be the most self-privileged, pampered asshole who constantly has everyone pandering to your every whim to get angry at Korean Air cabin crew.

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    If I was her I woulda immediately hijacked the plane and flew into the fucking gook’s mansion killing everyone. FUCK THIS WORLD

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      If you were her and that’s what you did, I’d personally visit your unmarked grave to place your Darwin Award at your headstone before promptly pissing on it.

    • Hopefully, the counter-terrorism agency in whichever country you’re residing currently is already trying to track you down as a “person of interest”.

  • commander

    Presumabley, his resignation over his controversial in flight misconduct might be a cumulative result of his past misdeeds as annoying demands for flight attendents, admittedly, boasting impeccable serive with disarming smiles, might not be the first time in his possible past misbehaviors.

    It is terrible to imagine that the power and respect enjoyable at his position of an executive at the household name company might be a souce of numerous annoyances for many employees at his company but also at other services he might have used.

    The only positive ramification from his notorious behavior during the flight is that his subordinates who have apparently been fed up of his hubris now feel a sense of liberation from his possible overbearing conduct on a daily basis.

  • kguy

    근데 황민우군 댓글들 포탈에서 많이 봐왔는데 베트남혼혈이라서 까는글은 못봤던거 같은데? 주로 까는글이 부모가 어린애를 돈벌이 시킨다고 애는 애처럼 키우라는글은 많이 봤지만 말이야~근데 언론은 왜 자꾸 왜 인종차별로 몰아가는지 모르겠네.

    일베같은 사이트야 성별 지역 계층 다 까는곳인데 몇몇 댓글로 인종차별로 또 몰아가는거 보면 또 언론이 논란거리를 일부러 만들어서 이슈화 시킨다는 느낌을 지울수가 없다.

    I’ve saw many portal comments regarding Hwang Min Woo, the “little Psy”, but how come I never read any flaming comments about his mixed Vietnamese ethnicity? Any criticism against him were against his parents for using the kid as a money maker, and that kids should be raised as kids. But I just don’t understand why the press wants to keep turning this into a racism issue. Sites like Ilbe are sites where everyone and everything is flamed and mocked, including gender, Korean regional differences, social hierarchy, just about everything is a target. I can’t help but to feel that just because of few racist comments online, the press is once again purposely creating and manufacturing a huge issue on race, with an agenda to push for multiculturalism.

    • Sillian

      Wrong article.

  • He should have been arrested in landing for the assault. It shows the attitude the privileged feel they can get away with…but it also shows that most people don’t care and won’t do anything until someone raises a stink.

    I’ve been served crappy “food” on a Korean airplane, but assaulting the flight attendant is not the reaction I had to it.

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