Korean Military Academy Accused of Sexual Assault Cover-up


From NEWS1:

Korean society is in shock following the news of a sexual assault in a Korean Military Academy dormitory. The Academy’s slow response to the crime has lead to increasing public uproar.

A male cadet of the Korean Military Academy raped his female junior on the academy’s campus on May 22.

However, since the academy revealed the incident one week after it happened, people are questioning whether the academy was trying to cover up the case on purpose.

The academy announced that they did not immediately reveal the case in order to protect the victim’s privacy, but people are still criticising the academy.

One netizen said with anger via twitter, ‘The academy said they didn’t reveal the case because they wanted the victim to continue her study at school and to protect her privacy. But it shows how they deal with the sexual harassment poorly when it happens to women.’

Another netizen criticized the academy via twitter saying, ‘A senior male cadet raped his female junior, and professors encouraged students to drink heavily. Seniors forced juniors to drink alcohol, and they said it’s not the head of academy’s fault. It seems like they are still drunk.’

Currently, a male cadet is imprisoned, and a female cadet is getting psychotherapy from the Military hospital. It has been reported that the academy decided to dismiss the male cadet from the academy.

This is not the first time a cadet has been kicked out of the school for a sex crime.

In 2008, a Korean Military Academy student, with the surname Kim, was kicked out of the academy for taking a women’s picture in the subway restroom about 30 times.

According to  military law, people who studied at the Korean Military Academy for at least one year can work as a non-commissioned officer or an active soldier without getting any physical examination for conscription.

However, it seems like it will be difficult for the male cadet, an assailant, to get a noncom missioned officer job because the sexual harassment record will remain.

Comments from Nate:


Shouldn’t they put him behind bars? Why are they talking about simple expulsion? What bullshit.


Send them to Samchung Gyoyookdae. What rubbish. [Note: Samchun Gyoyookdae – A concentration camp that was build in 1980 by former president Chun Doo-hwan, infamous for violating human rights.]


I think if women go to the army, that kind of thing might happen a lot. It would be a good idea to have separate troops for only women and let them be trained.


How can cadets like that be expected to protect the nation? And they complain about a lack of discipline in the army… They didn’t even know when a North Korean soldier came to their office and knocked the door. Soldiers are worse than civilians. Aspiring commissioned officers should be ashamed. pitiful


They are insane. How can their professors order them to binge drink? The head of academy should resign.


See all the comments. They are saying that the problem is that women were admitted to the Korean Military Academy. People are always blaming the victims. Who blames whom?


Make sure he will be punished. And please prevent future incidents. It’s shameful. What would Japan would think? ‘See? Soldiers need sexual comfort.’ Japan might say something like that. What a shame!


The tragedy started when the government accepted women into the Korean Military Academy while not allowing women to apply for the regular army.


It hasn’t been long that the president announced sexual harassment will be treated strictly. But, those people are just doing whatever they want.


All Officials have to be fired. If they take care of it poorly, it will be difficult to clear their name.


SB. Even though they followed the proper procedure of investigation, people are blaming them. What, should the school have advertised the incident to the four major newspapers as soon as it happened? And should they broadcast that they are going to investigate sexual harassment cases? Just blame the one who did wrong thing. Why do they make an issue out of irrelevant things? Netizens are just happy to attack them.


Honestly, why do women go the Korean Military Academy? What can they do? How can they call themselves soldier or general when they can’t even beat male private soldiers?


Why are people mentioning the gender of the cadet from article about sexual harassment? What is their purpose? We don’t have enough time to talk about only the academy’s reaction or how to punish the assailant.


Korean Military Academy, it’s as amazing as I’ve heard.


They embarrassed all Korean Military Academy graduates ke

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