A Visual Guide to the Dark Underbelly of the Korean Internet

A netizen from DC Inside put together symbolic images of popular Korean online communities. It was posted on Ilbe and became one of the most up-voted posts of the week. The relationship between DC Inside and Ilbe was explained in this article. koreaBANG has translated quite a few articles related to Ilbe as the community continues to stay on the media’s radar. (Article 1, Article 2) Ruliweb is a popular website for gamers and Japanese pop culture fans. Nate Pann is known for celebrity gossip and life discussion for females. Jjukbbang Cafe is a gossip and beauty web forum mainly populated by young females. Women’s Generation is a female community that does not accept male members. MLB Park is a popular baseball fan community that has a message board for general discussion. Daum Agora offers a venue for politics and current affairs debates. Today Humor and Humor Universities are, as the names suggest, humor websites. I Love Soccer is a soccer fan communtiy that strongly supports national teams. On Ppomppu, netizens share information about how to buy good products affordably.

From Ilbe:

Online communities in one picture (hat tip to DC Inside)

Comments from Ilbe:

“I Love Soccer” is supposed to be on nationalism crack [from the meme, “Kia~ Jumo!(old term for ‘barmaid’) Gimme a bowl of nationalism crack!” making fun of delusional nationalism] because no matter what, they stand by our national teams who are performing poorly abroad. Just look at how they supported Park Chu-young, ke ke ke ke. If you go to that site and leave a comment with the phrase, “Gimme food” [pun on Park Chu-young’s name], you will be immediately tried in the people’s court, ke ke ke.


It wasn’t funny until the last picture for Today Humor. I LOL’d, ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke. Look at those fucking seonbis riding the groove, ke ke ke ke ke ke ke.


It looks like the picture for DC captures not only how they are retards but also their preference for sucking pussy to please their female users


This is fucking accurate but only DC and Ilbe would acknowledge it.


DC is like the godfather of tard power. If I remember correctly, the bastard in the picture is Shin Dong-hoon who was on the retard contest in Infinite Challenge. As for MLB Park, they are so pretentious. They pretend to be wealthy and they claim they personally know famous people. In that picture, that dude was using all kinds of nonsensical adjectives when he could just say that the wine tasted sweet. That’s classic MLB Park.


In the Women’s Generation picture, they are touching a member of Shinhwa. It is meant to show how women rule and they can get away with whatever they want.


Hey, who the fuck said DC is dead. They are still alive, ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke. They should die quickly so Ilbe can inherit their ideas.


DC: retard
Ilbe: criminal psycho
Ruliweb: otaku
Nate Pann: feminazi
Jjukbbang Cafe: horny women
MLB Park: pretentiousness
Daum Agora: demagoguery
Humor Univ: elementary schooler
Women’s Generation: women rule
I Love Soccer: nationalism crack
Ppomppu: beggar
Today Humor: seonbi


They are so distinct. You can create factions and write a wuxia novel about them.


Ilbe was too negatively depicted. We are disabled but righteous in the end.

인.실.좆 [in response to kims7]:

Fuck, I got goosebumps reading your idiotic comment. Drop that fucking pathetic Ilbe pride. Let’s just giggle like retards here and leave it at that. Wow, righteous? Fuck, a real 100% crazy bastard is here.


The Mist)
8. Humor Univ: elementary school zerglings
9. Women’s Generation: Women can do nothing wrong (fugly bitches were harrassing Andy in that pic)
10. I Love Soccer: Kia~ Jumo! Gimme a bowl of nationalism crack!
11. Ppomppu: fucking beggars, no less, ke ke ke
12. Today Humor: Uhuh, it’s getting exciting! Pump up the music!

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