A Visual Guide to the Dark Underbelly of the Korean Internet

A netizen from DC Inside put together symbolic images of popular Korean online communities. It was posted on Ilbe and became one of the most up-voted posts of the week. The relationship between DC Inside and Ilbe was explained in this article. koreaBANG has translated quite a few articles related to Ilbe as the community continues to stay on the media’s radar. (Article 1, Article 2) Ruliweb is a popular website for gamers and Japanese pop culture fans. Nate Pann is known for celebrity gossip and life discussion for females. Jjukbbang Cafe is a gossip and beauty web forum mainly populated by young females. Women’s Generation is a female community that does not accept male members. MLB Park is a popular baseball fan community that has a message board for general discussion. Daum Agora offers a venue for politics and current affairs debates. Today Humor and Humor Universities are, as the names suggest, humor websites. I Love Soccer is a soccer fan communtiy that strongly supports national teams. On Ppomppu, netizens share information about how to buy good products affordably.

From Ilbe:

Online communities in one picture (hat tip to DC Inside)

Comments from Ilbe:

“I Love Soccer” is supposed to be on nationalism crack [from the meme, “Kia~ Jumo!(old term for ‘barmaid’) Gimme a bowl of nationalism crack!” making fun of delusional nationalism] because no matter what, they stand by our national teams who are performing poorly abroad. Just look at how they supported Park Chu-young, ke ke ke ke. If you go to that site and leave a comment with the phrase, “Gimme food” [pun on Park Chu-young’s name], you will be immediately tried in the people’s court, ke ke ke.


It wasn’t funny until the last picture for Today Humor. I LOL’d, ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke. Look at those fucking seonbis riding the groove, ke ke ke ke ke ke ke.


It looks like the picture for DC captures not only how they are retards but also their preference for sucking pussy to please their female users


This is fucking accurate but only DC and Ilbe would acknowledge it.


DC is like the godfather of tard power. If I remember correctly, the bastard in the picture is Shin Dong-hoon who was on the retard contest in Infinite Challenge. As for MLB Park, they are so pretentious. They pretend to be wealthy and they claim they personally know famous people. In that picture, that dude was using all kinds of nonsensical adjectives when he could just say that the wine tasted sweet. That’s classic MLB Park.


In the Women’s Generation picture, they are touching a member of Shinhwa. It is meant to show how women rule and they can get away with whatever they want.


Hey, who the fuck said DC is dead. They are still alive, ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke. They should die quickly so Ilbe can inherit their ideas.


DC: retard
Ilbe: criminal psycho
Ruliweb: otaku
Nate Pann: feminazi
Jjukbbang Cafe: horny women
MLB Park: pretentiousness
Daum Agora: demagoguery
Humor Univ: elementary schooler
Women’s Generation: women rule
I Love Soccer: nationalism crack
Ppomppu: beggar
Today Humor: seonbi


They are so distinct. You can create factions and write a wuxia novel about them.


Ilbe was too negatively depicted. We are disabled but righteous in the end.

인.실.좆 [in response to kims7]:

Fuck, I got goosebumps reading your idiotic comment. Drop that fucking pathetic Ilbe pride. Let’s just giggle like retards here and leave it at that. Wow, righteous? Fuck, a real 100% crazy bastard is here.


The Mist)
8. Humor Univ: elementary school zerglings
9. Women’s Generation: Women can do nothing wrong (fugly bitches were harrassing Andy in that pic)
10. I Love Soccer: Kia~ Jumo! Gimme a bowl of nationalism crack!
11. Ppomppu: fucking beggars, no less, ke ke ke
12. Today Humor: Uhuh, it’s getting exciting! Pump up the music!

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  • David

    I’m confused. Wtf is this.

  • Thor

    The 5th picture is really hilarious.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I want to call BS on this: “Jjukbbang Cafe: horny women”, but I have no experience with Korean Internet

    Women? Or “G.I.R.L”s? (Guys in real life, for those unfamiliar with the term.)

  • chucky3176

    I don’t understand why Ilbe is so demonized. It’s mostly domestic political attacks, cracking jokes at Korean regionalism, leftism, and women’s rights.

    • Jang

      “attack on women’s rights”

      Kerfuffle, that’s putting it mildly.

      • Jang’s Mother

        Jang, you can’t even read Korean. Do you even know what’s discussed in that site?

  • commander

    The mushrooming of online forums, which have stirred many controversies by posting ideologically polarizing or deeply biased comments, is lost on foreign nationals who visit Korea Bang as well as live in South Korea.

    Actually, the posted articles are larded with too many informal codes, and historical, cultural satires, making foreigners hard to understand what’s going on in online communities, the vast majority of which is those in teens or early 20s who like gossiping prefer making wild guesses to having a real debate.

    This means the latest Korean Bang posting after several days of inactivity is bound to be met with lackluster responses from visitors.

  • poksvagen

    Why do you expect foreigners to understand?…. even koreans who dont waste lots of time on internet unlike me would not understand.
    also missed so many worth reading articles like korean air’s president’s daughter give birth to her son in usa to avoid conscription but claims she will make him go but end up suing against 3people who criticized her.
    i mean even brad pitt claiming love for korean bbq would be a better article

  • commander

    One point needed to be mentioned–and, also be referred to as one of severe problems from social networking serivce–is many spend too much of their time posting and reading articles that have little or no value sitting alone in front of a comupter thus losing face-to-face meeting chances.

    This absense of human exhanges offline raise the prospect of greater disconnection from reality among a growing number of users–a disturbing dissociaton that could be linked to extreme crimes.

    An online forum could be a lively venue for productive debate and exchange of opinions on issues of mutual interest–a strong ground on which many Interent advocates make the case for freedom of speech.

    No one would repudiate the value of the freedom of expression in a vibrant demoncracy. But the growing problem is a disguised form of the freedom of speech on the Internet.

    Churning out rumors that could devastate a person’s life especially when they are later found to have been untrue effectively face no legal restrictions in reality.

    One point to lawsuit against severely damaging online gossips on charge of defamation as one of countermeasures.

    Filing a libel lawsuit is not always an easy option when detractors are unnamed masses.

    Online rapid interation and ensuing fast spread of rumors and unsubstantiated disparagements require firm and sophisticated regulations on online usage in a way that does not undermine online thriving of the freedom of expression but wipe out sources of vilifications against others.

    This regulayory bid could spark fears about government al invasion of privacy, as illustrated by controversial surveillance programs in the United States.

    Although we need to admit that debates over freedom of expression versus regulations for the defamed’s protection will remain unresolved, the efforts to explore all aspects to better blance two undeniable values should be unceased.

  • April

    I use JB and “horny women’ are mostly the mid 20s- older(usually at mid 30 limit) who want guys that look like idols to have a one-night stand with, it is no where the majority of users. I had no idea women were not allowed to talk about sex as freely as men! Wow!

  • megook


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